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Separate They are Princes but Together They are Stars

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New Beginnings

A middle age king is pacing next to some big, round oak doors to his wife’s room awaiting for the arrival of his first child. He hears his wife screaming. When the screaming stops it then is replaced by a baby’s cry. He then runs to the doors, tugs on the brass handles but can not enter because it is locked from the inside. He hears his wife screaming again but this time he is so much more worried than he ever was.

He returns to pacing, but faster this time. The screaming stops and again he hear a baby’s cry and thinks inside his head, twins! When the doors open the king enters the room. At first he walks in very slowly. When he sees his wife on her bed with two babies, wrapped up blankets in her hands, he was in shock that he was right about the twins. He comes over and picks one up.

A servant comes over, bows and says to the King, “Two boys. Your Majesty” as she leaves the room. The king thinks to himself as he looks at one of his sons, two heirs could be a problem when they are older. How will they get along once they are soon to be king unless I do something about it?

“What should we name them?” asked the Queen warily. “I would like to name the eldest Pollux and the other after your father, Castor.”

A few years later, the boys are older now. The two boys are in the nursery playing and talking to one other. Then they start to fight. The Queen comes in. “What are you two doing? Please don’t fight,” as she pulls them part with the help of the servants.

Pollux gets up and says “He said that when he grows up he would be king but I was born first,” as he points a finger at Castor. Castor replies “I heard some servants talking saying that I had yours and father’s hair color, that I would be king.”

“I will talk to your father.” The Queen replies then leaves and goes to the throne room. She walks up to the King and tells him about the fight and the conversation after it. He thinks awhile and replies “Bring in Castor.”

While the King waits for Castor to come he calls for Pollux’s governess to come. She enters moments later, bows and says “Your Majesty called.” The king turns to her and says “Yes, I want you to take Pollux to my cousins in Sparta. He will be raised there. Now go and pack his things and when your done tell him to come here.”

She answered, “As you wished, Your Majesty.” As she left, Castor enters “Why was Pollux’s governess here, Father?” he asked.

“I had to ask her to do something for me.” The king said “Your Mother told me what happened with you and Pollux. That’s no way to act like a prince and you know it. Any way, he’s going away for awhile. So you better say goodbye.”

“Yes, Father.” Replies Castor as he leaves the throne room.

As the King, Queen and Castor waving goodbye to Pollux, all seemed to be at peace, but not for long.

Years went by, as Castor studied in school, his brother did mock fights with the soldiers, and he was considered to be the best in every thing.
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G-writerThis teenager is a 'regular' and has contributed a lot of work, comments and/or forum posts, and has received many votes and high ratings over a long period of time. said...
Mar. 7, 2016 at 2:00 pm
You have a knack for dialogue.
Mrs. S said...
Jan. 30, 2012 at 9:31 am
Wow! This is AMAZING. Way to go!

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