Nothing Unseen: Vanity Revealed

May 15, 2012
By BethWrite, Franklin, Tennessee
BethWrite, Franklin, Tennessee
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My story, about a girl who finds a portal through her bathroom mirror, proves and unravels the value of life and friendship in this world. Using poems and quotes at the end of each chapter allowed me to express and convey my main character’s love for composition, and it allowed me to show her literary understanding in an emotional way about the events that occurred within the time sequence of the chapter. Confusing or clarifying for the audience what is going on in the main character’s head or how her reactions or opinions enter and influence her writing. To show the character’s true dynamics I have her in relation with her opinions of her mirror and of herself through the images of the mirror. For example in the beginning she ignores her mirror, then she only stared at herself to discover herself for English, then she becomes obsessed with her own reflection, but in the end she is repulsed by the thought of being obsessed with ego but is no longer ashamed of her outward appearance. She is transformed by who she sees in the mirror in the different worlds. The differences of whom and what she sees creates the fluctuations and changes in her opinions and attitudes toward others, herself, and the outside world. To interest my immediate and obvious audience, my English class, I wanted to draw a parallel to what we were asked to do for our project to what was actually in my project. Creating a story inside a story affect my composition was further enhanced in intellectual complexity. I decided to have her friends pull her out of her obsessive situation to portrait my personal opinions on the usefulness of friends and it also helps the audience relate the store to anytime they were boosted by their friends out of a tough time.


Nothing Unseen: Vanity Revealed

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