The Guardian: Book 2 of The Assassins

November 30, 2011
By MrsLautner456, coconut creek, Florida
MrsLautner456, Coconut Creek, Florida
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Loraine Stone, or otherwise known as the younger sister of the brave and widely famous Alexa Stone. Loraine is much like her sister in many ways, she is courageous, strong, stubborn, and hot headed. But unlike Alexa, she doesn't know who she is really and barely knows much about herself. Loraine stumbled through her 14 years of life not knowing where she belongs because she was always different. But then again growing up in an adoptive family isn't easy for anyone. Not understanding the great power she possesses and knowing nothing of her real family frustrates her. But when she meets her Uncle Xavier for the first time, her whole life starts making sense. And from this knowledge of what happened to her sister and what her destiny really is... the guardian is born.

Gabby G.

The Guardian: Book 2 of The Assassins

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