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Tell Me A Lie

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~New Bras and Bad Eating Habits~

*Geneva's P.O.V*
We pull up to Avery's house. She hops out of the car and heads towards the door she turns around and askes "Aren't you coming in?" "Sure." I say while jumping out of my car. We walk thru the door and I see someone I haven't seen before. He has blonde hair, but obviously not a natural you can see his dark roots. He has eyes the color of a ocean after a storm.
He's really cute. He must be Harry's friend. Avery takes me out of my daydream by saying "Hi, Harry." He gets up off of the couch (leaving his very attractive friend alone.) He says "Hey, babe!" back to Avery and runs up to kiss her. "Eww! Do you guys always have to do that? It's disguiting!" I moan and I hear blondie over there laughing. "Yes, we do. Because we love eachother." Harry says with a smile "Anyways Geneva, you're just jealous cause you're single and don't have a man in your life." Harry says with his British accent.
"Well Harry here's the thing. I don't need a man in my life to be happy!' I say with a big smile on my face. Harry's smile turns into a frown instantly he turns to look at Avery "So what did you guys get while shopping?" "Dresses, shoes, and jewelary. O hand Geneva got a new bra!" Avery says. I turn to give her the death glare, I can hear blondie in the background laughing his butt off.
"Did you seriously have to say that out loud!?" I ask with an embarrssed look on my face. I can feel my cheeks turn to cherry blossom red. "Opps. I'm sorry." Avery says, I her get on her tippy toes to look over Harry's shoulder. "Hey, Niall!" She says. So blondie's name is Niall. "Hey Avery!" he says in a sweet Irish accent. Even better Irish and cute, just my type. I see Harry turn around to go back to the couch.
Avery grabs my wrist and leads me to sit on the couch next to her, Harry, and Neil. I think that's his name. I hope I'm right, don't want to call him the wrong name on accident and offend him. I see Neil nudge Harry in the rib. "Oh" I hear Harry shout. "Geneva this is my friend and banmate Niall." Niall? I was close wasn't I? Niall reaches out his hand for me to shake. I grab it and shake it. "Hi." I hear him say in his sweet Irish accent. "Hi." I say back.
*Niall's P.O.V*
I watch Geneva and Avery laugh. I watch Geneva flick her long red burgundy hair over her shoulder. You can tell it's not her natural hair color, you can see her dark roots blending into the red. She has big dark brown eyes, almost black. Almost reminds me of a shark. She has a laugh almost as loud as mine, but her's is much cuter.
Am I developing a crush a crush on this girl? No I can't be. I don't know anything about her. For all I know she could a hooker with five kids. But most likely not. Yeah, probably not. I hear Harry say "So, Geneva what kind of bra did you get?" I see Geneva's face turn as red as an apple, but I all I can do is laugh. "That's none of your business curly boy" she says.
"Oh come on Geneva just tell the boy, he obvisously wants to know." the words just slip out of my mouth. I see Geneva's face turn a brighter red than before. "Oh, come on Geneva it can't be as embarassing as the seven boxes of donuts that Niall bought yesterday. He ate them all himself wouldn't even share. He ate them in like thirty minutes." Harry says. I see and hear Geneva giggle.
But I quickly know that I have to defend myself. "Hey, hey it was six boxes, not seven. Get your facts straight. And it was more like forty-five minutes not thirty." I say with a smile. "Geneva is twice as bad, when we were at the mall she had to go get food from the food court like every five minutes." Avery says. "Okay, do they seriously think that they can put fifteen diffrent restraunts and not think that I will not try each and every single one? I just like love food." Geneva says. I like this girl. Cute and loves food, just my type.
"See you understand. I truely believe that food is my true love." I tell her. "OM-effing-G! Me too! But like these losers over here just like don't understand. Well, Avery kind of does. You know with ho-ho's." Geneva says and Avery smacks her in the stomach. "Hey! That was a secret!" Avery yells at her. "Yeah, so was the bra thing!"
*Geneva's P.O.V*
So far I'm liking this Niall guy. He's blonde, cute, Irish, and loves food! I mean it's like me just boy verison. Except I'm not blonde and cute. And I'm only part Irish. Well since we're talking about food I'm not hungry. "Avvvveeeerrrryyyy?" I whine. "Geeennnneeevvvaa?" She whines back. "I'm hungry!" I tell her "Seriously? You just like ate fifty pounds of food. How the hell can you be hungry?" She says in an annoyed tone. "I don't know. I'm just always and naturally hungry." I tell her.
"What do you want to eat then?" she askes. "Pizza!" I shout. "We don't have pizza, I guess we can order some though. You boys want pizza?" Avery askes. "Yeah. I'm pretty hungry." Niall says. Harry turns to him and says "Niall, you're always hungry." "I know!' he says with a smile showing his braces. "I don't want to order pizza. It tastes weird. Can we make homemade pizza?" I ask Avery. "I guess." "Yay! To the kitchen I go!" I get up and walk over to the kitchen.
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One_Direction_Harry_Styles said...
Oct. 26, 2012 at 8:45 am
I love it...wish there was more!
Mrs.NiallHoran replied...
Oct. 26, 2012 at 6:03 pm
Hey! Sorry I haven't posted it in awhile! My computer isn't working and can only do it on the weekend! I'll try to post as much as today probably two or three chapters! Thank you guys for reading it!

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