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The Angel's Apprentice


Prologue - The fight between shadow and light, fire and hope, death and life.

The Angel’s Apprentice

“You will never accomplish your terrible goal!” the dying winged Angel said to the three people in front of him, or monsters as they are now known as. Sammael, the great leader of the fallen angels of heaven, a man that only answers to one. it was once said that Sammael was beautiful once, but from the dying angel’s eyes, gabriel eyes, that could never have been true. his face was too long, his hair to short, and his skin to ravaged by war. his wings were black as the night, and seemed to shed feathers every couple of seconds. his presence, very terrifying to be in. during the war, it was sammael who fought the hardest, who almost lead the forces of evil to victory. one of the other terrible monsters that stood before gabriel, was a woman. her name was Lilith, and her beauty was every bit as beautiful as it was terrifying. Lilith, or more commonly known as the Mother of the Night, had long black hair, flawless white skin and wore a dress made out of Raven feathers. Lilith was not a fallen angel but she was still a plague on this earth to the eyes of the light. she was the mother of every monster in this world, whether troll, werewolf, vampire, or siren, she was the creator. it was because of her that the power of the angel’s was pushed from the earth, that darkness now eats away at mankind with teeth and claws. the last terrible creature in front of Gabriel, was the worst of them all. he was once known as The Light Bringer, as Lucifer, but now he is The Great Betrayer, he is Hasatan. it was him who sparked betrayal in the Angels who turned to the shadow, it was him who tried to ruin the world with his fire, his evil. ---- the man once known as Lucifer, wore red and silver robe armor. his hair was long and white but he did not look old, if anything, he looked to be the same age the day he betrayed the all father. his wings were pure white, like Gabriels. there was a time when gabriel called him brother, a time when he was closer to God's light than Gabriel, but oh how life changes gabriel thought sadly. “and just why is that, gabriel?” Lucifer said in a calm, evil hiding voice, a voice he had always spoken with, a voice Gabriel was just too ignorant to hear. “why will we not succeed in our mission? is it because of you? because you will stop us even though you lie dying before me?” finishing with a laugh, Lucifer waited for an answer. gabriel coughed up some blood and looked at the wound in chest, a deep wound, a wound he would not survive. “no!” gabriel said, coughing up more blood. “i have not the power to stop you, but neither do i need try. for why you will not succeed is because you have already failed. the world has spoken lucifer and it has decided that light be the victor, the eternal victory!” with that Lucifer stepped forward and slapped Gabriel across the face. “ignorant fool!” the great betrayer said “the battle has not ended, it has but begun!” with that Lucifer smiled a most devilish smile and pulled an item from his blood colored robe. the item was a smooth gold sphere the size of a small rock, it glowed and shined like nothing gabriel had ever seen. in that moment, Gabriel’s breath caught. “no!” Gabriel said “it can’t be!”, “oh it is, brother!” Lucifer said as he bent down in front of Gabriel “the thing that will make me the eternal victor, the thing that will change the light to the darkness, the heart of god!” Gabriel tried to reach out at that moment, tried to take the holy sphere from Lucifer’s filthy unholy hands. Lucifer casually knocked Gabriel’s hand away and stood up, his expression one of pleasure and amusement. “sad sad little Gabriel!” Lucifer said “no matter how hard you try, no matter what you do, you shall always be beneath me!” with that Lucifer turned around and looked up at the dark cloudy sky. “now watch!” he continued “as I kill the one who is said can not be killed, as I murder the one who can not murder, the creator of everyone, god himself!” a laugh of pure joy bubbled out of Lucifer when he was done speaking, a laugh of cruel and evil joy it was. Gabriel starred at Lucifer, every bit of him focused on the monster that was once his brother. No Gabriel thought it can’t end like this, I won’t let it end like this. with that, Gabriel forced himself to stand, a thing that seemed impossible to him a moment ago. as he stood, Sammael and Lilith both turned and looked at him. “still have some fight left in you, do you!” Sammael said as he summoned his blade of Steel and shadow, appearing in his hand from nothingness. “oh you don’t have to kill him, Sammael!” Lilith said as she stepped toward Gabriel, glided would be a better word for it, for she walked so light smooth that it seemed she never touched the ground. “why not let me have him!” she continued “i could think of many things to do to this one!”, Trying to summon his blade, Gabriel moaned in pain. it was not a good idea to summon a soul weapon while this wounded or weak on light, but he tried anyway. after a few moments of trying, an odd knowledge came to him. somehow, he knew that he would only be able to summon his blade for a count of ten seconds. not enough to fight three of the greatest and powerfulest creatures on all of existence, he would need to do something worth those ten seconds, the world will depend on those ten seconds. taking a deep breath, Gabriel rushed towards Lilith, flapped once with his wings and flipped right over the women. once over the mother of the night and back on the ground, Gabriel lunged for Lucifer who was still staring up at the sky in the opposite direction of Gabriel. the moment before Gabriel was going to crash into Lucifer, the moment before he was going to summon his sword, Lucifer turned around and caught Gabriel by the neck. “foolish, Gabriel!” Lucifer said “always trying to be the hero, when will you learn that you are no hero, you are a servant and will always be a servant!” with that Lucifer lifted Gabriel higher up and started choking him. gabriel struggled to get free, but found it impossible, Lucifer’s strength was too great and life was already starting to leave Gabriel. I will not give up Gabriel thought there must be a way to stop him, with that the solution came to Gabriel. he may not be able to kill Lucifer, but there was a way he could stop him, a thing considered greater than murder to angels, but there was no other way. breathing in what seemed like his last breath, Gabriel summoned his sword of light and iron in his limp right hand. and instead of trying to stab it into Lucifer’s heart or cut off his head, which would do nothing for it had been tried many times on Lucifer by a great many Angels but never had such attacks made even a scratch. No, Gabriel did not try to a killing blow, he did something worse, something Lucifer would hate him forever for. he grabbed Lucifer closer with his left hand, moved his sword behind LUcifer and cut of the great betrayers Wings. screaming out in terrible pain, Lucifer dropped Gabriel. The sudden contact with the floor made Gabriel’s sword vanish before it’s ten seconds were up. in front of him, Lucifer thrashed and screamed. “oh darkness!” Lucifer said “save me, the pain is too great, oh please save me!” turning his head away from the screaming Lucifer, Gabriel looked behind himself and saw both Lilith and Sammael stunned with shock. quickly getting over his shock, Sammael growled with anger and rushed towards Gabriel, his sword seeming hungry for blood and his mouth saying curses too vile for any to use. right before Sammael reached Gabriel, a flash of brown and feathers tackled the great evil warrior to the ground. knowing before his eyes could make out the face, gabriel knew it was his true brother, Angel Michael. kickin michael of himself and into the sky, Sammael burst into the air and attacked the brown winged angel, michael. while fighting in the sky, thunder seemed to crash every time shadow steel blade met light gold sword, neither winged warrior so much as scratched the other, their swordsmanship appearing equal. taking the time and risk from the battle, Michael screamed to Gabriel. “Run, Gabriel!” he said “I will hold Sammael at bay, just run!” with that Gabriel almost did as Michael said and ran, he even made it a few steps before he noticed once again the unbearable screaming of Lucifer. cupping his hands to his head, Lucifer dropped the light in his right hand, the heart of god. the small god sphere rolled on the ground until it hit Gabriel’s foot. bending down, gabriel picked up the holy object. “imagin!” gabriel heard Lilith say right by him “what you could do with that! you could become god himself!” starring at the sphere, temptation ran through his body. “Lucifer told me that you were always second to him!” Lilith continued as she lightly touched Gabriel's arm “with this you can be first! you can finally be above everyone else, and you can have me by your side!” with that Lilith tried to move even closer but Gabriel jerked away. “no!” Gabriel said breaking free of temptation “I have seen were temptation leads, Lucifer has showed me!” looking to Lucifer, still screaming and moaning in pain. “and I will never walk that path!” grunting in pain, Gabriel summoned his sword in his left hand and stabbed the mother of the night with it. screaming in pain, but not as much pain as Lucifer seemed to be having, Lilith stepped back and out of gabriel’s blade. cupping her wound with her hands, Lilith started to laugh. “with one death!” the mother of the night said as her body started to rapidly decay “something new is born! I will return gabriel and when I do I shall show you a true monster!” with that Life left Lilith and her body finished its decaying. falling to the ground in her place was a corps of bones and raven feathers, the mother of the night was dead, for now. drawing Gabriel’s attention, Michael screamed out in pain. looking up into the sky, Gabriel saw Michael clutching a wound down his neck. Sammael, taking advantage of Michael’s momentary weakness. fake attacked with his sword, then flipped around and kicked Michael in the face, sending him flying towards the ground. hitting the earth at a high speed, made chunks of rock fly everywhere. running to his brother, let his sword vanish into nothingness, still leaving two more seconds it could be used. “Michael!” Gabriel said as he knelt at the angel’s side, “Brother!” Michael replied with burly any bit of consciousness left “I thought I told you to run!”. before Gabriel could say a reply to Michael, Sammael landed on the ground. “how touching!” Sammael said walking forward “that you two are together at the end!” with that Sammael raised his sword and attacked. summoning his sword, Michael quickly handed it to Gabriel saying “twenty seconds, Brother!” telling gabriel how much time Michael’s sword had left before it vanished again. blocking Sammael’s attack with michael’s shining gold sword, Gabriel spoke. “now its my turn!” with that Gabriel gave a grunt, pushed Sammael away and moved to attack. jumping into the air, Gabriel attack Sammael in mid flip. Sammael easily blocked Gabriel’s attack and he landed on the other side of him. blocking a counter from Sammael, Gabriel thought about how much time he had left. Twelve seconds left Gabriel thought got to make them count. with that, Gabriel pushed sammael again and attacked the man’s right side. Sammael easily blocked it but Gabriel did not really care, for that was not his real attack. right as Sammael blocked his sword with his shadow blade, Gabriel leaned to Sammael with his right side and punched Sammael in the face, with the hand that held the shining heart of gold. stepping a few feet back and dropping his sword, causing it to vanish, Sammael pushed his hands to his eyes and screamed. the light from the heart of god, had blinded him. having only three seconds left on Michael’s sword, gabriel stepped forward, swung the sword and severed Sammael’s head from his shoulders. letting the sword disappear when the black winged angel fell to the ground, Gabriel rushed to Michael. “Brother!” Gabriel said as he took Michael’s hand, “did you do it!” michael said with his eyes closed and his chest burly moving “did you win!”. “yes!” gabriel said “I did, that monster Sammael is dead, thanks to you my friend!” with that Gabriel thought he saw Michael smile. “good!” Michael said as his last breath left him and his life was gone. after resting michael’s hands on his chest, Gabriel stood up. “let the light welcome you!” gabriel said as he made a bow to Michael “and rest easy in the hands of god!” with that MIchael’s body burst into flames, flames of light, the way all Angel’s died who deserved to be welcomed into the light. turning away from Michael, gabriel looked towards Lucifer, who was still screaming in pain. he walked towards Lucifer, until he was but a few steps away from the wingless Angel. “for what it is worth!” Gabriel said “I am sorry for what I did to you, I would have done it again, but i am sorry!” for the first time, Lucifer stopped his screaming. “you're sorry!” Lucifer said in a cold voice “no your not, not yet!” with that Lucifer summoned his two blades of fire and iron, and lunged for Gabriel with a wordless growl. before Lucifer could get close to use his two terrible swords, something happened that Gabriel did not understand. chains burst free from the earth and shackled Lucifer, first his arms, than his legs, than one for his waist and neck. as the chains shackled him, Lucifer let his swords vanished and yelled. “no, not now. I need more time, give me more time to destroy oh master of darkness!” with the ending of Lucifer’s words, a horrible sound roared through the area, a sound so strong that it shook and cracked the earth around. just like that, and with no warning at all, the ground under Lucifer broke and the chains pulled him into the earth. just as it had came, sudden and from nowhere, it was gone. the ground was firm and steady, and all around was silent. although gabriel did not know what had happened, he was glad it did happen, he was not so sure he could have fended off Lucifer even if he was at his full strength. looking down at his right hand, gabriel starred at the shining sphere, the heart of god. it was at that moment, that Gabriel knew Lucifer would return one day and seek again which rested in his hand. it was a possible thing, for without wings, Lucifer was now a Wingless One, a Lost One. no one knew why, but all lost ones were free of time, and would not age nor die from it. they also would be saved from any wounds that they suffered from before they were a wingless one. from that Knowledge, Gabriel knew that it had to be him who had to protect the heart of god, that there was no one else who could do it, no one else willing to do what he was going to do. “Light given for glories achieved!” Gabriel said as he remember what the all father had told him when he was made an Angel “weapon granted to destroy evil wherever it may be found! and Wings bestowed in order to serve as long as needed!” Gabriel lingered on that last part. Wings bestowed in order to serve as long as needed Gabriel thought well Angels are no longer needed, with the war over and each of the angel’s individual missions completed, we are not need any more. with that thought, Gabriel for the first time, remember the wound in his chest. all a sudden, the pain of dying returned, and life started to leave Gabriel. “I need to live!” Gabriel said as he struggled to stand “but this wound is too great and the light will not help me for I am no longer needed in its eyes! so I do what no Angel has ever done before!” with that, gabriel extended his hand to the side. Two seconds left Gabriel thought just enough to do what needs to be done inorder to live long enough to protect the heart of god. with that, Gabriel took a deep breath, summoned his shining sword of light and iron, and did what no Angel would ever do to himself, what he did to Lucifer. with a scream of pain, Gabriel cut off his own wings. Pain beyond anything Gabriel had ever felt rushed through his body as his wings Fell from from his body and his sword vanished from his grip for his two seconds were up, suddenly the pain in his chest was a lovely thing compared to what he now felt. gabriel was now a Wingless One, he was lost from Time. Gabriel stood there, under the dark clouds, and screamed for what seemed like years, the pain taking long to subside. in truth Gabriel thought that the pain would never truly leave him, that he would carry it for the rest of his life, until the end of time. but that did not matter, what mattered was he did what he had to do, that he was now able to protect that which should never fall in the hands of evil, the heart of god.

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