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Elemental Bender

Author's note: I love the ending to this piece. My English teacher said we couldn't end a story by saying "And I...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I love the ending to this piece. My English teacher said we couldn't end a story by saying "And I then i woke up" so I came up with the next best thing  « Hide author's note
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Chapter One

Claire Wallace was my name and I was the only one of my kind. I didn’t tell anyone who I was. My family had been killed. My family had been killed by vampires and it was vampires that took me in. I went from Middle of Nowhere, U.S.A. to a gorgeous castle in Scotland. I went to the Academy for kids of supernatural people and humans who knew too much. I went there as a part of the junior class, high school level. The school was huge and if someone wanted to picture it I would say something like a college since most of the students stayed there in dorms. I was a brunette angel, as I was told. I was beautiful with captivating blue eyes and a great smile hidden behind rose pink lips.
I walked down the hall to the gym listening to Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen on my IPod. The halls were empty and I hummed to myself as I tied my hair into a ponytail behind my head. The gym was empty and I looked at the hardwood floors and bleachers. Two doors opened into locker rooms then another door opened into the school pool with three diving boards. There were two other doors one leading to the weight room and another to a supply closet. The gym was empty this early on a weekend and I moved through the gym, past the blue painted walls with the Dragon logo on one wall and opened the pool door. I turned off my IPod as I stood next to the small set of bleachers. Out of my bag I pulled out my towel then moved to the pool radio and turned it to the 1920’s channel. I took off my robe covering my blue one piece swim suit.
When the music began to fill the pool area I moved to the high dive of the pool and looked down at the clear water below me untouched and still.
“Not for long.” I smiled then dived off into the air. The water came up in a twist to meet me in the air and released me gently into the water. I smiled when my head broke through the water and I relished in the feeling of moving the water to my will. I swam to the shallow end of the pool and stood when the water was waist high. Then I began to practice my Tai-Chi. I moved gracefully in the water and was at peace with myself and the world. I felt the water begin to move with my bending and smiled. The 1920’s jazz filling the room and the relaxing Tai-Chi was working wonders on me. I submerged myself in the water, my arms moving in front of me as I twisted and turned going left and right, up and down, this way and that under the water. When my head broke the seal of the water again I looked at the clock and saw I’d been in for an hour. I reached behind me and let lose my hair then was pushed out of the pool by the water current I created.
I landed next to my towel and grasped it between my fingers. I put my foot on a bleacher and began to dry off while humming with the slow music still playing. The calm serenity of my relaxing hour was interrupted when the wolf boys came in howling and jumping into the pool. I frowned and shook my head then clenched my fists when one of them changed the station to something playing rock. A boy jumped from the high dive and his splash soaked me and my towel. The blond haired boy came up and I thought about jumping in and pushing him into the water and not letting him up for air. The boys laughed and I collected my things before walking into the locker room. Once I was past the door I hung my towel over a stall and twisted my fingers to remove the water making the towel completely dry. I stood in front of a mirror while I towel dried her hair. I couldn’t believe those dogs! Didn’t they know any respect? As I left the locked room I could still hear the boys hollering for someone to jump. I shook my head and put the 1920’s playlist on my IPod to play to relax me.
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