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Cursed Bloods

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To Awake by Going to Sleep

“does anyone want to order a pizza?” Emily heard Ashely yell from the kitchen, as she was in the living room. “a pizza?” Emily heard Nick say to Ashely “you have already eaten two large club sandwiches, a blueberry pie, the rest of one half eaten turkey, two bowls of pecan ice cream and five sodas. how could you possibly still be hungry?”, “i have had a hard couple of days” Ashely replied defensively “you know i eat when i am upset” with that Emily heard Nick laugh. “i understand” Nick replied “but you have almost eaten everything we have of food substance in the house, keep on like this and you are going to eat yourself into a coma” with that Emily heard Ashely give a grunt of irritation, causing Emily to smile. Ashely really was a hoot, and despite the circumstances, it was really nice to be home after being gone for so long. at the present moment, Emily was laying down on the sofa, thinking about really nothing at the moment. her family had habit of doing that to her, make her mind blank. they fought constantly and always made everything greater than it seemed, Emily found it easier to do nothing when around her family, to not get sucked into the drama. “hey, emily” Ben asked as he came down the stairs, “what is it?” Emily replied with a yawn as she sat up. “i was cleaning dad’s bedroom just burly and...”, “Wait” Emily said interrupting Ben “you were cleaning?” Emily said in disbelief. Ben shrugged “haha, very funny” Ben replied causing Emily to give a little giggle. “like i was saying” Ben continued “as i was cleaning dad’s room, i found this!” Ben finished as he held up an unusual key. the key looked old and seemed to be made out of pure gold, it had some unusual symbols on it. Emily had never seen a key like that in her life, it was certainly not something her military father would keep. “what do you think it goes to?” ben asked as he looked over the key, “most likely nothing” Emily replied standing up “it was probably something left in the house from mom’s childhood, this house is very old.”. “yeah” Ben said as he looked at Emily “but that doesn’t explain why i found it in dad’s room, or what it goes to.” Emily gave a thoughtful nod to that. “oh will you get out of the Kitchen, Ashely” Emily heard Sapheara say from the kitchen “i think you have eaten enough”, “but i am still hungry!” Ashely replied to Sapheara with a whiny tone. “don’t you talk back to me!” sapheara said, a sudden loud grunt of irritation sounded from the kitchen after that. a moment later, Ashely came stomping into the living room. “so unfair!” Ashely said as she fell onto the sofa “i am almost eighteen, sapheara can’t keep treating me like a baby, its so unfair!. why if i was in her position, i would......” Ashely trailed off as she saw the strange key in Ben’s hands. “were did you find that?” Ashely said as she bolted up right out of her seat, “in dad’s room” Ben replied “do you know what it goes to?” Ashely shook her head excitedly with that. “it goes to a chest in the basement, and old looking chest” Ashely said “dad said it belonged to mom, things from her past. i bugged him about it for so long but he kept telling me that he lost the key.”. “well” Ben said after a moment of thinking “it’s found now, lets go see what’s in that chest” with that both Sapheara and Nick entered the room. “chest?” Sapheara said confused but still sparing a glare for Emily “what Chest?”, Emily gave a sigh and related what happened to Nick and Sapheara. it took a few minutes to get everyone caught up on what was happening and a little longer to get Sapheara in the basement, she had always been afraid of the basement, even when she was little. the basement was exactly as Emily had remembered it, old, large, dark and dusty. it was filled with boxes and random old pieces of furniture, it was like the place filled with Emily’s past, a past she does not want to to much remember. “uh” Ashely said as she came down the stairs after emily “dad really should have cleaned this place, never went in her at all though. it was like he was more scared of it than Sapheara!” Ashely gave a laugh after that, causing Sapheara to give her a glare once she also came down the stairs. “i am not scared of the basement!” Sapheara said stubbornly “i simply think its dark and filthy”, “and scary” AShely added in. “if i thought it was scary” Sapheara started using her stern voice “than i......”, “so where is this chest you told use about, Ashely” Nick said trying to stop the fighting between Ashely and Sapheara before it got out of hand. with that Sapheara cut off what ever she was going to say and looked around the room for a moment. “it should be somewhere around here.....ah!” Ashely said as she pointed to a large brown box, covered in dust. “thats the one” she said still pointing at it, Nick and Ben both gave nods and moved to grab it. despite the combined strength of both Nick and Ben, who were in no means weak, they could only move the box a little bit away from its previous position. “man what is in this thing” Ben said once he and Nick were done moving it, “dad said it was full with things from childhood.”, “things like what” Ben continued “its probably just full with bricks, you know how sentimental mom was, saving everything she could. there probably just a bunch of bricks the fell off the house”. “well” Emily said extending her hand towards Ben “lets find out then shall we”, with that Ben gave a nod and handed emily the key. Emily than bent down and put the key into the chests really oddly shaped keyhole, a shape she did not know. Emily turn the key as much as it would let her, which was five times, and each time the key turned, the box made an odd clicking sound. upon the fifth turn, the latches around the chest that locked it, unlocked. Emily throw open the chest, and was amazed with what she saw. in the box was the most random assortment of junk imaginable, belts, boots, odd clothes and things that Emily had no idea what they were. as soon as the box was open, everyone started rifling through everything. “this is the stuff from mom’s past” Nick said holding an odd looking hat “this is a bunch of junk”, emily was going to mouth a reply of agreement but stopped when she came across small box. inside the box, a large diamond. “now that is what i am talking about!” Ben said gesturing the diamond emily was holding by the box. “have you ever seen a diamond that large?” Nick said as he stared at the pure colorless diamond, “never” Sapheara said “and i work at a jewelry store!”. Emily stared at the diamond for a few more seconds, and then reached to take it out of its case but right as her skin touched the smooth surface of the diamond, something happened. it was like a silent wave pulsed from the diamond, and suddenly the world seemed dark and consciousness vanished from her grip.
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