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Reunited in the Sky

Author's note: I wrote this story while thinking about life and family. Everyone has secrets; sometimes these...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I wrote this story while thinking about life and family. Everyone has secrets; sometimes these secrets end up harming someone emotionally and mentally. However, they can also hurt physically.  « Hide author's note
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Exiting my house, I surveyed the area for the Holy Knight. After a minute of searching, I spotted Trevor in the choking arms of the Knight. My arms throbbed, aching for medical attention. I felt uneasy and the world seemed tilted at an abnormal angle. The world blurred as I walked; I paid no attention to the murders occurring on all sides of me. I hurriedly walked past the Knights before they picked me as their next victim. After passing an enormous group of Knights, I sprinted full speed towards the Holy Knight that had captured Trevor. My entire body ached with loss, pain, and fatigue. I refused to stop, knowing the Knight planned to kill my brother.
I ran for what seemed like hours before I caught up with the Holy Knight. He rounded the corner and I followed. He must have planned a rendezvous with some fellow Holy Knights because three more Knights waited for him. The Holy Knights threw Trevor against a brick wall and laughed like demons. They relentlessly harassed him, telling him he was a worthless sinner. Trevor trembled as he knew what was next.
“Young boy, you have committed the deadly sins of pride and envy. Prepare to die,” the Knights stated in unison with evil looks upon their faces.
Trevor looked over and saw me hiding against a building. “Matthew!” he screamed as he turned to run towards me. He barely took two steps before two of the Holy Knights gunned him down. Bullets penetrated his skin in several places. One bullet entered his chest and pierced his heart. His limp body crashed to the ground and the men laugh. Tears blurred my vision while fatigue clouded my mind. I concealed myself inside the building and waited for the murderers to leave.
After I was sure they were gone, I crept out of my hiding place and meandered over to my brother's cold body. I collapsed beside him and wept tears of despair. Tears flowed from my eyes without hesitation. My tear ducts were being supplied by a reservoir of longing and loneliness. I cried until the tears did not come anymore. I stood to leave but I noticed Trevor was gripping something. I reached down and discovered he was holding a rock covered in his own blood.
I retrieved the rock from his lifeless hand and began walking towards the town square. The center of town seemed to call my name, beckoning me towards it. I slid across the ash covered streets until I finally reached the center of Safe Haven.
I collapsed near the fountain in the town square. The beautiful structure I loved had been vandalized by the ash and explosions. The foundation was obliterated, leaking out the watery dancers I had enjoyed watching. I grasped the blood-stained rock, continually rolling it back and forth. A building across the street is collapsing, seeming to teeter on the town’s broken spirit. Suddenly, rage overtakes my being. Burning tears stream down my face, abducting the dirt and ash on my cheeks. Flames nearly engulfed the home I once shared with his family. Evil consumed everything I loved and destroyed my family. Laughter no longer vibrates the streets. The joyous sound dissipated with the alarm of war. Only screams of terror echo through these urban tombs.
I scream out in agony, the weight of death smothering me. Memories flood my mind and I think about the past few hours. A strange force grips my body, squeezing out the last vapors of life that managed to cling to me. I collapse by the fountain and go to sleep, hoping the past 24 hours was an elaborate nightmare.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 17 18 19 20 21 Next »

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ajinks33 said...
May 7, 2013 at 5:23 pm
How long did it take you to write this?

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