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The Darkest Ones Choice


Fighting in the Slumbs

“I” the only living man in a land of death said “Asringer Clourus Warden, Great Prince of the Kingdom of Treansora, high leader of the mighty peace alliance. I am alone” with that Asringer bent down to knell by a woman, a dead woman. “so fine a beauty” Asringer said as he cleared the woman's hair from her face “a terrible day it is that one such as you should die in this war” with that Asringer looked at the woman's hand, that rested at her side. Concealed in the clutch of the hand, was a ruby necklace, one that Asringer knew very well. “alas” Asringer said as he slowly took the necklace from the woman's hand “in your final effort to stop me my love, you have only sealed my fate, for by your death, I see only darkness. Pushing me that final step into the monster I was always meant to be” with that Asringer lingered for a moment, lightly touching the woman's face with his cold hand. After that moment, Asringer stood up and looked over the land around him, at all the death. A great war was fought here, against the dangerous blood ones. Asringer and his army won but just burly, him being the only survivor. The war was caused by something long ago, something that not even Asringer's own people remembered but it was continued by anger and rage, that will never be forgotten. It was today that it all ended, the blood ones defeated. “none of that matters now though” Asringer said looking at the pure red ruby resting in the metal of the silver necklace, clutching the ruby was a metal skull. “it is on this day that the pains of men are multiplied ten fold but also protected from an even greater evil” Asringer said as he slowly put the necklace around his neck “it is on this day that the world is taken into a new darkness, is ruled by a new evil, me” with that Asringer let the necklace drop around his neck, and a burst of power shot through him. It was at that moment, that is rage subsided and a cold dark calm entered him. It was at that moment that Asringer Clourus warden, warrior of the dragons breath and holder of the ancient power, last royal member of his family, died. It was at that moment that a new person was born, a person born from the death of Asringer, The Reaper King.

Chapter One
Blessingus, a well liked youth of fifteen years, tall for his age, dark haired and white skinned; - stood in the middle of a large group of people, his nose was bleeding and his fists bruised. “how do I always get my self in these messes” Blessingus thought as he looked at the man in front of him, the man was fighting. Today was such a peaceful day, until Blessingus accidentally made the mistake of cheating the wrong man at a game of iron fists and acid tongues. The man Blessingus cheated, the man right in front of him, was a very muscular man of his late Twenty years, named Sertch. Blessingus personally did not know him but had heard much of his reputation, that he had beat to death every man that had ever cheated him. A normal person in Blessingus's position would mostly be afraid at the moment, having to face such a greater opponent, but not Blessingus. Blessingus never felt afraid, he could not explain it but he just did not fear what the common man feared. “have you had enough” the man named Sertch said to Blessingus, sounding like he really did not care the response to his question. “enough” Blessingus said sarcastically “i am a well educated person, Sertch. But I must say I have never heard that word you speak, ENOugh. Uh, sounds like a word weaklings and wimps use. You would not be a weakling would you perhaps? Or a Wimp?” with that man gave a grunt of anger and lunged for Blessingus. Blessingus, who was expecting this exact thing, flipped to the right, dodging Sertch in his lung. After that, Blessingus kicked the man in his right thy and moved forward to elbow him in the neck, sending him to the ground. people around waited for Sertch to get up, in hopes that all there betting on the wrong person did not go to waste, but Sertch did not rise. He was not dead, but he was certainly down for the count. Once everyone excepted that Sertch was not getting up, they all started exchanging coins and grumbling as they did, a few even tried to make a run for it in the hopes of saving the little coin they had on them, fewer even got away. The people of Gresblit do not like to be cheated, in all the villages and cities in the world, Gresblit is the one city were you most don't wont to be cought cheated. For here it is not the city guards you must look out for, it is the normal every day common man. Wipping away some blood from his face, Blessingus turned to his friend waiting nearby, collecting some bets. Hadel was his name, a youth of sixteen years, tall just like Blessingus and white skinned but something he was not was not dark haired, his hair was blond and much longer than Blessingus's. He wore a simple white work shirt like Blessingus, and simple brown pants and shoes but Hadel also wore a brown leather hat and kept a walking stick in his other hand. Hadel was really good a fighter with that walking stick, Blessingus had seen him once fight four men once, he beat them with ease. Blessingus never used a weapon to fight, he much preferred to use his hands, a man could never drop or lose his hands like a man would a stick, unless there cut off but only a fool would let something like that happen. “how much did we make? Hadel” Blessingus asked, “we?” Hadel responded with a smile “i don't ever know what you mean, I made quit a lot of coins today but I doubt you made any, seeing that you missed the fight.”. “missed the fight?” Blessingus replied flately “i did not miss the fight, I was the fight, I have the bruises and bloody nose to prove it.”, “i must say you are correct” Hadel responded with another smile in his odd Soverient acsent “but seeing that you lacked the ability to make bets while fighting, and that fighting in the fight is not the same as watching it or being present to it, I must disappoint you in your want to have some of my rightfully earned coin.” with that both the men glared at each other and than smiled, followed by laughing. “ah” Hadel said once he was done laughing “I beat you that time, Blessingus. You really must improve or logic reasoning skills and or you negotiating skills, they really are quit embarrassing and pathetic.”, “well we can't all have the privilege of going to a philosophers school like you, Hadel” Blessingus replied “but really, how much did we make?”. “about thirty copper coins and ten silver” Hadel answered “bringing us to about a hundred and thirty coin, a well profitable score if you ask me.”, “indeed it is” Blessingus said “lets just try not to waste it like we did last times score, we need to be saving for a trip out of here.” with that Hadel gave a nod and tucked the coins away in his pants pocket, and some in his shoe. They had been robbed more than once after winning coin from a fight, so if they were robbed, than at least the ones doing the robbing would not get all the money, they would over look what is in Hadel's shoe for who would ever think to look there. “were to now?” Hadel asked “the Taverns for some dice games? the market for some tasty food? or perhaps the central grounds to so if there are any girls worth courting? The day is still young and I must say that I am most ready to do something exciting.”, “how about” Blessingus said stretching out his back “we go to Ish's herbalist shop for some good healing and some herbs, now doesn't that sounds fun.” with that Hadel gave a smirk. “that sounds” Hadel said “mighty boring to tell you truth, would you not want to do something more....... well just simple more interesting.”, “no I would not” Blessingus replied as he started to stretch out his arms “my body hurts, my nose stings and arms feel like there going to fall off, a trip to Ish's sounds better than all the women in Gresblit.” with that Hadel gave a sigh but conceded to going to Ish's herbalist shop, grumbling most of the way. Blessingus and Hadel started walking towards the center of the city, were most of the shops and stores were, it was a relitivly quick walk from the Slumbs, which is were Blessingus and Hadel had started from. The slumbs were on the edge of the city wall and not the best place to be, full of thieves and beggars, but a perfect place if you wanted to pick a fight, like Blessingus had with Sertch today. The Slumbs is also were Blessingus and Hadel live, in a simple apartment in a old filthy Inn called the Kings Boots. Blessingus and Hadel have lived in the slumbs for most of there lives, Blessing more than Hadel. It was when he was two years old that Blessingus was taken here, given to an orphanage by a mysterious stranger. Blessingus never knew anything about his parents and to tell the truth, did not care, it was in the past and the past rarely ever mattered. The streets leading out of the slumbs were a little cleaner and had actual some nice people walking on them, instead of just muscular brutes and skinny thieves. It was odd, but it was these people that Blessingus felt uncomfortable around, he had spent so much time thinking everyone around him a enemy that it was hard to let down his guard and feel relaxed around any but himself and Hadel. During there walk, Blessingus say people riding horses, women watching over there children playing in the street, and happy faces on all. All these things were things you would not see in the Slumbs, Blessingus could not decide if he liked such a display of happiness or disliked it with a jealousy. After a few minutes of thinking, it no longer mattered. Once people started to notice Blessingus and Hadel, there smiles disappeared and all seemed a little less happy. No one from the upper part of the city like to see any of the people from the Slumbs, they try to forget us and leave of to are filth in the Slumbs. They almost succeed in forgetting too, if every now and again a lone thief or beggar did not make his or her way here, it than that they remember and than that there happiness disappears. “can't wait to get out of here one day” Blessingus said to Hadel as they walked through the crowd of frowning people “to be free from this life”, “i agree with that want” Hadel responded “maybe than I can go through a day without having someone look at me like I am some kind of creature, waiting to kill them.” Blessingus gave a nod to that and they continued walking. The city of Gresblit was ruled by a king, king Tochiton his name is. Blessingus had heard that he was a pleasant king and always tried to better his city, but Blessingus had seen little of this. If he does do such a thing, than he does not do it for the people in the Slumbs. Blessingus did not blame the king though, he would not want to go back to the Slumbs if he had a choice. “No one will ever help these people” Blessingus thought as he walked “not even High king Dredrol'mark, the leader of this kingdom and lord to all the other minor kings or the realm, will help.” although Blessingus did not blame him as much, he had a lot more important things to do, like fighting back those terrible monsters of the apocalypse land. Blessingus did not know much but close to when he was born, after the war with the blood ones, a new war started with a enemy that no one had ever heard of people. These monsters of the apocalypse, some people say they are the undead coming back to take revenge on the living, some say they are the blood ones returned stronger than they once were. Who ever they are, they are certainly stronger than the blood ones, taking over at least half of the realm in all a matter of fifteen years, no enemy has ever achieved such a thing. Blessingus hated that such monsters were killing people all over the land but never wished, under any circumstance, to join the army and help. Not only would one man not be able to help turn a tide of a war, but he owed King Dredrol'mark nothing and would not bless him with such a gift as Blessingus joining his army. With that, Blessingus pushed such thoughts of war of kings out of his mind as he and Hadel reached there destination, Ish's herbalist shop. Blessingus and Hadel proceeded into the shop through the wooden door from, seeing many different varieties of plants. Right when they entered, a plant pot was thrown all sudden and hit the wall right next to Blessingus's face. Freezing right were he was, Blessingus put on his best smile, for he knew who throw the pot. “Ish” Blessingus said as a woman stepped out of the concealment of a large thorny plant “I must say it is wonderful to be back at your shot again, just wonderful. Seeing you is like seeing a flower bloom, like seeing a beautiful.......”, “oh shut up” Ish said stepping in front of Blessingus and Hadel “your fancy words mean less to me than they did last time, speaking of wish you two still owe me two gold marks for all the injuries I have treated on you.” with that she extended her hand, expecting them to give her the money. Blessingus and Hadel both swallowed nervously. “nothing would give us greater joy but to pay you” Blessingus started “but..........”, “but” Ish finished as she dropped her hand “you don't have the money now do you, well you can forget me healing you this time without pay. I will not be taken for a full by you two any more.” with that she turned around to inspect some of her plants. Ish was a beautiful woman for her age, forty four Blessingus believe she was, or forty three, whether which she was still beautiful to be courted by the more older men in the city. She had long brown hair, a small mouth and a longer nose, but not to long you would really notice. She was not fat nor slim, although her cheeks were rather plump. She wore a long green dress and several flowers in her hair, and most noticeable of all, the frown on her face. “well” Hadel said bluntly “i guess we should leave, seeing that were not going to get any healing. I propose we look for some food and or the company of a beautiful girl, I do love me some good courting.” with that blessingus gave a frown. “come on, Hadel” Blessingus said “I know you can get her to come around, you after all keep bragging about how swift a wit you have and how clever you are.” with that Hadel gave a sigh and walked over to talk with Ish. Blessingus gave a smile and sat on a nearby chair, Hadel's talk with Ish would be a long one but it would end pleasantly for Blessingus. Hadel was most skilled in talking people into things, even when they are dead set against it. So Blessingus just waited, he waited for the negotiating to be done and for the healing to start, he really needed it from today's fight. That Sertch really was as tough as they say, he was hard to beat but the victory was ever so sweat. There was only one problem with it though, the victory. Sertch was a great fighter, one of the best Blessingus had fought in a long time, but one thing made the fight unfair. Sertch was at a most great disadvantage, No one told him how tough Blessingus was.

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