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A Hero's Rain

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"Just please, stop killing people!"

knowing that he did not have much time, Axe quickly lunged towards JImmy and tackled him to the ground. a second later, a rain of gunfire coming from outside shot through the living room wall and zoomed over their heads. “keep your head down!” Axe said to Jimmy, earning an uneasy nod. Axe turned around and crawled towards the window, peeking through the half destroyed blinds, AXe saw a site that most angered him. outside, positioned all around, were almost forty agents in black suits, with automatic rifles. “john you piece of trash!” Axe said bitterly, the anger swelling up inside him. “what is it? what is out there?” Axe heard Jimmy say from behind him, Axe had bury noticed he moved. “I’m getting sloppy” Axe thought “got to do better, “I think you better start telling me the truth about what you're involved in!” Axe turned around to saw to JImmy, Jimmy gave a nervous frown. “i am involved in nothing” Jimmy said dismissively “would you please tell me what is going on here, i have a family and.....”, “listen to me” Axe said in a loud voice as he grabbed the neck of Jimmy’s shirt “these people don’t play around, they will kill you, your family and me with no other thought than how to clean up the mess. so you’d better start telling me things or I won't be able to guarantee your safety, nor your families.” JImmy took a long pause to that, to think. before Jimmy could think for too long, Screams started to sound from some of the houses back rooms. “those Punks!” Axe said angrily as he stood up and ran towards the screams. down the hall and past a few doors, Axe found the origin of the screams in a room at the end of the hall. four camouflaged men with guns stood in the room, three of them were holding hostages, one of them was Jimmy’s wife, the two others, his kids. without thinking, Axe rushed into the room, shooting one of the men in the head before they knew he was there. still moving, Axe spinned around and kicked the gun out of the man’s hand who was holding Jimmy’s six year old son, the gun safely hit the wall and let out a burst of gunfire. a burst that hurt no one, but made Jimmy’s wife and kids scream louder. ducking, Axe dodged a flash of bullets let loose from the man Holding Jimmy’s wife. right after that, Axe moved and shot twice, both bullets heading towards different men. a second later, the men holding Axes Children, fell back in pain, AXe had shot both of them in the kneecaps. AXe could have killed them, but no matter how good of shot he was, there was a chance of hitting one of the children in trying a killing shot, they way these men used them as human shields. still in motion, Axe let the mag cartridge in his gun drop with a click, and grabbed another one at his belt. at this point the last enemy still standing was the man holding jimmy’s wife, and his finger on the trigger of his gun was about to go back. trying to through the man off balance, and because he did not have enough time to load his gun and avoid gunfire, Axe through the mag in his hand right at the gunman's face. causing his finger to squeeze the trigger and let loose a rain of gunfire, but also for him to lose his balance and fall a few steps back from the force of the blow. this made it so the man lost control for a moment, and missed Axe all together with his bullets. taking this advantage, Axe lunged towards the still surprised and off balance gunman, grabbed the mag that had rebounded from the man’s head and was flying through the air, slid it into the hilt of his gun with fluid motion and shot the man at point blank range, his gun actually pressed right up against the man’s chest. that close, there was no way Axe could miss and hit Axe’s wife, who screamed at being so close to Axe’s kill of the man. stepping backward as the last government agent in the room feel to the ground, Axe looked around the room. two dead men lay on the floor, blood draining from their bodies. two more men moaned in pain from leg wounds Axe had given them. two little children, one boy and one a girl, screamed with fear and rushed to their mother, who seemed just as afraid as the kids were. “I don’t understand!” Jimmy’s wife said “I....”, “Sarah!” Jimmy exclaimed as he rushed into the room and hugged his wife. “are you, okay?” JImmy asked, his wife nodded but started sobbing. Axe looked at JImmy, he looked at his family and felt something deep inside. it was a feeling that he was not familiar with, disliking how it made him feel, Axe pushed off the feeling and turned his attention to the two wounded men in the room. with two clear and easy shots, Axe ended their agony and lives. “would you please stop doing that!” Axe heard Jimmy’s wife said to him, scream at him. “just please, stop killing people!” Axe looked at the women, measured her. “this is not over yet!” Axe said as he looked at Jimmy, ignoring the woman’s comment. “more agents will come, if they don’t just decide to blow us up first. we need to get out of here, go some where safe and than you can tell me what this is all about!” JImmy looked at him with that for a long moment, not sure he could trust Axe. with a reluctant nod, JImmy grabbed his wife’s hand and followed Axe out of the room.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 3 4 5

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Tara1 said...
Jan. 4, 2013 at 9:18 pm
nice... definitely wanted to read more
Winged.Living.Free. said...
Mar. 16, 2012 at 6:09 pm
Zelous-Arrow-Shade replied...
Mar. 27, 2012 at 10:27 am
thanks for your comment, i enjoyed it. please feel free to comment on anything you would like to see in the book or happen, it is still a work in progress and i need more idea's.

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