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A Hero's Rain

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A Mission Completed

chapter two
“you should have sent me” John heard Selsha say to him with a tone of anger that he did not much like. “that is your opinion, Selsha” John replied to the girl “personally i don’t care what you think, you are here to obey, not to think” with that Selsha seemed like she wanted to say more but stilled her self before she did. “at least she still remembers her place” John thought “she has always been like this, ever sense i picked Axe to finish the brave solder training instead of her” “she is a good agent, the second best i have but she is not as good as Axe” she had been chosen for the brave solder project, which is the most extreme project for training solders in the world, when she was six years old. she had showed skills that Axe never did, she even went ahead of him in training because she excepted the training so well. “but i did not pick her” John thought “she may have been better but she was not like Axe, Axe was put into the project right from birth, he knows no other life than this, that gives him something that she will never have, a disconnection from life”. a few seconds of silence past until the door to the room opened to admit a person dressed in black, as he entered Selsha gave a sniff of irritation but did not say a word, this person John knew very well. “i take it you had a successful mission, Axe” John said to the man as he stood up out of his chair, “yes, sir” Axe replied “the mission went just as i wanted it to go, i have retrieved the information you wanted” with that Axe bent down and took a small USB device out of his left shoe, he than handed it to John without saying a word. “good work, Axe” John replied as he examined the USB in his hand “as always you never fail to impress me” with that John examined the USB for a few more seconds and than stuffed it into his right pocket. “go to the safe house in Berlin, Axe” John said “get some rest and follow these instructions for your next mission at precisely twenty hundred hours” John than handed Axe a small sealed envelope “that will give you a good ten hour sleep”, after you complete your next mission i want you to randy view with one of our agents in Washington “yes, sir” was Axe’s only reply. with that Axe gave John a nod of respect and walked out of the room with the sealed envelope in hand. John smiled as he watched Axe go, “he turned out just the way i wanted him to” John thought “a perfect solder, not a flesh and blood person but a solder”. “you would think he would want to know what was on the USB” John heard Selsha say “he did go through all that just to get it after all and did you see how he ignored me, it was like he did not even notice i was here”, “that is how you should be, Selsha” John replied to the woman “only notice what is important and to always be ready for anything, you would do well to be more like Axe” with that John notice Selsha widen her eyes in shock and rage, she seemed like she wanted to say something but she did not. in the past Selsha had killed people just for saying the words that John just said, he knew that she would still kill any one who said those words but she would not kill him or other certain higher ranking people, she at least had enough self control to do that. “its late” John said feeling very tired “i am going to go back to the base and you are going to go to London” john said to Selsha “i have a special mission for you” with that Selsha instantly seemed to be in a better mood. “its about time” Selsha said “i have been going crazy not having anything to do, not having any one to kill” with that she took the envelope John was holding out for her and she opened the near by window. with no regard for John, Selsha jumped out of the window and into the rain. most people would have been concerned at seeing a person jump out of a window like that but John Knew Selsha well, she was very good at scaling buildings and using her acrobatic skills to travel by rooftops. John thought it more of a desperate plead for attention, what other reason could a person have for acting like some kind of night superhero jumping around buildings but who could stop her from doing it. with a sigh John walked out of the room feeling very good about himself, about what he had accomplished with Axe and about what he was going to succeed in with the information Axe had stolen for him. “this is going to change every thing” John said as he fingered the USB in his jacket pocket “its going to change the world”.
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Tara1 said...
Jan. 4, 2013 at 9:18 pm
nice... definitely wanted to read more
Winged.Living.Free. said...
Mar. 16, 2012 at 6:09 pm
Zelous-Arrow-Shade replied...
Mar. 27, 2012 at 10:27 am
thanks for your comment, i enjoyed it. please feel free to comment on anything you would like to see in the book or happen, it is still a work in progress and i need more idea's.

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