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The Chronicles of the Forest Prince

Author's note: what inspired me to right this is the TV show - avatar the last air bender. i have always...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: what inspired me to right this is the TV show - avatar the last air bender. i have always wondered what it would be like if the story was not about some outlaw air bender, and instead about a prince of a whole nation, like Zuko.  « Hide author's note
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The Death of A loved One

as the surrounding people burst into screams, Lence took Rena’s hand and ran in the opposite direction of the attacking force of which Lence could not see with so many people and random trees blocking his way. “what our we going to do” Lence heard Rena say behind him as they ran, Lence did not answer. Lence did not know what to tell Rena because he did not know what to do himself, as they ran Lence noticed thorn solders and even some citizens join in on the fight but Lence did not feel like joining, he was to over done with fear. Lence for a long time wanted to be a warrior like his father but he never knew that this was what you feel like when you are close to a battle. after a couple more minutes of running through the crowd to the trees on the opposite side of the the city, Lence noticed something that made his heart sink. in the trees Lence was running too, where dozens of solders of red and black coming out of the trees. the red solders would zap into fire for a split second, burn someone to death and than become flesh again. the black clothed solders would sink into a nearby shadow and than come out from a different shadow to stab someone in the back. “blaze solders and shadow assassins” Lence thought, two different groups of solders from two different nations, they had formed an alliance. oddly to Lence that seemed very odd to him as he stopped running ten feet before the trees, all nations where at war and none of them ever allied themselves with each other, the where to stubborn and power hungry for that. Lence cut off his thinking as a blaze solder neared him and Rena with a his sword raised high and blazing with fire, Lence prepared himself for the mans attack but oddly it never came. Lence opened his eyes to see the man standing right in front of him just starring at Lence, it was as if the man had known Lence’s face by the way he looked at him. it seemed like he was going to speak but before he could, a large tree branch from a nearby tree smacked the man across the chest, throwing him beyond the trees. after that Lence’s mother stepped in the place where the blaze solder had been, along with her body guards. “are you okay, Lence” his mother asked, Lence gave her nod. “you must get out of the city, Lence” his mother continued in a concerned voice “this is not an attack of pure randomness, they attacked because they are after something and i doubt they will leave until they get it. leave and go to the city of Fresheia in the south part of the never ending forest, i will follow if i can but if i can’t then you must tell them what happened here” with that Lence stood in shock. “do you understand me, Lence” his mother said more strongly, Lence snapped out of his shock and gave his mother a nod. “very well” his mother continued “i will tell the trees to clear a path for you and protect you as much as they can but once you leave into the forest, the trees there are too wild for me to ask to protect you so be very careful” with that his mother turned off to attack a large group of blaze solders and shadow assassins with her body guards. Lence wasted no time to go in the direction his mother pointed too, which was being cleared of enemies by the trees around that all a sudden seem to spring to life. as Lence ran he would look back at Rena to see if she was alright but she seemed more confident than he did. once they reached the edge of the shadowy forest beyond, Lence looked out to the city and particularly to his mother. his mother had just enveloped a group of solders in a tangle of vines, she seemed invincible to Lence. with that Lence was about to turn and run through the forest like his mother had said until a figure stepping out of the trees towards his mother caught his eyes. the man was very muscular and tall with deep black armor, a death like essence seemed to envelope his body. the man had a very long and wide sword in his hands which was covered in blood. the man slowly approached his mother until he was a couple of steps away from her, at that point Lence’s mothers guards ran to attack the black armored man but the man easily took care of them with his sword. Rena kept polling on Lence’s cloths and telling him that they had to go but Lence would not go, he had to see what happened next. with wide eyes, Lence watched as the man swing his terrible sword at his mother but she dodged it with an easy flip. after that his mother sent a large vine out of the ground to attack the black armored man but the man easily cut the vine in half with his large sword. the black armored man than extended his hand towards Lence’s mother and a burst of shadows came from it, Lence’s mother raised her hands and a tree grew instantly to protect her from the shadow blast. right when the attack was over, Lence’s mother let the tree grew back to its normal seed form in the dirt and regarded the man with a violent glare. the man did not seemed fazed by her glare, he did not even raise his sword for another attack. the pause in the man’s attacks seemed odd to his mother apparent to the confused look on her face, than with a surprised face she turned around right as five shadow assassins appeared to stab her in the back. Lence’s mother turned just in time to stop the assassins with a flurry of large thorns wrapping around the attackers, right as she dealt with the assassins she turned around to regard the black armored man but was to late, right as she turned around the black armored man stabbed her right through the stomach with his large sword. with that everything stopped for Lence, nothing existed and all was still. Lence watched as if he was in a dream, as the black armored man ripped the sword free from his mother’s body and she fell limp to the ground. right as her body touched the grass and Lence saw her lifeless eyes, a burst of rage like he had never felt ran through his body. with the rage running through every fiber of his been, he ripped his hand away from Rena’s and called out “mother” as he ran from the safety of the trees and out into the battle.
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seth shadow hunter said...
Mar. 27, 2012 at 10:40 am
this book i really liked i loved the idea of making someone the only one of his kind he can not use forest powers but his kind can i like this book plaese make more

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