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The Chronicles of the Forest Prince

Author's note: what inspired me to right this is the TV show - avatar the last air bender. i have always...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: what inspired me to right this is the TV show - avatar the last air bender. i have always wondered what it would be like if the story was not about some outlaw air bender, and instead about a prince of a whole nation, like Zuko.  « Hide author's note
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The Last Dance Between Lovers

Lence walked through the brightly lit festival with a smile on his face, the darkness clinging to the trees and the night seeming nonexistent with all the lights around. they weren't lights lit by fire as Lence had heard other nations do but pieces of glowing rock found in the soil around here. Lence had been trying to find Rena for a good while but with no success, after a few more minutes of walking and listening to the music being played, Lence found himself face to face with master Vien. the man seemed surprised to see Lence but not angry as he usually would when Lence skipped out on his morning lessons, “Lence” the man said with a smile “good to see you lad, you very strapping to night” Vien finished the sentence with a very odd stumble. Lence felt very confused with how the man was acting until he noticed the mug of ale in the mans hand, “you look rather good your self master, Vien” Lence replied to Vien as he gave the man a smack on the back. the smack sent the already stumbling man to the right and into a cluster of music players, Lence gave a smile and left the starting commotion starting between the music players and Vien. Lence continued through the party until he and many other people where called to the center square, his mother was going to give a speech for the returning thorn solders. “people of Ishlandia” Lence’s mother said from a large tree stump “tonight we celebrate the return of a group of thorn solders” with that a loud cheer rang through the crowd and his mother continued speaking. “for many years, other element nations have tried to destroy us. for many years, they have sent there solders to destroy our peace. for many years, they have tried to get into your cities and end the forest people but we have fought them back” with that another cheer rose from the crowd. “let to night be a night of happiness and joy” his mother continued “let music wash away our worries and let there be eternal peace through out the never ending forest” with that Lence’s mother was done speaking and the people burst into a flurry of cheers and the music resumed playing loud, after the cheers everyone around started dancing. Lence was about to start looking for Rena until he felt a light tap on his shoulder, once he turned around he found Rena standing behind him in a very beautiful dark green dress. “Lence” she said very calmly as she extended her hand, Lence took it with a smile and a bow than led her two where the musicians where playing a slow song. once Lence found the proper spot, he put both his hands on her waist and she put her hands around his neck. “i love nights like this” Rena said as they swayed back and forth “no one remembers the war outside the forest and everyone is happy, even your mother seemed happy which she rarely does” with that Lence gave a frown. “whats the matter” Rena asked “are you having problems with your mother again”, “in a way” Lence replied “lately all she can talk to me about is that she will be reaching the end of her life soon and that i will have to take over the throne, i know that she does not have much time left but it still saddens me to think of such a thing” with that Rena rested her head on Lence’s shoulder. “she just wants to know that you are ready for her passing” Rena said as they continued swaying back and forth “its hard for people to let go of what they are suppose to do long enough for them to do what they want to do” with that she raised her head off Lence’s shoulder and looked at deep into his eyes. “which brings me to something i wanted to tell you“ with that she took a deep breath and prepared to say what ever she was going to say until a loud scream sounded in the area. both Lence and Rena looked in the direction of the scream, a second later a large burst of fire and shadow exploded from the trees surrounding the city. looking at the explosion frightened Lence, for he knew without a doubt that the city was under attack.
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seth shadow hunter said...
Mar. 27, 2012 at 10:40 am
this book i really liked i loved the idea of making someone the only one of his kind he can not use forest powers but his kind can i like this book plaese make more

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