March 9, 2012
By Princesspiper84 SILVER, Lodi, New Jersey
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Princesspiper84 SILVER, Lodi, New Jersey
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A battle field full of blood, a sword in his hand, lightning overhead. He stands on a hill looking at all the monsters… and yet it’s all gone. He wakes up in the middle of a park it was cold. He rubs his head and groans. He tries to remember what happened and how did he get there. He then looks up confused. How did he get there? He tries to remember who he was. That was weird he didn’t even know his own name.
He sits up and looks at the snow fall. He was wearing a pink shirt and jeans with a car heart jacket on that was opened to see his shirt. Right next to him a sword was in the snow. It was sharp and had a cool design made for it. He then got up and grabbed his sword. There was an inscription on it. Virulent vela. Whirl wind.
He stuck it on the ground and it changed form. It changed to a chain that you wear around your neck. He grabs it from the ground and puts it on. He then walks around he didn’t want to be known as the freak with a sword in his hand. He see couples huddling up together for warmth, pigeons eating remains of the old lady crumbs, a lake with lily pads that didn’t die for some reason. He leaned on the bridge and looked at the sky. He then heard a noise.
“Chris!” A girl was running towards him.
Chris was that his name? He turned to the girl. She wasn’t half bad. She had purple eyes that were way off from regular eye colors. She wasn’t that tall about ‘5 6”. He was taller than her of course. She kept her hair in a cute little bun. She didn’t wear makeup but the smell of her was so sweet that he couldn’t stop smelling her. And her clothes were something else she dressed like a guy more like a girl. The only girly figure was a lotus in her hair.
“Where were you silly,” She said standing right next to him. “I got your hot chocolate.”
She handed him a cup full of hot chocolate he took it politely and sipped it.
He then said, “Do I know you?”
She looked at him like he was crazy, “Of course you do.”
He shook his head in disbelief, “I don’t remember you.”
She checked for a tempeture, “Are you felling ok you seem sick?”
He grabbed her hand and brought it back to her side. “I don’t know you.”
She was shocked, “Of course you know me it’s me Rue.”
He shook his head. “Sorry.”
Rue suddenly looked around. “Did you hear that Chris?”
He looked around confused, “Hear what?”
Rue took out her lotus and it changed into a chain. It was thin but it looked strong. The lotus was now something sharp that he wouldn’t want to touch it.
“What are you? Who are you?” He said backing away from her.
She used through her chain and it wrapped around his waist and she pulled him close.
“Stay close to me,” Rue holding onto him to keep him from any harm.
They walked off the bridge and walked towards the end of the park. Then she heard another noise. She turned towards it and her through Chris on the hill that they were near. She had the chain in both hands and a wolf came and looked at her.
Wolfs? Chris thought still figuring out what was happening.
“Ahh rue mes atkal tiksimes.” The wolf said.
Latin? Chris said in his head still confused.
“Ko jus seit darat karalis whatefver Jusu vards ir.” She replied.
They kept talking like that arguing in Latin.
“Speak English please I don't know what you’re saying,” He yelled at them.
The wolf looked at him and growled, “Why I have to kill you anyway this gives me a better excuse to kill you now.”
He walked forward but Rue jumped in front of him.
“You're not killing him. You have to kill me first.” She said pointing the sharp lotus towards him.
The wolf pounced and landed on her. They rolled all over the place and fought each other.
“Chris run!” She said pushing the wolf off of her.
“No I’m not leaving you behind.” He said taking off his chain and his sword went to full size.
He charged as Rue kept trying to fight him off. As he was about to swing at him he turned like a cloud and laughed.
“Demigod Iron doesn’t kill us wolfs. Now hold still so I can kill you.” He then got ready to pounce.
Demigod? He thought.
Before he can do anything Rue blocked him from getting to Chris. She then swung at him and her chain went right through him. He laughed and swatted at her hitting her to a light pole.
“Rue!!” He said running towards her.
As the wolf acted like a loin on the hunt. He then pounced and headed towards Chris. Chris then turned around towards the wolf and brought his sword up looking to fight him anyways. Till in midair he fell to the floor. He opened his eyes and saw the wolf wasn’t breathing. He then walked up to the wolf and saw an arrow in his neck. He looked at it closely and it was a silver arrow. He grabbed it and looked to take it out.
“I may not do that if I were you bro.” A male voice came out of nowhere.
When he looked at him and he wasn’t that impressed. He wore a heavy coat that was black and his head had a hat on top of it. He had jeans on that were blacker then black. In his hand was a bow that was bigger than him that’s for sure. He had arrows strapped to his back and he looked like a cool teenage boy without the big bow threatening to kill him. He then turned his attention towards rue that was bleeding through the mouth and she coughed as she sucked the cold air into her lungs. He then grabbed her and held her upper body up.
“Come on bro we can’t help her if we stand here all day,” He said putting a hand on his shoulder.
He nodded and picked her up carefully and looked at the guy.
“Who are you?” He asked him.
“You really must have hit your head bro,” He said making a cringing face. “It’s me Jacob, your best friend.”
Chris just shook his head in disbelief.
“I don’t know you.” He said while adjusting his position on Rue.
He then grabbed her chain.
“What are we supposed to do with this,” He gave the chain to Jacob.
Jacob grabbed the lotus part and put it back in her head. He was about to take it off but Jacob grabbed his hand to keep him from touching it. The lotus went back to its flowery self and the chain was gone. In disbelief he shook his head. With the hand that was holding rues back he grabbed his sword and stuck it to the ground. It turned back to the chain and he asked Jacob to put it on him. Jacob did so and he looked at Chris.
“Let’s take her back,” He said putting his bow on his back and turning.
“Where are we going?” He said running after him.
He stopped abruptly and turned, “To the only place for demigod warriors go to… Olympus.”
They walked in the snow all the way to the entrance of central park.

As they walked through the city that was abandoned for some reason. As soon as the fight begun everyone scrambled. He looked at the huge sky scrapers and the bakeries that were open and had people in them selling lobster tails and wedding cakes.
“I thought that Olympus is in Greece.” He said still looking at the sky that was still snowing for a big land that was floating in the air.
“That’s what we want the mortals to think.” Jacob said still walking.
“The wolf said I was a demigod.” He turned to him. “What is a Demigod anyway?”
Jacob brought his head down and chuckled, “Oh, Gods you really don’t remember anything don’t you?”
He shook his head no.
“Well we demigods are born half humans half god.” He said looking at him back. “My dad is Apollo god of archers.”
“So you’re telling me I’m a demigod?” He sounded like he was going to yell at him.
Jacob shrugged, “What do you think. You’re the son of the most powerful god.”
“Jupiter.” He said.
Jacob stopped abruptly. “I thought you don’t remember anything Bro.”
“I don’t,” He winced. “The name sounded familiar from somewhere.”
Jacob ignored it and kept walking, “Well that’s his roman name. You’re looking for his Greek name, Zeus. God of lightning and king of all gods and goddesses.”
“So who’s rues mother or father?” He said looking at Rue.
“Iris goddesses of rainbows.” He then chuckled. “Don’t tell me you forgot your own girlfriend’s history now.”
“I don’t remember her… how can I remember her history?”
“Well she was actually born by two gods together.” He said stuffing his hands in his pockets.
“Wait does that mean?” He said looking at him.
He smiled, “That means you’re dating a goddess bro.”
His face turned red as a cherry and he looked at her again. She sure didn’t look like a goddess. She looked like a regular teenage Demigod that protected him from the wolf.
He gulped, “How come I didn’t notice that a few minutes ago.”
Jacobs smile turned into a frown, “She doesn’t like to talk about it.”
“Who’s her father?” Chris looked at Jacob hoping for a less intense answer.
Jacob finally stopped abruptly at the empire state building.
“Why did you stop?” He looked over from his shoulder.
“Where here.” He said opening the doors and invited him to come in. “Are you coming or what?”
Chris didn’t know what to believe but he walked in and saw the whole place was deserted.
“Where is everyone?” He asked looking around.
Jacob took off his hat and showed his blond hair. It wasn’t long but sort of long.
“They all go to meeting during the day to give us demigods some space.” He then put his hands and cuffed his mouth like a microphone. “Yo everyone!!!! You can get out now.”
Then the whole lobby was swarming with people, harpies, sitars, even peas. Chris’s eyes widened as he looked at all the people walking around and doing work or socializing.
“Olympus is like this?” He said following him towards an elevator.
“No this isn’t Olympus.” He said walking in the elevator. “This will be Olympus.”
As they were both in he pushed the up button and the elevator sounded like it was going in supper sonic speed. Chris stumbled for a quick second as they were going up. When the elevator stopped the doors open and it looked like an island but with chariots going all over the place. Pegasus’s flying with kids just his age were flying and at the very top it had like a temple that was bigger than Olympus itself.
“This is Olympus.” Jacob said casually walking on the bridge towards the big island with clouds floating everywhere.
His mouth wide that flies can fly in it he walked onto the bridge to Olympus. Rae seemed to glow when she was here. Literally glow to health. Her eyes opened and she groaned in pain.
“Rue you’re ok.” He looked at her for a minute.
“Yeah.” She flew up from his arms and she actually was in the air she took off her coat and they saw a tattoo that looked like rainbow wings. They came off from her body and they went to full size wings.
Jacob walked next to him and they saw Rue fly through the whole Olympus without breaking a sweat. She seemed to screech in delight as she did summersaults in midair. She finally got down and looked at them.
“Whew that was fun.” She walked up to them and grabbed her jacket. Her wings went back to tattoo form as she put on the sleeves.
“So,” Chris walked up to her. “You’re a goddess right.”
Her smile turned into a frown fast. She then turned, “Yeah. I really don’t like to talk about it.”
They walked in silent for a while. A white Pegasus came and blocked their way.
Rue’s frown turned to a smile quickly. “Hey girl.” She rubbed the horse’s nose. “How you doing?”
The horse whinnied.
She frowned again. “Again but I just got back.”
The horse shook his head like she didn’t care.
“Alright I got to wash your mouth again girl.” She got on the horse and looked at Jacob and Chris. “Duty calls Jacob take him back to the cabin he may need some nectar while we’re at it. See ya!!”
She flew off with her Pegasus to the big temple on the top of the island.
Jacob turned towards him. “You ready to go?”
Chris still shocked at what he heard with Rue he nodded and they turned left to head towards the cabins.

The cabins were big but not as big as the temple on top of Olympus. There was all different kind of cabins. Iris, Hades, Ares, and even Artemis but its cabin seemed to be empty.
“What no children were born from Artemis?” Chris said looking at the empty cabin.
“No she’s celibate she doesn’t have any children.” Jacob said stuffing his hands in his pockets.
“Oh so the cabin is empty?”
“No there are the hunters of Artemis.” He said turning his head towards him. “They don’t stay long there usually at the mortal world or at the other place for Demigods. Plus they don’t date anyone trust me I tried to hit on this girl that was supper cute with her immortal color and her black her. Meow what a fox. ”
“And where might that be exactly. You know the camp.”
He shrugged then stopped at a cabin that had water and rainbows all over it. “Were here welcome to cabin 11. The goddess of Rue.” He laughed. “I really hate saying that she acts more human or demigod then Goddess.”
Chris nodded and agreed with him he didn’t even notice that she was a goddess when he met her she was acting like a normal teenage girl. They walked in and saw three beds. It seemed that one side was full of rainbows and it was colorful and everything. The other side was where a simple wave held a bunk bed like the bed was ridding it or something. His mouth was wide when he walked in. He smelled a touch of Lotus fragrance in the air. Then there was also a game system, cable, even a pinball machine man this place got everything.
“Wow.” That’s all he had to say.
Jacob walked to the wave and brought his hand up. As he brought it down the wave seemed to shrink until the bunk bed was on the floor safe and sound. Like magic the bunk bed turned into three regular sized beds. One with a war gear quilt on it, one with a turtle riding a wave, and one with lightning bolts on it. Jacob jumped on the one with the war gear on it and brought his hands to the back of his head.
“Home sweet home eh?” He looked at Chris like he was crazy.
“I don’t want to relax.” He winced as he got a major headache. “I need to know who I am. What I’m doing here and why do I have a necklace that changes into a sword.”
Jacob grunted and sat up. “Well I remember that a child of Hypnos… God of sleep. Told me if you sleep on it you may get some memories back. Why don’t you take a small nap and maybe it will be all better.”
He patted the bed next to him and looked at him. Chris sighed and walked up to him. He sat on the bed and turned the opposite from Jacob and closed his eye.
He was trying to think about his past but his headache wouldn’t let him think. All he got from his eyes shut was darkness. He heard Jacob playing the pinball game that was at the corner and trying to bet maybe his own high score. Chris finally felt himself drift off in a deep sleep. But little did he know that something was going to happen to him.

Rue hated to leave Chris by himself with Jacob, but she had to her horse Monica told her that the gods wanted her again. As she flew up to the temple on top of Olympus and sighed. Once she got off the horse she turned about thirty feet tall. She nodded at Monica to tell her to leave. She walked into the temple and her armor appeared. It was green with light pink swirls going across her arms legs waist everywhere in her armor. Her weapon Lotus was around her back like Jacobs bow on his back. She had subtle makeup on. She has pink eye shadow with a touch of dark lipstick. She walked in and looked at the gods in front of her. Zeus, Poseidon, Hera, Hades (She didn’t know why he was here), Artemis, Aphrodite, Apollo, Ares, Athena, Hephaestus, Hermes, and Hypnos (who was sleeping as usual). She stood there as all of them looked at her. She walked up to her through and sat down on her throne.
“Now then now that everyone is here why don’t we get started on what’s been happening all over Olympus,” Zeus said.
“Well the Hermes kids stole my kids’ weapons,” Ares said.
Hermes pretended to look shocked, “My kids do such a thing.”
They kept bickering till Zeus finally struck both of them with lightning.
“Enough you two, I swear you guys bicker like little brats!” He then turned to Artemis. “What is the news on the rouge wolves?”
Artemis rose from her seat. “The wolves are still hiding in New York.”
Rue finally got up, “One of them attacked us.”
They all looked at her a bit concerned.
Zeus then broke the ice, “What happened.”
She shook her head, “I’m not sure. One minute I’m fighting this king the next thing I know I blacked out.”
Apollo rose from his seat. “I just got the message one of my sons used a silver bow.”
Rue turned to him, “Is he dead.”
Apollo shook his head in sorrow. “Sorry it was one of those dissolving bows.”
She shook her head and sat down.
“Well then on to the real reason that’s been happening,” he turned to Hades. “Tell them.”
Hades rose from his seat. “Now you all know me as the trader of the group.” They all growled. “Well I got news for you someone’s been playing with the god’s life strings. And one of them snapped.” They all gasped in horror. “One of you will not be living forever.”
All of them started to panic. Even Hypnos woke up and started to panic.
Zeus through a lightning bolt in the middle of the room. “Enough!!! Now let’s not panic we all will find out sooner or later. But there’s no need to panic. Now back to your passions everyone now!”
All the gods disappeared expect for Zeus, Poseidon, and Rue. Poseidon walked up to her and put a hand on her cheek.
“How’s my baby girl doing?” He said.
“I’m alright dad,” She said.
He pulled her into a hug, “Everything’s going to be alright Rue. I promise.”
She then held him for a quick second and pulled away. “Dad Chris doesn’t remember anything.”
“Hmmmm,” He put his hand on his chin. “That’s odd.” He then went down to a whisper. “I’ll check with the other gods to see what happened.”
“Thanks dad.” She turned and sat on her throne.
She then heard Zeus and Hades talking.
“How long will you be able to fix it?” Zeus sounded scared for a second.
“About a year.”
“A year!! We don’t have time for a year with what’s happening now they won’t be able to survive.”
“It’s not that easy to make immortal life again. It usually takes decades but with the new technology we have it’ll make the task easier but it still takes awhile.”
Zeus grumbled, “Just get it fix, off with you!”
Hades smiled cruelly and left.
Rue walked off to the front and she shrunk to her normal size, and her normal cloths. She whistled for Monica to pick her up. She came and Rue hopped onto her. She then told her to go to the cabin. As she was flying she smelled smoke in the air. She then looked down and saw their cabin on fire. She stopped the horse and looked at her horse.
“Chris! Jacob!” She yelled.
Without thinking she commanded Monica to go done. They plummeted to the sky on their way to the cabin in flames.

Rue didn’t have any fear if it was to protect Chris. She jumped off of Monica and dived into the cabin. Once she hit the ground she saw only smoke. She tried to use her Poseidon powers to summon water to get rid of the water. Although it didn’t work it just grew more. She then walked around and tried to cover her eyes so she can see through the smoke.
“Chris! Jacob!” She yelled as she walked around the room.
“Rue!” She heard Jacobs voice.
She ran towards the noise and found them trying to fight off some fire demons. They looked like they were suffocating in here. Especially Chris because he was still sleeping and pale.
“Get out of here I’ll take care of the demons.” She said unleashing her gift from her mom… The rainbow staff. “GO!!”
Jacob listened to her and grabbed Chris and they ran out of the cabin. She then turned to the demons they seemed to be shocked. She roared like a panther about to strike literally she sounded like a panther. She looked at them as they seemed to speak to her.
“Not allowed.” They whispered in a sweet voice. “Not allowed to be here.”
“Who’s not allowed to be here?” She asked as she held her staff ready to strike.
“Jupiter,” They whispered again. “Jupiter is too dangerous.”
She was so confused. She coughed as she was ready to lose oxygen herself. She unleashed water and the demons disappeared. The house was still on fire though. She looked around and saw a woman like dirt. She didn’t move she just stared at her.
“Your very brave young girl,” She said. “But you can’t protect him forever.”
“Gaea what do you want.” She said.
Gaea smiled like it was a joke to see her squirm.
“Young girl all I need is your powers and I can rise again.” She disappeared and left Rue there to die.
She coughed and fell to her knees she laid there on the floor with no oxygen and she could barely breathe. She then closed her eyes and gave into the hot room because she knows that she could live forever.
The next thing she knew she was inside the infirmary bandages wrapped around her head and EKG right next to her. Telling her pulse for some reason she felt weak and gods and goddesses aren’t supposed to feel weak. She had a needle in her arm and nose things with oxygen up her nose. She looked around and she saw Chris right next to her sleeping on the chair with his brown hair in his eyes and his chain around his neck. He then woke up and saw Rue awake he smiled in relief.
“What happened?” She raised her arm to see the needle.
“Why am I like this?”
Chris shook his head. “I don’t know gods and goddesses don’t get hurt nor almost get killed.”
Rues eyes widened and noticed what happened in the meeting.
One of you will not live forever, Hades voice came in her head.
She then started to cry. Chris confused and whipped her tears away.
“I know it’s hard to almost die but come on smile.” Chris smiled to try to cheer her up.
Every time he smiled she always had to smile, but all of her memories she realized were a myth of the mist. She wanted to cry more but she just couldn’t, not in front of Chris.
“Where’s Jacob?” She asked.
“He’s out getting supplies for you. You’ve been out for at least three days.”
Her heart skipped a beat, for three days he was here with me. Man I wish I was consciences. She thought about it for a second.
Jacob came in all happy and Skippy, “Hey sickys awake.”
“I see that you are felling for me Jacob.” She said looking at him.
“Nah I’m not like that I was actually worried sick about you. When we finally killed the fire we found you not breathing and covered in soot and burns. Chris here helped you out and ran towards the Infirmary.” He jabbed a finger towards Chris looking upset.
Chris's face turned red and so did Rues. She really wished she was continues for that. She then looked at her hand and saw a huge slice. Chris then grabbed her hand and grabbed some nectar and poured it on it. She winced as it stung underneath her hand.
“Some gods came and took some blood a few hours ago.” He said rubbing her head.
“Which ones.” She looked at him.
Jacob snarled, “It was that…” Jacob cursed every bad word in his vocabulary. “Unbelievable Hades.”
“Hades.” Her face dropped she knew what that means.
Then a girl with blond hair came in and looked at them.
“Um hello is rue awake now?” She looked younger than her. Well everyone is younger than her. But she was about thirteen she had a blue camp shirt on. Her hair seemed to change color slowly. Blond to red to blue to gray back to blond. She had a frightened face on.
Rue tried to sit up but she was too weak. So she then said some words in Greek, not Latin. She glowed with health. They all stepped back and looked at her frightened. The needle came out of her arm and oxygen was gone. She sat up and looked at them.
Jacob was the first to speak, “Rue did you get older?”
Rue panicked and looked in the mirror. Jacob was right she was older. She was supposed to look about fifteen. Now she looked about nineteen. She looked around franticly and saw a bowl of water. She ran to it and poured it on her. She then looked at the mirror again and sighed.
“I can’t use big magic or else I become older.” She then turned to them still soaked from the water.
Chris grabbed a towel and dried her hair off, “We’ll figure something out.”
She then smiled and rubbed her head on the towel. After her hair was dry she turned towards the girl.
“What do you want?” She said.
The girl hid behind the door, “The gods would like to see the goddess rue, and her two friends.”
“Alright thank you.” She dismissed the girl.
Rue walked out and saw Monica waiting for her. She walked up to her and rubbed her head. She whinnied in pleasure and gestured to get on her back. Rue jumped on her back.
“Well you coming or what?” She offered her hand.
“Is that thing safe?” Chris asked.
Monica whined and went on its hind legs. Rue had to grip her main to stay on the horse.
“Whoa girl.” She petted Monica’s neck. “She’s safe guaranteed.”
Jacob gets go on and then Chris uneasily got on. She commanded for her to the temple. Once they got there she got off first and she turned her usual thirty feet. When she looked down and Chris’s mouth was wide open. She brought her hand down and they climbed onto it. She walked in and her usual armor came on and so did her makeup. She walked in and every gods and goddesses looked at her. She went to her throne.
“I see you found out.” Zeus said.
She didn’t say anything she sat and put Chris and Jacob on her arm rest.
“Now to business we see that your dorm was put on fire.”
They nodded.
“Now we order a quest.” He pointed towards them. “Rue you and these two will go and save the hunters of Artimes.”
“What happened to them?” Jacob said a bit worried.
“They were taken by Gaea servants. King Midas and his son Litereaus.”
Rue rose from her seat making her throne shake and making Jacob and Chris stumble.
“That’s impossible there dead.” She said in a shaky voice.
“Well now there not,” He looked at Artemis and looked away for one thing that she was sad. “Anyway there located somewhere in Texas.”
“Yehaaaw!” Jacob acted like a cowboy riding a horse. “Texas here we come.”
Looking at him all the time made Rue laugh and she laughed so hard that she slammed into the throne. All three of them were laughing hysterically. Till Zeus gave them a heated stare and they shut up right away.
“Ok your dismissed and good luck to you guys,” Zeus waved his hand and they disappeared to the bottom of the hill.

Jacobs head felt like it was a million miles away when he hit the floor. He groaned and rubbed his head as he looked at Chris. He wasn’t doing any much better. He stumbled a couple of times to try to get up. He got up and helped him up. He really didn’t like Chris because he took his women. Well she wasn’t his women anyway they both fought for her and yet it was all fake a figment of his imagination. He then looked at Rue. Once again his heart started to pound.
She was back to her normal self and looking as beautiful as ever. For once she was wearing a dress that he picked out for her and the Aphrodite girls helped her get it on while she was unconscious. The dress was white, pure white and it was long up to her ankles and her lotus topped it off. He cleared his throat and walked up to her.
“Need help?” He asked offering his hand.
“Thanks Jacob.” She grabbed it and got up with Jacobs help and straightened out her dress. “I really hate when my things get… Why are you smiling?”
Jacob’s cheeks turned red and he cleared his throat again, “Um….”
Then Chris came and broke them up, “We got to get ready.”
Rue nodded and walked with Chris.
“I’ll catch up to you guys later.” He said waving his hand.
“Why?” They asked.
“I got to check on something.”
“Alright but meet us at the café.”
He walked to the rode next to the rode that Chris and Rue was walking. He was heading towards the only place that he could clear his mind. The night side.
Between Olympus you can see that there is a dark side and a light side to Olympus. The dark side is always night time. He walks in and heads towards a dorm that was abandoned. Once he got there, there was a rope hanging from the side of the building. He climbed it and it lead to a roof that need a bit of work. It was all rusty and metal. But it seemed to hold Jacob he walked to the middle and laid down with his hands behind his head. He loved the view he wished that near the dorm was as pretty as this. Of course it wasn’t, he started to think again… about rue. So vivid that it felt like it was only yesterday.
“Damn it,” He hit the roof with his fist.
He was about to drift off into a deep sleep. As soon he passed out he was at training with his brothers and coming his way was Rue.

He was still a beginner and still needed training. Back then he was only 15. As soon as he was about to shoot he saw a beautiful women walking past his target. His eyes widened and pulled his bow up and shot it towards the air. It hit a few inches past her foot but it didn’t hit her. He ran to retrieve his arrow.
“I’m so sorry,” Jacob said retrieving his arrow. “You shouldn’t walk passed the field like that I could have killed you.”
“Nah,” If you looked any closer you can see that her eyes were a lavender color. She wore armor that archers wore and she had a gold bow around her back. “I was about to join you guys anyway.”
She pulled the bow from her back and walked with him to his spot. Jacob blushed to see a child of… probably Aphrodite was doing archery with him. When she first started she took out three bows from her back.
“Um not to let you feel bad but you’re supposed to start with one bow.” Jacob said getting out his bow.
“No I choose to do three keeps me challenged.” She settled the bows.
She aimed for the target and got all three of them down the middle. At that time Jacob wasn’t looking he was answering al call from one of his brothers.
“I guess you missed all three of them right.” Jacob said while turning towards her.
“No look.” She pointed at the target.
Jacob stunned to see all three of them hit the center of the target.
“How did you?” He gestured to the target.
She chuckled and turned her head closed her eyes and smiled. “It’s a talent of mine.”
Jacob then blushed. Gods of Olympus she’s cute, Jacob thought. The horns blew and all the archers started to pack up there bows and arrows.
The girl then grabbed her arrows and started heading out.
“Wait!!!” Jacob ran off after her.
The girl turned and looked at him.
“I would like to hang out with you sometime.”
She smiled, “Now is a good time.”
He blushed even more. They went to a shed where they put all their bows at. That had all their names at and for some reason at the end where she put hers she didn’t have a name tag. She walked up to him and gave him that cute smile again.
“Come on we don’t have all day.” She said skipping out towards the field.
When they got to the training field for some reason no one was there it was only them two. She did cartwheels all over the field and laughed as she fell on her back. He ran up to her worried.
“You ok?” He said sitting down.
She laughed, “That was fun let’s do it again.”
He shrugged off to be cool a girl like this comes once in a life time. “Can I have your name?”
For once he thought she would give it to him but all she did was giggle. “You have to give me something first before I tell you something.”
Jacob thought for a second. “So what you want from me?”
She laughed again. “I’ll tell you but you have to catch me first.”
She started to run and Jacob was hot on her heels. Till she cheated and stopped for a second and ran to the other side. Jacob took a short cut and ran through the woods so she couldn’t see him. He chuckled silently and as she stopped to catch her breath she looked back and saw nothing.
“I lost him,” She said.
Then in a sneak attack he leaped like a panther and caught her. They rolled onto the ground as he held her tight. And once they stopped Jacob was on top of her.
“Gottcha,” He held her down to keep her from leaving.
She only laughed, “Ok I’ll tell you what I want you to give me.”
Jacob smiled in excitement, “And what is that?”
“Kiss me.”
Jacob stunned at what she said he wasn’t even sure that he heard right.
“Kiss you?” He repeated.
“Kiss me.” She smiled at the thought.
Jacob gulped down at what he was thinking and moved closer towards her. And then by the second they are kissing each other. No tongue, no make out session just a simple kiss. When Jacob pulled away the girl only smiled.
“I guess I have to tell you my name now huh?” The girl asked.
“Tell me.”He said trying to get it out of her.
She smiled, “Its Rue.”
Jacob’s eyes widened and jumped back from the girl. She’s a goddess herself. I kissed a goddess that keep rushing through his head. Rue stood up from the ground and started walking.
“See you tomorrow.” She said turning and giving him a quick smile, then disappearing into thin air.

Jacob woke up cold as ice. He shivered and looked at the sky and rubbed his arm.
“Stupid Hypnos curse.” He said.
He wasn’t going back to the past but he thought about it anyway. One time when he was 13 he dated a Hypnos girl and dumped her. But she wasn’t happy about it. She went to her daddy and he planted a curse saying that every time you remembered something you will go straight to that moment. Although he didn’t care he liked going back to the past but it came at the wrong moments in life. Then he sees Rue coming his way.
“I knew you were here.” She said taking off her coat and flying towards the roof.
He smiled, “Sicky knows where I’m at eh?”
He always liked to play around with her to set the mood with her… Like that day.
She laughed (a good sign), “Yeah I know you for almost 2 years Jacob. I should know your favorite spots at Olympus.”
He scotch closer there thighs touching each other. She then flew up again looking upset (bad sign).
“Jacob,” she looks away and fly’s off. “I’m sorry.”
Jacob got mad and punched the roof again. He hated Chris he’s the one that took Rue away from him. Instead of minding his own business he just had to flirt with her, and that day was the day he was going to ask her out. He shook the memory away he couldn’t afford another memory. Who knows how long the next memory will be. Jacob then got up and walked to get supplies. The only place he could go to with all of the supplies was the Aphrodite kids.
Once he got there it smelled like expensive and cheep perfume. He walked in and all the girls shrieked in terror as they were getting dressed.
“Oh gods.” He covers his eyes as all of them continued to get dressed.
Once done the same girl came from the infirmary.
“What you want boy.” She seemed more out there.
“I came for supplies.” He got out a hundred dollars and gave it to her.
She snatched the money and smiled sweetly. “Let’s go.”
He followed her into the supplies and gave him a bag that was sprayed with cheep perfume. She stuffed it with Ambrosia, Nectar, a dog whistle shaped as a dragon, a pocket knife, and a stuffed hellhound.
“What’s up with the hellhound doll?” He said taking the bag.
The girl smiled and took it out and sliced her hand. She dripped a few drops of blood and dropped the stuffed toy. The hellhound became a full sized actual hellhound. It snarled at him and was ready to pounce.
“Fi,” The girl said and the hellhound went to doll size again.
He liked the doll form better it didn’t want to eat him skin and bones. She then handed the doll to him.
“Here all you have to do is drop blood on it and it’s yours.”
He took it still shaken from the doll that turned into a hellhound that tried to eat him for brunch.
“Thank you.” He said then leaving.
He walked through town and looked at the college kids that were hanging out on a fountain hitting on Aphrodite girls who seemed to be enjoying it. At the café Chris and Rue were there and waiting for him. They seemed to be having a good time. He walked to them and smiled.
“Hey I’m sorry about that.” He rubbed the back of her neck. “I had stuff to do.”
“It’s fine.” Chris said while standing.
Rue looked down at them and stared into her jasmine tea that had a lotus in it. She didn’t look happy.
“So we have transportation already we have Monica to pull a chariot.” Chris said staring at Jacob. His eyes full of fire as if someone has told him a secret he didn’t want to here. “All we need now is supplies for the trip.”
“Got that down.” He pulled off the bag and tossed it towards Chris. He winced at the smell of it. “I went to get supplies.”
Chris nodded his eyes still in anger, “I want to leave today is that alright with you.”
Jacob nodded. They walked from the café and down to the center of the town. Chris went to a few stores to look at weapons for himself. Jacob and rue sat on the fountain where the college kids are at.
“Hey babe,” one of the guys said to rue. “Want to see what I got?”
Rue gave him a dirty look and growled like a panther again then she went into her coat with embarrassment and looked at the baby griffins eating what’s left of the butcher’s meat. Jacob felt bad for her. Exactly he wanted to put his arm around her and keep her warm. And he did that. He scotched over and put his arm around her. And this time she didn’t move from that spot she cuddled with him and tried to stay warm.
“Jacob,” she said holding herself. “I can’t believe he doesn’t remember me.”
Jacob sighed (which was a fake sigh), “I know he’s different.”

But the inside he was cheering because he knew that Chris had never met her than. He could have her all to himself.
She sighed and a stream of tears came towards her eyes, “I can’t believe this, who could be driving us apart like this?”
Jacob really didn’t care but for rues sake he whipped her tears away and brought her head up, “It’s all going to be alright.”
Rue smiled for the first time at him all day. Then without any warning she kissed him. Surprised he stood still, blushing like crazy. They stood like that hearing Chris trying to get a barging on a double sword. The college students were snickering at them and so far Jacob didn’t care all he wanted was this moment to never end. Then Chris comes out of nowhere and looked at them. Furious he pulled Rue from him. With a sigh of protest he stood up to get her back.
“Stay on your task archer,” Chris said like it was an insult.
Then he walked away with rue his arm around her. Jacob knew he was only protecting her cause she couldn’t live forever but he was going too far. As rue turned he saw something that he hasn’t saw in a while. That cute smile that she gave him but the only two things that baffled him was her tears in her eyes. Then there was her age she now looked at least sixteen now. He shook his head and rubbed his eyes. Was he seeing correctly did she looking younger or was she just using some good products. Jacob shook his head. He followed them but he stood behind them. They walked towards the stables where Monica anxiously waiting to be let out by her owner. She stopped her whinnying as she looked at rue still tearing. The horse whinnied softly.
“No it wasn’t that,” Rue said opening the stable and letting her out. Then she whispered in the horses’ ear that sounded like. “I missed bacon.”
He shook his head and walked towards her. Then Chris stopped him.
“If I find you kissing her again.” He whispered as he pulled off his chain and it went into its full mode. “I’ll kill you… go get the chariot.”
He growled he wanted to pull out his bow and kill him now but he didn’t then he noticed something on his arm.
“Hold out your arm,” Chris did what he asked.
His eyes widened and he pulled back with a shriek that he didn’t know where it came from. He had a tattoo that went all the way to his back that showed lightning bolts. There was no way that he could have missed that all this time it was dark as hell.
“That’s the mark of the Romans.” Jacob yelled so loud that Rue turned her head and looked worried.
“Romans.” She said as if she was about to tear up.
“Shrea it’s not what u think,” He covered his mouth as if he said a variety of curse words at her.
“Shrea,” Her eyes turned sad. “My roman name.”
Chris stood there trying to figure out where he got that from.
Rue then turned back to the horse and walked it to the chariot. As she walked Jacob could hear her sob very softly. He turned to him full of rage this time he did want to kill him. With no one holding him back.
“Look what you did.” He said yelled at him.
“I didn’t mean… I don’t know.” He shook his head.
Then Jacob started to run after her. He caught up to her faster than he has ever run. She was crying with Monica the crazy horse rubbing her nose on the top of her head. She seemed like she was cussing only a little to only help out Rue.
“I want to run away Jacob,” She said holding onto the reins. “I want to run away from boys, from this quest, that I’m a goddess, and that every time I use magic I may die from all the years I’ve been alive. I don’t want this life I just want to be a regular teenage girl who gets to rub her head on her boyfriends’ chest without accidently killing him with a deathly rainbow of happiness.” She began to tear up again. “I don’t want this life Jacob I don’t.”
Monica blew softly through her lips and put her head on Rues hair probably saying: It’s ok I won’t let these damn boys hurt you again.
Jacob got to the chariot and looked at it for a bit. It was pure white but the only colors were the pink swirls that lead to a lotus fully blossomed.
“I’m not going to be on the chariot with you guys.” Rue said strapping Monica in.
“Why it’s really cold out in the real world.” Jacob said gesturing to the sky. “And if u fly you have to take off that jacket of yours, then you will freeze and die by hypothermia or something.”
Rue laughed hard she actually fell to the floor. Jacob blinked a couple of times trying to process what he was seeing. It was a really good laugh of hers that he thought was very cute.
“I’m not going to freeze.” She said standing up. “I asked Zeus if he could spare me a jacket to keep my wings out.” She then look at her back. “But I’m not even sure if there full of color still, maybe they died out because there is no love within them.”
No don’t think that I’m right here!!!! Jacob thought but he couldn’t say it. Not by a long shot.
Jacob then finished strapping in Monica, “Is it true that if someone loves you they stay full of power.”
“Then you should have no problem with it.” He said pulling the last string.
She looked at him confused but she didn’t argue she took off her jacket and her wings went into full mode. The only thing difference was that they looked healthier more powerful. She then looked at Jacob and for once he was smiling. She smiled back and gave him a kiss on the cheek.
“Thank you for all your help.” She said pointing towards the temple. “It’s strange that you got Zeus to reduce my powers to friendship I love it.”
Jacob looked at her… Thunk!! Jacob fell to the floor. Friend zone, he thought his eyes kept spinning.
“Jacob.” She looked down at him. “Jacob!!”
His head kept spinning and if this was a cartoon is eyes would be going in circles.
“Jacob!!” She yelled.
“I’m fine,” he said getting on the chariot. “I’m fine.”
The next thing she knew was lighting over head. Then a lightning bolt hit Rue and she was covered in electricity.
“Rue!!” He covered his eyes to avoid being blind.
“Rue!!” Chris from the distance screamed as he ran towards them.
The lightning died and she was on the floor but she looked completely fine. Jacob helped her up and her head was spinning she looked in her hand and saw a black jacket with a note.
She took the note and read it out loud, “Dear rue my loving niece. I know you asked me for that jacket so you can fly on your quest. Plus this gift is from your uncle Hades. When you get a chance go and visit him he is working on your life strings at this moment. You know that he is really working hard to keep you alive. Anyway he charmed this jacket so you can use big magic without aging more than a year. Remember the highway to hell is in Jersey City, New Jersey. Take care of yourself I don’t want to break the news to your father if you die. Take care. You’re loving Uncle, Zeus. Ps sorry about the lightning attack.”
Rue stood shocked and put on the jacket and her wings stood out. She smiled. She then looked at Chris and she lost her smile. She went next to Monica and she stroked her neck.
“Change of plans girl.” She said. “Were going to visit Uncle Hades first instead of heading straight towards Texas.”
Monica lost interest at the word Hades. This time Jacob knew that the horse was cussing for once. She went on her hind legs and whinnied like crazy. Jacob clenched onto the chariot to avoid falling. Rue grabbed onto Monica.
“It’s ok it’ll be a short trip.” She said flying up a few inches off the ground. “Ready.”
Jacob forgot that Chris was there as he got on the chariot and nodded his head.
Jacob shook his head out of his day dream: no time for a flash back now. “I’m ready.”
She soured into the sky and looked down at them. “Monica sore!!!”
The horse’s wings spread out and one hit Jacob in the face. The next thing he knew they were flying towards Rue and they passed her in a second. She smiled and rushed to catch up to them. Jacob looked down at the remaining of Olympus. All he can see is the burned up cabin that they used to live in. Well he and rue used to live in.

Jacob spit out tons of feathers that Monica the psychotic horse had gave him when they took off. He kept looking at Rue who kept twisting to her iPod that looked liked the cupid shuffle. He then looked at Chris he really didn’t look better than him. He had his hands on his head trying to remember what he said to rue a few minutes ago. Then his stomach growled he held it to avoid looking like an idiot. Rue took out her head phones and flew high up. Then lowered down to Jacob.
“Boo.” She said.
“Ahh.” He moved a bit and the chariot swayed a bit.
She laughed, “You hungry.”
Jacob looked at her then his stomach. Then to her then lied. “No not at all.”
She smiled and winked in a blink of an eye she was gone.
He turned to Chris.
“Does she hate me now?” He asked.
He cracked a smiled and lied, “Nah.” He put his hands behind his head. “No one could hate you.”
Chris scowled. “You hate me.”
Jacobs’s eyes widened how he knew that. “How do you know that?”
“You keep ignoring me and you give me an attitude all the time.”
Jacob shook his head. “I hate you from a lie.”
Chris then smiled, “Well a lot of things happen in the mists.”
Jacob shrugged and sat behind his seat. Monica the psychotic horse fell asleep behind a cloud and they started to fall. Chris grabbed her reins and pulled them hard. The horse wakes up and goes back to the sky. Jacob holds on for dear life to the sides of the chariot. Then out of nowhere rue comes back with a box in her hands.
She smiles as they send a little shriek, “Lunch is served.”
She opens the box and they find a large pizza with pepperoni. His favorite his stomach started to rumble again. Rue noticed it and put the pizza down and lays on his stomach. Jacob blushed like crazy and looked at Chris that was too busy eating the stupid pizza.
She looked up at him and smiled. “I told you that you were hungry.”
Jacob then helped her up and she put back on her earphones and grabbed a slice of pizza. Then continued to do the cupid shuffle. Jacob giggled and looked at the pizza and there was only three slices left.
“Chris!!!!” He yelled and looked at the boy who was full.
He burped and looked at him. “What I was hungry?”
“I didn’t give you the excuse to eat the whole thing.” He takes one of them and started eating. Then he heard shriek from Rue. He looked at her but it was a shriek of delight.
“This is my favorite song!’ She grabbed onto Jacob and Chris. “Common let’s dance.”
“In the air?” Jacob and Chris said and were lifted off from the chariot. “OHHHHH Shiiiiiiiiit!!!!”
They both held onto her and it looks like a rainbow came bellow them she dropped them and they landed on the rainbow. They jumped on the rainbow that seemed to hold them. She took off the head phones and they hear. Cotton-eye-Joe of course.
“Come on do it with me.” She started at the hook. And she seemed to have fun.
Jacob looked at Chris who seemed to be confused as he is. Chris shrugged and started to followed her. She laughed at the turn part and she clapped and started all over again. Jacob shrugged. What could go wrong? He thought. He started to follow them. Rue squealed in delight and in no time the song was over. Rue sighed and whistled for Monica. She came and Jacob and Chris got on the chariot and they took off again. They had full stomach and a lot of energy. Then later on that day something happened.

Rue screeched. But it wasn’t in delight. A big mud fist came from under her and started to pull her down. Jacob panicked and looked at Chris. He didn’t panic. By instinct he jumped off.
“Chris!!” he looked over the chariot and he sees him floating in the air.
His tattoo gleaming with gold. His eyes widened as he saw Chris take out his sword and started attacking the thing. Jacob panicked and told Monica to stop. He grabbed his bow and started to shoot at the thing. But it didn’t seem to work it kept pulling her down. He then looked inside his supplies. A Pocket knife? No. Healing supplies? No. Hell hound doll? Hell no. He then looked at the whistle. He looked at it and it had three lines on it.
He blew in it and nothing happened. Chris cussed as the thing almost hit him when it swatted a lot of mud at him. It was a fact the thing wouldn’t let go. Then they here a roar of something that was big and sounded scary. Jacob ignored it and kept shooting at the thing. Rue screamed as she was being pulled down and as the thing squeezed her. Then a red dragon comes out of nowhere and looked at Jacob. Jacob whimpered as if he was about to be lunch for the second time today.
“Don’t eat me,” He then looked at the dirt. “Eat the dirt monster instead.”
The dragon gestured to get on his back. He hesitated and he got on and held on tight. The dragon roared and flames came out of his mouth. The thing charged at the monster and it kept burning fire. The fist really didn’t like that he let go of rue and sank quickly back to the dirt. Rue began to fall till Chris grabbed a hold of her. She held on tight and they went to the chariot. The dragon dropped off him and Jacob smiled at the harmless dragon. The dragon seamed to smile to. He rubbed the dragon’s nose and said.
“I think I’ll call you...” He thought of a cool name. “Jr.”
The thing reacted but he didn’t argue. He flew off and Jacob looked at the whistle. For some reason the thing only had two lines left. Jacob looked at rue. She was bleeding a lot form the head. Jacob grabbed some nectar and poured it onto her head. Instantly the wounds started to close.
“You ok?” He said helping her up.
“Yeah.” Then she looked at Chris who seemed to still be glowing. “How did you-”
He powered down and looked at the ground. “I don’t know.”
Then she looked at Jacob. “You didn’t tell me you had the last dragon of Olympus!!”
He shrugged. “I didn’t even know it myself.” He then looked down. “Sorry I didn’t mean t-”
Rue punched him in the stomach. When he looked up she saw that he was smiling.
“That’s amazing Jacob!!!” She said swing her arms up. “That was the coolest thing I saw in my time!”
Jacob held his stomach and smiled back at her. He straightened up and looked below him. He saw a lot of buildings below him. He then turned to his friends who have taken notice as well.
“Guys.” He said looking down again. “I think were in the ghetto.”
Rue laughed as that was said. Rue then flew up and grabbed Monica’s reins. She flew her down to the ground where she can rest. It was near the swimming pool of the place. But it was too cold so they decided to sneak into the closed ice rink. Chris and Jacob got off and accidentally slipped in the ice.
“Wooooooaaaaahh!!” He bumped into the wall.
Rue flew up laughing at him. She then grabbed him and flew him where it was none icy land. He composed himself and sat down at a bench. Chris got off the ice and looked at both of them. For some reason it didn’t affect him as much as it affected Jacob. They set up a camp to spend the night. It seemed that Jersey City was packed to the max. Cause behind the rink there was a fair going on. That had all different types of games and some rides. It seemed cold so for warmth sake rue brought out a piece of bubble gum.
“What you going to do with that?” Chris asked.
She unfolded it and a tent came up that had a heater and luxury bean bag chairs, some delicious hot chocolate, and the best thing of all a small TV with cable.
“Awesome!!” He said plopping on the warm bean bag chair. “A guy could get used to this.”
Rue laughed and sat next to him. Chris took watch. Jacob looked at Chris. For once he was back at full power. But this time his eyes were gold. They weren’t there normal color.
“Chris.” Chris turned. “How do you do that? You know the flying thing.”
He didn’t say much all he did was stare into the rink to check for any teenagers looking to rumble with them.
“It's just instinct.” He finally said. “I’m starting to remember after I called rue…”
He kept his head down. Rue kept quiet. He was starting to become hungry again only one piece of pizza didn’t fill him up. She noticed his stomach rumbling and took of her coat.
“Wait!!” Jacob said. “What are you doing?”
“I’m putting my wings back.” She said putting back on her white jacket and her wings went back to tattoo form.
“Why?” He said getting up and looking at her.
“Because.” She walked to the exit of the tent. “I’m getting us something to eat for dinner.”
She then walks out of the place and walked towards somewhere that they didn’t know.
Then it was just the two of them. Chris and Jacob. They looked at the small flat screen that had cable.
“Want to watch some TV?” Jacob asked.
“Ok.” Chris said sitting on one of the bean bag chairs.
Jacob then grabbed the remote and check through the channels. 21, 22, 23, 24…. 28. He stopped at 28. It was Rues favorite channel. TLC. He then looked at the show carefully and saw it was one of her favorite shows. Say yes to the dress. He put the remote down and started to watch all the girls putting on different wedding dresses on. Chris just went along for the first time and kept quiet. They stood quiet for like 45 minutes.
“You must really like her huh?” Chris broke the ice.
Jacob looked down, “More than like Chris.”
Chris nodded. “I don’t care about her too much….” He put his hands behind his head. “I’m just doing this to pay my respects to the goddess. She saved my life twice in one day. And she really is confused about things that’s been happening in the mist.” He shook his head. “I’ve never seen a girl… a girl that I know have sad eyes like that. The mist ruined her life. And I’m part of it. And I’m going to fix it. Some way somehow.”
Jacob smiled and looked at the TV again. A girl was putting on a ball gown that looked puffy and she looked like Cinderella. Then Jacob smiled as he imagined Rue in a type of dress smiling at him going down the aisle straight towards him. He shook his head in disbelief like she would marry him. He was just an archer who had fallen in love with a goddess. But yet she does care about him. And she did kiss him at the fountain. Plus she got him food when he was hungry during the ride which was his favorite. What could go wrong??
“Scratch that everything could go wrong.” He said out loud.
“What?” Chris said looking at him.
Jacob shook his head franticly, “Nothing, nothing.”
Then Rue comes in, “Boo.”
They pretended to be scared and said lowly, “ahhh…..”
She laughed and came in with different bag, “I got us dinner.”
He licked his lips hoping for another pizza. She plopped on the beanbag and untied it and he found different cases that did not look like pizza casings. She unwrapped the casings and he found rice. She opened another one and there was…… it looked like pork. He smelled it and his mouth started to water. It didn’t look good but it smelled delicious. She finally took out a styrofoam cup and opened to see black bean. Jacob’s stomach rumbled again this time loud enough for everyone to hear. She served the beans and the rice together and put the case to the middle and broke down the meat and mixed it in the rice and beans.
“Ta-da!!” She said giving them spoons. “Rice with pork with a side order of beans.”
Chris looked at her. He didn’t seem hungry he put down the spoon and took watch again. Rue was the first one to take a bite. She smiled and offer Jacob some. She grabbed his spoon put some food in it.
“Open wide.”
He acted like a dog and pretended to wag his tail. (or he wagged his but).
“Sit.” She commanded him like he was a dog.
He does so.
“Arf arf.” He said.
“Good boy… now open wide.”
He opened his mouth and grabbed the spoon. Rue laughed as he grabbed the spoon with his two hands. He laughed as well; it didn’t feel like a quest it felt more like a day out with friends. Then Chris stance grew aggressive. He pulled off his necklace and it turned into a sword. They stood up and Rue summed her fire sword. She supposedly had a weapon from every god. And he got his bow ready. Chris motioned to come outside.
“Well, well,” A male voice came around. “It looks like we got some demigods on our turf.”
They looked around franticly and saw nothing but they heard the voice.
“We have a child of Zeus. A son of Apollo and….” He fumbled when he stopped at rue. “A daughter of Aphrodite.” They laughed. “Aphrodite!! On a quest!!! That’s funny!!!”
They laughed hysterically and about four men who looked about 19 came in front of them. They looked like those punk rock boys who wore too much mascara. The middle one had a spiky hair due in a Mohawk that had pink highlights in them. His face was so mean that it would even scare away Jacob’s dragon. They all seemed to wear pointy jackets and spiked boots and spiked gloves and all that. The rest of them had spiky hair that seemed to look the same but their hair dues were different. One had his straight hair on one side and the other side shaved, another on had straight hair with dark bangs covering his hair but his highlights were blue. The rest were just plain old disturbing but there colors were purple, and a very dark green. All Jacob was thinking how were they going to beat these guys. And if they do die who will come next… Jacob for the first time was scared of the city.

Chris didn’t like these guys not one bit. They reminded him of the time he had to verse Mars…. Excuse me Ares when he almost killed him just for giving one of his sons to the Griffons. Ever since he called Rue Shrea it was all coming back to him. The time he fought Ares and won. How he got his tattoo, his flying ability, his girlfriend.
Rachel, He thought about her for a second. Talented, athletic, strong, a good kisser, she was mostly good at everything.
But he shook himself out of the memories. This wasn’t a time to get emotional about things. He paid attention to the thugs.
“How should we kill you?” the middle guy said.
“Shall we tie u up on the ice smother and drag you around the rink?” The left ones said.
“Or shall take little miss Aphrodite girl here and kill you and make her suffer.” The ones on the right said.
He saw Jacob get mad, “You’re not getting her!!”
He took a bow and shot it at them. They only turned into dust and went back to normal form. He only laughed as if it was a joke.
“You have to do better than that son of Apollo.” He laughed some more. “You’ll have to do better to beat the Jersey boys.”
“Jersey boys?” Chris looked at them up and down. “You sure u aren’t the fashion police cause you can do better than the hair dues and everything being spiked.”
Rue and Jacob laughed at the joke as if they weren’t there. They scowled at the boys. They seemed to be really mad at them for just making fun of their cloths. The purple dude brought out his hand and summoned a rainbow staff.
Rue looked at the boy shocked.
“Rue what is it what’s wrong?” Chris said.
The rainbow staff shimmered and it through a rainbow that was all black at them.
“Watch out!!” rue jumped in front of them and brought her sword up.
The beam hit the sword and she fell backwards. The purple guy snarled and lowered his staff.
“I know who these boys are.” Rue said getting to her feet.
“What are we little girl?” The pink guy said mocking her.
“You guys,” She panted for a few seconds. “Are rogue demigods. You guys left the other camp to become even powerful but the only problem is that you didn’t go back. You guys are at full power. You guys are going to be tough to beat.”
The men smiled like she stuck a cord through them. “Your right little Ms. Premadana we are roughs of Camp half blood. I’m son of Ares.”
“Son of Poseidon,” The blue one said.
“Son of Iris,” The purple one said.
“Son of Hephaestus,” The red one said.
Rue froze for a second and looked the blue on and the purple one. Chris saw a sense of fear in her eyes. He gripped his sword and looked at them.
“Let us pack up and walk away in peace.” He said while they backed up into the tent. “We are no harm to you.”
Son of Ares snarled and pulled Rue with a force that only she felt to his arms. She squirmed to get away from him she even used her sword to terrify him but it didn’t work. He grabbed the sword and stabbed it to the ground. He tightened his grip on her neck and she coughed up blood.
“Leave her alone!!” Chris ran towards him but the other three blocked him from getting to him.
They all had different swords in their hand. One had a water spear that was extra sharp. The other one had the exact same fire sword that rue had summoned. And of course the Iris dude had the exact same rainbow staff. He stood back watching rue suffer. He looked at Jacob who could bear the sight of seeing her like this as much as he did. The pink one punched rue in the stomach where she coughed up a big chunk of blood. He lets go of her where she falls to the ground holding her stomach.
The pink one laughed, “She’ll be a fun toy to have.” He looked at Jacob and Chris. “Kill them.”
The three of them motioned on a head holding their weapons in their hand. Rue got up and looked at them. The guy with the sword attacked Chris and he held him back with his sword. He struggled to keep him back but he was stronger. He pushed him back as much as he can and the sword was near his neck.
“Use the card!!” Chris yelled.
“But…” She said meekly.
“Use it!!” He interrupted her.
Chris talked to rue about this in the Café. He ordered rue to use the goddess card if they were in danger. Rue didn’t like the idea but she told him that she was told to do whatever helped him.
Rue began to tear, “Stop it!!!” She said standing up. “Stop it in the name of Olympus.”
They only laughed, “What you have power over us, Ms. Aphrodite.”
Rue looked at them, “I’m the goddess Rue!!”
They all looked at her lowering their defenses, “Prove it.”
That time her whole form changed she started glowing rainbow all over the place. Then inch by inch her cloths started to change to her armor and her hair was perfectly straight. Her pink swirls showed and her green armor also showed. Her sunlight bow came behind her back. She looked beautiful in Chris’s case powerful. To top it off Rue through a sunlight orb at the man who hurt her. The rest of them were in terror. The guy from Chris back off and they started to bow. Rue didn’t look happy she just kept crying as she shook her head.
“Rise.” She said and all the thugs stood up.
“Were so sorry your highness.” The pink one said. “We didn’t recognize you from your other form.”
“It’s ok. I try to hide it.”
She said changing her form again. She was in her regular cloths. But the difference was that she was bleeding from the head and mouth.
“Is there anything we can do for you?” The purple one said.
Rue looked up thinking of something… or maybe she was praying to the gods. He wasn’t sure but he thought he was a big jerk for making her do that.
She finally said. “You could let us stay here, take us to the underworld entrance, and return to Camp-half blood.”
They all looked up when she said ‘return to camp half blood’. They all growled at the thought and they bowed again.
“As you wish.” They all said.
Rue then dropped to the floor. Jacob went to treat her. He grabbed some nectar and poured it in her mouth. She was so tired. Chris felt even worse. Jacob picked her up and walked her to the tent. As he passed Chris he gave him a sneer that was really bad. Chris then chocked back a sob and walked towards the tent. He then turned back to the thugs who were still bowing.
“Leave us!!” He yelled. “Take care of the horse!!”
The figures left and he walked in. Jacob cradled rue like a baby. His eyes were hurt from seeing all that. He kept muttering something in Greek. Then Chris looked at him closely he saw lines of tears coming from his head. Chris then looked at the television that was still on. The girl who had a ball gown ended up having a mermaid gown, one thing to another. Jacob looked up to look at him. His face was full of rage.
“You stupid boy!” He put rue on the bean bag and stood up. “You don’t give two shits about her do you? You sacrificed her identity to just save yourself! We could have taken them we could have defeated them but no you just had to just risk us even more.” He then cried even more. “Grow a heart Chris!!”
He then stamped to Rue and looked at the food. He capped it and gave rue some water. Chris walked out about to cry himself. Was he really that heartless? Did he really care about himself? He crossed his arms and looked at the thugs who were brushing the horses main and the guy in pink was putting ribbon braids inside the horse’s hair. Really manly. The purple one came up to him.

“Your roman aren’t you?” He asked.
Chris stood there and rubbed his arm. His tattoo seamed to bother him a lot. Then he could feel his eyes change color. His sword seemed to glow he stabbed it and it turned back to his chain. He then put it on.
“I guess am,” he said.
“What you mean by guess?”
He explained that he lost his memory loss. And there quest to save the Artemis girls. And that they had to visit Hades. The guy nodded his head as he was listening.
“I see,” He said. “You are roman through your information.”
“Go on now,” He shoved him away. “I don’t need you to tell me what I am.”
The guy stumbled and walked back to his crew. He walked in and Jacob eventually stopped crying.
“We should get some sleep.” He said snapping his fingers and three cots came in from of them. “We got body guards no need to stay awake.”
Jacob laid Rue on the cot. And went to sleep, definitely upset with him. He choked back a sob and went on the last cot. He went to sleep and dreamt of something he never thought he would never had before.

Chris was in a battle field and it was full of monster blood. It was dark and lightning was over head. He saw a girl came in front of him. She was wearing roman armor. Her helmet was covering her face but her curves and temples were visible. She walked in front of Chris and looked at him.
“We did it,” She said taking her helmet off.
Her face was very familiar to Chris. But when she took it off his heart made a little tap dance. The girl was gorgeous she had black soft curls. Her eyes were just like rue’s. Though they changed color every five minutes. She had soft red lips that looked like red cherries.
“I guess we did,” He answered.
She smiled and hugged him. It felt so good in her arms. He couldn’t help but hug her back. Then his head started to hurt. He remembered a girl with soft black curls, red lips, and color changing eyes. Rachel.
“Rachel,” He said out loud.
“Yes my love,” She answered.
“I love you,” Came out of his mouth.
She then pulled away and looked at him.
“I know love.” She then kissed him.
Chris shuddered it felt so right to be with his love. Then his dream changed to something he didn’t want.

He was in Texas shut down ave. He read the sign and it looked like an old cowboy movie. He then looked down and yelped. He WAS dressed as a cowboy. Hat and everything. His sword was out at his side not a gun. Lightning flashed, wind blew all over the place it was a nightmare.
“Please put me back in my other dream,” He said out loud.
“Oh trust me,” A women’s voice spoke. “This dream will be real sooner than you think. “
A woman mad out of dirt came in front of him. She looked like she was sleeping.
“You!” He stumbled back. “You were the one at the cabin! You almost killed Rue.”
“Yes it was me who did that,” She said. “I also interfered with her life lines.”
Chris started to panik then started to pinch himself.
“Come on me wake up!” He screamed as he pinched himself.
“Listen to me hero,” She started sinking slowly. “If you want your old life kill the goddess Rue.”
“Never!” He then threw his sword at the women but she evaporated into the ground.
Once she was gone his shoulders slumped down to relax. Then something came from the ground. He ran to retrieve his sword but the things swallowed it whole. He stumbled back because he had nothing to fight with. Then Cyclopes came out of the ground. They were big and ugly. Chris was terrified for the first time in a while. He never had to fight any Cyclopes worst of all he noticed they were the titans. Kronos and his army of titans. Then he was on a cliff that came out of nowhere and then stumbled back almost falling then he regained his stance. They came closer aiming to kill him. He didn’t want to fall so he went to fight them. But something pushed him out of the way. When he looked at the person his heart sunk. It was rue protecting him. And she looked powerless and at least thirty years old and still ageing. She was wearing that western cow girl outfit with pig tails that were supper cute, and her hair was shorter. They were just stumps in the pigtails. She then fell backwards and fell off the cliff.
“Rue!!” He looked over the cliff.
Then without thinking he jumped off and he caught up to her. She was crying but she healed her hand out towards him.
I love you and Jacob, she lipped.
He didn’t want to hear that he tried to grab her hand and tried to bring her towards him. But she evaporated into thin air. He was then falling in darkness.

Chris wakes up sweaty and panting. That dream he had was intense he just couldn’t believe he was about to fight Kronos and his army. But rue… She saved him from falling off the cliff. But she wasn’t herself she was older and she was ageing by the minute. He just didn’t believe what he just saw. He wanted to tell his friends but they would just freak out. If they knew about his dream they were swore to kick him out of the quest and he couldn’t afford to do that. If he wanted Rachel back he needed them to finish the quest. Though no memory of where she was at came to mind but he could imagine it a bit fuzzy.
He turned to the end of the cot and whipped his head. He was definitely scared of his dream and wanted to forget about it but that women never came out of his. Her sleepy eyes and her dirt figure.
“Morning sleepy head,” He herd rue say to him.
He turned and saw that she was a lot better and she was healthyer. Though she looked older then in the dream but older like 18. Jacob was still sleeping but he looked like he was having a good dream. Probally choking him and kissing rue. He got up and went outside. He sawe monica the horse sleeping with ribbons in her hair and the chariot newly polished. The men set up their own tent and they were sleeping. He walked out and went to check the time. 9 am it said. He decided to wake up everyone up. He went to the men first because he wasn’t going to wake up Jacob yet he was really mad at him.
He grabbed an extra pot and went to them and banged it. They all screamed and held their ears. Chris managed a smirk to see all the tough guys screaming from a pot noise.
Then he went back to the tent and saw that Rue was helping Jacob wake up. When he looked at Chris he wasn’t too happy he gave him a dirt look and turned back to Rue. For once he felt bad for her. Then the image of her falling down that cliff came in his head. Was that really going to happen?

Rue was wearing a dress for the first time in the cold weather. Every day she would find new cloths on her, stupid Aphrodite blessing. Anyway she didn’t mind the dress it was really cute. Anyway she was starting to be scared of Chris. He came out of nowhere that day they were finally going to have a snow day for the longest time. She never thought of Chris as a bad person but for once she was starting to regret that. He was bad in his own way. He was roman after all. Greeks never got along with roman. Since history of Olympus said that Romans destroyed Greece and that if any god in Greece for should kill them on the spot. Though she just couldn’t do it she had to many mist memories with him. So she decided to keep him around though she let her guard down to much around him. It regretted that. She was attacked by a group of rogue demigods and she was treated by Jacob. She shivered never before she seen someone so pissed off and so mad it never been like that with Jacob, never.
He smiled at her and looked up and down at her, “You look nice today.”
“It’s the dress,” She said looking down.
“No it’s you you’re just perfect.” He said scratching his head.
Yeah my hero, she thought. With a text face like this
She really didn’t know his feelings for him completely. She kissed him at the fountain back at Olympus and he didn’t pull away. When she put him to the friend zone he fell to the ground like a cartoon person and you could see his eyes spinning. She’s been testing him all this time, and yet her data she collected was that he was in love with her.
She shook her head out of the thought. There’s no way he could love her. Not when she was so mean to him when she was dating Chris… or when she was in love with him and he didn’t love her back.
“Good morning rue,” Jacob said while stretching.
“Morning,” She looked at him and blushed.
He was only in his underwear and shirtless.
“Can’t you wear some descant cloths,” Rue asked.
He made a smug look, “Nah. Got a problem with it?”
She brought her hands up and shook her head, “No problem.”
He smiled and got some pants on. FINALLY!!
Chris was outside the door and looking at them. Many things went through her mind. Bastard, Trader, Worse cause, Demon, horrible person.
She just ignored him. She never thought that she would hate the one she was so close to. She got her bag ready and went to get Monica. Monica was all pimped out and the chariot was shining. They did a real good job with her. She whinnied and rubbed her nose on her. She laughed.
“I know you hate Chris,” She whispered. “I’m starting to hate him as well.”
Monica whinnied happily. I told you so!
She started to rein the horse to it chariot. Jacob looked around the tent to look for the off switch. She laughed.
“Stand back.” She then pulled a switch and it folded back to a stick of gum.
Jacobs eyes widened, “That’s so cool.”
“Yeah yeah lets go” She said while putting the stick of gum in her pocket.
Jacob made her way to Monica and the chariot. Chris was right next to him. He seemed pale, paler then he usually was. The ‘jersey boys’ went in front of the chariot and escorted us towards the entrance. Rue kept her eyes on Monica’s head. She didn’t want to look at Chris. He was the enemy. But as Juliet from Romeo and Juliet said she must love her enemy. She has fallen in love with a roman. Ugh she couldn’t stand it. What would the gods think? What would her father think? What would Zeus think?
They passed a grammar school where class was in session. Oh how she would kill to b as normal as them. She would even give up her life to be a normal child. She watched as all the little kids played in the school yard. She then got her mind off of it she was the near the entrance she could feel it. She could feel the strong entrance that could suck her up instantly. Monica could feel it to. She started squirming and whinnying, then going on her hind legs. It took her awhile but she got her under control. She then felt a sudden burst and she fell off the horse.
“Rue are you ok?” She heard Jacob say.
“Yeah,” She then looked in front of her and saw the entrance.
It looked like a shutter when u find a closed shop. And it had graffiti on it that said ‘To die will b an awfully big adventure.’ She then got up and eyed it for a sec.
“Well this is as far as we go,” They stepped back. “Good luck my lady. We shall be going back to camp half blood.”
“Right thank you,” She smiled at them. “Don, Michael, Christopher, Max.”
They were shocked by their names heard for the first time in a while though they bowed and disappeared. She then turned her attention back to the entrance. She then placed her hand on it and she was being spiraled into the vortex. Once she landed on her back she saw a big red skied world in front of her, with lightning and random things floating around.
“Rue where r u,” Chris said with a little gurgle sound to it. “Rue!!!”
“In here boys,” She yelled.
Then she went through the vortex again and grabbed their hands and pulled them in. Once they regained their balance they looked at their bearings.
“I don’t like this,” Chris and Jacob said in unison.
“Neither do I but we have to.” Then a gondola came in front of them.
“Lord Hades I presume your majesty?” The skeleton man asked.
They all got on and they were on theyre way to the castle.

The gondola ride wasn’t that bad. Except for Jacob sitting next to her and the skeleton guy giving them a tour of the whole place it would have been peaceful. She looked at the random things that flew bye. Pictures, tapes, swords, movies, even a vibrator. They got there about 3 minutes, or in the real world three hours.
Man Monica must be freaking out, she thought.
Monica never liked Hades she even tried to trample him once.
They got off the gondola and looked at the black castle. It was huge and it was tall. She went to knock on the door and a woman who was slightly covered up answered it.
“Hello,” The women said. “May I help you?”
“We’re here to see Hades.” Rue said.
“PARCIPINIE!!!” She heard a masculine voice said. “Who’s at the gods’ damn door?”
“CAN YOU SHUT UP ALREADY?” She yelled back.
“WHAT? WHAT WOULD YOU DO? I’m already in hell.” She turned towards them and gave them a smile. “Right this way please.”
She escorted them towards the basement. The lower they got the hotter it became. She literally had to take off her jacket and her wings came on. Chris and Jacob weren’t so lucky. They had to fan themselves and hear the constant rambling from the women.
“So who are you?” Rue asked.
She snorted. “Like you don’t know.”
She then looked at Rue’s serious face and turned away. “I’m Hades frikin wife. I was forced into this.”
She flew backwards and looked at her. “I remember u know you’re the one who gave me the keys to Cerberus’s chains.”
She smiles, “Yep he’s your dog now.”
Jacob paused for a sec, “Wait Cerberus the dog of the underworld is your dog now!”
She looked at Jacob and smiled, “A lot of things you don’t know about me.”
The more they flew and walked down the hotter it got. They finally reached the end of the door and they walked in and saw tons of scissors and strings, and the tins of scissors were cutting the strings.
“This must be the life line room.” She guessed.
“Your right,” Millie said.
They walked and a pair of scissors almost cut them in half. They finally made it to a room where only few of the strings were there and most of them were glowing gold. And the scissors were special they were gold like not glowing gold but gold. And they looked dusty and old but still they were nice to look at. One of the lines was normal color. It was just a black string and that’s where Hades was working.
“Ah rue it’s good to see my granddaughter again.” He walked over to her and kissed her cheek.
She whipped it away and said, “I came for a short visit.”
“I see you came here to see how your lines are doing.”
He walked towards the line that was dole and pointed at the end. And it showed a peace was glowing gold.
“See I’m making fast progress.” He said in excitement.
“Right well thanks for the coat and we’ll be on our way.” She said turning and walking away.
Then two hellhounds came in front of the door.
“I’m not going to be food for the third time today.” Jacob said leaning away from the dogs.
“Oh I can’t let u leave.” Hades said walking towards them. “You have the power that I need to take over Olympus. So I would use it right now and you’ll be able to live and immortal life.”
She stepped back and looked at the dogs. She should have known that all Hades wanted was her power.
“I should have known you were only nice to me for my power.” She said looking at him.
He only smiled, “You should know your own uncle by now sweet heart.”
She sighed as she summoned her sword, “I’m not giving you my power!”
He chuckled and the dogs barked and moved closer, “We’ll just have to see.”
The hellhounds pounced onto her and she stabbed it before it even got to her. Then she gave the other one a dirty look and it backed away. Parcipine walked to the side.
Traitor, she thought though she spoke to soon.
Parcipine grabbed his dark sword from the side and giving her the sign saying, keep fighting. Yep she was definitely her alley. Jacob and Chris were fighting off the other hellhound and then the hellhound copied him and then 2 hellhound came.
Since when could they multiply? She thought to herself.
They then attacked them again and she kept an eye on Hades. He kept laughs as he watched them squirm. Then the hound dogs had both Chris and Jacob pinned down to the ground.
“Now you will be next little girl,” He then tackles her and hold her down.
She felt herself getting weaker and weaker. He was taking her power and she could feel it right away. Then as he laughed Parcipine hit him with like the scissor end and he fell unconscious. Rue pushed him off and looked at her.
“Thanks,” She said as she got rid of the hellhounds.
“Get out of here when you still have a chance.” She said.
They ran out of the castle and Rue saw tons of lost souls trying to get them. She then grabbed onto both of them and flew them over the lost souls. She flew as fast as she can with three people. But it was a struggle to keep them in her arms. She tried to fly fast though it didn’t work we were at the same pace like last time. They finally got to the entrance where it was guarded by tons of confused and lost souls. They screeched as they tried to get there body and flesh. She looked at both of them and threw them through the souls where they passed through the portal where Monica was. Then she saw something I didn’t want to see not in a million years. Hades flying towards the portal with his own horses and Paricpine tied up behind him trying to fight for us to let us get away. She looked at her key and sighed. She then whistled for Monica to get them out of there. And for once she hoped she heard her. Then she ripped off the key from her neck and threw it in the air where it flew towards the lock it was belonged to. Then Hades grabbed her and brought her up holding her by the neck. I held onto his hands hoping and praying to the gods that I was going to be alright and that the key worked. My power was slipping but I held onto it trying so much is to fight it. Then I heard a loud bark and I smirked and Cerberus came to mine and Parcipines aid. I smiled as he threw Uncle Hades across the underworld. Then he gestured me to get on his back and I did. We ran out of the underworld unharmed and everything safe and the portal closed up at the last minute.

They looked at the 9 and a half foot dog in front of them and looked shocked as the portal closed. Rue looked at both of them and smiled from the dog who threatened to kill them. Great what is it in me and dogs want me as puppy chow?? He thought as he backed away from the dog. Rue got off the dog and smiled at him. His heart shutter and he coughed to avoid doing anything stupid.
“Let’s go save the hunters.” She said and went to Monica and unstrapped the chariot and it disappeared.
“Why did u?” He and Chris said at the same time.
“We have Cerberus now” She said as one of the three tongues licked her face.
She giggled and Monica came and flew away. One psychotic horse down. One crazy, black, evil dog to go. Rue climbed on and for a second he saw up her skirt to see her stripped underwear. He blushed and coughed some more.
“You should really check out that cough Jacob,” Chris said while climbing the dog. “Cause it could get u in trouble.”

Then as he was about to get onto the dog he growled at him and one head tried to bite him. Rue patted his head and tried to calm him down. Jacob climbed on. All he needed was some sausages around his neck and a sign that said: Free lunch and he’ll b perfect puppy chow. He grabbed onto Chris and Chris wrapped his arms around her waist. Jacob got furious red from seeing that but he got his anger under control. Then they started running off and onto the water where the dog walked on the water like it was land. Then he started running down the river like it was concrete all the way to Florida.

Hours later Jacob never thought the dog would stop. He was holding on for dear life and didn’t let go. He swore he got white arm from all that holding onto dear life. He swore he lost blood circulation. He swore a lot of things that he lost track of. They stopped at a beach where the dog was panting.

He fell to the floor his paws away from his body and his tongues out panting. Good let the dog be tired for once so he won’t kill me, he thought as he rested himself onto the hot sand relaxing his muscles. Chris seemed not affected by the ride and neither did rue. He must really not b a dog person. His muscles tightened and he felt hot. He took off his jacket and his long sleeve shirt and relaxed himself on the beach sweating hot.

He heard rue giggle and her form changed into a nice bikini that made his heart skip a beat. Maybe worse it stopped completely. He coughed and she pulled out bathing suits for them probably knowing them too much that they were going to forget to bring them. He smiled and looked at his. She knew his design to well it had tons of spears and war equipment on it. He just couldn’t help but smiles and run into the changing room.

He got changed really quick and looked at himself. He was supper gorgeous his muscles were showing and his blond hair was almost in his eyes. He was totally irresistible. He walked out and frowned at Chris. He was even better dressed then he was. He wore his lightning bathing suit and his tattoos and scars were showing plus his big bulky muscles he was out matched. Plus he was bit taller than him. He was like ‘5 “9 and Chris was like ‘6 “3.

Ugh he was way shorter than him. How could he compare himself to that? Rue has set up a beach blanket and an umbrella a few miles away and she was laying there reading her Greek book. Damn she was gorgeous. He made a noise in his throat and went and sat next to her. She kept her eyes on her book and her wings fluttered as they were free.

He smiles and put an arm around her ten Chris grabbed his hand and threw it at his side. He then went running towards the ocean and dived in us laughing. Leave it to Chris to get his freak on at the beach. We looked at the boy swimming with strong way. Then we looked at each other and ran to the shore line. We dived in together and went for a swim for the first time in this entire quest Jacob never thought he would like this any better than being with rue. They got out still soaked from the water and they dried themselves off. They packed up the stuff and they walked out of the beach to the board walk. Weird how everyone wasn’t here. We saw tons of abandoned boardwalk games and a big banana dude. We walked to it and grabbed it and examined it.
“Why do people even like banana dudes anyway?” Rue said taking it and shaking it side to side.
“Cause its fun to hug, like this.” Jacob said grabbing her by the waist and hugging her while picking her up like people would with an oversized banana.
Rue screeched and yelled as she was carried and twirled around.
“PUT ME DOWN PUT ME DOWN,” she said while holding onto his hands tight.
He slowly put her down and looked at the end of the game thing ad saw a shadow. He squinted to get a closer look but it moved out of view. He shrugged it off and they continued to walk with their new banana friend. They saw tons of games and seagulls. They reached the ride section and they looked left and right. Jacob heard a little laughter. He turned to where he heard it and saw another figure come and go. He got the chills and another Childs laugh came and he froze.
“Did you hear that guys?” He said looking left and right.
“Hear what?” Rue asked and looked at him.
Great she must think that I’m an idiot or worse a crazy person.
“The laughter.” He said looking left and right.
“I don’t hear anything,” Chris said while looking at him crazy.
They the laughter became even louder and they all looked around.
“Please tell me you heard that guys.” Rue said a bit scared.
“I hear it.” Chris said taking off his chain and it turned to full size sword.
Jacob got his bow and loaded it and looked around and kept a sharp eye on the place. Rue got her chain and twirled it slightly and looked around. Their backs towards each other. Then they all saw a figure run towards the hall of mirrors.
“There!” Chris said while following the thing.
They all followed and ended up seeing a dome full of things and it went to different ways.
“Split up.” Chris said as he went forward chasing the first shadow.
Then rue went to the left shadow and Jacob went to the right shadow.

Chris looked back and forth seeing the shadow running towards a dead end. He looked at all the mirrors for any sign of the figure. He looked and saw a shadow in one of the mirrors but it wasn’t the one he was looking for.
“Hello Chris.” A women voice came.
“Who are you?” He asked.
“Oh you don’t recognize me boy?” She said and the room changed into a desert then back to the mirror hall.
“GAIA!” He screams and held onto his sword tighter and slammed it against the mirror.
It shattered but the figure moved to a different mirror.
“Poor boy your selfishness has gotten you into trouble.”
“I’m not selfish.” He yelled and slammed the same mirror as she was in.
Though she moved to another one.
“What you did in jersey city that was not selfish?” She said smiling.
“It was to keep us alive!” He said slamming another 5 mirrors.
She went to the last mirror and looked at him.
“Your friends don’t trust you anymore,” She said crossing her arms. “A dumb roman that’s selfish and doesn’t know about true feelings and is a heartless son of a bitch.”
He screamed and slammed the last mirror and breathed heavy.
“Good luck getting through this quest,” Her voice said in the air. “You’re going to need it.”
An evil laugh came and he covered his ears and fell to his knees his sword falling to the ground. He did the only thing he thought he could never do because he was to strong. He cried on the ground.

Rue ran through the caverns of mirrors and slowed down and looked around. She was following a shadow and she was distracted by all the pretty colors of the mirrors reflected. Like stain glass windows. She giggled and looked in a mirror and looked at herself. Then she saw Chris come right next to her with an evil expression on his face. She gasped and fell backwards towards a mirror and it broke right there.
“Chris what are you doing!” She yelled as she got up and saw blood come to her arm from the broken glass.
He didn’t smile and he raised his sword and strikes at her. Her eyes widened as she dodged it and rolled on the floor. She held her arm as he strikes again. She dodged it. Chris was evil and she was blinded by her love for him. She only had one thing to do. She took off her lotus and it turned into a chain but it was too late. With a battle cry he strikes at her and her vision turned dark.

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on Apr. 1 2012 at 8:50 am
Macman11231 BRONZE, Rhinebeck, New York
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wow great how you manage to combine mystery romance and tragedy. i enjoyed reading this

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I really like the romance-tradgedy twist. You spelled remember wrong, however. And some minor run-ons.

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