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Wakening Chris

A battle field full of blood, a sword in his hand, lightning overhead. He stands on a hill looking at all the monsters… and yet it’s all gone. He wakes up in the middle of a park it was cold. He rubs his head and groans. He tries to remember what happened and how did he get there. He then looks up confused. How did he get there? He tries to remember who he was. That was weird he didn’t even know his own name.
He sits up and looks at the snow fall. He was wearing a pink shirt and jeans with a car heart jacket on that was opened to see his shirt. Right next to him a sword was in the snow. It was sharp and had a cool design made for it. He then got up and grabbed his sword. There was an inscription on it. Virulent vela. Whirl wind.
He stuck it on the ground and it changed form. It changed to a chain that you wear around your neck. He grabs it from the ground and puts it on. He then walks around he didn’t want to be known as the freak with a sword in his hand. He see couples huddling up together for warmth, pigeons eating remains of the old lady crumbs, a lake with lily pads that didn’t die for some reason. He leaned on the bridge and looked at the sky. He then heard a noise.
“Chris!” A girl was running towards him.
Chris was that his name? He turned to the girl. She wasn’t half bad. She had purple eyes that were way off from regular eye colors. She wasn’t that tall about ‘5 6”. He was taller than her of course. She kept her hair in a cute little bun. She didn’t wear makeup but the smell of her was so sweet that he couldn’t stop smelling her. And her clothes were something else she dressed like a guy more like a girl. The only girly figure was a lotus in her hair.
“Where were you silly,” She said standing right next to him. “I got your hot chocolate.”
She handed him a cup full of hot chocolate he took it politely and sipped it.
He then said, “Do I know you?”
She looked at him like he was crazy, “Of course you do.”
He shook his head in disbelief, “I don’t remember you.”
She checked for a tempeture, “Are you felling ok you seem sick?”
He grabbed her hand and brought it back to her side. “I don’t know you.”
She was shocked, “Of course you know me it’s me Rue.”
He shook his head. “Sorry.”
Rue suddenly looked around. “Did you hear that Chris?”
He looked around confused, “Hear what?”
Rue took out her lotus and it changed into a chain. It was thin but it looked strong. The lotus was now something sharp that he wouldn’t want to touch it.
“What are you? Who are you?” He said backing away from her.
She used through her chain and it wrapped around his waist and she pulled him close.
“Stay close to me,” Rue holding onto him to keep him from any harm.
They walked off the bridge and walked towards the end of the park. Then she heard another noise. She turned towards it and her through Chris on the hill that they were near. She had the chain in both hands and a wolf came and looked at her.
Wolfs? Chris thought still figuring out what was happening.
“Ahh rue mes atkal tiksimes.” The wolf said.
Latin? Chris said in his head still confused.
“Ko jus seit darat karalis whatefver Jusu vards ir.” She replied.
They kept talking like that arguing in Latin.
“Speak English please I don't know what you’re saying,” He yelled at them.
The wolf looked at him and growled, “Why I have to kill you anyway this gives me a better excuse to kill you now.”
He walked forward but Rue jumped in front of him.
“You're not killing him. You have to kill me first.” She said pointing the sharp lotus towards him.
The wolf pounced and landed on her. They rolled all over the place and fought each other.
“Chris run!” She said pushing the wolf off of her.
“No I’m not leaving you behind.” He said taking off his chain and his sword went to full size.
He charged as Rue kept trying to fight him off. As he was about to swing at him he turned like a cloud and laughed.
“Demigod Iron doesn’t kill us wolfs. Now hold still so I can kill you.” He then got ready to pounce.
Demigod? He thought.
Before he can do anything Rue blocked him from getting to Chris. She then swung at him and her chain went right through him. He laughed and swatted at her hitting her to a light pole.
“Rue!!” He said running towards her.
As the wolf acted like a loin on the hunt. He then pounced and headed towards Chris. Chris then turned around towards the wolf and brought his sword up looking to fight him anyways. Till in midair he fell to the floor. He opened his eyes and saw the wolf wasn’t breathing. He then walked up to the wolf and saw an arrow in his neck. He looked at it closely and it was a silver arrow. He grabbed it and looked to take it out.
“I may not do that if I were you bro.” A male voice came out of nowhere.
When he looked at him and he wasn’t that impressed. He wore a heavy coat that was black and his head had a hat on top of it. He had jeans on that were blacker then black. In his hand was a bow that was bigger than him that’s for sure. He had arrows strapped to his back and he looked like a cool teenage boy without the big bow threatening to kill him. He then turned his attention towards rue that was bleeding through the mouth and she coughed as she sucked the cold air into her lungs. He then grabbed her and held her upper body up.
“Come on bro we can’t help her if we stand here all day,” He said putting a hand on his shoulder.
He nodded and picked her up carefully and looked at the guy.
“Who are you?” He asked him.
“You really must have hit your head bro,” He said making a cringing face. “It’s me Jacob, your best friend.”
Chris just shook his head in disbelief.
“I don’t know you.” He said while adjusting his position on Rue.
He then grabbed her chain.
“What are we supposed to do with this,” He gave the chain to Jacob.
Jacob grabbed the lotus part and put it back in her head. He was about to take it off but Jacob grabbed his hand to keep him from touching it. The lotus went back to its flowery self and the chain was gone. In disbelief he shook his head. With the hand that was holding rues back he grabbed his sword and stuck it to the ground. It turned back to the chain and he asked Jacob to put it on him. Jacob did so and he looked at Chris.
“Let’s take her back,” He said putting his bow on his back and turning.
“Where are we going?” He said running after him.
He stopped abruptly and turned, “To the only place for demigod warriors go to… Olympus.”
They walked in the snow all the way to the entrance of central park.
Chapters:   1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 13 Next »

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Macman11231 said...
Apr. 1, 2012 at 8:50 am
wow great how you manage to combine mystery romance and tragedy. i enjoyed reading this
xfireflightx said...
Mar. 25, 2012 at 4:24 pm
I really like the romance-tradgedy twist. You spelled remember wrong, however. And some minor run-ons.

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