Akhal-Teke and the 99 Golden Horses

February 29, 2012
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In ancient land, there was a legend of a great golden horse whose name has been forgotten over time. Many centuries passed before fate would give the chance to a young horse named Akhal-Teke to earn a name for his exceptional kind.
Fate presents itself in the form of a man named Ravni who stumbles across Akhal, lying in a desert, clearly alone. Bringing him back to his village on camel back, he puts Akhal-Teke to the ultimate test, so that he can regain the throne which was stolen from him.
However, a 200 mile race, with 99 other golden horses is no easy feat, and presents great challenges that only insane people would dream of conquering.

Tags: Nature

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Akhal-Teke and the 99 Golden Horses

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