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Knights of Lygaia

Author's note: The thing that inspired me to write this was the adventures that most knights had in medieval...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: The thing that inspired me to write this was the adventures that most knights had in medieval times; although an exaggerated story I'm sure it will be interesting.  « Hide author's note
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The Journey

Knights of Lygaia

My ancestors were created by god and they named the land that god created them on Lygaia, or at least that’s what the legend says. The legend also tells how my ancestors fought over land; thus creating war. The ones who still controlled there land called them fiefdoms, since all of them acknowledged that god gave them their kingdom only to be a steward. People protecting these fiefs are known as knights, and that is the only part of the story I particularly like.
Ever since I was a kid I admired one thing and that is being a knight. From the shiny army to the way they walk. When I get enough money I’m going to buy a sword, and with that I'm going to help everyone I see. Thinking of all these things my uncle walks by in a snooping manner.
"Tristen what are you doing?" He asked with a worried tone.
"I'm thinking about how badly I want to be a knight."
"Well you know some things just aren't possible in this world. I think you should give up that unrealistic dream." He said with a very firm tone.
"I don't want to here that crap!" I screamed. "I know it's going to be tough, but I will be one!" Not being able to hold back my emotions I said all that without thinking. Now that I look at my Uncle's face I realize that he's on the verge of crying. He isn't the type to do something so emotional, so now I'm feeling guilty.
"If this is what you truly want, then I won't stop
you." He said while turning around to leave the door.
I couldn't take the atmosphere he left inside the room, like a snake choking it's prey, I couldn't even breath stably. So I ran out the small hut we lived in. I ran all the way to the town’s square. The village we lived in was small and a very uneventful place. But in the Town Square there are a lot of shops where they sell different items like, food clothing, and my personal favorite swords. Walking inside the blacksmith’s shop, hanging from the wall I see a large inventory of swords, axes, spears, and bows. Behind the counter stood the tall, burly, barbarian, Orca the blacksmith. “What can I do for you, boy with no money?” he said sarcastically, but with painful truth behind it.
Approaching him I said, “Maybe if you didn’t say such things I might buy something.”
“If you bought something I would give you an extra weapon of your choice!” he exclaimed while laughing.
“If that happened I definitely would be set to be a knight.” I said feeling bad.
With a serious look in his eye he said, “Being a knight is more about weapons, it’s about looking after your loved ones, and protecting your fief.”
“I know that Orca, but without a sword I can’t protect anyone. But I won’t give up on being a knight.” I said, but every time I come in here I feel as though my chances of being a knight become less and less.
“It’s good that you won’t give up, if only more young people like you existed, there wouldn’t be so many beggars that exist.”
“Sorry, but I have to go earlier than usual.”
“Alright make sure you become a knight soon, it’s about time Lygaia had a change.” He said while waving me goodbye. I hope to make that change one day. Exiting the blacksmith’s shop, I notice a man I’ve never seen before walk aimlessly around the Town Square.
“Can I help you?” I asked as casually as I could.
With one quick glance he made a devilish grin, but maybe it’s my imagination. “You can, do you know of any knights in this place?” He must be in dire need if he needs a knight.
“We don’t have any…” I admitted “but if you can use me I will be more than willing to help.”
“Excellent!” he said. “When can you leave the village?” he asked as if people leave villages with strangers on a daily basis.
“I don’t know I have to check with my Uncle. Where will we be going?”
“Unsettled land of course. If you come with me you can be a knight of the round table for our new fief.” When he said that I couldn’t believe my ears. God must be looking out for me now. All these years that’s all I ever wanted to be, and now someones asking me not just to be a knight, but a round table knight. Round table knights are the highest knights, and they serve directly under the ruler.
“Where should I meet you at, and when?”
“Now since my caravan and I caravan are leaving very soon, we will meet on the outskirts of town.”
“Ok I will tell my Uncle, see you in a few.”
I see my Uncle doing his carpenter work. I approach him, tapping him on his shoulder; I interrupt him from his “precious” work. “Uncle I’ve decided to leave the village.”
As soon as he heard that he flipped (no surprise). “What would make you want to do something as crazy as that! Without protection you could get robbed or worse killed!”
“Well I’m leaving with someone to become a knight…”
“A knight! Do you even know the person you’re leaving with?” He said interrupting me.
“No, but to become a knight I will take my chances and go with him.”
“Tristen if you do go, how do you plan to protect yourself?”
“I don’t know, but it’s something I need to do.”
“Then follow me.” He said as if the world is soon coming to an end. Leading the way inside of the hut he looks inside a drawer. Turning around he said, “It’s been awhile since someone needed to use this. Take this with you.”
My eyes widened from the sight of a sword having a blade with a black hue to it. Its pommel bears a single topaz. “How did you get this Uncle!?” I exclaimed.
“You are not the only fool in our family that wanted to be a knight.” Your Father Accalon left you with me, and took his wife on a ‘knight’s journey’. You are very impulsive just like your name and Father.” To think that my Father is a knight is like seeing the light for the first time.
“Why didn’t you ever tell me this Uncle?”
“Because I didn’t want you to make a rash decision like now.” Even though I understand, not telling me is a little cold. I wonder if my Father is a good knight, and I wonder if mom is doing well.
“This might be the last time we see each other. Thank you Uncle for looking after me so long.” With tearts coming from his eyes he approaches me to give me a farewell hug. I never thought how painful it would be to leave, but I have to in order to be a knight. Then turning my back I advanced out the door, with my sword sheathed. Now I walk till I exit my birthplace for the first time.
On the outskirts of town I see the man that invited me from a far, “how are you doing friend?” he asked me from a long distance.
I approach him as swiftly as possible, but to my dismay, I was hit from behind
As a bird of prey gets it's unexpected victim, I am on a caravan with my hands bonded in strong rope. Looking to my right I see a man in cheap bronze armor, including a helmet, driving the caravan, it appears to be the guy that recruited me. Two knights with the same armor encircle the caravan, I'm guessing for defensive purposes. There are three people with me in this crappy situation. Two men don't appear special, but a boy sitting in front of me is dressed with a black fur coat and pants to match, his blonde hair is in a spiky fashion, with his arms folded he seems like he's in paradise, since he’s so calm and comfortable. Catching my stare, I feel a murderous intent coming from him; however, he broke it with a smile "Your weapon is on the horse moving the caravan." He said whispering.
"Thanks for telling but I can't do anything with these soldiers on the side of me."
"Don't be afraid of them there pushovers. We will take them down first." I looked as if he was serious with that smile on his face, but as sure as the sun shines he was.
"Alright what are we going to do?"
"If I were you boy I wouldn't listen to him. He was captured without putting up a fight." The man to my right said.
"He's right these knights will certainly kill you without second thought." The man to my left said.
"Well then looks like you're in a dilemma, either you can be sold as a slave or you can die for your freedom." Dang I really don't know what to do; I don't even have my sword so this will be hard. But if I don't do anything then I'll be sold a slave; thus abruptly ending my short lived journey. More thoughts run through my mind, but I must end all of them to make the best choice. After a few minutes of thinking I know what decision I want to make.
With a serious face, "Tell me what I have to do." I said.
The two were shocked to hear my answer; however it did not phase the boy. "I knew you would say that, no one can bind a true knight. Now all you have to do is untie yourself." As soon as he said that he cut the ropes that were binding his arms and legs. Then he slid the knife towards me. "Your turn, and once you finish I'll give the signal to jump on the horse behind you." I'm so nervous, as if the whole world is looking at me to see whether or not I screw up. Taking a deep breath I cut the ropes binding me, without any noticeable movement. The two men's stare is so hard, till it's like they can see my soul. "Are you ready?" He asked with his weird smile.
"Always." I said with uncertainty, and the moment he heard that word he rose from his sitting position, and jumped to the horseman while he was in motion. Surprised, I stood up and jumped to the horseman behind me. The horseman couldn't keep hold of the horse so we both fell off the saddle. When I hit the ground on top of him I heard his neck snap. Feeling exhausted I turn in awe to see that a similar happening occurred with the boy; however he didn't rest on the knight's body like I am. He quickly took a crossbow from the dead corpse, and with great precision he shot a bolt at the escaping caravan; consequently it hit the horse to the right, and the horse to the left tried to keep running, but got jerked back by the friction, from the caravan's abrupt stop. To make matters worse for the caravan, it's driver was ejected out of his seat from the friction.
"Ohhhhhhh boy, I have a better shot than I thought!" The boy exclaimed. The two men that were onboard apparently jumped off before the mishap happened.
"You're a freak!" The man shouted while running away. The boy is kind of queer since after all that, he's still smiling.
The other man approached our position. "Thank you so much. Now it would be wise to stick together, or something else bad could happen. We should make our way to the nearest fief." The man said with fear in his voice.
"Stick together with someone I don’t know? I travel alone." After he said that he walked away in an unknown direction.
"What about you. Please don't leave me!" He said scared out of his mind. As a knight I can't just leave someone in distress.
“Alright I won’t leave you, but I need to get my sword from the dead knight over there.” With a satisfied look in his eye, he shook his head in compliance.
We started walking in the direction of the destroyed caravan. The boy that did this sure was a lunatic, but very skilled.
Examining the remains I see the corpse of the dead knight. Without any hesitation I jog over to loot him for my sword. Taking it from his hip, I unsheathe it, and just like when my Uncle first gave it to me, it shines like gold being touched by the sun. Unexpectedly ending my day dream, a knife is looking at my throat ready to end my life. “I’m surprised you let your guard down so easily. But since you’re still green at being a knight it’s to be expected.” The man had betrayed me, I feel like a fool for letting my guard down.
“Where did you get the knife from? They took your weapons didn’t they” I asked, since I’m about to die anyway might as well let my curiosity be known.
“It’s simple; I got it when you jumped off the caravan.” S***! I should have brought the knife with me. I guess mistakes can kill. “Sorry, but since I’m a long way from home, I need that ring of yours to sell.” Now I’m pissed, do I really have to die over something like a ring; although the answer would have been “no” why not attempt to ask first? My Uncle told me this ring was given to me by my Father, so quite naturally I would never give it away.
“You’re too slow.” Once I heard that the knife dropped from my throat. I didn’t notice what happened since I was facing the opposite direction, but when I turned I notice the boy standing triumphantly over my traitor. “How careless of you.” He said with his usual smile.
“How should I have known that he would do that?” I asked trying to defend myself.
“You didn’t know, and that’s why you should have left him.”
“But a knight never leaves someone in need, we are supposed to save them.” After I said that comment he burst out laughing.
“We’re knights, not heroes. We do what we have to do in order to survive.” He said while recovering from his laugh.
“Listen if you want to be a real knight then follow me, and I promise you, we will have fun adventure.” He proposed.
I don’t know anything about him, but I know he saved my life, and that’s enough to convince me to follow him. “Alright I’ll join you. My name’s Tristen.”
“Such a feminine name,” he remarked. “but I’m Owen, and together we will have fun in Lygaia.” Then extending his right hand in a friendly manner, we shook his hand.
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