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The Sorceress Princess: The World of Fire

Author's note: I started this piece a long time ago but never finished it. My English teacher told us tat we...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I started this piece a long time ago but never finished it. My English teacher told us tat we needed to publish some of our own original writing. This got me motivated to finish this story, which I am really proud of! I hope you enjoy!  « Hide author's note
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Chapter 1

I awoke to the cries and clashing of swords. The smell of freshly killed stag roasting on the open pit of flames filled my nose and my mouth began to water. It smelled wonderful, for I hadn't eaten anything that was not revolting in days.
I rolled over to my side and got out of bed. I brushed my long, black hair and braided it back the way my mother had taught me years ago. I pushed the flaps of my tent aside to see the camp; my camp. Everything belonged to me; those soldiers, that centaur, even that rock to the left of that tree which I also owned. Well, technically I didn't own any of it. Not yet, anyways. It belong to my father,  King Hanson Bolling of Hadgon.
He ruled everything spanning from the palace on the shores of the Apulin Sea all the way to the Naergo Mountains. His vast kingdom was home to many peaceful creatures a time ago, but that had all changed. Our kingdom had been attacked by the kingdom east of us, past the Naergo Mountains. The Fuellahs.
They're vile, loathsome creatures who enjoy their days by raping women and burning villages to the ground. That’s the reason why my father had moved my brother, Sebastian and I away from the palace. He had feared that the Fuellahs planned to overthrow the kingdom, but that could never happen.
I had no idea why he was afraid. Nothing could penetrate the palace walls. They were under an enchantment casted by the kingdoms most powerful sorceress, Queen Sophronia, my mother. Her magic, so old and powerful, would surely protect the walls. Wouldn't it? I banished the thought from my mind. How could I have had such little faith in my mother, my mentor, my teacher? She taught me all of the magic that I had learned over the years. I'm skilled in the magical arts compared to the common sorcerer, but nothing to compare to my mother. Even the fairies from the Evergreen forest would often seek her wisdom or advice. Nothing could triumph over her magic.
The sound of blaring trumpets pulled me from my thoughts. From over the hill arrived a troop of my father's horses led by his squire and oldest friend Finnick Belmont. His face was plagued with a look of despair. A cold dread filled my still sleepy mind as I thought of the things that may have caused that. The horses came to a halt outside my tent.
"Princess Celestia, I'm afraid I have grave news." He wouldn't meet my eyes.
"Sir, what news do you bring? Is it concerning the war?" I was worried. What could have been so important that he would ride miles through dangerous terrain to our safe camp?
"I'm afraid so Your Highness. It seems that the Fuellahs have infiltrated the palace. We have been betrayed by one of our own. Someone from inside the palace walls allowed entry to them. It was thought to be done by someone who- who was close to your parents." He had tears forming in the corners of his eyes. I was about to ask why, but I had already come to realize what he was insinuating.
"They're dead, aren't they?" My face was composed and voice monotone but my heart was screaming for my guess to be wrong. My parents could not be dead. They couldn't be!
My younger brother, Sebastian poked his little head out of the tent. "What's going on? Why did you wake me up?" His tiny voice was muffled by a yawn. He's twelve years younger than myself, only five years old. His jet black hair, matching mine, was messy and his face was covered in what looked like dirt. We had been out in the wilderness, away from the waring, for quite some time.
"Nothing, little Sea Bass, just go back to bed." He nodded, yawned again and closed the tent flaps behind him. My mother had given him that nickname when he was younger. He always loved when she would sing the little Sea Bass song to him when-
My mother.
I asked again, all of my composure gone. "They're dead, aren't they?" My voice choked with repressed sadness and anger, and my heart seemed to be pounding in my very ears. With my breath staggered, I gripped his shirt and violently shook him. He gained control of me and held me at an arms length.
"Your father was killed during the attack, but they kidnapped your mother. A rescue party was sent out in order to search  for her, but they never returned. We are assuming that they and your mother are now dead." His voice was consumed by a rage filled sadness and his eyes were burning brightly with an impossible fire.
I couldn't believe it. No, no it wasn’t possible. This could not be happening. It just couldn't be. I was dreaming! Oh yes, of course! This was all just a dream. I pinched my arm and all of my hope shattered. No, I wasn't dreaming.
Finnick noticed, before I did in that fact, that I wasn't breathing. He shook me concernedly. I inhaled a large breath and let out a loud sob. He hugged me tightly. He had always been like an uncle to me. We stood there sobbing together over the loss of our loved ones.
Little Sea Bass poked his head out of the tent again. "Celeste? What's really going on?" He stood as intimidatingly as his four foot stature would allow with his arms crossed and eyebrows raised. He knew how to be a prince. He would get his answer.
I calmed my hysteric tears and lifted him off the ground. His stern looked faltered a bit when he saw the sadness in my eyes. Worry creased over his little, dark eyebrows.
"Sebastian, mommy and daddy are-" I let out a stifled cry. "They're... gone."
"Gone? Gone where?" His royal blue eyes, a mirror image of our mother’s eyes as well as my own, pierced my heart. His innocence caused tears to escape from my eyes.
How could I explain this to him?
"They’ve gone far away, little Sea Bass. They are in a place called heaven and we won't ever be able to see them again." I decided to use the direct approach.
His face looked confused. "I don't understand. They aren't ever, ever coming back?"
A few more tears escaped my lashes. "Never."
"But, but-" His lip quivered, and then he exploded. "They gotta come back! They can't leave us out here. I want them to come back. I want mommy and daddy now!" He began to cry, as did I.
We just stood there, crying, not a clue of what to do.
The whole camp came to our tent and offered condolences. It didn't help. It only made things feel worse. So many tears. Never in my life had I so many tears.
My parents were loved by many. They were true leaders, fair and just. They cared for every creature, big, small, poor, or wealthy. My father would make sure that every person had food on their table each night. He would go out of his way to bring aid to the sick. He was truly a great king. He was a great father also. He taught me how to fight. We would practice sword skills in the court yard and archery in the gardens.
My mother was the most generous woman.
Between my father and my mother, I was taught to be a wise a just leader. I couldn’t believe they was truly gone.
The day was filled with grieving and sorrow filled apologies. As soon as the last person offered their condolences, I sealed the entrance way to the tent using a simple spell my mother taught me. It would not allow any one person inside. I couldn’t handle anymore tears.
Slowly, I undresses and slipped on a light blue nightgown. Drained of energy, I collapsed on the bed. I didn't dare close my eyes for the fear of nightmares that were surely to plague me. My mind went blank. I couldn't think. My eyes were locked on the crimson canopy tent above my head. Was I in shock? Probably.
I don't know how long I was in that trance, but eventually realized that I had fallen asleep. I was awoken by a certain black haired, blue eyed, little prince crawling into my bed for the warmth and comfort he craved. That we both craved. I scooped him up and pulled him close to me. I could tell he had been crying due to his constant sniffling. I just pulled him closer and shut my eyes, hoping I’d be able to get a few hours worth of sleep.
The night was filled with noises. Crickets played their songs, and animals rustled in the fallen leaves. The wind howled loudly, but nothing was more deafening than the silence in my heart.
I rose with the sun. As quietly as I could I left the bed and tried my hardest not to disturb the peacefully sleeping Sebastian. He needed rest after the emotional shock he, we went through the day before.
I brushed my long black hair and braided it back the way my mother had taught me, all those years ago. I pushed the flaps of my tent aside to see the camp; my camp. No one was out, aside for a few centaurs and unicorns mingling. The beaming sun warmed my skin and my spirits as well.
Suddenly, I realized what had to be done. I had to do what my father would have done, what anyone in the Bolling family would have done. My parents needed to be avenged. Their deaths would mean something. I had to fight for my kingdom.
Chapters:   1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 12 Next »

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