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The Forest Of Evon and the mistical dreams within

January 26, 2012
By bosinberry BRONZE, Coventry, Rhode Island
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bosinberry BRONZE, Coventry, Rhode Island
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There the black knight stood on the top of the rigid rocks as the clouds arouse from behind him in the dark. The knight slowly raised his silver plated sword to the sky. Suddenly, a bright red light followed his motion from the distance and it flew far up into the dark night sky. Slowly, the red light started to fall, faster and faster as if it had a destination to reach.
“Run! Retreat to the castle, it’s the only safe place!” a man from the rear screamed. The red light became clearer and clearer as it appeared to be on fire, a bright red ball of fire set on a course of destruction. With the red ball of death heading straight towards the men, it suddenly smashed into the arch above the castle doors, blocking the only way to safety.
“Sire, what do we do? We’re trapped!” The voices of what had seemed to be only 25 out of hundreds of knights were left in my army behind me.
“We stand and fight!” I ordered. “This battle will not end until the sun is at its highest point, and the Black Knights’ head is hanging from our castle walls.”
The dark clouds shifted, slowly letting the moon light bleed through until the whole castle was bathed in an eerie bone-chilling glow. The moon lit up the battle field, exposing the entire surrounding surface of every rock, every patch of dirt, and every knight that waited ahead. The battle field was wide and long surrounded by every direction. To the west was the Great Lake of Erie, to the north and east was the enchanted forest of Evan, and to the south was the great castle of Ares. The name on which was giving to the castle by the Greek god of war to bestow all honor and the right to be known as the knights of Ares.
Quickly Turning to my men, I gave them an encourage speech. “Tonight, we battle! Not with our strength, but we fight with our integrity! Against all odds, we stand together till the end!”
Within that very second the Black Knights’ army charged with their swords held high, looking to feed upon any type of blood that would fill there hunger. With both sides fighting, in each area of the battle field was a group of knight’s swinging their swords. With every swing there one could hear singing up and down the battle field, the sound of wind chimes had filled the winds over passing.
A sudden sound rose above the clashing swords, a constant beat racing, getting louder and louder, like a heart that was filled with adrenaline rush but on its last moments till death.
I turned around, spotting the Black Knight on his horse sprinting down the field towards my men. Thinking quickly, I tossed my sword up into the sky to grab the handle of the sword, letting my body take over, hoping to hit the bastard in his heart. Then, I watched as the sword was slowly spinning up into the wind flying over the knights that were in mid battle. Watching and hoping to at least hit him. Then it happen… his horse jumped up taking the sword in between both of his legs and then watching as the horse fell to the ground crushing the black knight’s right leg under his high horse.
With the black knight down there was only one thing left to do. “CHARGE, the black knight” I yelled.
As we Battling threw every knight in our way. There he was only a couple feet away he was almost in reach, continued towards him, taken down each knight that got in our way. Blood everywhere leaving not one spot of soil clean, men were lying on the ground bleeding out. This battle has gone on for to long to many people have lost there lives, there family, there was nothing left to any one of the men on the ground. There memory will not be lost for when this battle ends honor will be placed to there families.
Finally we reached the black knight lying on the ground struggling to get his leg loose from underneath his horse. Raising my sword to his neck “there’s nothing you can do!, this is the end of the road” I calmly spoke to the black night “this sword will be the last that you will see” raising my sword to his throat “say your last words knight” raising my sword higher to thrash down and finish what was started, letting the blade shine in the sky I get ready to chop down to have the final strike of this long night.
“Sire… wait… don’t do this,” coming from one of my men.
“Why?” I spoke back in his direction.
“He, well… is… my brother, sire!”
“Your brother” I questioned?
“Yes, sire, my brother,” he repeated.
“What do you expect me to do? We have waited far too long for this night just to appear in our reach and be able to grasp this moment and to take back what has been taken from our kingdom” I yelled in his direction. As the black knight struggled to get loose from under his horse, he stretched as far as he could to reaching for his sword. I had no choice at the matter so I slashed my sword to prevent him…the next thing I could hear, were screams it appeared that I have chopped off the knights hand. Blood oozing out onto the battle field squirting in each and every direction, bright red covering the dark brown dirt, green grass, and silver plated armor, on which had all now… been painted red. There was only one thing to do… we took the black knight back to the castle as quickly as we could, but his men block our path back. They were trying to prevent anything from happing to him.
“Sir!! Look,” one of my men said with fear in his voice.
“What is it?” I asked, slowly turning around to find the most unnatural, inhuman thing happening. The sun was rising from behind the trees with a light that shined greater than ever before. Faster and faster the sun flew to the sky above heading towards the moon. Everything that was living and could walk stood still starring at the unexpected event that is taking place, right before their eyes. Faster and faster the sun closing on the moon, when it happened the moon acted like a mask covering the sun creating an eclipse, a one of a kind, nothing like it has ever been seen.
During that very moment everything stopped dead still. Birds froze in mid flight, horses froze on their high heals, and not one knight could move a single muscle.
With the black eclipse in the sky, within that fallowing moment the sun moved away on its course to get higher into the sky, to brighten the day. When it passed the moon the sky didn’t get brighter instead the sky became gray and everything around had become gray with it. The more I looked around I noticed that the trees in the distance had started to disappear, like clouds fading out of sight. More and more trees faded way closing in on the battle field. No one was panicking. No one ran away, no one moved a single muscle, just stood still.
“What the hell is going on here” I yelled out loud.
“Nobody knows sire it appears that the white demon is eating our world all around us” he said.
“The white demon… that’s impossible he only exist in fairy tales, this cant be real. No! This is some black magic that has been casted upon our kingdom” I spoke with fear.

With every word that was spoken the more of our world was dissolving into dust. The ocean was gone, the forest vanished in seconds, and the castle of Ares crumbled to the ground and was eaten by the white demon that had slowly surrounded the battle field.
The black knight’s men turned into a solid stone within a blink of an eye from the first knight to the next like a disease infecting each and every man next to one another. In minutes every man that was alive now a decoration for some garden, I was the only one left. “Ok white demon face me now you coward my name King Victor the 1st, and my grandson will be King Victor the 3rd. This is my kingdom I have raised it from the ground and I will protect it till the day I die” I screamed into the distance looking into each and every directing with my sword ready to strike.
“You dare challenge the all mighty beast of the dark” a voice had echoed threw the air.
“Who are you to say you are the “all mighty” this is not your world to control”
“That is were you are wrong. I have been around for generations upon generations this is the world I created, yes I’m the creator not your religious god that you all pray to, each and every day an night, I have sat here and watched as your pathetic “race” has acted like you are the great. Taken lives, taken what you think is yours which isn’t, which gives me all right to say I’m the all mighty. I’m tired of your kind so I have decided come and end your kind” the beast spoke as he showed his presence in the form a black figure. He had appeared to have no legs just hovered in the air, He had worn a black cloke. It’s almost as if he was “grim reaper”
Quickly I jumped to an idea “I propose a challenge.”
“A challenge you say what type of challenge, and what is at stake.”
“A battle… a battle between man and creator” I said with purpose to out power him
The demon had stopped speaking for a minute to think “Ill take your challenge! What will I receive if I win?”
“Ill… ill” thinking as fast as I could “ill let you destroy our race” I said “and if I win humanity will be saved, everything that you have taken from my people will be restored. You’ll also have to imprison your self inside a vase. Leaving man kind alone until the end of time”
“You have your self a deal” he said “just sign hear on this contract”
I graved the contract looking and reading it looking for anything that might have a flaw. “Wait, one more thing the battle will take place here on this spot. But not by you and me, but you and my ascendant in the year of 2013, on the day of his 16th birthday.”
The creator didn’t care who he fought against as long as he got to destroy what he hated. “You have your self a deal I will be looking forward to the day I destroy man kind.”

Looking back at the contract, to make sure there was no loop whole, everything that was said and agreed to was inside. Letting my hand do the work I signed at the bottom. After that moment the contract went up in flams disappearing into his hands.
“let be it be known that from this day that a human challenges the creator of all worlds to a battle for the lives of humanity” a strike of lighting hit the ground, all around in a circle, leaving nothing but a symbol of death. “This is were we will battle, I hope you understand that from here on humanity’s life rest in that boys future hands” he said
“I know this and I’m willing to let that happen.”
“There is just one more thing until the day of the battle your soul will remain mine and your body will live like a course.” as he laughed ha. Ha. Ha.
“That wasn’t part of the deal” I said
“Well it’s to late now” as he graved my body and sucked the soul from me and placing it into this jade capsule. That looked like a dragon.
I felt my life falling apart as my soul was drained from my body, I became week all muscle tone tuned into wrinkles coving all of my body, my hair faded away turning from black to gray to white the only thing I had left were my eyes and voice I couldn’t hear a single thing my hears suffered from the air that was cycling around me.
“It has been done you will have to live until the day of the battle, ha, ha, ha.” He said as he laughs. The next moment he disappeared into the distance as he laughed some more.

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