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Omega (Section Two)

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The Confusion

I rushed over to Chris and slapped him in the face. He woke up and said, “What the hell was that for?!” I handed him the ambrosia and said simply, “Eat.”
He must have been too weak to argue or question why I was handing him unknown food, because he did eat the food. Like it had for me, it didn’t take affect right away. Then Chris suddenly arched his back in pain. I guessed out that however much you’re hurt; you receive an equal amount of pain when the ambrosia heals you.
I flinched in pity. Nobody deserves that to happen to them, especially twice.
Finally, he gasped and fell asleep. He seemed fine now, just tired, so I stood up and walked away. I knew people would show up soon, and all this was just too much.
I heard sirens getting closer. So I ran away, trying very hard not to travel by wind, as if the wind was trying to pick me up. But as I was running, if anyone had seen, they would have noticed that my feet had never touched the ground.
* * *
I reached my house, gasping like I had run a marathon. I was about to open the door when something horrible dawned upon me. If I was a Greek god now, maybe that spark when I came in contact with my brother and sister meant something more. I opened the door to a scene I didn’t expect.
My brother was asleep, which wasn’t very odd for him. What was odd was that he was asleep on the floor, still with his book bag on his back. Then my sister ran into the room. She’s twelve years old, four years my junior. But when she ran in, she looked five.
I screamed in confusion, and asked her what had happened to her. She explained how ever since the chaotic photo shoot, she had feelings of childhood simplicity. Then today, she heard an explosion at school. They were released early, and when she had gotten home with Jacob, she suddenly changed to a five-year-old.
I turned to Jacob asleep on the floor and shivered with fear as I edged towards him. Was he truly asleep? I pondered this, until an obnoxious snore broke through my fear. But as I was calming down, my movement became sluggish as I neared him. He had an aura of warmth and was surrounded by the strange scent of milk and cookies.
Madison started freaking out, and I realized how all of this must have crashed down upon her. I calmed her down after a while and that’s when I explained what had happened, and my theory.
It looked as though she was going to laugh at me, but then she faltered. I guess that she was going to point out all the ludicrous flaws in my idea, but then figured that being suddenly five sort of proved my point. So instead she said, “Why us?”
I sat down and said in a grave tone, “I think we were meant for something big. We were met with the responsibility of governing over the world. Like the gods of Greece, we should protect from evil, and hold everything in balance.”
She sat there quiet for a moment, when she finally asked, “Well, if you’re this Zephyros guy, who are me and Jacob?”
This caused me to think, so we decided to check online. After several searches for sleep, young, water, and other key words, I finally had a list for all the people on that day.
My sister, who turned out to be the goddess of youth, Hebe, was now in a happy mood. So while we moved Jacob, Hypnos the god of sleep, to his bed. Once we got him to lie down, Madison asked what we’re going to do.
So I turned to her and said, “Tomorrow, we become gods.”
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readaholic This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Feb. 5, 2012 at 2:30 pm
Again, I like the idea, but I think it just needs...MORE. You never explain the ambrosia (unless you do later) and there's other stuff that really just needed to be explained. You have this great idea, but I think you need to let the audience in on a few of the minor (but necessary) details.
readaholic This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. replied...
Feb. 5, 2012 at 2:31 pm
((oh, and sorry, I meant to give it four stars :S oops. Why does it sometimes ask to submit, and sometimes it does it right away?!?))

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