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An Unforgettable Quest

By , Lawrenceville, NJ
Author's note: If you know of the show Supernatural, then you may love this. In this, Sam and Dean (or Matt)...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: If you know of the show Supernatural, then you may love this. In this, Sam and Dean (or Matt) don't hunt supernatural beings, they are just regular wine makers in Italy. What inspired me to do this was the idea of making a Supernatural story without the paranormal stuff, but still Supernatural and suspenseful. I know, I make no sense, but you may get it after you read my story.
BTW, see if you can spot all the Supernatural references  « Hide author's note
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Prank City

It couldn’t have been long after dawn when I woke up. I was starving and got some food to eat, then I put a plastic spoon in Matt’s mouth as a prank. No more than two minutes later, he woke up. He was confused with the spoon in his mouth, then he ‘spat’ it out.
“You’re really gonna start this up again Sammy?” he asked. “We’re not kids anymore.”
“Start what up?” I responded.
“That prank stuff! It’s stupid and it always escalates!”
“Ah, what’s
how many did you spot
the matter Matt scared you’re gonna get a little Nair in your shampoo again?”
“Alright, but remember, you started it.”
“Bring it on!"
"Hey, are you hungry, I’m starving.” I showed him my food and he also grabbed some. Then he got the Ferrari back on the road and we started driving again. After an unknown amount of miles, I noticed that the car was low on gas. We followed the road to a nearby town and got gas. A mechanic offered to fix our car up, but we refused. However, we did ask where the where a motel.
“Two blocks down and take a right and you’ll find the Elysian Fields hotel,” he said. We thanked him and drove to the place. It was a nice hotel, included a bar and restaurant. The first thing I did was to go get us a room while Matt went to the bar and got a beer. He flirted with this hot chick, but struck out. We ate lunch at the restaurant, then went to the room. Matt went off to the library to see if he could find anything about Alistair while I took a shower. When I got out, I put my clothes on and felt a burning sensation, but chose to ignore it. I met Matt at the library to see if he found out anything.
“The guy is really under the radar, but I did find one thing about him,” Matt said. “He owns, or rather owned, a large factory that produced wine bottles. In the article, it says that it was shut down due to a tip from John Wesson that the factory was using illegal products. It closed down on October 2, 1985.”
“That was just one month before I turned six months old. Now it all makes sense. Dad took away all of Alistair’s company his ‘family’, and then he took away Mom to get back at Dad. We weren’t allowed to go in Beatrice because Dad didn’t want Alistair’s men getting us.”
“But what I don’t get,” Matt responded, “is why he killed mom? Why not kill Dad, he was right there.”
“I don’t know Matt,” then I paused and twitched, “but I think that I’m allergic to our soap or something.” Then Matt started laughing as he walked out. “You did this?” I asked. Matt laughed again. “You’re a friggin’ jerk!” I yelled to him. We walked and went into the Ferrari. Matt drove to the hotel so that we could start to get on the road again. We both got and went to the room and got our stuff. I made sure I got out before Matt to pull a prank.
I met him downstairs; I was waiting outside the car. He got in, turned the radio on and blasted the Mexican tunes I turned it to. I peered in the car, not wanting to hear the music.
“What the?” Matt screamed after he turned it off. I laughed and then got in the car. “Alright Sammy, truce?”
“Yeah, truce... at least for the next hundred miles.” I responded. Then we left.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 7 8 9 10 11 12 ... 15 Next »

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EMJOLIE said...
Apr. 9, 2012 at 5:50 pm
I really enjoyed this novel. I think you had the perfect amount of detail as well! Great work
CountryPopGirl said...
Apr. 9, 2012 at 5:57 pm

Thanks soooo much. Whenever i asked my family how it was they would say something like "It's fine" or "It's sounds like you just wrote down what you saw on a TV show"

the first response bugged me because I hate the word fine (don't ask)

the second was actually what I was going for. You get a kind of movie in your head as you read it.


Anyway, thanks for the comment.

Also, the tpo comment was when I first published it. I forgot a chapter, but i fixed it... (more »)


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