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The Black Cat

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Chapter 1

It is dark. Most people say that the dark is nothing, just an empty space waiting to take you away, or a journey into a world without light. The dark, however, is what some things call home. You cannot see it with your own two eyes, at first that is, until they come up behind you and make themselves known. What happens next, you run, scream, or some people start swinging away. Yeah, that is my life, the life of a black cat.
You cannot choose your life; everyone knows that. Therefore, life on the streets comes with being born into a homeless family. I was born into a family of twelve, the fourth of the family to be exact. I was born only four years ago, kicked out of the box my parents call home at two, forced to provide for myself, and try to survive. It is not easy like some would think; there is danger at every corner, and finding a decent meal is like finding a needle in a haystack.
I usually have to get my food in the dumpster behind the deli on the corner, as well as many other cats. Humans on the other hand, have it all on the sides of their house in bags just ready to be opened. It is like gifts on Christmas morning. However, that is just for us stray cats. “House cats,” have the life. They can sleep in fluffy, comfortable beds all day, and then they‘re given food that I’ll never find prepared like that out on the streets. It is just those little, fatuous outfits that they put on those cats and they also remove the cats’ claws, which those facts alone are just too much for me.
Humans, or should I say savage creatures, what did we ever do to them? Walk up for your first meal all week and they throw shoes at you and tell you to scram. They have enough food that is why they throw it out. Then they go into what they call, “home,” a huge square mansion that is big, much bigger then my old box. In addition, it is much bigger than the old newspaper piles, behind the abandoned Local News building, where I sleep. Those papers are good insulators from the wind and bitterness of the night, for the most part. Until an occasional stray dog walks by me for its personal amenities.
A stray cat’s life isn’t all it’s worked up to be. With humans on top, that puts us closer to the bottom of this life. We’re striving to survive in this crazy place. That place, is called life. It is not that I have a strong animosity for the world; it is just that the world seems to have repugnance for me…
“Splash,” goes a car driving down the block, going over a puddle, which lands on me. I hate when it rains, it leaves puddles everywhere, which if they’re in the street they usually end up on me. Once I finally dry myself off, my hair is all puffy. Which means I am a walking cotton ball, the new title which will come back to haunt me. I hate that I am a black cat; everyone thinks you are cursed or something, so those people in my path run from me. I do not like this very much. I am not a vicious animal; I am just a friendly cat. “Ah! A cat,” squeals a little girl in the café, jumping out from her seat and knocking the chair over to the ground. “Shoo you stupid cat,” yells a man drinking a cup of coffee, swinging his newspaper at me like I am a fly after food. “Oh no, get that cat away from me, I am averse to them,” screams a stout woman in a pink dress, falling back and knocking down a table. “Someone call animal control,” yells an elderly man with a hoarse voice, sitting on a nearby bench.
I decided that it is best if I ran, unless I would be hit with a shoe, again. I ran and ran until I could not run any longer. I ran passed the post office, which the mailmen were just getting ready to start their commute. I ran past several other buildings as well, such as the several apartment buildings down Sanspree Avenue. Even though those dogs were on chains, I am always afraid that they will break free. I wasn’t going to let that happen today. So I decided to run as fast as I could, until I knew I was safe. After about ten minutes of running I decided to stop. I had reached Downtown. I had never been in this part of the town before. My paws were battered up so bad from the running that there was red liquid starting to gush out of my paw. I had never experienced that before, I have only seen it on other dogs after a fight, and the incident.
So I was lost and did not know where to go. I was not turning back down Sanspree Avenue, I knew that for sure. I would have to find an alternative route back down to the main part of the town. I looked around at the store names to see if I knew any of them. Al’s Thrift Shop and Buona Tavola, Italian Restaurant. I did not know any of these two places. The farthest I have ever gone out of the main part of town was up to the barber shop on the corner. I will just need to find that and I will be back.
Walking around and seeing strange new faces I have never seen before scared me. I knew not to give in and show my fear so I decided to hide my fear and show great confidence. Confidence like I knew the street like the back of my paw. It was about mid-day now so I still had plenty of daylight left before the darkness of the night would creep over me. I was heading on a journey through the streets of this town. The destination was my home. Journeys are fun when you know where you are heading; if not then how will you ever know when you reached your destination?
“Hey, you,” said a black and white cat across the street, as she slowly made her way close to me, “I haven’t seen you before around town, are you new?” I looked at her and stopped in my tracks and said, “No, I live down near Main Street; I am just a little far from home right now.” The cat ran her eyes up and down me, “Alright then, just take a left on Franklin down to Autumn Avenue and make a right, you’ll be there in no time. In the meantime would you care to stop in with the rest of us cats for a bit?” I just wanted to get home now, and maybe find a little something to eat, I stared at the other cats all sitting on a stoop to the apartment across the street. I looked at her and said, “It has been a long day, I just want to get home for now, maybe next time if I return back to this part of town.” She stood there and nodded her head, “Okay then, see you around,” she said as she turned around and headed back to the group of cats. I headed my way down the street and headed towards Franklin Street. I had to make a right down Franklin, or was it a left?
Later that day as I finally made it back to my neighborhood, but by that time it was already starting to get dark. I decided not to walk near the butcher’s market on Main Street. I had enough running and the butcher would just chase me out with the knife like he usually does. I instead decided to walk home in the moonlight, with the light on the corner flickering away as always. I like walks home at night, only here however, anywhere else will be like traveling into the unknown. Walking home isn’t that bad if you’re safe, you hear the blues music played by the homeless on their saxophones, the fluorescent red and green lights flickering on the front window of the pizzeria, and no sounds of car horns beeping at one another. If you are a cat like me, you may run into a problem here or there.
“Look who came to dinner,” said a nearby voice inching closer to me. “What do we have here?” Another voice said sounding even more closely than the first voice. I looked around standing under the street light as the dark figures circled around me. Dogs, they are a cat’s worst enemy, teaming up to pick on a cat. There were three of them; one being a Shiba Inu, who had brown eyes and fur was a salt and pepper color. The other was a German shepherd, who had a vicious snarl and was all black. The third and the leader of the group was a Boxer. He had a brindle color, and his nails were as sharp as glass and had a face that you did not want to play with. “What are you doing ’round these parts of town?” The Boxer had said walking towards me stopping right in front of me. “Just walking home, that’s all,” I had said staring up to this huge beast of a dog. “Well there’s a little problem ‘bout that,” said the Boxer looking back at his two accomplices smiling at them.
“I’m not looking for any trouble,” I said backing away from them into the sidewalk. “Well, you’re on our ground, you see this, this is our neighborhood; and were not going to let some little prissy cat prance around like nothing,” said the Boxer signaling for the others to go behind me. “Yeah, were not going to let you get away,” said the German shepherd. “Shut up I just said that,” said the Boxer, scratching the dog next to him. “Sorry, boss,” said the German shepherd whimpering. “Sorry don’t cut it, I’ll deal with you later; but for now let’s deal with our little feline friend,” said the Boxer as the three dogs inched in on me. So suddenly, they circled around me like during a school fight or like a pack of wolves about to attack their prey. All I remember was the sight of them leaping at me. The next thing I knew I had fallen comatose.

As I woke up it was bright outside and the warm summer rays were shining on my black coat. I looked around and I did not smell or feel concrete. I was not in the streets, as I was when they attacked me. I was lying in a pile of grass. The green grass had grown a great height since I had last seen the park. I have not been in this park in a while, ever since the incident…
“Can we go home yet, brother?” My younger brother asked tugging on my fur. “Not yet,” I said looking around the bushes for movement. “But it’s getting dark out, you know mom and dad don’t like us out past dark,” he said in a trembling voice looking up at the sky. “Relax, we’ll be going home in a few minutes, we’re just waiting for someone,” I said trying to calm him down. “Ok, but hurry up this place frightens me at night,” he said. After an hour more of standing there a dark shadow appeared out of the darkness. “Who are you?” I asked. They did not respond, then there red eyes appeared glowering at us. Then, more red eyes appeared around us. I looked around at the dozens of eyes surrounding me and my brother. I knew who it was, and I knew why they told me to be here.
“No, how could you do this to me, I trusted you,” I screamed out into the darkness. “The less there are of us the better,” said my betraying friend sighing. I shook my head in astonishment and trembled saying, “Why me though? I...” “Life is cruel, ok? I’m sorry but with you out of the way, we could increase business,” he said walking up to me, “It is the boss’s orders, you know I can’t betray him.” Then the ferocious cats swarmed over my brother and me. They swung there claws at me scratching my face and ripping open from my nose to my mouth. I had managed to escape after getting the sharp claws tearing into my stomach. I was getting dizzy, and the world seemed to be spinning around me, but then I saw an opening. As soon as I got away I heard the screeching sound of my brother, I had left him behind. I quickly ran to him, but by then it was too late. The cats dispersed and he was lying there, dead.
I did not know what to do. I could not face my parents and tell them what happened. They have loved my brother more than anyone else in the family, but I was his favorite brother and he loved to go with me wherever I went. As I slowly walked home, I could not get what had happened out of my head. It was the longest walk of my life walking back across the park and into the back alley.
As I got to the box, my parents ran out frantically toward me, “Where’s your brother? You were supposed to take care of him. Do you have any idea what time it is?” I stood there silent for about a minute just staring at my parents, but I finally managed to open my mouth and tell them. “He’s dead,” I said, “We were attacked by other cats and it was rough, and they killed him. I am sorry I tried to help him.” My mom ran away back to the box crying. “I don’t believe you! What is wrong with you?” My father yelled at me, waking up my other brothers and sisters in the boxes around. “It’s not like I knew that we were going to get attacked, it is just what happened,” I said pleading to my parents starting to cry. “Get out of here, we never want to see you again,” My father said turning away and walking back in disappointment. I obeyed my father and walked away from my family.
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hiddenbird122 said...
Aug. 27, 2011 at 11:34 am
i loved it! especially the ending :)
blackknight replied...
Aug. 27, 2011 at 12:27 pm
thank you!

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