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Soul Slayer

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I woke up to the sound of a bird. I opened my eyes to see I was now in a white room with a window. A bird was sitting on the edge of the window and singing. I looked at my body to see a white pair of sheets over me while in a sitting up position in a soft bed. My shoulder was wrapped up and I was in a gown. “Hello?” I asked the room and a nurse quickly opened the door.
“Miss? Are you awake?” The nurse asked as she walked in. She saw me and her kind face brightened. She was a beautiful,
this is not finished
petit brunet who seemed nice. “Well good morning! Are you feeling okay?”
I nodded. “But where are the people who came with me to the hospital?” I asked.
“They went home after your surgeries at about 10 last night. They said they would be coming back early, so I presume they are in the lobby downstairs waiting to hear from the doctor about your condition,” She replied kindly, “If you want I can bring you down to see them. How does that sound?”
“I’d love to,” I said, “I think I gave the kids a scare.”
“Are those two yours?” She asked and I nodded. “So you were the lady who saved the school of children yesterday, right? I must thank you for that. My niece was at that school.”
“I just wanted to help, you don’t need to thank me.” I said kindly and she smiled. She ran out of the room and quickly came back with a wheelchair. I looked at her oddly.
“The doctor said that because of your stomach injury you wouldn’t be able to walk for a day or two.” She explained and called for someone. A man came in and helped me into the wheelchair. The nurse pushed me out of the room and down the hall. We went into a waiting room and she looked around but quickly pushed me to the side so I couldn’t be seen. I didn’t know why she had, but didn’t say anything of it. She ran to Hajji and the kids to talk to them. She took the hand of each kid and Hajji followed her. She brought them to me and the two kids started crying. Tis was the first to get to me and he crawled into my lap as he hugged me.
“Hope!” He cried into my gown and I hugged him with one arm, as I felt better to see he was well.
“Come here Jamie. I want to say hello to you too.” I said as she quickly came to my side and I hugged her. Hajji smiled as I looked at him and so did the nurse. He turned to her and looked serious.
“So how bad are her wounds?” Hajji asked and the kids turned to the nurse too.
“Her shoulder, back, and side should heal soon, but her stomach…”
“What about it? Was it punctured?” He asked and she nodded, “Is there anything to do about it?
“The doctor tired all he could to fix it, but it isn’t fully going to recover,” She explained, “Also, two ribs were broken so those will take a while to heal.”
I stared at the nurse. “Wait, so how long will I be here?”
“About a month or so.”
“But I’m leaving the country tomorrow!” I protested.
“You are in no condition to even leave the hospital. Leaving the country is out of the question,” The nurse replied and the kids started crying, “Miss Rory!” Someone called from the front desk and the nurse left.
“But if you don’t go you will die!” Tis cried as he snuggled my gown. I put both of my arms around him and he looked at me.
“It’s okay Tis.”
“No it isn’t! We’ll lose you!” Jamie protested and I looked at her with nothing but sorrow to show.
“Jamie, please. I know it’s hard to think of, but you were ok without me before. You two have your father and Miss Fall.”
“But we don’t have you!” Tis protested to me.
“Let’s not think about this right now. Just focus on today and our time together.” I said and they nodded. The nurse came back to me and seemed shaken.
“Miss, there is someone here to see you.” She said quietly.
“Mr. Hantaru.” She said as she blushed and I looked at the ground. “He insists on seeing you right now.”
I nodded. “Bring him back.” I whispered and looked at Hajji. “You three should go. A vampire is coming.”
“Who is he?” Hajji asked.
“My guardian.” I whispered as the kids got off of me.
“Kids go out to the car with Miss Fall and she will drive you to school. I will stay with Hope.” Hajji said and they left. Then he turned to me. “I’m not going to give up.” He whispered as the nurse came back with a handsome man behind her. She was blushing because of the tall, handsome man with black hair and brown eyes.
“Hello Hope.” Yuuki said kindly and the nurse took a hold of my wheelchair, but Yuuki put his hand on her shoulder. “Miss, I’ll take Hope to her room. You should go see your other patients.” He said and she nodded. She left and Yuuki took a hold of the wheelchair. He noticed Hajji for the first time and frowned. “Who are you?”
“Yuuki, this is Hajji. He was my brother’s best friend and is just staying with me for the day. Please be kind to him.” I said and Yuuki nodded. He pushed me to my room and Hajji shut the door. Yuuki helped me back into the bed from before.
“I came into town late last night to come get you but when I went to Ruby she told me you were in the hospital,” He said, “She’s going to come visit tonight after her classes and will be bringing your stuff with her.”
“Are we still going tomorrow?” I asked and he nodded.
“But she’s injured! She can’t leave!” Hajji protested and Yuuki stared at him.
“Be quiet half-breed!” He barked and then turned to me. “Why was your brother friends with such a rude half-breed and why are you following the trend?”
“We can’t read his soul, Yuuki. He’s just like you,” I said and Hajji looked shocked, “Soul slayers are attracted to those we can’t read.”
Yuuki nodded and moved on. “On the news I heard it was a magic user that attacked you, whom was it?”
“My brother. He was manipulated and came back to life as a soul seeker. He tried to kill a child I am fond of and me, but I killed him.”
“Considering your wounds it looks like death didn’t take any of your brother’s fighting skills,” He smirked, “But who manipulated him?”
“I don’t know. I couldn’t read his soul. Whoever it was is very strong.”
Yuuki put his hand on my cheek and smiled. “Could you ask the half-breed to leave us for a while?” He asked.
“Hajji, please give us 5 minutes.” I said and he nodded. He left and Yuuki helped me stand even thought I was not supposed to. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled us together with no gap. His eyes turned red and he smiled.
“I’ll heal all the wound, just endure the pain for a little while.” He whispered and then I felt his soft hair against my shoulder at the same time as the sizzle of his bite. He started drinking and pulled me tighter to him. I held onto his shoulders as the door opened. Hajji came in and stared at us.
“What the hell are you doing to Hope?” Hajji yelled.
“Hajji! Stop! He’s not hurting me! He’s fixing my wounds!” I explained, “Now please close the door and lock it.” He did as Yuuki’s fangs came out of my neck and he licked the mark.
“Almost done.” Yuuki whispered through heavy breaths and then his teeth went back in. I tensed and then looked at the ceiling. It kept me distracted until Yuuki’s fangs came out of my neck. I lay onto the bed and Yuuki stared at me like Hajji.
“So why didn’t this guy get the effects of your blood like the other?” Hajji asked me curiously as he walked over to my bed. He sat next to my head and brushed the hair that had fallen in my face away.
“Yuuki and you cannot be affected by my blood as far as I know. Your type can’t be harmed by it like the rest.” I explained.
“That is why she is supposed to marry me. No one else can,” He said and then smiled, “Well except for a half breed like you.”
“Yuuki, stop it. Now.” I ordered and he frowned. “Sorry Hajji. He thinks he’s the best thing in the world. He really didn’t mean that.”
“But I’m sure he did. He’s just like the rest of the royals.” Hajji said as he looked at Yuuki who stared him down.
“What’s that supposed to mean half breed?”
“That all royals are arrogant asses. That’s all.” Hajji said and Yuuki started around the bed to attack him. I quickly sat up and stood in front of Hajji.
“Don’t touch him.” I hissed and Yuuki looked shocked.
“Why the hell are you defending a half breed?”
“Because Hajji is right! You’re an ass Yuuki and you’re just getting all defensive because you know he is a threat to our marriage.”
“But he isn’t royal! He can’t save you!”
“He’s really not even a half breed, Yuuki. He’s actually the queen’s forbidden son! So he is more royal than you are, but he doesn’t want to have that title! If he takes a title he will end up just like you! An egotistic man craving for power!” I yelled, “The only reason you want to marry me is so you can become powerful! You don’t even love me Yuuki! We were just friends and you decided to use that friendship to take advantage of my power! But now I know what love feels like!”
“Oh? And who do you love now?” He asked with a smirk.
“Who do you think genius? I’ve pretty much spelled it out for you!” I yelled and then calmed down. I put my hands on my hips and tilted to the right slightly. “I’m in love with Hajji. If you or anyone has a problem with that you’ll have to deal with me.” I said firmly and Yuuki laughed.
“You’re just like your brother, aren’t you? Stubborn and on your death bed.”
“Are you saying I’m going to die like my brother?” I asked and he smiled.
“Well facts are facts, Hope.” He laughed and I frowned. I slapped the side of his face and he turned back to me in anger.
“I’m not heartless like you, Yuuki. I would never say you would die like your parents, but you think it’s okay to say I’m going to die like my brother? What happened to my best friend? Where did the Yu Han I started to fall in love with go?” He frowned but said nothing. I went over to the other side of the bed and looked at the floor. “Thank you for your assistance today Sir Hantaru. I look forward to us meeting soon.”
“Now don’t get like that.” He said sympathetically as he came near me.
“I will have Satashi and Ruby drive me to my surgery. So your duties in this town are finished,” I whispered and then looked at Hajji, “Let’s get out of here.” I said and he nodded. He came to me and I took his hand. We walked out of the room and I told the nurse I was transferring hospitals. She let me go with a little help of my powers and we got out. Hajji had a car outside that wasn’t the one Miss Fall had taken and we got in it. We were quiet the whole way and when we went inside.
“You want something to eat?” Hajji asked me when he shut the front door behind us. I shook my head and he looked confused.
“First I want to get out of this stupid dress thing.” I said and he nodded. I went upstairs and changed into a pair of checkered pajama pants and a black tank top. I went downstairs to see Hajji sitting on the couch looking at the vase I had fixed. When I reached the last step Hajji looked up at me and I smiled. I went over to him and sat.
“When did you do this?” He asked curiously.
“Before that Hunter came here.” I said and he smiled.
“A lot has been happening lately.”
“That’s because my surgery’s coming soon.” I said and he nodded. He looked at his hands but was shocked when I put my cold hand against his warm face. I put my fingers against his cheek and turned his head gently to face me. “Hajji, I meant what I said about loving you. I really did.” I said and he smiled. I kissed him and he kissed back. He leaned me over on the couch and talked between heavy breaths.
“Now we can finish what we’ve started.” He said and I knew it was time for me to die now because I had finally found peace and love.
Hajji kissed my neck, then moved to the small part of my breast at the top of my tank top and kissed it. He looked to my eyes and I could feel his soul become engulfed in purple of lust. He kissed my lips again and moved his tongue. I kissed back as he slid my shirt off and kissed me more.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 3 4 5

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headoverheels44 said...
Oct. 22, 2011 at 1:30 pm
Thank you everyone for the great ratings! I am happy people actually like my writing, since it is my whole world :)
Amster said...
Sept. 16, 2011 at 6:01 am
I really enjoyed reading this. I look forward to reading more of your work. ^_^
Garnet77 This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Aug. 4, 2011 at 2:33 am
I like the idea of this, though I spotted a few grammatical errors and some run-on sentences, but those are pretty easy to fix. I liked some of your descriptions, and the story itself is very interesting. Good job :)

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