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Soul Slayer

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I started to get up but Hajji already had. “Stay here.” He said and I nodded. He opened the door and I heard deep voices.
“Are you Mr. Satashi?” A man asked.
“I am Officer Sataru. We couldn’t get a hold of you by phone, so I came here personally because there is an emergency at your child’s school.” The man said and I ran to the door.
“What happened to Josh and Jamie?” I asked and he looked at me.
“Who are you?”
“I’m their mother. Now what happened to them?”
“Well Mrs. Satashi, an unnatural force has been inflicted on the school and we are doing all we can to try to save the kids. But a man that is controlling the unnatural force has taken your son, Josh, as a hostage and is threatening to kill him if we do not let him leave the school,” He said, “We need you two there so we can try to get the child out of there.” My heart stopped and tears warned to run down my face.
“What type of unnatural man is this person?”
“He is an unknown type of unnatural being. We have never seen something like this.” The officer replied.
“Then lets go.” I said and Hajji took my hand in his. We went to the officer’s car and he drove to the school. Outside of the school there was a surrounding of police cars and in the air were news choppers. I quickly got out of the car and froze. I let go of Hajji’s hand and grabbed the sides of my head. My mind was filled with the sad pleads of saving by many young souls. The children were all scared and they called to me. I opened my eyes and looked at the school itself. A gold shimmering barrier went around the school and made the school look blurry. The gold stopped my heart and I leaned over.
“Mrs. Sataru!” The officer yelled and then both he and Hajji came over to me. I quickly stood normally and looked at them.
“Officer, do you see anything around the school?” I asked.
“Yes, I can see the gold like barrier, but I’ve never had an encounter with a gold power user. I’ve never even seen anything like it.”
“Officer, no one other than me will be able to get through this barrier right now. I am this type of power user and will get that barrier down, but I need your forces to be ready at a moments notice, okay?” I asked as he nodded.
He called his policeman to let me through them but when I started to walk off Hajji grabbed my arm. “Let me come with you, Hope.”
“I can’t Hajji. I need to be by myself because I can’t protect you in there.” I said and then ran away. I went into the barrier and immediately was electrocuted. I gasped but kept myself from falling on the ground. I quickly stood as everything outside of the barrier disappeared. I quickly went to the front of the school and opened the front door. No light was in the school and the halls were still. “Hello?” I yelled but all that answered was my echo. I closed my eyes and focused on Tis’s soul. I finally found it upstairs in the gym. I went to the first door I saw and tried to open it, but it was locked. I took a few steps back and pointed my hands at the door. Gold streams flew at it and it swung open. I saw a group of children in the back of the room crying as they saw me. I took a step into the room and heard something moving through the air. I quickly grabbed at the thing that was flying at the side of my head and squeezed it. I looked over to see a scared looking teacher staring back at me.
“Stay away from the children!” She hissed but I let go of the broom in my hands and turned to her. I stuck my hand out to her and she looked confused.
“Don’t worry. I’m helping the police force and am here to get you out. But I need your help. Can you trust me?” I asked and the lady nodded. She shook my hand cautiously. “Now, I need you to send a message to all the other teachers in the school to tell them to take their classes to the front of the school and to stay quiet through the halls. If they are upstairs, tell them to all go to the west staircase and to stay away from the gym because the man that is here is staying there.”
“But what about the child he has as a hostage?” She asked.
A young girl in the class ran through the darkness to us. “He’s my brother! Please! You have to save him!” The girl yelled and I recognized her voice.
“Jamie?” I asked and she moved closer to me. In the darkness I could make out her facial features. “Jamie, it’s me. Hope.”
Jamie hugged me as she cried. “Hope! You came for us!”
“Who are you anyways?” The teacher asked.
“I am Jamie and Josh’s soon-to-be mother.” I said and the teacher smiled. She ran to her computer and sent a message to the other teachers. She came back after a few minutes and looked at me as Jamie went back to the other students.
“They are all coming now.” She said and I nodded.
“Follow me with your class outside.”
“Come on kids.” She said and they were as quiet as church mice as I lead them outside. We waited a moment until all the teachers showed up with us. I brought them all to the same part of the barrier.
“What are you going to do? The barrier won’t let us out.” The principal said as he joined my side. I smiled.
“I can open it for a few seconds, so I need all the teachers to help get the children out in that time.” I said and he nodded. He went to the teachers and told them what to do. They all got behind the kids and I breathed in as I closed my eyes. I pointed my hands at the barrier and then opened my eyes. A thick gold streak flowed in the air until it hit the barrier and then it turned an odd black color. I focused on the barrier and a small piece of the barrier disappeared. “Go!” I yelled and a storm of people flew past me. The barrier started to try to close on me again as they went through and I fought it to stay up. When the teachers got through I put down my hands and the barrier re-appeared. I ran back to the school and opened the door. I ran up the stairs to the right of the door and went up to the second floor of the school. I ran to the gym and opened the door. I looked around the large room and saw Tis in the middle of it, tied to a chair.
“Hope!” He cried through tears as I went to the back of the chair and started to untie his hands but was stopped when a stream of gold hit my side. I yelled as I slid across the waxed floor with a screeching sound. I quickly stood up and looked at my side. Blood poured out of my side and it hurt like hell. I grabbed my side as a man walked over towards me. He clapped and the lights of the room turned on. He was next to Tis’s chair and I saw his face finally. He had deep brown, shaggy hair that fell around his face in a skater style and fit his face perfectly. His gold eyes shimmered as his pale skin shined. He had on a pair of jeans and a black short sleeve shirt on. He smiled at me as he leaned on the chair Tis was in.
“It’s been a while, Hope.” He said and my heart skipped a beat. His hand went on Tis’s head. “It seems since last time we met you have become very fond of this boy here. Also the same for his sister and their father.” He took his hands off of Tis and walked closer to me. “You’re a soul slayer. Why are you associating with half-breeds like this young boy? Shouldn’t you be on an operation table getting ready to become a vampire’s slave?” He asked and then laughed, “Well I guess you don’t have to become their slave. You may in fact end up like me and Dad.”
“Brother.” I whispered.
“That’s right, Hope. I was your brother, well until I died so long ago,” He said with a smile, “But now I have become the opposite of a soul slayer. I have become a soul seeker,” He explained, “That means I take the souls of innocent children to keep from dying. Also, I am now supposed to kill the last soul slayer because you will kill me if I don’t kill you first.”
“Why do you want his soul? Of all children, why him?”
He chuckled. “For two reasons, one he is the son of a ‘hirugami’ and two you love him. I get the benefit of a semi-perfect soul and I get to see you suffer.”
Tears beckoned to pour down my face but I kept them at bay. “Why do you want to make me suffer? I thought you loved me! You’re my beloved brother and that boy is your best friend’s son!” I yelled, “Has dying made you hate the ones you loved?”
He smiled. “It has. I hate you because you keep me from living and I hate Hajji because I cannot have his precious soul.”
Tears started down my cheeks but I quickly brushed them away. “Even if you are my brother and I love you, you are dead. You shouldn’t be alive anymore. Your time is gone. And I will never let you hurt Tis! I love him as much as I used to love you, but as far as I’m concerned you are not my brother anymore! Now you are just Rei the soul seeker I must kill!” I said firmly and he laughed. I threw a stream of gold towards him and he jumped out of the way. I ran as fast as I could to Tis as he threw a stream towards me. I dogged it but still ran towards Tis. I undid his hands and he was free. I quickly picked him up and held him like a baby. I ran towards the windows as a stream was thrown at me. It hit my back but I kept running. I hit the glass window with my shoulder and jumped through the frame. The ground was far away and I knew if I just fell like this and tried to stand I would break both of my legs. I quickly put a gold barrier around Tis and I as we went towards the ground. When we hit the ground the Barrier slowly set us down and then it diapered. My brother stood at the frame of the window and smiled. I put down Tis as I noticed the barrier around the school was gone. “Tis run to the group and go to your dad. Make sure he doesn’t come to help me.” I ordered. He nodded and ran like a bullet. My brother jumped from the window as I heard gunshots, but they were deflected from my brother by a dim gold barrier around him. He stood a few feet from me and threw six streams at me. I held up a barrier and they disappeared when they touched it. I quickly formed a gold gun and pointed it at my brother. He did the same as I started shooting gold bullets at him. He dogged them and bullets were fired at me. I dogged them except for the one that hit my shoulder. I fell to the ground and the area went silent as I cried out. My brother laughed in the quietness as he walked towards me. He came towards me and kicked my side. His boot hit my stomach hard and I coughed. He pulled his foot back to kick me again but when it got close enough I grabbed it and pulled him off his feet. He fell as I stood and jumped on top of him. I pinned him down and he struggled as I formed a dagger in my right hand. I jabbed it into his heart and he let out a scream. I quickly came off him as blood poured from his heart. He was breathing hard like me and it hurt too. I made a bow and arrow with my gold aura and pointed the arrow at my weak brother as he ran towards me. He knocked the bow out of my hand and shoved me to the ground. I struggled as he kept me down.
“Hope!” I heard Hajji yell from the side and I looked over. He was running towards me and I quickly pushed my brother off of me.
“Get away, Hajji!” I yelled as I watched my brother quickly get off the ground.
“Why is Rei alive?”
“He’s turned into a soul seeker and wants to kill Tis!” I yelled as I picked up the bow and arrow. I shot my brother square between the eyes and he feel over. My brother pulled it out and laughed.
“A measly arrow can’t kill the dead!” He laughed and then turned to Hajji, “So this is whom your soul calls to? You love Hajji now?” He asked and I hissed.
“Touch him and I’ll kill you, soul seeker!” I yelled as I ran towards him. He moved his hands to his face to block the punch he thought I was going to throw, but I lifted my right foot and the dagger in his heart pushed further in. He hollered of pain and then ran at me. He grabbed my neck with both hands and squeezed before I could stop him. I started chocking as I felt power flow through my veins, but my brother was ahead of me. He took one hand off my neck and pointed it at my stomach. I felt something pierce my stomach badly. I screamed and then kicked him away. I looked at my stomach to see a spear that went straight through my stomach and out my back. My legs shook from the lack of blood since blood covered below the rod and onto the ground to form a puddle. “S***.” I gasped as I took a hold of the daggered rod and pulled it out. I cried as it came out bloody and I saw the hole in my body. I quickly threw the daggered rod at my brother and towards a spot below his heart. I quickly followed the rod as it flew through the air. I moved at the speed of a skilled soul slayer and was proud. I pulled the daggered rod out and a black glowing thing I knew only I could see came out. It was the soul of the dead man in front of me. My brother screamed and did like most un-mortal beings. He vanished and so did his manipulated soul as I fell to my knees.
“Hope!” Hajji yelled as I put my hands on the ground in front of me. He ran to me and sat down next to me. I was breathing hard and shaking.
“Hope!” Jamie and Tis yelled as they ran towards us, but the officer from before stopped them. “Let go of me!” Jamie yelled, “I have to go to her!”
“Young girl, your mother needs to go to the hospital.” He said as he walked towards me. He tugged on Hajji’s shirt and Hajji stood. The officer knelt beside me. “Mrs. Sataru, you were very brave today. Everyone here owes you very much because you saved all of these kids.” He said kindly. I didn’t look at him.
“Get all the children away. I can’t let them see my stomach or they will be frightened.” I whispered.
“Mommy!” Tis yelled as he ran to me but Hajji stopped him.
“Tis she can’t even get up. She needs to go with the officers so she can get help from the hospital.” Hajji said as Jamie joined.
“But I want to go with her!” Jamie yelled.
“The three of you may come with her, but go to the group until her wounds are covered. It is her wish for you not to see her yet.” The officer said and I heard Hajji lead the two kids away. A siren went off and I heard the tires close to me. I slightly looked up and saw two men with a stretcher coming towards me. The two of them and the officer helped me stand and got me into the stretcher. They quickly covered my stomach because I could hear them wanting to throw up from the sight of it. The two men picked the stretcher up and put it into the back of the car. The officer called Hajji and he came to me with the kids in tow. The three of them and the officer got into the ambulance and the car drove off. Hajji was sitting on a bench next to the officer and the kids were beside him.
“You two can come near me. It’s alright.” I said and they quickly came to the side of the stretcher. I put my hand on Jamie’s and she looked at me. “You did really well during the evacuation, Jamie. I saw you helping calm down the younger kids.” She smiled as she slightly squeezed my hand. I let go of her hand and held Tis’s hand. “Tis, you were very brave when I had to jump out the window and you did just as I told you to. Thank you.” I said quietly and he cried. I put my hand on his cheek and he looked at me. “Did that man hurt you before I got there?”
He shook his head. “He just said you would be coming for me soon,” He whispered, “But was he really your brother you told us that story about? The one who was daddy’s best friend?”
I nodded. “His soul had been manipulated and he was forced to do what happened today. Otherwise he would have never harmed you.”
“But you were forced to kill your own brother! That’s evil! Whoever manipulated his soul is evil!” Jamie said and I smiled.
“Don’t worry too much about it, Jamie,” I said, “I’ll deal with it.” I smiled at them as they sat back down. The officer cleared his throat and I looked at him.
“Miss Sataru, how bad is your injuries?” He asked me.
“My shoulder still has a bullet in it. My side and back are bleeding. But my stomach is wrecked. It may not be able to fix.”
“No! Hope can’t die! Please officer! They have to fix her stomach!” Jamie cried.
I looked at her sadly. “Don’t worry, Jamie. It will heal if they cannot repair it.”
“What immortal type of being are you anyways?” The officer asked.
“I am a soul slayer, the last of my kind to be exact.”
“Yes, the man at the school today was the only other soul slayer when he was alive.” I explained.
“And he was your brother?” The officer asked and I nodded, “Then why did he attack you and the school?”
“He knew I would do anything to save those children and his soul was being tampered with to think he hated those he loved.”
The car stopped with a squeal and the doors opened. I was hauled away as Hajji held back the kids. I was taken off the stretcher and put in a soft, white bed. The nurses and paramedics pulled me quickly down the white halls of the hospital as people moved out of the way. They quickly brought me to a white room and started yelling. Many beeping machines were in the room and made it seem extremely cluttered. A man in all white came in the door and no one spoke. He came to my side and smiled.
“Hello. I will be your emergency surgeon. Now, tell me where you are injured.” The man said kindly as the nurses and paramedics left as other doctors came in.
“There’s a bullet in my left shoulder, my right side and back are bleeding, and there is a hole going through my stomach.” I said quietly and the man pulled away the covers. His eyes widened and he quickly looked at a machine by my bed. He put a clear, formed cup around my mouth and nose.
“Breathe in slowly and close you eyes. The anesthesia will act very quickly.” He said and I did as told. Before I knew it the beeping of the machines was gone and my mind drifted into uncertainty and darkness.
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headoverheels44 said...
Oct. 22, 2011 at 1:30 pm
Thank you everyone for the great ratings! I am happy people actually like my writing, since it is my whole world :)
Amster said...
Sept. 16, 2011 at 6:01 am
I really enjoyed reading this. I look forward to reading more of your work. ^_^
Garnet77 This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Aug. 4, 2011 at 2:33 am
I like the idea of this, though I spotted a few grammatical errors and some run-on sentences, but those are pretty easy to fix. I liked some of your descriptions, and the story itself is very interesting. Good job :)

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