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Soul Slayer

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Lunch came and I went to the roof of the school. No one went up here because it was very windy, so it was the perfect place to meet my friend who wasn’t allowed on campus. When I went up there I shut the door and my friend came around the corner. She was a very beautiful vampire who was assigned to watch me since we were close friends as kids. She had on a red suit and I assumed she had just come from her college campus a few miles away. She came up to me and smiled. Her fangs were small for once, which made me feel better.
“How have you been, Hope?” She asked me and I smiled.
“Fine, and yourself?”
“Pretty good. So I got a hold of my friend I told you could help you get in contact with our king.” She said and my face brightened. “I have arranged for him to meet you at the entrance of the school after the last bell. He will tell you how to make it so you can get in touch with the king.” I hugged her and she hugged back.
“Thank you, Ruby.”
“As your protector and friend I have to help you, don’t I?” She asked and I smiled. She left after that and I went back to the mortals. All of my afternoon classes were a blur. I was too excited to meet this new vampire today. Finally my reprieve came as the last bell sounded. I quickly got my stuff together and went outside to look for the vampire I was supposed to meet and he stood out pretty well. He had on saggy jeans with a nice shirt, which stood out since everyone else was in their uniforms. I quickly went over to him and immediately felt his soul. It was covered with the scent of blood and the urge to hate. His soul was very dark and it made my stomach twist, but I ignored it. I walked over to him and smiled.
“Are you Ruby’s friend?” I asked and he nodded. I put my hand towards him. “I’m Hope. Thanks for coming to meet me.”
He shook my hand and smiled. “Satashi.” He said and then let go of my hand.
“Well I have to find out where we can go talk. Give me one second.” I said and he nodded as he lit a cigarette. I took out my cell phone and listened to my one missed message. It was from Hajji.
“I’m not gonna be home to get the kids so come over and watch them. Bye.” Hajji said angrily and the message was done. I put up the phone and smiled at the vampire.
“We’re gonna go to my house, if that’s okay?” I said and he nodded. “Alright.” I added kindly and we walked quietly to Hajji’s house. When I got there it was dark, so I turned on the lights and we went into the kitchen. He sat across from me at the 4-person table and stared. “So, Ruby said you could get me in connection with the king.” I started.
“Yea. He’s actually my grandfather.” Satashi said and my eyes widened.
“So you’re the second in line for the throne?” I asked and he nodded. ”Wow. I’ve never met any purebloods other than Ruby before.”
He smirked. “How do you know so much about us if you’re a soul slayer?” He asked and I smiled back.
“I’ve grown up with learning about vampires. All of my family did,” I said, “So do you think you could make it so I can get with the king to talk?”
“I don’t see why not. You’re the only left of your kind, so we need to keep you or who will protect us in the future?”
“Yes, but I’m supposed to die this year. How are we going to stop it?” I asked and the front door opened. The two kids ran into the kitchen and startled Satashi. I felt his soul call out to their human blood and my heart nearly broke. Satashi stood up so fast that I didn’t see him and I quickly stood. He made a powerful dash towards Jamie as she went around the corner. “Jamie!” I hollered, “Get out of here!” She saw the monster coming towards her with his fangs fully grown and I felt her soul freeze. She was frightened stiff. I used all of the power in my weak and fairly powerless un-mortal body and went to Jamie. I got in front of her right before Satashi was going to bite her, but something went wrong. Satashi bit into my neck and I froze. I quickly came out of the daze his pureblood bite put me in and looked at the two frightened children. “Jamie! Tis!” I whispered through very heavy, painful breaths, “Go to Miss Fall’s house! I’ll come get you when it’s safe! Go!” They ran out of the house faster than I had ever seen them before. I knew they were brighter than most kids and they knew a lot about the un-mortal beings that lived near them. They wouldn’t call the police like most and Miss Fall knew about my situation. She wouldn’t let them call anyone and they would all just wait at her home until I told them it was safe. The only problem was the other neighborhood kids. Unlike Tis, Jamie, and Miss Fall’s kids, whom all had un-mortal mothers, none of the children knew about the un-mortal beings that were here.
Satashi’s eyes turned from a usual red like any regular feeding vampire, and to a an odd gold color that I had never seen before, but assumed he had gotten the sickening effects from my soul slayer blood he was drinking. But out of instinct he couldn’t get his teeth out of my neck, so right before I died of too much blood loss I quickly pushed him away. His body shook from the sickness that was coming over him. It was a lot like food poisoning to those who do not drink blood. He ran off with incredible speed and was gone. My limp body hit the kitchen floor and my tears started. It took me a few minutes to finally gain enough strength to sit up, but once I had I slowly stood with the help of the wall nearest me. My breath was heavy and painful. It sent tears down my face, which I quickly wiped away. Once I had gotten myself under control I decided I should go tell the kids it was safe, so I slowly made my way over to Miss Fall’s house. Every step felt like a marathon to my pained body and it took me about two minutes to get to the neighbor’s house. I was thankful Miss Fall didn’t have stairs to her porch and slowly made my way to the door. I rang the bell and Miss Fall quickly answered. Her eyes were bowling balls. She looked at me from head to toe in a sickened way. Then she quickly brought me into her home.
“Hope…dear god!” She whispered through the hands over her mouth. I blinked back tears as Tis and Jamie came into the hall near the front door. They quickly ran to me with their arms fully open and faces covered with tears, but right before they got to me Miss Fall stopped them by grabbing their arms and they looked at her. “Kids, don’t touch Hope yet. She’s very weak right now.”
“Hope!” Jamie cried as more tears went down her face and Tis joined her. I kneeled on the ground and looked to see if Satashi had touched them. When I didn’t find anything I looked up at Miss Fall.
“Miss Fall, they’re not used to these kinds of things. They’re frightened. They need me.” I said and she let go of them. They came to me and lightly hugged me as they cried. I hugged them back and they cried more.
“Shhhhh.” I whispered to them. “I’m sorry you had to see that you two. Please don’t cry.” I said and they looked at me.
“Who was that man? Why did he try to hurt us?” Jamie asked me.
“He was actually there to help me, but the scent of your ½ human blood called to him.” I explained.
“Vampire.” Tis whispered and I nodded.
“Are you okay, Jamie? Did he touch you?” I asked and she shook her head.
“But you got bit, Hope! He took your blood!” She argued.
I put my hand on her head and smiled. “As long as you didn’t get hurt, then it’s alright.” I said and she cried again.
“Hope! You saved me!” She whispered and I smiled.
“I would never let anything harm you, Jamie. Or harm Tis. I would rather be hurt,” I smiled, “You’re my siblings.” They hugged me again and I looked up at Miss Fall. When they let go of me I spoke to Miss Fall. “Can you take care of them in the future, Miss Fall?” I asked and she nodded.
“Why does Miss Fall need to take care of us?” Tis asked.
“You two almost got hurt today because I live with you. Soon I will have to leave to keep you and your father safe. When I found out I was going to have to leave soon I asked Miss Fall to take care of you for me and she agreed.” I explained.
“I want to go with you, Hope!” Jamie protested.
“Yea!” Tis agreed.
“I can’t let you guys do that. You’ll get hurt.” I said and they looked sad.
“Dear, can you stand?” Miss Fall asked and I nodded. I tried to get up and it seemed to be going well until I was stopped by a shock that came from my bite marks and went down my spine. I cried out and quickly sat down on the ground with a loud bang. Miss Fall gasped and the kids looked sad for me. Tears streamed down my face as I put my hand on the bite marks and started breathing loud again. Miss Fall quickly came to my side and put her hand on my leg for comfort.
“Dear, just stay down until you get enough strength.” She said and I wiped my tears away. I nodded and she got up. “Come on kids; let’s go get something for Hope.” She said and the kids left with her. I lay back on the wood floor and focused on my breathing. The kids didn’t come back with Miss Fall for a while, but then the doorbell rang. Miss Fall, her kids, Jamie, and Tis went to the door and opened it. A man in a black suit came in and Miss Fall talked to him. I couldn’t see who it was from the ground, so I just watched the group. Then Miss Fall pointed towards me as she shut the door. The man turned to show me it was Hajji! My heartbeat sped and I tried to keep from looking shocked. Hajji walked over to me and kneeled beside me.
“Miss Fall called and told me what happened.” He explained and I looked at Miss Fall, who stood behind him.
“That wasn’t necessary, Miss Fall.” I said and she shook her head.
“You can’t even sit up now, Hope. I had to call Hajji.” She said and Hajji nodded.
“I’ll carry you back to the house.” He said and then came towards me. He started to pick me up with both of his arms and something pinched a nerve. I winced and he quickly stopped what he was doing. I looked away as he watched me.
“My friend will be coming for me once she finds out what happened. You can go back to your fiancé, Hajji.” I said and he frowned.
“I’m not going to let a single vampire near you again, Hope. Not after what happened today.” He said and then finally picked me up without hurting me too badly. He carried me to his house and the two kids followed. When we got to the house Hajji laid me down on a couch in the living room by the kitchen. He went to the kitchen and the kids followed. “You guys should go upstairs and get your homework done. Then you can help me with Hope, okay?” I heard Hajji ask the kids and they agreed. They ran upstairs as Hajji came back to me with a wet paper towel in his hands. He put the towel against the bite marks in my neck and it stung. I breathed heavily till the stinging calmed down. My whole body felt weak and I had trouble seeing people’s souls. Hajji sat down next to my couch on the floor and just watched me.
“Hajji?” I asked and he kneeled so I was looking right at him.
“What is it?”
“Could you hold my hand?” I asked and he looked shocked.
“But what about…” He started to say when I stared at him and he stopped.
“I just want to see something, that’s all.” I said and he nodded as he held my hand. I closed me eyes and looked straight into Hajji’s heart and soul. From his heart I felt love for his kids, love for me, hate for his fiancé, and curiosity. His soul was still as warm as ever but called straight to my soul for love. It was bright like usual, but something turned it slightly different. It took me a moment but I finally dug up what it was that was damaging his soul. He was scared, sad, and worried about today and about Miss Fall telling him during their phone call that I had asked her to look over this family once I’m gone. I had learned too much and my heart wanted to heal his heart. I quickly let go of his hand and tears rolled down my face.
“I just have so many questions.” I replied.
“Why do you hate your fiancé? Why do you love me so much? Why is your heart and soul being affected by my injuries and my leaving?” I asked and he stared.
“I don’t hate my fiancé, I just don’t love her like I should. I’m just marrying her for the kids and I’m now thinking that loving you would work better for the kids and me,” He started, “And I don’t know why I love you so much, I just do. I’ve tried to forget about you and ignore my feelings since you moved in, but it hasn’t worked. I’m too much in love with you.” He finally finished. “Also I can’t stand the thought of you being hurt. I should’ve been here; then this wouldn’t have happened. And the whole thing about you leaving just hurts me and scares me a lot.” Hajji pulled a ring out of his pocket. “By the way, I’m not engaged anymore.”
My heart skipped a beat, which hurt my weak body. “But why?”
“To show you that I want you and only you.” He said smoothly and tears warned to cover my cheeks but I kept them at bay.
“I don’t want this Hajji.” I lied.
He smiled. “When you looked into my heart you confirmed my conclusion. I felt that you love me more than I love you Hope. I didn’t think that kind of love was possible. But you’re trying to keep me at arms length so I won’t be crushed if something ever happens to you.”
“Why are you making this so hard?” I asked with a sigh.
“Because I’m stubborn and too in love with you to let you go this easily.” He whispered to me as he leaned closer to me, but he stopped when we heard both kids running down the stairs. He moved back to where he had been and looked at them. The kids ran to me and sat next to their father kindly.
“Are you feeling any better?” Tis asked me and I smiled.
“Seeing your face makes it better.” I said back and he blushed. I laughed and Hajji smiled. Then I looked at the concerned Jamie. “Now, Jamie. I want you to forget about today and what happened. It isn’t you concern. Okay?” I asked and she nodded. The doorbell rang then and Hajji stood. I quickly grabbed his arm and he looked at me. “Don’t. It’s not for you.” I said and he frowned.
“Is it a vampire?” He asked angrily.
“It’s my protector.” I said and he looked confused. I got my cell phone out of my pocket and called Ruby.
“Hello?” She asked.
“You can come in. The door’s open.” I said and the line went dead as the door opened. The beautiful vampire I knew so well came inside and I saw her eyes start to glow in the dim lighting because of the falling sun. “Ruby. Calm down.” I said and she nodded her head as her eyes stopped glowing. She came over to me and all three of the humans stepped out of the way, but then Tis stepped in front of Ruby.
“Are you here to hurt Hope?” He asked and Ruby smiled.
“No young one, I’m here to help.” She said and Tis moved out of her way. Ruby sat on the ground by me and smiled. “Satashi came to my place about an hour ago to tell me you poisoned him.”
“What! I didn’t poison him! He asked for it!” I protested and she laughed.
“I guessed as much.” She laughed and then looked at my neck. “He got you at an odd angle. What were you doing?”
“He tried to take one of my mortal’s blood and I got between him and her before he could, but he got hit with my poisonous blood.” I explained and she smiled.
“He’s still not very good at controlling his urges.” She said and I nodded. “But you’re really weak. Can you feel this thing around you?” She asked and I nodded.
“You mean the death cloud?” I asked and she agreed. “It’s been here since my blood loss. I lost too much that if I were human I would’ve died by now. Luckily my soul saved me.”
“Then this’ll hurt, but I will fix this.” She said and I nodded. She turned to the three humans watching. “But you guys cannot interfere, okay?” She asked and they nodded. “Hold still, Hope.” She said as she leaned to my neck. She kissed the marks there and then spoke. “This’ll be painful.” She whispered and then her teeth sunk in. She had gotten blood before she came here and was now giving me the extras she was holding for me. The blood made me feel less weak, but not fully recovered. She took her fangs out and stared at me. “Is that enough?”
“Yea, thanks Ruby.” I said and she put her hand out to me. I took it and she slowly helped me stand. I hugged her as she hugged me and then she looked at me oddly.
“He’s outside.” She said and my eyes widened.
“He still hasn’t told you how to get to the king or meet him. Without that you will die by next month.” She said and I looked at the ground. She put her hand on my shoulder and squeezed it slightly. I looked back at her to see her serious. “We’re not losing you like we did with the rest of your family, Hope. Now are you gonna talk to him or not?” She asked and I frowned.
“One second.” I said and she let go of me. I went over to the three mortals. “I want you guys to stay behind Ruby. She will make sure Satashi will never get to you.”
“But she’s a vampire! We can’t trust those people!” Jamie yelled at me.
I smiled at her and set my hand on her head. “Jamie, you can trust Ruby. She is my best friend and will guard you with her life.” I said and Jamie went with the other two guys to stand behind Ruby.
“Satashi, you may come in now.” Ruby called and he walked in the front door. He came to me and looked at Jamie. His eyes turned red and his fangs grew. Jamie whimpered at the sight. Before I knew it I had slapped Satashi across the face. He looked at me with shock and anger.
“What the hell was that for?” He hissed through his teeth.
“You’re trying to feed off that girl again! That’s what’s wrong! If you’re not careful I’ll give you a taste of my blood again!” I warned and he calmed down. “Now we need to finish our conversation.”
“Yea. We left off with you asking me how we were going to save you, even though you don’t even have a month left to live.” He said and I nodded. “As you know my grandfather is much too old to help you, so my father will be the one. Unlike me, he cannot be affected by your blood curse. He will take your blood from you and mix it with his; the only problem with this is you will be without blood for about a minute. When we tried this last time with your brother he failed to live because he was not strong enough to make it through the process. We have to first find out if you can make it. We have to know how powerful your slayer soul is.” He said and I frowned.
“My brother had a weak soul because he would not open it to any vampire to make his soul and the vampire’s soul stronger. But I am different. I opened my heart to Ruby.” I said and then looked at the ground. “When you people made me watch my father and brother during the process, I noticed one thing was different in them than in me.” I looked at Satashi again.
I shook my head. “I don’t know how to describe it. Something was different in their soul’s color when they got on that operation table. Weather it was fear, joy, or curiosity I do not know. But their souls glowed a color I had never seen before. It was a gold color I hadn’t seen before.” I said. “I’m still looking into that.”
Satashi got really mad and yelled. “We don’t have any time left! There’s no time to figure it out! We have to do something before your soul gives out! We only have 20 days remaining! And you’re the last of your kind!” His eyes glowed a deep red and my mind flickered. I stood there for a moment and then gasped.
“Oh my god!” I called and Satashi looked confused. “You’re eyes! When you took my blood earlier! They turned the same color as my brother and father’s souls before the surgery failed!” I called and then calmed down. “That must mean without our blood our souls are killed by poison that is left in our blood stream. But how can that be?” I asked myself and Satashi brightened.
“I will have my father look into that.” He said and I nodded. “But I will come to get you and Ruby in two weeks.” He added and then looked at Ruby. “Come on, I need you to drive me home.” He said and she nodded. The two of them left and I shut the door behind them. When it was over my heart was heavy and my brain was speeding. I looked over at the three behind me and the two kids ran to me. They hugged me tightly.
“You’re gonna die!” The cried through their tears. I sat on the ground so they could fully hug me and they did. They cried more and I soothed them until they finally stopped. Tis sat in my lap and Jamie sat on my side with her head on my shoulder.
“I didn’t want to tell you guys until the end of this month. I’m sorry you had to find out so suddenly.” I whispered to them quietly.
Tis looked at me sadly. “But why are you going to die?”
“Honey, it’s just time for me to pass on. I’m going to try to get a surgery that might keep me here with you guys for a little longer.” I said.
Jamie looked at me too. “But what if the surgery doesn’t work? What will happen to you?” She asked through many sniffles.
“I will join my family in the next life, that’s all.”
“You have a family?” Tis asked and I smiled.
“Of course I do silly.”
“But I’ve never met your family.”
I looked at him sadly. “Well my parents died long before either of you were born. But you both did meet my brother.” I said. “Jamie was 5 and Tis, you were 2. It was Christmas and my brother took me over to your house to meet the new baby named Josh.” I said and Tis brightened up.
“That’s me!” He called and I laughed.
“That’s right. My brother wanted to introduce me to his best friend’s new baby boy. Also it was the first time I ever met you, Jamie.”
“But why did your brother bring you to our house for Christmas? You had family then.” Jamie asked.
“Well all of my family has passed away and my brother knew he only had about one more year to live, so he wanted to introduce me to the person who was going to help me once my brother was gone. And guess who that was.” I said and they perked up.
“Daddy!” The hollered and I laughed.
“That’s right. Well, when my brother died a year and a half later I came to live with you three and I’ve lived here since.”
“Do you have any younger siblings?” Jamie asked.
“No. I was the youngest of my family.”
“That guy who was just here, he said you were the last of your kind. What did he mean?” Jamie asked curiously.
“Well I’m not human, as you know. I am a special type of un-mortal person. I’m called a soul slayer.” I said and they looked confused.
“What’s that?” Tis asked.
“That is a type of person who’s main goal in life is to protect humans from spirits that come back to claim their souls and to figure out how someone is hurt, sick or just how they are feeling.” I explained.
“But how can that help the vampires?” Jamie asked and I smiled.
“For most vampires my existence means nothing, but to the royal family I am very important. I can make sure the soul of the passing king goes to the new one so the pureblood power the king has will stay in the family.” I said and they nodded.
“Can you see my soul?”
I stared at Jamie for a moment and then smiled. “Yes.”
“What does it look like?”
“It is one of the warmest souls I’ve ever seen. It is a beautiful green and white color. The white means you are pure and trustworthy. The green means you are kind, caring, and an all around great girl.” I said and she brightened.
“What about me?” Tis asked.
“Your soul is very special Tis. It is not the same as your sisters, but it is very interesting. Its color is orange and blue. Usually those two colors don’t go together, but in you they do. The blue shows that you are healing from a horrible thing of the past. The orange shows you are brave, strong, and a very great boy.” I said and the looked at both of them. “But both of your souls send me a very good message. They both tell me your life after this will be much different, but very rewarding. I’m extremely happy for that.”
“What about daddy’s soul? What does it look like?” Jamie asked.
“Well your father’s soul cannot be read, dear. It is what my kind call a ‘hirugami’ soul.” I said. “Your father’s type of soul only comes along every few million years to not even ten people.”
“What’s so different about it?”
“It is not one color, it is all of them with a white and black middle. For your father I cannot tell what his life will be like or what exactly he is, but I can tell what harp on his soul. I can see how it changes and which color is brighter for the moment.” I explained.
Hajji stared at me oddly and the kids just looked shocked. “Is that why your brother had you live with us?” Tis asked.
“No, my brother did not even have a strong enough soul when he met your father to see he had a ‘hirugami’ soul. I was the one who told him that. But when I did he just smiled and said, ‘well that explains why he is such a nice but odd person.’ For a while that confused me, but once I started living with the three of you I understood.” I looked up at the clock to see it was already 6. I took Tis off of my lap and slowly stood. I slightly wobbled and Jamie quickly grabbed my hand to steady me. I smiled at her.
“You okay?” She asked me because she was concerned.
“Don’t worry. I’m fine.” I said and then looked at all three of them. “So what do you guys want to eat?” I asked and they looked shocked, but then thought for a moment.
“Spaghetti!” Tis yelled and I laughed.
Both Jamie and Hajji nodded, so I went to the kitchen slowly. I took a container of spaghetti sauce from the freezer that I had made last week and shut the freezer door. I started up a skillet to get hot on the stovetop and put the frozen block of sauce in the middle of it. I heard Tis run up the stairs and then Jamie came over to the kitchen. She walked over to me and blushed. “Can I help?” She asked quietly and I smiled.
“I’d love your help!” I gushed and she smiled. “Do you want to do noodles or sauce?” I asked.
“Noodles.” She replied and I got out a large cooking pot. I put it on the stovetop and started a second burner. I grabbed a box of noodles and set them by the cooking pot. I grabbed a measuring cup and filled it with hot water. I poured it into the cooking pot and waited for it to boil. Hajji walked in and smiled at the two of us.
“Hey, Jamie. Can I talk to you for a second?” He asked sadly.
“Can you talk to me with Hope here? I have to watch the water.” She said and he nodded. She watched the water intensely while listening to her father.
“Well, today I broke up with Kelly. I just wanted to make sure you were okay with that.” He said and I could tell Jamie wanted to look at him and talk, so I went to her side. I put my hand on her shoulder and she looked up.
“Jamie, you can talk with your father. I’ll watch the water.” I said and she nodded. She sat at the 4-person table and Hajji sat across from her.
“Why did you break up with her? You were engaged to her.”
“The only reason I really did propose to her was because I thought you kids needed a mother. I don’t love her, Jamie and when I thought it through I realized it could hurt you two if I did this.” Hajji replied.
“It’s okay, dad. If you didn’t love her, you shouldn’t marry her.”
I felt Hajji’s eyes watching me as he spoke. “But I’m thinking about dating again, would you be okay with that?”
I felt Jamie look at me also. “Like who?”
“Would you be okay if I dated Hope?” He asked her and my face burned. I turned to Jamie and looked straight into her soul for the truthful answer.
“You like Hope?” Jamie asked and I felt her heart tear in two directions. Her aura around her soul turned to a jade color and my stomach twisted. She thought it would be good for her dad to be happy, but she didn’t know how it would affect the relationship between the two of us. I had worried about it too.
“Honey, I’ve liked Hope for a long time. I just had trouble actually telling you.”
I turned back around and saw the water boiling. I put the noodles in and watched them move in the churning water.
“I really don’t know how I feel about that. Could I think it over?” She asked in a mature manner as she got up. I quickly turned to Jamie.
“Hey, Jamie?” I asked and she turned to me. I looked her in the eyes as I walked over to her and smiled. “You should open your heart to your soul. It will help you understand what you are feeling.”
“Hope…” She whispered in sorrow.
I put my hand on her shoulder. “Jamie, your opinion and Tis’s opinion on this is all that counts in my book. If you think this will hurt our friendship then I won’t go through with your father’s request. He is your father, Jamie. He’s one of the two most important people in your life right now; I know my father was for me. But I also know that he truly cares about your opinion in this, so think it through, okay?” I asked.
She hugged me tightly. “But there are three important people in my life right now. You are one of them, Hope. I want the best thing for all three of you.”
I smiled. “That means a lot to me, Jamie.”
“Do you love daddy?” She asked.
I looked her straight on and nodded. “I shouldn’t love anyone, Jamie. But I cannot resist your father. I’m sorry if you were not looking for that answer, but it’s the truth.”
“How do you know?” She asked. “How do you know you’re in love with him?”
I smiled. “Because I would die for him, Jamie. I would die for any of you. But for your father, I would do anything to make him happy. That is why I have never let anyone know I love your father because it may harm him in the future.”
“I think it would be good for you two to date, Hope. You love each other and I’ve always wished for you to be my mom.” She said and I held back tears.
I looked into her heart this time and saw this is what she wanted. I bent down and hugged her. I felt something cold against my bite marks on my neck and looked at Jamie. She had put her hand on it. “Does it hurt?” She asked me.
“Sweetie, this isn’t my first vampire bite. My skin will heal tonight and you won’t even know it happened.” I said and she smiled. She went up the stairs after that and I turned to Hajji. He was standing and smiling at me.
“You just proved everything I told you this morning.” He said and I blushed. I quickly looked away and frowned.
“Whatever.” I said as I closed my eyes and tried not to blush anymore. I was startled when I felt Hajji hugging me again. He slowly moved us towards the wall of the kitchen and pushed me against it. I looked at him to see he was still smiling.
“We feel the same for each other, Hope. I won’t hold back anymore, since we’re dating.” He said slyly and I tried to keep him away as he tried to get closer.
“I never agreed to date you!” I protested as he shushed me.
“Do you want the kids to come down and see us like this?” He asked and I shook my head. “Then give in quietly.” He whispered and, to my luck, the doorbell rang. Hajji grumbled and let go of me. I went over to the cooking sauce to see it was all liquid again. I stirred it as I heard the front door open.
“You’re an ass, ya know that?” I heard Yuri say to Hajji.
“You always know the worst time to come to get me, don’t you, Yuri?” Hajji grumble back and Yuri snickered.
“Shut up, Hajji! At least I’m nice enough to come get you!” She argued as she walked in. She came into the kitchen and I smiled at her. “Hey Hope!” She gushed as she ran to me, but Hajji quickly grabbed her arm.
“Don’t touch her, Yuri. She’s mine.” He barked and she looked at him in shock.
“You asked her out?” She asked him and he nodded. She quickly pulled out of his grip and ran to me. “Did he really?” She asked me.
“Well he never really asked…but I guess yea.” I said quietly and she smiled.
“Good. He needed to get his act together.” She said and Hajji’s jaw almost hit the ground, but he did not protest.
“Yuri, do you want to eat with us?” I asked and she brightened.
“Oooo! Spaghetti!” She said happily and then nodded. “I’d love to!”
“Hajji, could you go get the kids?” I asked and he nodded. He left and went up the stairs. He came back down with both of the kids in tow. I put the 4 of them at the table and they all looked at me as I put plates of spaghetti in front of them.
“Aren’t you going to eat with us?” Jamie asked. “You always do.”
“I’m not very hungry and I have my end of the year tests starting in a week. I have to go study.” I said and then looked at Yuri. “Tell me when you two are leaving. I’ll be in the living room.” I grabbed the grocery bag with the broken vase in it with me and left the kitchen. I went to the entrance of the house and got my bag then I went to the living room and sat down at the couch with a coffee table in front of it. Truthfully I had already studied for my classes’ during the past week and did not need to study, but I had to fix the vase. I started by getting the glue out of the bag and pouring out all the pieces.

“We’re leaving, Hope!” Yuri called as she walked out of the kitchen. Hajji followed her and they looked at me. Hajji stared at the almost rebuilt vase. “I’ll have him back early this time.” She added to me.
“Yea. The manager is coming in at 1 so Hajji needs to be out of there or we will have a reoccurring battle,” She explained, “Expect him by midnight.”
“Okay.” I said kindly and then Yuri quickly pulled Hajji away. The two kids ran to me and sat on either side of me on the couch. I took the last piece of the vase onto the hardening sculpture. It stayed and I smiled. “Finally.” I whispered and Jamie smiled.
“Good job, Hope.” She said kindly and I smiled back at her.
“Is all of your homework done?” I asked her and she nodded. I turned to Tis, who was on my right. “Did you?”
“Yep.” He said happily.
“Alright, then let’s go get you kids in bed. It’s almost 9:30.” I said and they jumped up then we all went up the stairs. Jamie went to her room to take a shower and I went with Tis. I helped him into the bathtub and then started the water. Once it was at a good level of water I turned off the faucet. I took out 3 bottles of Mr. Bubbles and 3 old cups. I poured the three different colors into the cups and handed them to Tis. He let out his own impersonation of and evil scientist’s laugh as he started his experiments with the colored bubbles. He mixed the colors in odd ways that it turned into a color with no name that he would then give a name. Tonight he used a little blue and lots of red and green. He stirred it in one of the cups and came out with an odd brown with a hint of blue.
“Burshted!” He yelled with another evil laugh then he poured the ‘burshted’ colored bubble mix into the bathtub and used himself as a mixer. When he was done oddly colored bubbles came from his oddly colored bath water. He played a little more and then I grabbed his 2 in 1 shampoo. I washed his hair and fully washed his body. I then drained the water and he got out. I grabbed his superman towel and wrapped it around him. I dried him and then he looked at me.
“Hope, are you gonna be my new mommy?” He asked and I froze.
“What makes you think that?” I asked curiously.
“Yuri was talking about you and Daddy being together and how you might be my new mommy. Is it true?”
“I don’t know honey.” I said and he hugged my arm.
“I want you to be my new mommy.” He said as he looked at me.
“I know.” I said and he let go of me. I put him in bed after that and left him. I walked down to Jamie’s room and she was in bed. I walked over to her bed and she smiled at me. “Goodnight Jamie.”
“’Night.” She replied and I left.
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headoverheels44 said...
Oct. 22, 2011 at 1:30 pm
Thank you everyone for the great ratings! I am happy people actually like my writing, since it is my whole world :)
Amster said...
Sept. 16, 2011 at 6:01 am
I really enjoyed reading this. I look forward to reading more of your work. ^_^
Garnet77 This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Aug. 4, 2011 at 2:33 am
I like the idea of this, though I spotted a few grammatical errors and some run-on sentences, but those are pretty easy to fix. I liked some of your descriptions, and the story itself is very interesting. Good job :)

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