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Powers Awakened

The blood trickled down the side of my mouth as I felt the air being punched out of me. Was this the end? Was this were I die? I heard someone screaming at me but I couldn’t tell who it was. We had come so far and know we were all going to die. It seemed like only yesterday that we started this journey. So much has happened and we have learned so much. Know it was all over and we were doomed.
I guess I should tell you about the events leading up to this moment and about who my friends and I are. My name is Jason Richards. I’m fourteen years-old. I have short black hair and dark brown eyes. I live in the small town of Brunswick, GA. You could probably find it on any map, but there is nothing really special about it. Everyone there knows each other and they are all friendly. My family has lived there all my life, that’s where I was born. I have awesome friends there and we all go to the same school: Jane Macon Middle School. Josh Sheppard is my best friend; we’ve been friends since the beginning. He has dirty blond hair to his shoulders and always wears a jacket (even in the summer) to make himself look cooler. His little brother Tim Sheppard is cool to, even though he gets on our nerves some times. He has the same colored hair as his brother except his is short.
The day it all began started out like any other. It was another muggy day in Brunswick. The temperature was ninety-five degrees but I felt like it was one hundred and fifty. I walk out of my house ready for school and went over to Josh’s house. I knocked on the door and Tim answered the door.
“Hi Jason, come on in.” He said with a smile on his face. His mom was sitting at their dining table flipping through some papers.
“Hi Jason, how are you today?” She asked with a smile.
“Great Mrs. Sheppard thanks for taking me to school today I really appreciate it.” I replied.
“No problem. You can go up and see Josh if you want.”
“Ok, thanks.”
I walked up the stair to Josh’s room. What I found was a pile of clothes five feet tall.
“Typical.” I said to myself, “Yo Josh hurry up man we’re going to be late for school. School starts at seven thirty remember. It’s already seven fifteen.” I yelled over the mountain of clothes.
“I’m coming, I’m coming. Hold your horses.”
“Dude no one says that anymore.” I told him sarcastically.
“Why don’t they? It’s fun to say.”
“Just hurry up.”
Five minutes we were in the car to school. We had to drop off Tim first then got to school just as the first bell went off. By the time we put our stuff in our lockers, the second bell went off.
“Hurry we have less than a minute!” I yelled
We got to class in the nick of time. Our first period teacher was English. Mrs. Marcus was a fifty year old curmudgeon who hated children. She always gave us too much homework that took me all night to do.
“Mr. Richards. Mr. Sheppard. You are late for my class. Do you have anything to say for yourselves?” She said in her old raspy voice.
“Mrs. Marcus, I’m sorry we were late. When we got in the car to come here it was already seven twenty. We…” I tried to explain but she interrupted me.
“Well that’s no excuse you had a good ten minutes to get here.” She spat.
“But as I was trying to say, we had to drop off Josh’s little brother. Also you have to remember that we live on the complete other side of town so we are lucky we got here when we did.” I said hoping she would understand.
“Alright I’ll give you this one chance. But listen to me boys either of you is late to my class again you both will have lunch detention for a month. UNDERSTAND!?” She yelled.
“Yes mam.” We both said sheepishly.
We both sat down at our desks and opened our books. I was doing our in-class assignment when I saw a note on my deck. I covertly picked it up and read it:
Hey. Lucky break Mrs. Marcus never listens to excuses.
I looked over to my right, at Josh; he was working on his assignment. Then I looked over to my left and saw Rachel looking at me. I wrote back saying:
Yay I know right. I was for sure that we were get detention forever.
Then when Mrs. Marcus was not looking I passed back at her. Rachel Snow was my other best friend. We have known each other since kindergarten. Her orange-copper hair was long and straight and her blue eyes as clear as the sea. She stood by my side through thick and thin. Rachel, Josh, and I were like the three amigos or the three musketeers. We always had each other’s back, no matter what the situation was.
The note then again landed on my desk:
What took you guys so long? I thought you left me here all by myself. 
She always has a sense of humor. So I wrote back:
We went on a jungle safari in the deep stinky, moldy pizza covered Amazon. We thought about bringing you but we didn’t have the time.
I gave her the note. Then a minute later she gave me it back:
Let me guess, Josh’s bedroom. What a dump!
I then wrote back:
You got it. I’ve told him to clean the place up, but whenever he tries he gets light headed from all the toxic fumes.
But before I could pass it back to her, Mrs. Marcus snatched up the paper and read it.
“So passing notes in class. You both blew off my assignment to talk to each other.” She remarked
“But Mrs. Marcus we both finished the assignment!” replied Rachel
“Ow really Ms. Snow. Let me see your papers.” She demanded. We both gave her our papers and she examined them thoroughly. She then put on a face of dread. Then slammed our papers on our decks.
“Even if you did finish the assignment that doesn’t give you permission to pass notes. You will both have lunch detention. Also, Mr. Sheppard?”
“Huh? What? Yes Mrs. Marcus I’m almost done with the assignment. Please give me another minute.” He said as he put down random answers.
“Mr. Sheppard you will also have lunch detention with your friends.”
“But why I didn’t even do anything.”
“One: Because you were late to my class. Two: Because your friends were talking about you.”
“Please Mrs. Marcus,” I pleaded, “Josh had nothing to do with this. Don’t give him detention for something he didn’t do.”
“I have already made up my mind. Now everyone please get ready our time here is almost done.”
The rest of the day was the fine except for lunch. Mrs. Marcus made us clean the gum off the bottoms of the desk. When school ended we decided not to tell our parents about today. We then went to the public library to do some research for a project.
“I still have gum under my fingernails.” cried Rachel.
“Me too. I can’t believe she made us do that without gloves. How she’s not in jail, I will never know.” I replied.
Josh hadn’t said a word to us since the incident. I wouldn’t blame him, because of Rachel and me, he got detention and had to clean gum off desks with his own hands.
“Josh please listen we never meant to get you in trouble.” I told him.
“What did you write about me? Then maybe I’ll understand why everything I touch sticks to my hands.” He said angrily.
“I’m sorry. We were just talking about how messy your room was.”
“So she gave me detention because I have a messy room. I’m going to kill that woman.”
We all laughed. The only laugh we would have for a long time. We left the library about five in the afternoon and walked to Rachel’s house. Then I got a funny feeling that we were being followed. I looked behind us but there no one there.
“You ok Jason?” asked Josh.
“Ya I just had a funny feeling.” I told them.
We were only five blocks away when the unthinkable happened. We were kidnapped! At first I didn’t do anything then I realized what was happening. I kicked the man holding me. Josh and Rachel had already been knocked out and put into a black van. I tried to defend myself but it was three against one. The first man tried to punch me in the stomach but that just left me wide open for his uppercut. I fell to the ground with such a force that I thought I broke my arms. Luckily I could still move them. Unluckily the other two men had me pinned down while the other injected me with something. I immediately lost all control of my body. I couldn’t move anything. They threw me into the van and then one of them hit me in the face knocking me out.
When I finally came too I was in a cage. On the other side of me there were two other cages filled with Rachel and Josh. They were both still out cold. There were men and women in white coats and black suits everywhere. Then one of them noticed I was awake and they all came up and stared at me, talking in their own little conversations. Then one man came up and all the other people got out of his way. He had that essence of authority and jurisdiction. He stood at the end of my cage then the end of Rachel and Josh’s cages.
“So these are Subjects 10, 11, and 12. I thought you three would put up more of a fight.” He said with a snarl.
“Who are you? Why did you kidnap us?” I yelled.
“I am Dr. T. Conner and we did not kidnap anyone. We just redeemed what is rightfully ours.”
“What do you mean what is rightfully yours?”
“I meant what I said. We collected what was ours and we left.”
“What? Where are we? What am I doing here?” screamed a terrified voice.
I looked over at the cage beside me and Rachel was huddled in the corner of her cage.
“Jason! What is this place? What are we doing here?” She said.
“I don’t know. Why don’t you ask this guy?” I said pointing at Dr. Conner.
“You see you three are genetically modified beings. Each of you has special abilities.”
“What do you mean genetically modified?”
“When you were born we changed your DNA. The scientists here all have degrees in genetics. Our goal is to make the perfect human being.”
“So you stole us when we were babies!” yelled Rachel.
“Yes & No. You see your parents are your biological ones, but when we borrowed you we told them that you had some deformity or mutation that we wanted to take care of. That’s when we modified your DNA.” replied Dr. Conner.
“So what happens know? What are you going to do us?” I asked eagerly
“Well we are going to see how you each, individually, react to some test. Then we are going to…” he tried to say but was interrupted.
“I don’t think you should tell them anything else Thantos.” said on the scientist. He was a tall, black haired, and appeared to be very intelligent.
“Dr. Archer, what a surprise! You usually stay in your study doing research.” said Dr. Conner.
“I usually do but I thought I’d come out here and check on my best experiments.” Archer replied, staring at me with wide eyes.
“Don’t you call us experiments! We are still human beings.” cried Josh. I then realized that Josh has woken up and was standing in his cage wide awake.
“Humans! Young man don’t make me laugh. You three are far from humans. You all have extraordinary powers that will soon come to show themselves.” glared Dr. Conners with dark icy eyes.
“Shut Up, Thantos! Can’t you see that you’re scaring them? Let’s let them get some sleep.” bellowed Dr. Archer.
“Dr. Archer these things feelings are not of my concern. So if you would be so kindly, get them ready for testing.” said Dr. Conner, “Oh and one more thing. The girl, I have special interest in her so if you would, I need her in my laboratory ASAP.”
“Over my dead body!” I yelled at the man, “You are not going to touch any one of us or so help me I will kill you me self.” Then the weirdest thing happened. The whole room started to shake by the sound of my voice and then all the sharp objects (knives, scalpels, etc.) in the room started to levitate and maneuver around me. Then before I could say anything they all flew right a Dr. Conners. But all he did was just put up his hand and a shield of black energy stopped all the knives and stuff just bounced right off of it.
“Boy, if you think you can hurt me with a petty trick like that then you are highly mistaken.” He said with a devilish smile.
Then before I could figure out what just happened I collapsed on the floor. I could still see and hear but I just couldn’t feel or move anything. It was like all the energy in my body was sucked right out.
“Jason! What happened?” I heard Rachel scream.
“It seem like your friend there has telekinetic abilities.” said Dr. Archer.
“Telekin-what?” Jason asked.
“Telekinetic, in short it means that he has physic abilities. You have heard of telekinesis right? Well that is a physic power. Actually that is what he just did.” He explained.
“But how can he do that? Also how did you stop the attack anyway?” asked Rachel.
“Well like I said you all have special powers that will come out eventually. Unfortunately Jason excreted his powers to much leaving him in this weakened state. I on the other hand have learned how to use my powers so I won’t end up like him.”
“So you’re telling us that we will all get powers?” Josh asked
“Yes, but you all will have different abilities.” Thantos replied.
“That’s so cool,” Jason yelled with excitement. “Are you going to teach us how to use them?”
“Yes. I will personally teach you all how to use your powers.” Thantos said with a grin.
I knew better though because I also could read Thantos’ mind and what he wanted to do to us made me want to run and hide under a rock. That man wanted to experiment on us then take our powers for his own, then take over the world.

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mus5501 said...
Sept. 19, 2011 at 4:06 pm
this story was awesome i read it in english and almost started laughing during the description of the kids room.
jer-zgrl008 said...
Jun. 8, 2011 at 10:21 am

Awsome first chapter!!!!!! Can't wait to read the rest.


hutsontyler replied...
Jun. 8, 2011 at 10:34 am
Thanks! More will be on the way soon.

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