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Author's note: I like reading and watching action/adventure books and movies. Especially Mission Impossible 3....  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I like reading and watching action/adventure books and movies. Especially Mission Impossible 3. That is where I got my inspiration from.  « Hide author's note
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The mission

He felt sorrow burn within him from her. He took her in his arms, started combing his fingers through her hair and whispering in her ear that everything will be okay. Tears came to his eyes in the knowledge that everything isn’t going to be okay. For once in his life he had no idea how to fix this. He was standing there holding her, crying. When he started hearing a distant ringing…ring…ring…ring…

The phone starts ringing. I jump awake, look at the clock. It’s three in the morning.
“Who in the world is calling me at this time at night?” I wonder, out loud to no one but myself. The light from the cellular phone’s screen seemed as bright as the sun. I squint as I wait for my eyes to adjust to the light. When I am able to see, I look and find that it’s my boss, Jesse.
“Hello,” I state, answering the phone.
“Michael, I need you to come in, we have an emergency mission that we need you to do.”
“I’ll be there in about thirty minutes, Boss.”
“Okay Michael, hurry,” he insisted” Then hung up the phone. I put the phone down and went to take a quick shower and get myself dressed. Standing in the bath room, I realized how tired I felt. After I was done, I quickly made some coffee and grabbed some toast before I left. It was a chilly morning and my chestnut brown hair was still wet from the shower. Not a good mix, I thought as I hopped into my 2001 gun-black gray Chevy Silverado. I drove twenty minutes to the CIA office in Langley, Virginia. After going through strict security at the front gate, I parked the car in the parking garage, and entered the building.
“Good morning Mr. Hutton, How are you.”
“Good morning Mrs. Olsen, I’m good but really tired. I hate when I have to come in at ‘o dark thirty,” I replied laughing, as I gave her my security card. I stood waiting, checking the time, 3:30. I hate when I’m up this early, but I have to, it’s part of my job, I thought.
“Here you are, you may now proceed.” She said, breaking me out of my train of thought.
“Thank you,” I stated, taking my security card and entering a white room. I set my coffee and my bag down on table near the door. I stood in the middle of the room that looked like a big white box. It had many square, maybe about a foot long covering the floor. When I first started working here, they told me behind every box is a mini x-ray machine that takes photos of everything in the room. It checks to see if I am being tracked or if I have a bomb with me. The light was so bright that I had to close my eyes so I wouldn’t be blinded, after about a minute I stood and waited for the beep; signaling that I was cleared to enter the office. After grabbing my bags, I walked through the door into the large, open office of the CIA
The CIA office is huge. To my right, by the door leads to an office with lockers and a mini kitchenette. I stopped there and put my bag in locker 49 and refilled my coffee mug with some of the office brewed coffee, definitely not as good as the coffee at my house but it will work. As I walked to the back of the office, I greeted many of my colleagues who worked the night shift. Finally, I made it to the large, main conference room at the far end of the office. I was greeted as soon as I stepped in and closed the sound-proof door:
“Nice of you to join us Mr. Hutton” said Jesse.
“Nice to be here,” I replied taking a seat at the table. The room was gray and white, with one-way mirrors, the room felt very clean. In the middle there was a long rectangular table with chairs all around it, with the largest chair, the director’s chair, at the front of the room. Behind the director’s chair there were a series of computer screens and televisions. Showing a picture of some recently missing CIA agents, some foreign terrorists, and some cities that looked like they might be somewhere in Europe. I took the seat closest to the door I came in, brought my laptop out and connected a wire to it, in order to receive the information through the secure CIA network.
“Okay people. We have an important meeting today. Three of our agents and some civilians were taken hostage within the past three days by peoples unknown. We have pinpointed an approximate location, in Budapest, Hungary. So, we need you to travel to Budapest and recover the missing agents and civilians. If you look on the screen behind me or on our computer screens you will see some warehouses where we suspect they might be, along with suspected terrorists that may be holding the hostages. When you arrive you will have 12 hours to kill, take that time and use it wisely. You will go see Ben to get your supplies. You leave at 6 o’ clock this morning. After a few hours of being there, you should receive a secure fax of the whereabouts of the hostages. So go, take your time, be safe, and recover the hostages along with the nitrogen battery, dismissed.” He told us.
I took the next hour to go home to get some of the items that I needed to bring with me, I packed a couple days clothes, and my government secured laptop and cell phone. I grabbed some quick and filling breakfast and went back to work to get the rest of the supplies. These days, I felt like I was always gone. When I signed up to be an agent for the CIA, I never thought that I would go on a mission every week. Even after watching the television series, Alias, I never believed I would be doing missions like that.
I arrived back at the office around 4:45. I met up with my team, and then went to go see Ben to get the supplies he created for us.
“Ah, Michael, I have been waiting for you,” Ben said shaking my hand and leading me toward a gray table. “I have a few gadgets that may help you. Here, is a pen. It looks like a normal clicker pen, however when you click it, you have 2 minutes of laser power.” As he said this he was pointing towards a black and light gray pen. “Also, here, you have what looks like a normal cell phone, but the battery is five strips of putty with dynamite. All you do is take a strip, mash it up and stick it on whatever you want blown up, and ta-da!”
“Awesome, thanks Ben!” I take the gadgets and stash them in my bag. I look at my watch, the time is 5:30; thirty minutes before my plane leaves. Might as well go see if I can find a magazine to read on the flight there.
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