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The day was perfect. Nothing could have denied the crisp breezy afternoon of the fall season. A clear blue sky, fluffy white clouds, and green grass dotted with decaying leaves polished off the beautiful homes on the street of Sterling as the elderly Mara Lyn Malcor casually walked her German Sheppard around her neighborhood block. The light panting of Ducky, the old graying German Sheppard, and the birds chirping on the telephone wire beside the road were enough to give Mara Lyn the comfort of home.
The gentle older lady with golden red hair slowly turning to silver, was nearing the end of the street a block away from hers when suddenly a golden SUV appeared from around the corner. It didn’t appear to be just cruising along by as it should have but instead, raced around the corner going full speed ahead in the direction of Mara Lyn. Panic took hold of her brain and she dashed in front of the house to her right where they wouldn’t be able to hit her. With hardly a second to breathe the car veered off the road heading straight towards Mara Lyn again. Mara Lyn took a big leap to her left, feeling the creek of her old bones, and dashed around to the side of the house leaving hardly inches of any spare room where she would have been hit. The car crashed into the front wall of the beautiful home she had been admiring not even ten seconds ago. She felt her eyes pop wide open with disbelief. When the sound of car doors slamming rang heavily in her ears, Mara Lyn looked around frantically for a place to hide. An instant thought of fear bounced ferociously around in her mind. What if they were after her? Mara Lyn suddenly felt ridiculous for she had no reason she could possibly think of for having to be chased after. But the nearing voices of men yelling at each other led her to think otherwise. Spotting a fence that must have led to the back yard of the now ruined home, Mara Lyn hobbled as quickly as she could and avidly strained to pull herself over the tall brown fence.
“Hey!” a gruff voice yelled. Mara scrambled to the top and tried to roll over when she heard a piercing noise like and arrow had just been shot. Mara looked back to see two men that looked like tough body guards decked out in typical stereotyped black spy gear. One chuckled and she was quite horrified that these men could do such a thing as this when she felt the awful pain and wooziness of the fence jabbing into her brittle side.
“Well looks like that’s one more we’ve taken care of.” A deep troubled voice observed.
With a spark of confusion, Mara Lyn toppled over the fence to the other side she had been trying to escape to and landed with a harsh crack. A moan escaped her paralyzed lips and before she could even think another though, she closed her eyes for the very last time.
The two men, who continued on harmlessly like they had caused no trouble, could easily have been pin pointed as father and son, a stocky young fellow and a thin slightly older man. They broke down the fence together with a few urgent kicks and were suddenly peering down on the horror frozen face of Mara Lyn Malcor. The older of the two men bent down and yanked Mara Lyn’s jacked off of her right shoulder before taking a knife from his pocked.
The stockier man sucked in a quick breath and asked hesitantly. “What are you doing with that?” Without answering, the other man sliced the upper part of Mara Lyn’s long sleeve burgundy sweater and examined the exposed bare shoulder that had light folds of soft wrinkles.
“What’s that?” The younger man asked eyeing what lay on the now exposed shoulder of the old lady.
“What does it look like?” bit out his colleague.
“We did all that just to look at a tattoo? Heck man we could’ve pulled over and asked to see it nicely.”
“No stupid!” The man with the gruff voice stood up and spit with great agitation as he slapped the younger man on the side of his face. “It’s the mark, Mr. Brilliant! She’s not the last one.”
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