April 4, 2011
By MallyJo BRONZE, Centerville, Iowa
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MallyJo BRONZE, Centerville, Iowa
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"Never stop dreaming, for if you stop dreaming, the world loses it's beauty.""

“It doesn't matter anymore!” I screamed in your direction, not bothering to even see if you were paying attention. Partly because I didn't have to look at you to know what you were doing. Without a single glance in your direction I knew. You were standing in the doorway of your bedroom, with that cocky ass grin stretched across your face, but your eyes were showing the emotions you kept hidden. “Whatever throw your little fit. Call me later if you decide you want to act like a big girl, and stop playing these games.” You replied with a chuckle. Though your I don't give a crap attitude could fool everyone else, it couldn’t fool me. I knew in that particular second you felt like your heart was trying to viciously rip its way through your ribcage, and that you, as well as I, were barely able to hold back tears. “Goodbye Am, I'm done.” I whispered, unable to find my voice. Had I really just said that? 8 years later...... “Audrina, I just got a call from Dallas. They need a private investigator there ASAT, and I’m sending you. You’ll be there until the case is closed. Plane leaves in six hours.” Director Barton announced as he walked into my office. “Sir, I just picked up my files for the Partridge case. I can't just up and leave. I have court in less than a week also. Is there anyone else you can give the case to?” I stuttered as I looked up from the file I was currently working on. “It's an undercover assignment, I need someone good, and you happen to be the best.” the director grinned. “I'm flattered that you think that, and I mean this with no disrespect, I’m not taking an undercover assignment right now.” I let the partial lie slip off my tongue easily. Had I really been with the agency that long? Had I become accustomed to the lies? How long had I been waiting for a case this big? Or better yet, an undercover case this long? Since forever, but I have to turn this one down. I can’t go to Dallas. “Aud’s,” The director stated, using my nickname, “I can’t give this case to anyone else. I need you to take it. And the Bureau has agreed to up your pay exponentially for this.” “Director Barton, you know I can’t take this case. You know that if it were anywhere else I would.” I looked up, eyes pleading with the director. I just couldn’t take this. Everyone would call me crazy for turning down an opportunity like this. This was a rare case, and a hard case to get assigned to at that. I know what the Dallas Bureau was into, I just didn’t know who it involved. “Listen, Audrina, I know you want this case. You’ve been waiting for a case like this. You worked with the Dallas bureau for a year before transferring here, you at least have a small idea of what’s going on there, no one else here does. The Houston bureau asked for you specifically. I can’t force you to take this, but the bureau can. Somehow you were previously involved, and if you don’t take this the bureau is threatening to make you put in a forced resignation. I’m sorry. Be in my office in an hour to be briefed, or to hand in your resignation.” The director sighed, “ Aud’s you’re a damn good agent. Don’t ruin your career because of your fear of the past.” With that the director turned and headed for his office. “Sh*t.” I muttered to myself, “How could this happen?” I walked down the hall towards the director’s office; head hung low, eyes on floor, determined to resign, but hadn't yet written my resignation. At that moment I felt that everything I had worked for meant nothing. I felt like the coward my mom always accused me of being. Was I really about to end my career, and give up everything I had ever worked for? “Audrina,” The director asked, interrupting me from my internal debate, “Have you decided?” “Well, sir. Uhm, I’ll take the case.” I whispered, deciding in that second that I couldnt give up everything I had worked so hard to accomplish. I refuse to be a coward. “I knew you would.” The director said with a smile. “Yeah, I don’t know what I was thinking.” I stuttered, wondering exactly what I had gotten myself into. I can’t believe I almost resigned. “Have a seat, let’s go over the file. You’ll be going undercover as yourself. Your story is you got sick of Phoenix and wanted to get back to your roots. You will be working at the local newspaper while there,” The director said as he laid a picture out in front of me. “Your to gather any and all information you can on this man, his name is..” “Ambrose Cod, his name is Ambrose Cod. Within the agency he is known as ace,” I blurted, as I picked up the picture, “He was trained by the most elite teams throughout the world.” What did Am have to do with the investigation? Can I handle this investigation? My thoughts ran wild, and emotions hit me like a tidal wave. “Aud’s?” The director asked with concern. “Yes?” I asked, as I tried peeling my eyes away from the picture in my hands; a picture that had my heart about to beat out of my chest. “Are you alright?” “Of course sir, just studying my prey.” I answered with a smile. Hoping my emotions were well hid, and hoping he couldn’t read the pain that I’m sure was reflecting in my eyes. “Okay, go get packed and head to the airport. The Dallas Bureau is sending someone to pick you when you arrive in Dallas. They’ll tell you everything else you need to know when you get there, and give you the file they have on Ambrose.”

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