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Relentless Rematch

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The Fight

They looked at me with wide eyes and open mouths. Perisu just laughed like what I said was the funniest thing in the world. “You are half-Spirit! You don’t stand a chance! You don’t even have powers!”
“I was thinking more of the primeval sword fight, Perisu.”
He forehead crunched and his eyes narrowed. As his smiled faded, he opened his chapped lips to say something, but closed them and said smoothly, “You think you can beat us, do you?”
“I never think, I only know.”
He smiled a half smile, and said “You’re wager?”
“Mother, Earth Spirits, Sisters, Jared and me. Everyone free back to Earth and my powers.”
“But when you lose, both you and you’re boyfriend are never going to see the light of the surface ever again. You will be servants and work in the machinery, with our sons as your masters.”
I looked over at Jared, and he nodded small. “Deal,” I said loudly.
We shook hands. “Come with me,” Bures said smiling.
As we left the rooms I looked over at the Vines. “I’ll get you out,” I promised.
AS we walked down the long corridors, Jared asked, “What do you mean ‘primeval sword fight’?”
I tried to explain quickly in a hushed whisper, “Back when all the Spirits and the world first began, the Spirits didn’t know they had powers, so they fought without powers, but much harder than any other fighting. They would go incredibly fast in their swings, and when they learned they had powers it slowed the games a lot. You just keep fighting till one of you falls or you do enough damage that they fall.”
“That’s it? They just have to fall?”
“Once you’re down, you might as well be dead, Jared.”
We walked into the same horrible arena and Perisu held out a sword. I took it and smiled, realizing it was my sword. “It can’t kill us, we are Spirits, not only immortal.”
I sighed but was glad I would at least be able to use it to fight. I glanced over my shoulder, just in time to see him getting carried away by shadows, and I felt my face get red hot. We stepped out into the middle and he was smiling at me, “Goodbye, little girl.”
“Adios, my evil uncle.”
Then it started he made the first move and took a slice at my side. I quickly parried it and was in self defense-mode for a while, he was so fast, and he kept stabbing at my sides, like it was a weapon or something. Personally, I think it hurts more when you slice an immortal in the neck but I really didn’t have time to think about it. The blade was coming so fast; at first all it seemed like was a blur. Then, instead of sidestepping or parrying one of his blows to my side, I leaned back and the sword barely missed my stomach, my feet closed in on the blade and I was swept into the air. It took a second too many for Perisu to realize he was swinging me around on his incredibly fast blade.
Once I was behind him, I jumped up and went for a stab through his head, to make my point. But he was too fast and stepped back. Once my sword was in the ground, he took a stab at me, but I quickly jumped up and was soon in a handstand on top of my sword. As soon as the blade was near my wrists, I pushed off from my hands and landed with my feet on the ground and sword in hand just in time to block another swipe towards my head. He pulled away and kicked me away. I tried to take a quick slash at him but stumbled. It was just enough time for him to raise his sword to make it look like he was going to slice me in two. Once he was close to my head, I raised my sword from the side and pushed the angle of the sword right into the ground and raised it again above his head like he was going to stab me. As it was heading down to kill me, if I were mortal, I did something crazy.
I jumped and flipped in the air, my hands landing precisely on the flat part of his blade, and flipped above his head. My foot was planted into his face by surprise and he fell back and my feet landed on his chest, the point of my sword on his throat, and his sword stuck in the sand a few yards away. If he were mortal, he would be dead. I smiled, out of breath and the crowd cheered. He was gazing at me like I was crazy. “Y-You won.
I stepped off of him, my smile faded, “I want everyone out, now.”
“I had to shake on it,” he said under his breath. He walked off the field, ashamed. I looked out into the crowds of dead people, smiling and giving me thumbs up. I smiled at them and waved. I walked off after Perisu.
First, my Mother and Aunts. They were over-delighted, of course. Hugging me all at once and knocking the wind out of me. They were all were saying how proud they were of me, and how they knew I would win. I knew most of the things they were saying were lies; I bet they didn’t even know what exactly had gone on. After a while I had to push them away. “PERISU!” I screamed, at least my aunts and mom backed off.
He trudged over as soon as he heard his name. “Don’t get cocky,” he said simply.
“Sorry, I want to get my sisters out. Now.”
“Fine, I’ll get Jeru to bring you over.”
I did not want Jeru escorting me over, but I had no choice. My Mom and Aunts retreated to higher ground, the confided with out nature really seemed to bother them. I couldn’t blame them I hated it too. Jeru and I walked in awkward silence all the way there, with him glancing at me like he wasn’t sure what to say. I decided to ignore him. Finally, we got to the door. “Here it is,” Jeru said.
I didn’t even thank him. He wasn’t worth it. I burst open the doors and looked around. I saw the brilliant green grass, the lush trees, and the quaint pond. Then I saw my sisters. Jumi, Vala, Mallee, and Linya ran at me and I was thrown to the ground. “Oh my Goodness! Oh my Goodness! I can’t believe it! Yachri, Jeru’s brother, told us what happened! We can’t believe your alive!”
Everyone was freaking out, but I was concerned, “Where’s Kinita?”
They kind of looked around, and Linya, who was so excited she could burst, said, “I’ not really sure, last I saw she was over there.”
She pointed a long sharp fingernail at a small forest of trees, “I’ll be right back.”
“No! Rachna!”
“I gotta go find her!”
“Rock,” Vala said, “She’s in there all the time. Almost never comes out.”
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