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Wounds Healed

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Jared laughed at the challenge, he knew he was bad at sword fighting since he was just learning. Jumi paired up with Vala, and I went with Linya, who was second eldest, and better than Jumi, Vala, and Mallee. I could beat her easily, but she didn’t mind. Sometimes I wish I had a real challenge. Even when Kinita was here I was always the best swordsman. We went to the largest room in the house and got ready. Everyone but Jared and Mallee sat down against the wall. They had their sword fight, but it was short and quick as Mallee pinned Jared down. Next were Vala and Jumi, which was actually pretty boring. They had never done any real fighting, so they were afraid to hurt each other. We were always asking them if they knew they were immortal ad that they couldn’t hurt each other. After a while Linya got bored and made them stop. She smiled and I got up and we pulled our sword over my heads. I held a simple sword that couldn’t kill immortals, like all other swords.
I never make the first move, I don’t like doing that. Linya took a quick stab at my stomach, knowing that even if it hit me I’d be fine. I threw my sword high in the air and in a flash had her sword in my hand and caught my sword. She sighed in defeat in the first seconds. I smiled and handed her the sword. “Try again?”
“Sure,” she said, “It doesn’t matter. You’re going to win again.”
“Sorry, can’t help it.”
“That’ okay,” she said pulling her sword up.
Right as she tried to get me again, an odd thing happened. Suddenly, I felt something shake the room, and a whole wall collapsed in on us. In shock, I fell to the ground. I quickly regained my sight and was cover in dust. I got up and squinted into the light, my face dropped like lead.
Right there in front of me, stood someone I could never forget. My sister who tried to kill me not even a year a ago. My friend, my sister, Kinta. “Hello, sister.”
She wasn’t smiling. She was the same as she as before, sort of. She seemed translucent, and see-through. She wasn’t really there, she must have been a ghost. When she stepped into the light, though, she was completely there. Before I could shoot the thousands of questions at her like arrows, she said, “I’m sorry sister, but like I said. You are of no use to me. You must go.”
“Kinita?” I shouted questioningly, but it faded as I saw the seriousness in her face.
Her teeth were locked together, but her jaw was not tight. She had lost about twenty pounds she didn’t have, and was boney. The first thing you see is her eyes. The fierce gray hits you harder than a ton of bricks. They’re sharp and dig into your skin like a pins. You can see the grave importance in them. They seemed too solemn to be my fun-loving sister, Kinita. The layers of importance and intense thought had scarred these all-telling eyes. They made me sick to the core of my existence.
“Kinita, no.” I said softly.
Her eyes stayed the same, the same seriousness they held. “Please, sister. Don’t make this hard. I want to get over this. You hadn’t even gotten over me, I can see how you cry at night.”
I took a step back away from her, my lips pursed in a tight white line. “Stop it Kinita, if you didn’t die, then-“
“Who said I wasn’t dead, Rachna?” her voice was mad, but her eyes were still the same. She was frightening me now. I’ve seen ghosts, but she was stuck in the middle. A ghost’s eyes never change like hers won’t.
“I am stuck, the Sprits of the Dead do not welcome me in the underworld. They don’t except me, they don’t think I have proven myself. So they have sent me with a quest.” She stopped, her voice told me silently that she didn’t want to go on.
Our mothers were the Spirits of Land or Earth, and their brothers were the Spirits of the Underworld. The three of them held a court for you when you died, and decided if you deserved punishment or relaxation for your works on Earth. If they couldn’t make a decision, they would send you back in ghost form to take care of business for them.
I pressed her, “A quest? Kinita, you’re not one to follow orders well, so spill.”
“It’s simple actually, sister. A soul for a soul, a blood relative.”
“Me?” I asked weakly.
She nodded slowly. I see her point. She would gladly murder Jared in cold blood, but he wasn’t a relative. Plus, what have the other sisters done to her? “No! Kinita, please! Don’t do this! Rachna doesn’t deserve to die like this! She is almost as good as you were to us! She’s helped us and given us hope when you passed. Please!” Linya pleaded. “Take one of us, not Rachna!”
“I can’t, Lin. Please, you don’t know how long I have thought about this. I cannot back down. Rachna,” she turned to me with sadness melded into her voice. “I will not go down with out a fight. My magic will not work on you, since I am part ghost now, but my sword works. Your magic does not work on me, but your sword does. It will be a fair fight. A real fight this time, sister. Isn’t that what you always wanted?” She seemed sad in her voice, but her never-changing eyes told no story.
“Sister, you know this is not what I would ever want.” Only a feeble voice escaped my swollen-from-tears throat.
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