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The Assassin's Revenge

Author's note: I watch a lot of gruesome movies and other movies that have to do with murdering and assassins....  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I watch a lot of gruesome movies and other movies that have to do with murdering and assassins. This inspired me to write a piece that is a mixture of all those different elements.  « Hide author's note
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Where It All Happens.

“Are you ready?” Richard said with determination.

“Heck yeah dude, let’s do this!” Hulio replied.

They silently snuck in the front door. They tried to walk as if they weren’t panicked or anything so the other members would think that they’re the actual guards of the gang. As they turned the corner in the maze like hallway, the guard of the first station saw them. “What are you doing here? Aren’t you the guard members that are supposed to be at the front door?” the member suspiciously said. Richard and Hulio didn’t see this coming. Richard remembered that the kitchen was right next to the last station. He quickly put something together.

“Umm, I got a text from King Bon Qui Qui. He ordered us to retrieve some fried chicken from the kitchen and to deliver it at once,” Richard said in a deep voice.

“Yeah, what he said. I’m helping him get some because he is allergic to chicken. But you know how the king gets when he doesn’t get what he wants right?” Hulio said nervously.

“Well, okay then,” the member said. “But I’m watching you two.”

Richard and Hulio walked slowly to the next corner, just far enough for the member at the first station to turn his back on them. The second he turned his back, Richard turned around and sprinted towards him. He quickly slit his throat and laid him down gently to avoid any noise that would attract attention. As they started walking to the next station Richard said, “One station down, two to go. Sorry that I killed him all by myself. I’ll let you have the next one, promise.” Richard then handed Hulio a rope. “What’s this for?” Hulio said. “You can use it for the next station; you’re going to suffocate him.”

As they walked to the next station, Richard was surprised to see that there were two guys guarding it. Quickly he was thankful for accepting Hulio as his partner. Without him, he probably would have had a harder time completing this mission. They used the same excuse as they did in the first station, and as stupid as these low ranked members were, they fell for it. The second they turned their backs they ran back and Richard slit one of the gullible member’s throat as Hulio suffocated the other to death. The easier this mission got, the cockier they became.

They walked to the next station with so much confidence that they didn’t even notice what the third station had in store for them. As they were walking towards the next station, Hulio said a random joke for some odd reason. The joke got them to burst in laughter, so much laughter that their eyes were closed and they couldn’t breathe. They were still walking at the same time and Richard eventually bumped into the next member.

“Excuse me?” the member said.

He opened his eyes and said, “Oh sorry, hey u—“

When Richard came back to his senses, he noticed that there were not one, two, not even three, but four people at the station. Both Richard and Hulio were smart enough to know that they couldn’t use the same tactic that they did in the past stations. They had to come up with something quick before they started attracting attention. As they kept hesitating and stuttering their words, the members just sent them back to the front door.

As they were walking back, Hulio started to panic. “We are NOT just going to be sent back after all the things we have already done. If I’m going to kill someone, it’s for a reason. I can’t just kill someone and quit, that’s just messed up.” He turned around and threw a pocket knife at one of the member’s necks. “What are you doing?!” Richard said. The sirens went off and everything started to go downhill from there. They threw shooting stars at the two remaining members and made a run for it. As they kept running, they noticed that nothing was really happening. There was nobody running after them and there were no turrets or other weapons going off at them. They decided to turn around and go to the last room to see what all this hubbub was about.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 4 5 6 7 Next »

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