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The Reaper

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Chapter 1 Noble

The power has come so fluently, it flows through my veins. I am a coldblooded killer, and I’m the most powerful man in the world. I am forced to worship a man beneath me. I protect him from the darkness around him, but the darkness is me. I am the one who will cause his downfall. Uprising is coming. The noble men trust me more than they trust him. No one will hold me back.


Frederyk could smell the sharp scent of sweat on his opponents face, he could
This moves very quickly. I do plan to slow it down. It is edited unlike my really popular first edition
sense his fear, and he knew his pain. A distinct feeling of icy discomfort whipped across his face, the blade found itself digging into Frederyk’s flesh. Drops of blood began to trickle down his face mingling with the dirt. Frederyk considered the blow decent knowing it would have brought uneasiness to any other opponent; however he would not let fear control him. All of a sudden Frederyk had the sword ripped out of his hands. It was pressed tip first against Frederyk’s chest. Jumping back, he swung his gauntlet, connecting with his opponent’s chest.

The opponent relaxed himself, “Excellent resourcefulness Frederyk, I believe that your skill is improving. It will take days for this ache in my chest to heal.”

“Thank you Conand your kindest praise motivates me to improve.” Frederyk called over his shoulder as he twirled around on his heels and began walking away without another word.

Chivalry forces me to respect my “betters”. Ridiculous, I have proven myself a thousand times yet I still have to bow my head to an ignorant man.

“If you need me Conand, I shall be hunting,” Frederyk lied.


Frederyk walked the field alone for the first time in years. This green meadow overlooking the forest is where he had proposed to Julie, only for the king to accuse of her witchcraft days before their wedding. The very king that promised his kingdom protection and salvation, who was he to decide that the offspring of a noble was unsafe to the kingdom? The pain it brought not only him but the rest of the kingdom could be felt for many months after her death.

It is my job to keep this land safe, and it has been decided long ago that the king has walked alongside the Devil to long. Within a fortnight, there would be no more tainting of this land and its’ people.


At dusk Frederyk approached his home and through the windows he saw that a candle was alit. Isabella, his house servant, was still there. He entered his house and Isabella hastily placed one of Frederyk’s books back on its shelf.

“Isabella you were reading one of my books, when were you taught Latin?” He inquired warmly.

“I am sorry your highness,” Isabella said kneeling at Frederyk’s feet. “I should not have allowed my hands to lie upon your books, I am illiterate and there is no reason to think otherwise.”

“Isabella there is no need to speak lies in my presence, in my mind anyone who seeks knowledge is my equal no matter their social class. That includes you. I also know the difference from the truth and a quick lie” Frederyk gently helped Isabella to her feet and looked her in the eyes. “I am not God and I cannot and will not demand repentance for things that he would not.” His voice was firm but passionate; the only time Isabella had seen him talk to anybody like this was with his late fiancée.

“I do not understand, you are at the forefront of society and yet you will let someone as low as me defile your possessions. This does not seem correct. This does not seem normal.”

“What is not normal is for someone to think they are better than anyone else,” Frederyk looked down, pondering something. “Anyone besides me will say that I am a very noble person for risking my life for the protection of everyone else. I think I am a spoiled man, given what I want when I want it. I never take advantage of this, and I am not vain but if I did no one would give me a second glance, because that is what society expects me to do. But society does not decide what I do and how I act. It is beginning to get late; I would like you to rest here for the night.”

“What about the implications that people will come to? Even I know what that will do to you.”

“I told you, I do not care about my status in feudal society, I am my own person, and I am an individual free of the constant watch of men and women under me.” Frederyk replied walking to the door again. “Blossom meus flower, persevero cretum vel in meus absentis, Blossom my flower, continue to grow even in my absence. Frederyk walked out the door; even he did not know when he would return.


Bernard walked the Great Hall in silence as he always did every evening in monotony. Recently he always did things in monotony, because unexpected things can lead to death, just as disease stole his wife. So Bernard would continue to do everything on schedule until God called him home to be with his wife once more. The sun was setting over the stain glass picture of King Jacob. Unlike Frederyk, Bernard did not ridicule the vain styles of the king. He instead kept his place and only thought of his own protection.

He halted, hearing footsteps in the background; this very rarely happened in the great hall was normally unoccupied at night, with the exceptions of feasts. There were two sets of feet; the heavy footsteps belonged to Conand, tired from his arduous daily training. The other sets of feet were nearly imperceptible; they probably belonged to Frederyk who was always well composed, and just as paranoid for his own safety as Bernard was. They spoke to each other in hushed whispers that to anyone else would have been soundless. He took a step behind a pillar. He had already left his repetitive walk around the castle’s confines. He was close enough to the next intersection; he could easily walk away if confronted. He eavesdropped in a very inconspicuous manner.

“You have seen the great evils that King Jacob has committed. If it weren’t for his support of another crusade for the Holy Land, then he would have been excommunicated by now. So many of his religious decisions have been made and later recalled, because his views did not match the Pope’s.” Frederyk spoke in a soft tone that just barely managed to keep back venom.

“You have brought me here for yet another attack on the King’s character, Frederyk? You cannot honestly say that you believe something to be done on this matter.” Conand replied. “We risk beheading on the account of treason just for broaching this topic.”

“How can you say that this is not an honorable course of action? Even the nobles believe that the king has become untrustworthy. If someone took control it would not be as unscrupulous as you seem to believe.” Frederyk said looking Conand directly in his eyes. A quiet gasp escaped from Bernard’s lips. Frederyk raised one finger to his lips and motioned to the last pillar to the right of the hall.

“So Frederyk, you are saying that the king should step down from the throne or be executed,” Conand said taking Frederyk’s hint and continuing the conversation.

“Along with all of his close followers,” He said, only a couple of feet away from the pillar Bernard was hiding behind.

Bernard’s heart was beating a mile a minute as Frederyk and Conand’s dialogue continued. All of the sudden he felt warm breath on his shoulder as Frederyk whispered in his ear. “So Bernard if the king hears about this I know who his closest follower is, and I will kill him before the king. I have monitored your monotony; I know where and when I can kill you.” Frederyk spoke in a mesmerizing voice. “I hope that is not you Bernard. Better yet I know that is not you.”

“Of course not,” Bernard spoke successfully under Frederyk’s control.

“Very good Bernard. Now I want you to go back to your chambers and sleep, by tomorrow this will all be a bad dream,” Frederyk continued.

“Yes I must sleep, and forget. I shall leave now.” Bernard said walking back to his room.

“Now Conand I believe you were about to inquire about excommunication. If so I hope that this scene has taken away your worries.” Frederyk said in his normal voice.

“No actually I wasn’t, I was going to question you on why Bernard listened to you so willingly.” Conand said drawing his sword.

“Well actually...”

“I do not wish to hear you spit lies from your enchanted lips. You must be a pawn of the Devil and in that case I must ask you this. Why should I join you in a worldly pursuit when you will only lead me to eternal suffering? If you, a demon, are against the king then I must surely protect him.”

“I am sorry you think that way Conand. The last thing you think is so far off that you will be disappointed when your heaven provides you answers. I am apologizing but this is not the type of thing where I can tell you my side and let it marinate. There is just too much at stake and you will either see eye to eye with me or you will die,”

“So be it, if I die for the Lord, then I shall surely be rewarded in heaven. I will not die now; I shall banish your soul to eternal fire.”

Frederyk drew his sword very slowly letting the movement taunt his opponent.

“Obsidian, the sharpest mineral on Earth, hand crafted by the finest blacksmith in Europe. I wanted the king’s blood to be the first to stain such a masterful blade but yours shall suffice. You will go down in history as the beginning of a revolution.”

Infuriated, Conand took a side swipe at Frederyk missing by only inches as he leapt back. Frederyk retaliated with a quick and powerful kick to the chest.

“Second time I have dodged your blade today.” Frederyk chuckled

Conand recoiled after the insinuating blow.

“It will be the last.” Conand yelled. With a cry Conand swiped at Frederyk’s right leg with a force enough to cut through the toughest armor. With a slight back step, Frederyk avoided yet another major blow. Conand staggered forward, the miss surprising him. Frederyk whipped his fist out, his blow connecting with Conand’s nose. The crack echoed across the hall. Conand bent over with pain as Frederyk slammed his knee into his forehead. Conand fell to the floor, unconscious. God had let him avoid the pain to come.


Isabella awoke from her slumber and mumbled a call for Frederyk. She still felt guilty even though she had accepted what he had said. She began to think. If only he knew what I read… His journal was full of plans for uprising and the downfall of Jacob. It was written in the same beautiful script as the letters Julie showed Isabella before her death. She couldn’t resist reading on; she continued to examine his journal and found that the alliances involved included even her brother, John. The shock of this new fact scared her but as she began to think she noticed the tyranny behind the king, every word Frederyk wrote about him was true. The kingdom needed protection not from the outside forces looking to destroy them, but the inner beast that sat on the throne, an evil force waiting to explode. Isabella heard the door open one more time and this time instead of rushing to place the book back on the shelf she approached Frederyk looked him in the eye and held up the book.

“What may I do to serve you King Frederyk,” Isabella said bowing to Frederyk

“I must blame myself for this, I should not have given you access to my whole library,” Frederyk muttered to Isabella.

“You lecture me on not depending on the social status, and me being your equal yet the second I even think of risking my life for the well being of my king...”

“Do not call me king again. I am not your king and you will not mention the kingdom in my presence. I will not involve you!”

“You will steal my brother away from me and not even decide what is best for me!”

“How can you say such a thing—I only have your best interest at heart!” He paused and spoke once again. “I can’t stand to lose another...”

“Another what? What can you possibly lose now that you’ve lost your beloved? You like to make everyone think that you were not affected by her death, but everything you are doing is in her name. What can I possibly be in comparison to someone that will inspire you to overthrow a kingdom! You do not love me. You are just playing my emotions to get what you want, and since you are a noble why shouldn’t you. I apologize for having thought otherwise,” Isabella choked, tears streaming from her eyes. “I am going back home to my brother.”

“You are my beloved, Isabella. I cannot stand to lose you, and I refuse to let you destroy yourself.”

“If you can, why should I not?”

“What are you talking about Isabella?”

“You are going out to kill yourself in a romantic attempt to show that you forever loved Julie! You don’t love me. I am just a pawn in a favorable position!” Isabella screamed as she continued to cry. “I can’t stand to lose you Frederyk. You know I love you, and you are taking that emotion and bending it to your will, making it easier for you to use my brother as a soldier in your little war. Am I not the intelligent woman you spoke to last night, the one who had respect for her master, or am I just a scared little girl to you? You will go off, and he will kill you, and I will be stuck here wondering what it could it have been like, for you to hold me in your arms and tell me you love me.”

“Don’t think like that, it is not what could have been, it is what will be.”

“Ha! Do not make me laugh, you are not immortal. King Jacob is a coward and he will keep himself guarded and he will kill you.

“I am very glad you are so optimistic, I figured he would have me tortured if I were captured. I must leave now my love.”

“Oh no, you are not leaving me right now,” she insisted. “I will be involved in this. As long as you plan to overthrow the king I will stand by your side.”

“Your brother is second in command, please converse with him. The king will be awakening soon, and I must speak with him.”

“Frederyk, remember you cannot avoid death. If it does not come now it will come in the future,” Isabella said giving up on her attempt to sway Frederyk.

“Immortality is a beautiful concept but I would trade it all for you. I will not chase immortality because God will have to have you eventually. But at the moment he cannot steal you. If you do join the resistance then you will be under the greatest protection available...”
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Belladona_Daughterof_Circe This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Apr. 3, 2012 at 12:42 am
OMFG, Will!!! Frickin amazing!!! I worship your writing!!!
Xella714 said...
Oct. 27, 2011 at 8:46 pm
I like it, though the dialogue is rough and unrealistic.
Gokulover said...
Oct. 19, 2011 at 3:49 pm
OMG...... that was the best book I've ever read. and i read alot of books.
emilybwrites said...
Aug. 12, 2011 at 8:21 pm
wow! double wow! fabulous story i can see why it is #1! please check out my poem "Forgotten Domain" and comment i would like some feedback from fellow writers! thanks so much!
OliviaR. This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. replied...
Sept. 4, 2011 at 6:19 pm
hey, i love your story!!! pleas check your email and tell annmarie to do the same thing!!!!
Thorn said...
Dec. 23, 2010 at 7:40 pm

Grr! My computer's not letting me read past the first page.


On a happier note, my comment:


So, this was amazing! Very well writter, and definitely drew me into the storyline.

There are a few itty-bitty things I'd like to mention.

First of all, there were numerous punctuation errors, but those can easily be fixed.

The second thing that had me confused is when the Isabella/Frederyk thing actually started. I'm reading and all of a su... (more »)

Thorn replied...
Dec. 23, 2010 at 7:41 pm
*very well written.
OfficialApprover This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Dec. 13, 2010 at 7:24 am

Lexie is the first to comment.  WHAT.


I believe you already know my opinion of this book;D I'll let the rating speak for itself.

in the darkness replied...
Dec. 17, 2010 at 7:50 am
I love the plot it was enough to keep me reading. I would love to see more chapters.

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