December 26, 2017
By Perris, Ripon, California
Perris, Ripon, California
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Favorite Quote:
"Live, live, live. Life is a banquet, and most poor suckers are starving to death."
From a movie called Mame.


Tex, a strongminded teenage girl thinks her live is normal, and is always gonna be normal. Just a regular high school life, an overprotective brother, and a fashionista for a BFF. Everything seems to be going good, until she gets a little visit from a terrorist group at her school called the TALIHAD. The TALIHAD plans an entire dictatorship over the USA. What Tex doesn't realize at first , is that her previous boyfriend, comes back as a terrorist.

    Trent, is a young boy who has difficulties finding out who he is and where he belongs. And when he comes back as a TALIHAD soldier and sees Tex again, all the old feelings come back. Deep down he knows that he's not a horrible person, but he also wants to prove to himself that he's not a coward.

    Tex soon realizes that she can't just sit around and watch the dictatorship take place. So Tex, he brother, and her BFF get swooped into an organization called: the San Jose Underground.   Even with all the  battles and chaos, Tex and Trent still manage to have some teenage drama in their lives. But the drama gets all twisted up with the war, and Tex feels like she has to chooose between love and loyalty.



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