Claire’s Combat with Hades

October 26, 2017
By 12.L.E.A.25 SILVER, Coconut Creek, Florida
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12.L.E.A.25 SILVER, Coconut Creek, Florida
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We are in Dorchester High School in Boston on what started to be a normal morning. A 16 year-old girl named Claire Cabot is waiting outside her building to enter her morning calculus class. She is one of two freshman's in the class, but the first period math class ran 10 minutes late.
* * *
    Sorry to interrupt, according to Narrator Code I’m not supposed to interrupt, the story to give my insight but I couldn’t help myself.” My name is Maddie and I’m your narrator. About the first part of Claire’s story, if the class had started 5 minutes before it did well… this story wouldn’t have happened, anyways, back to the story.

    Claire was a hazelnut brunette with geeky glasses that gently resting on her perfectly small nose. She was wearing slightly ripped navy jeans with a teal tanktop and a thin horizontally striped long sleeve shirt. As the doors opened, the ominous clouds, began to groan loudly. Suddenly a blindingly yellow lightning bolt speeds across the sky like a racecar on the track and strikes Claire. She then falls on the hard granulated ground in the middle of the crowd.

* * *
A little while later… Claire was being rushed to the hospital. In the ambulance, the medics told her parents that it appeared that somehow she had absorbed the lightning and only ended up with a minor concussion. At the hospital, she gets a few X-rays, and internally she seemed fine. The doctors told her parents that she was a medical miracle. As she awoke in the hostile hospital room with plain sickly blue walls and a cold feeling on the isolated bed, she tried to touch her lightning bolt ring.

It was made of gold with three perfectly shining and polished diamonds in it. Her best friend Zack Mellowy had given it to her for her 18th birthday 2 weeks before the incident on June 8th 1999. The contact with the metal made her finger shoot a lightning bolt and have a vision through it. What did she see? Well it was incredible to say the least. At that moment what she saw would change her life forever as she knew it. Not only would you find out a secret about herself but even about her best friend Zack. She saw her father being Zeus and her mother being the Amphitrite, wife of Poseidon. She also saw that her friend Zack is the son of Athena.

A few minutes after what seemed to be forever, her best friend Zach Mellowy showed up.

Just between you and me, Zack Mellowy Is an amazing person both inside and out.He has perfect hair, a perfect smile, and the kindest heart you will ever meet. Now Claire and Zack aren't exactly a couple but they basically are the closest friends in the entire world!!!

In a hurry, Zac pushes his way through the many doctors crowding Claire's door and busts in asking, “Claire what happened? We were supposed to go to calculus second period. Are you okay? Do you need anything?”

Claire answers in the soft, gentle voice,
“Zach you are never going to believe what I just saw but if you're my best friend you will believe me and you will help me figure out what I saw.”

“Claire you know I would do anything for you. Come on what is it!”

As Claire explained her vision, Zack carefully listened making sure to write down everything she recalled.

“You mean you think we're demigods?
“I wasn't gonna to tell you but how could I not?  You're the only person who really will believe me.”

As Claire finished explaining  her vivid visions to Zack, he looked like he believed her! This gave her much confidence in figuring out what happened. During the week in the hospital for observation, Claire had time to do research and catch up on assignments. Zach brought her the homework everyday and they sat for hours researching Claire’s new power.
           * * *
                              SOME HELP FROM MADDIE
“I can’t be sure, but I strongly believe that Zack and Claire are in love. While I’m the narrator and I could find out, I want to see how this story plays out! BTW, they are complete opposites. There is a connection that I can feel. He loves sports and she loves art, but they’re both solid A+ students. I don’t know… maybe love it in the air.”

After a week, Claire got out of the hospital and decided to go with Zach on his motorcycle around the city for some coffee. As they entered the coffee shop, a bright glowing figure with a robe made of pure white silk and a crown of vivid green olive branches on his head approached them. His muscles were almost chiseled from stone and he had such a figure. A broad chest muscular arms. The powerful and booming voice said, “ Follow me. Ask no questions make no sounds. You are safe.”

They followed the figure to a Rolls-Royce Phantom Serenity. As the driver began, they took off into the sky! The clouds looked that marshmallows floating in bright blue jello. A bird, then a plane, now they are in space! They were filled with fear encroaching their cold fingertips.  The figure then exclaimed, “ I never said this was a library. You must be wondering who I am. Well, Claire, Zack, nice to meet you. I am Zeus.”

“Holy…” muttered Zack
“Impossible, you don’t exist.” said Claire trying to convince herself this wasn’t happening

“Well listen, neither do flying cars. We don’t have much time. I have to explain a few things and then we will prepare you for your mission.”

The car now was on a driveway of clouds. They had been pulled into what seemed to be a different dimension!  As it pulled up to the final destination, Claire and Zack witnessed Olympus. It was a brightly colored castle with pillars of white marble embellished in gold. Stone statues with dark marble plaques filled the enormous courtyard. About the size of fifty football fields, there were fountain of holy water with a choir of muses singing to welcome Zeus.  The bushes were in the shape of a labyrinth that spelled out Zeus. You could see Hera’s rose bushes in full bloom.. The delicate and colorful petals crowded the bush like girls at a Justin Bieber concert. Inside, all were dressed in white silk robes with gold decores. The palace was just as impressive. Handcrafted tables, chandeliers, and even portraits filled each room. Feasts of the finest delicacies left their mouths watering! The smell of the roasted turkey with the assortment of gourmet cheeses and the plumpest most juicy fruit in the world restion in massive China bowls. The salmon on a bed of asparagus with balsamic vinegar filled the room. There were bowls of rice, and dishes of golden baguettes with small square of salted butter. The next table had treats such as italian cannolis, tiramisu, croissants, pain au chocolate,  and every pie or cake ever desireable.  In a hurry, Zeus sat his guests in chairs of italian leather and diamond engraving.

“After the journey you must be famished, so go ahead and enjoy!” Zeus announced
“Let us waste no time.

As you may have noticed by Claire’s sudden powers, you two are demigods. Being my daughter, she has lightning and water powers that were controlled through her hands. As the son of Athena, you sir have craftsmanship and you are a warrior. By the way, your football skills are useful.”

During the festivities Zeus showed off the many advantages of Olympus. He explained to the kids how to use their powers and of course the requirements. They had to go to the Underworld, face Hades, and steal the Trident from his clutched to return it to Poseidon. They had to go to the Underworld, face Hades, and steal the Trident from his clutched to return it to Poseidon.

As soon as dinner was over, Zeus took the kids to a big hall with pictures on the walls. The loud booming voice said, “So kids do you understand what you need to do?”
At that moment both Claire and Zack look like they were about to fall on the floor. The confusion was clear on their faces as was the big question: Is this real?

Zach sarcastically asked, “So just to recap you want us to go to the underworld capture the Trident, come back,  give it to Poseidon, and still be alive?!”
“Precisely I knew you were bright one!"
"How are we supposed to use our powers?"
“What do you think I’m here for? Follow me to power training. I have a feeling that you two will be ready in time.” 

Power training was a high tech facility with everything from archery to lightning concentrators.  On the walls were oil paintings with wooden frames. Right away, Claire began to form lightning into different weapons. She explodes metal armor and concentrates her power into controlling the sky. She also mixed water to make typhoons and whirlpools. Zack was able to fight with magic swords and was able to build anything. Zeus trained them to be able to concentrate their powers together in order to work harder. They also had to be perfectly fit. This required laps, pushups, squats, and archery lessons. Fighting Hades would be no walk in the park.
“What about our parents?” Claire asked. “Oh don’t worry they already know. You two have come of age and they counted the days until this would happen. If you choose to fulfill your destiny and use your powers to their full potential, you two could be unstoppable!”

The next day they took off to the Underworld. The sky was charcoal black with fog everywhere.  Huge serpents were crowding  the metal and rusted boat. Up ahead was a gigantic palace with Hades at the entrance. His hair of blue flames and his robe as black as the water. “Hello desired guests! Welcome to my palace of hell. “Over there dead people, and there more dead people and well ya that is it.“For what do I pay this wonderful visit?” Oh right the Trident. You’re not getting it, so head back or you will join my palace.”
          * * *
I have to say that it takes some courage to battle Hades. He wants to destroy the whole world, take over Olympus, and have everyone work as slaves in his empire.  If you didn't know, Zeus is Hades's brother. Cronos, their father, ate them When they were little. They were able to escape, but they were 8 kids to fight. Hades then became twisted, and now teenagers go fight him. Anyways I’ll  stop interrupting.

Zack announced, “Bring it.” He then made a huge ax and hit Hades.
“I was gonna be nice but I guess not.” Then Hades pulled them out of the boat into a his clutches. “Say hello to hell.” He then locked them into prison. That is it! It was over. They stayed in there for a few hours while Hades was “playing” with the ocean planning world domination. Finally Zack whispered an idea to Claire. Claire shot the bars with  lightning and melted the rusty cringe bars of the cell. It was 2 veruses 1. Hades was strong and sent out pulses from the trident and stopped their powers. Then, Zack grabbed a football from his pocket and knocked Hades out then,with lightning, water, and wood they finally got him unconscious. Now where was the Trident?

After going through the cold dreadful rooms of the palace, they looked in every corner and closet. The palace was so dusty it must not have been cleaned in at least 4.000 years. They even looked in his flame lighters for his head! “Wait a minute,” paused Zack. “He wouldn’t hide it anywhere in case of an invasion. It would have to be on him!” Just then, a tiny glowing Trident was tied on Hades’s neck! They stole it from his neck and pushed him onto the boats. With rope that Zack made, they tied him down.

The seas were howling in the wind waves were crashing on the shore. The bat rocked back and forth uncontrollably. Zeus had given them a map to Poseidon. They had to go until the boat began to sink. Then, Claire would create a whirlpool for them to go through. Then, a new problem.

The world serpent came out of the deep oceans of the world. Hades had called for it to come, and it did. His red laser beam eyes were piercing through his glossy lens. The long black scales on his back were leathery and tough. He stretched around the earth 10 time. There was no escape. Claire then decided to electrocute him so they could get to the whirlpool in time. Finally they reached it!

They jumped into a whirlpool and when down where Poseidon awaited them. They threw the necklace to him grasping for a breath. He granted them the possibility to breathe. He quickly took control of the water and in a raspy voice,“Thank you.” He sent them back to Olympus to be greeted by Zeus.

“Good job! I knew you could do it!” If you wish you can be the official demigod spies of Olympus. “Yes of course!” they both blurtted out. When they went back to earth, they started dating and they took weekly trips on Zack’s motorcycle to the coffee shop.  They then went to Olympus and began to spy out any problems on Earth. In the end that lightning strike brought them closer and was the best thing that ever happened to them.

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