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Trinity Soul Spiral

Author's note: I started writing this piece in 4th grade and I have been trying to finish it since then,...  Show full author's note »
Author's note:

I started writing this piece in 4th grade and I have been trying to finish it since then, I've finally got the inspersation to do so.

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Broken Glass

I watched as Mark’s lifeless body began to move. Circe was the first to wake; somehow becoming tangible in the faintly lit room. Mark got up and shook of the rest of his grogginess.
“How’d I get here?” He asked me.
I sighed, “You saved me from the mutant back in the cavern when I was too stunned to move.”I wanted to turn away but I felt he would be angry If I did not hold his gaze. Surprisingly he was the one who looked away.
“I knew that I had to help
*This is a note from all of the other chapters combined, I hope that whoever reads this is enjoying it, although I know it's not a finished copy I will continue to update it weekly at a minimum.
you but I was cowardly, Luke; My first instinct was to save Circe and myself.” He reached inside of his coat pocket and took out the red vial, one of the three The Bishop gave us. “Here, you deserve this one The Bishop said it was for someone brave, you may not have fought the beast but you did not want to run I can see it in your eyes.”
“Mark you should rest maybe after that you’ll see that I wasn’t brave.”
I stood to leave the chamber Six provided us but Mark grabbed my arm.
“Luke you do deserve this I will take the other one the one for fear.”
Solem scoffed from his place against the wall. “How about we all just make rash decisions and drink the wrong vial for us, die and Six rules the world still but with no resistance.” Solem finished.
Six walked into the chamber and sighed. “Luke you were wise to fear the beat so you will take the blue vial, Mark it took bravery to make it out of the shadow realm as I knew you had not died and Solem will take the one of fear as I am the thing he fears most.”
I frowned,”How did you know about the vials?” Six laughed and the image of an old man began to fade and became the image of a massive man.
“Because I am The Bishop.”
Our jaws dropped at the revelation.
“How could you be the Bishop?”
The Bishop laughed.
“I posed as Six to lure you here for him but only to give you a message.” The Airship lurched to a stop.
“What’s the message then?” Circe said.
The Bishop sneered. “He wants you to get stronger, find the real Hallowed axe and give him the challenge he’s been waiting for his entire life.
“You have four months to gather an army and find the rest of the weapons. Have fun!” The Bishop’s troops came from down the halls lasers ready. “I'm afraid , that this is your stop.”
The sea below churned beneath the hovering craft; The Bishop’s soldiers began to enter the room rifles, ready. I looked at my rag-tag team.
“Jump!” I let myself fall back as I fell to meet the sea below.

The ocean was colder than anticipated, well it would have been if Circe had not stopped our descent by changing into a whale and holding us in her mouth.
“Well that was unexpected.” Solem stated.
I sighed, “Guess it was but then again Six did allow me to acquire the moonblade and allowed Luke to obtain half of the hallowed axe.”
“So what is he planning then? Luke asked I shrugged and stole a glance at Solem who stood fiddling with the colored vials with dexterity I’ve only in miners.
“Solem you’re oddly quiet you’ve only said one sentence.” He scoffed.
“If you haven’t noticed we’re in a whale’s mouth and no one’s asking the main question why did Six help us!”
I gripped the hilt of the moonblade the answer coming to my head. “He’s tired.”
“Tired of what?”
“He’s Tired of winning everything.” I said.
Puzzling looks traveled across the whale’s mouth.
“How do you know?” Solem asked his tail twitched with each word.
“He cant have won everything! We are still fighting him after all.”
Luke crossed his arms.“No, Solem has to be right Six can’t still be winning. We’re still fighting him after all.”
I shook my head solemnly. “He allowed me to retrieve the Moonblade and you the Hallowed Axe. Everything we’ve been doing he’s allowed.” Solem’s eyes narrowed and he looked to the floor of Circe’s mouth.
Luke crossed his arms. “We can’t win can we?” Luke asked.
“It appears as though we can’t.” Solem growled.
“No.” I grinned, “We can; Six thinks he knows what we are going to do, So let’s change the game.”
The ground shook. “We’ve beached.” Circe said.
Luke grinned and picked up his half of the Axe. “Let’s go change the game.”

As soon as we beached I forced all of my passengers out of my mouth and reverted back to my original form. Solem and Luke landed with their butts in the sand. “Jeez Circe cool it.” Mark told me.
Solem stood up and surveyed the area. “Where are we?” He asked.
I shrugged . “You can’t just ask where we are how about you check your mapping device.”
Solem scowled. “Silence beast! This is called a G.P.S One of the relics I stole from Six.”
I laughed.
“ That’s just a piece of tech from pre-Six Era.
Luke took the device from Solem. “What is this?”
Solem scowled. “I just explained it! It tells our current location by using the power of the gods.”
Luke examined the device.. “This just seems like a piece of old tech from Six’s war room.”
I frowned, “How did you know that?”
Luke twirled the G.P.S in his hand. “Six showed me a few things from his war room. Like he said he must want us to defeat him.”
I felt anger arise in my chest but it wasn’t mine. Mark picked up a stick and threw it toward the Sea.
“So did you go Chat with Six until he decided to cure me from his beast!”
Luke scratched the back of his head. “I was kinda fascinated with the craftsmanship of the things in his war room.”
Mark punched a tree, causing bark to fly off of it. “What else are you not telling us?”
Luke twisted the hilt of his pocket knife in his fingers. “Six also told me that he’s not the real evil and that he wants us to beat him.”
Solem spat in the sand and flexed his fingers. “What exactly does that mean?” I transformed into a black cat and clambered up Mark’s shoulder eyeing the rest of our group.
“It means that Six is not the only overlord.”
Solem jumped up from his position in the sand, spraying it everywhere. “Impossible, Six is the terror of our world nobody else.” Mark sighed, his feeling of exasperation spreading to me, “Then why exactly do they call him six?”
I glanced at his hands as he fingered the cork of the vial and popped it off. “What are you doing?” I asked. Mark ignored me and tossed the vial on the ground. It splashed on the sand turning the friendly yellow color into a burning orange.
“I don’t trust him, He said. “Not in the slightest way.” The Orange sand solidifyied into glass.
Solem dropped one of his daggers as he stared at it. “What in the name of Kala?” He took a step back from the sand as the glass began to spread. Solem took his own vial out and threw it into the sea. “Witch-craft!” he hissed. Slowly the Orange glass began to rise up forming into the shape of a man. It grew to about 6 feet tall and swords sprouted where his arms should be. Blue glass began to crawl its way onto the beach as it rose up into beastial form, Its figure resembled that oof a tiger as a Scythe sprouted from its tail.
“Luke! Don’t break that vial!” I shrieked.
“Circe!” Mark hailed. I began to change, rising from the small form of a domestic cat to that of a Panther. With a yowl I lunged at the glass figure, only to pass right through it. I turned to face it again, the blue figure now turning to face me as well. Mark clutched the Moon-Blade in his hands, excietment was relayed between the two of us.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 4 5 6

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