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Trinity Soul Spiral

Author's note: I started writing this piece in 4th grade and I have been trying to finish it since then,...  Show full author's note »
Author's note:

I started writing this piece in 4th grade and I have been trying to finish it since then, I've finally got the inspersation to do so.

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Holy Raining Ban, An, And, Os

Solem and I braced for Impact as the Sparrow started losing altitude. Crack!
"What was that?" I asked the Cat-Hybrid.
He looked back at me. "Buckle up this is gonna hurt"
The Sparrow started to spin out of control and bullets began to rain down us . The ground came to me so quickly I didn't even have the time to scream. After the sparrow crashed I got up from the sand and spat some out of my mouth and shook some out of my hair. Solem sat up and instantly looked to the sky and the exact moment he did so more bullets started to rain down the thump of the other sparrow's propellers was the only thing heard above the bullets. Solem and I dove to the wreckage and waited until the bullet storm stopped. Only after it was followed by one huge thump.
"Come out from your hiding spot little people, we won't hurt you!" A voice called.
"Is it not our job to kill them Ban?" A second voice asked
"Quiet You idiot We are trying to lure them out!" A third voice scowled.
"An is not stupid Os is an idiot!" I looked at Solem.
"Are their names seriously Ban, An, and Os?"
"Seems so, and I think all three of them are stupid."
Then the ruined Sparrow we were hiding behind was lifted up.
"Hello down there!" We looked up and literally saw a bald man with three heads in a blue,green and red jumpsuit. One had a scar running below the the base of his face the spiraled along his back. The thin mustache was the only hint of hair he had on his face.
The other wore a seaweed wig and had a bunch of makeup made of blood while the last one had no teeth (which was good) and a ponytail that left the rest of his head bald.
“HEllO DOWN THERE!” The ten foot 3 headed man mutant said.
I waved awkwardly “Hello fellas anyway we can talk this out?”
They grabbed the nearest cactus with their bare hands and threw it at us only it landed a few inches short. Solem laughed showing his venomous smile.
“Take that as a no boy!”
Sliding the two curved daggers from his belt he charged at our humongous enemy. With the speed of a snake he lashed out at the giant’s ankles. Twisting and turning away from it’s hands. I grabbed the Hollowed Ax which was embedded in the sand. Jerking it free I ran to Solem’s aid. As Solem and I began to overwhelm the giant a large Sparrow came and dropped in more Soldiers and The Evil Warlord himself. “SIX!!” Solem hissed. The giant backed away and fell in rank standing tall behind the mass of soldiers. Six smiled and spread his hands in a harmless gesture. “Solem my good man we meet again.” He began to walk to Solem both of their purple cloaks flying in the desert wind. I raised the Ax in defiance and immediately all of the men leveled their guns. “Now Now...Luke was it? You don’t want to waste your life and let your brother die?” “Where’s Mark and the Bishop?” I asked. The giant laughed shaking the ground again." " While "The Bishop" was making some herbs for the sick one Lord Six had his kyrullan assassins slit his throat and take the boy." "Why the bishop despised violence!" Solem cried. Six laughed a guttural laugh "It's true and the boy is in one of the dungeons in the prison of GeraNotch and there is no way he’ll live” Six confirmed. Solem kept shaking his head mumbling, “No way in Sloor now way at all.” Six smiled again. “Now you can come to GeraNotch with me or..” He waved his hands and the mass of troops surged forward. “I get Six now take me to my brother.” The glass eyed man laughed. “You will have your wish but first give me the Axe.” I looked at the Silver ax in my hand as it started glowing red. I dropped it to the sand and stared at my singed hand. The axe buried itself in the sand its heat turning the surrounding sand into a glass casing. Solem looked at Six. “I still don’t believe you killed the Bishop and I never will.” Six looked down at the slightly shorter Kyrullan. “Come Solem, let us not fight I see your friend there is quite hungry. Come on Now I will take you to your friend and we will have a feast.” Luke sighed I guess we have no choice.” Six grinned and called for his Sparrow Come I will take you to your brother; Perhaps We can discuss some terms for a truce?” Solem and Luke spat in disgust. “We’ll take Mark back and leave your Ship on no terms.” Six shrugged and his Shadow sprite did the same. “Fine then Solem and Luke you can even have a head start since I doubt your friend will be joining you.”


I hung from the side of the cliff face gripping it until my knuckles split “Circe are Six and the other Shadow gone?” She nodded and gripped my left hand tighter. “Yes but that won’t stop us from falling to our deaths.” My finger twitched and dust flew into my face. “Circe I have an idea but you won’t like it.” I explained. She scowled. “It’s better than hanging here the other shadows smell us and they’re headed this way, so whatever you’re about to do it fast!” I looked down at her and grinned. “Actually my idea needs them to get here quickly.” Her eyes widened. “Are you trying to get yourself, no us killed!” I winced as my hand slipped again. “Not exactly.” At the top of the Cliff was exactly what I hoped for three other shadows one Wolf ,one Bat and one Goat.” Circe groaned. I looked up at the shadows. “You guys want to eat us right?” The wolf shook its head and spoke with a woman’s voice. “We are here to eat here so that we can take on a human form.” It said. I nodded. “Well how are you going to eat us if we fall into this abyss below us?.” I asked. The bat laughed and snorted. “I’ll catch you as you fall and then eat you.” Circe chimed in. “But if you eat us then only one of you will be able to take human form right?” The goat bleated “Lupa is this true?” The wolf closed it’s eyes and sat down. “Most likely all shadows have to eat to change and if the one he calls Circe has obtained a human form she is either an Alpha or a new sprite all together.” Circe looked at Lupa. “Yes I’m an Alpha so I command you to help me up.” They paused for a moment but paused when her nose came close to my hand. Lupa and the other animal laughed. “We almost fell for her trick, the boy isn’t a shadow. He’s her master!” She began approaching us teeth bared. “Wait!” I yelled “All you want is a human form right?” The three nodded. “What if you take a bite of me would you get human forms?” The Goat laughed “Don’t be ridiculous we have to eat you whole!” I raised a brow. “Has it ever been tried?” All three paused. “No.” They said in unison. “So why not try if you help us up I'll let you.” Lupa pondered. “Alright boy but no tricks. You Bara, Nosil guard them!” Lupa barked. The Wolf went to find something to pull us from from the edge while the two other animals sat in wait. Circe’s hand slipped a little more from my grip. She scowled. “You better know what you’re doing, Mark.” I grinned as Lupa brought a vine back, “Trust me Circe I never know what I’m doing.”
I clambered up the cliff side and dragged Circe up after me. Lupa bared her fangs. “So, extend your arm now.” I raised my arm up. Lupa growled. “No GAMES!” I stopped. “Okay fine.” I extended my arm toward Lupa and as she tried to bite me Circe grabbed her jaw. I kicked The she wolf in the nose causing her to stumble back in a yelp. The goat charged each step flinging dirt into the air. I sidestepped him, grabbed his horn and slammed him into the ground. Circe stood, now in tiger form and chased Lupa. Nosil, the bat swooped down and scraped the side of my face before swooping back into the trees. “Circe get the bat!” I yelled. Circe pounced from her position and change from from tiger to bird in mid-flight to chase the fleeing bat; leaving me to face a dizzy goat and a wise wolf. The two circled me confident that they had nothing to fear from me. “Give up boy, you’re alone and unarmed” Lupa said. “Yeah give up.” Bara parroted. I shrugged. “I may be alone but I am a thief, so I’'m never unarmed. I pulled a single dagger from the boot on my left leg, spun it and winked at the two. “Am I still unarmed. I charged the goat who only stood still. As I swept at him with the knife I only slid past him without harming him. Both animals started laughing, “Normal weapons won’t work against us you fool!” I took a step back and dropped my dagger. “Well I do have the MoonBlade.” Both animals stopped and took a step back. “Lies!” The wolf howled. I grinned knowing my bluff was working I hadn’t seen the moonblade since I’d gotten here. “Yep I have it all right and with one move I can force it to appear in front of me.” They took another step back and I took one forward.
“Yep so if I were you I’d-” I couldn’t finish as an invisible force dragged me away from the animals.
It burned I curled around the area I felt hurt the most instantly Circe flew into my face as if flung from a catapult. I lay pinned under the weight of Circe as a lion while Lupa stalked towards us.
“Time to die, Human!” She spat.
Lupa lunged and as I expected to feel her teeth on my flesh I only felt the cold embrace of darkness.”
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 3 4 5 6 Next »

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