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Trinity Soul Spiral

Author's note: I started writing this piece in 4th grade and I have been trying to finish it since then,...  Show full author's note »
Author's note:

I started writing this piece in 4th grade and I have been trying to finish it since then, I've finally got the inspersation to do so.

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The Arrival


We made it to the city by daybreak and as we already knew the walls were full of guards. I crept to the wall to see how many guards in total there were. I crouched in a bush adjacent to the wall when I felt something slide across my leg. I looked down at it and saw a black snake with emerald green eyes. It stuck out its forked tongue and hissed at me, I only sat there and fought the urge to unsheath the moonblade and skewer it. I’ve always disliked snakes since the day a snake warrior came and killed our only guard dogs. Then the bush behind me started to shake and I swung around as quick as my legs would let me almost stabbing Solem in the chest with my dagger. He looked at me wide eyed and hands raised. “It’s only me, no need to be afraid.” I sighed. “Something is troubling you, do tell.” He pressed
“We are fighting an evil overlord,The Overlord.”
“I understand your trouble,my young captor.”
I looked him in the eyes and said, “The sun is rising let’s move with haste.”
“As you wish.”
He and I returned to Luke who was sitting on a cart that had to horses on it. “Guys look what I found.” He said. Circe rose up from my shadow and stretched.
“A..cart?” Solem asked.
“Yep I figured we could sneak in as merchants.”
“But where will we get the merchant attire?¨ I asked.
Luke allowed himself to roll back into the cart and came out a few seconds later with some merchant cloaks.
I frowned, “Where are our-” “You don’t need them.”
Solem interrupted. “You will be what I am selling.”
Then my shadow decided to speak. “How will we keep the mages from discovering my presence.”
Solem scratched his face. “I’m hoping we can just wing it.” He gave her a small smile in a flash and it faded just as quickly. ¨Now, It’s time to move.” Still in awe at Solem’s confidence I stood there dumbstruck.
Luke came and patted me on the shoulder. “We will be fine.” I swallowed something told me we wouldn’t.

We rolled up to the wall in our rickety cart, Luke and I tied up with loose rope in case of a fight.
As we came to the gate one of the guards came up to inspect it. "Are these your slaves Sir?"
"Yes and I'd like to pay to have them taken past freely." The soldier scratched his thin beard and sighed, "Sir we aren't allowed to do that anymore, I'm afraid I'll have to ask you to step off the cart." Solem let go of his reigns ."As you wish, but my shadow sprite will remain to watch the slaves." "Okay sir." The soldier came to the cart and peered over. He looked at me and I gave him the bird. The soldier frowned and climbed off the wagon.
¨A-all done sir y-you may pass.¨
He motioned to the gate keeper and they slowly lifted the gates. As the gates lifted I had a great feeling of nervousness overcome me. Solem drove the wagon too slowly for my liking, it made me feel obvious. I poked my head out to complain but he said his city has speed limits. I really didn't like the idea of traveling at a slow speed.
Solem took us to an old church a few minutes later. "Okay get out we came to see my friend, the bishop and keep your weapons in their sheaths he doesn't like war or any other type of violence." He gave us a quick glance of 'I mean it' and went inside.
The church was glorious it was perfect white marble with blue and green stained windows, the chairs were a bright violet with a lot of symbols on them. Circe, now a cat clambered up my shoulder from her nap and checked the view.
"Nice church you've got here, if we die I wanna be buried here."
Solem scoffed at the shadow, "You're a shadow, you can't die."
Circe mimicked Solem's face and scoffed, "Stupid Kyral I'm bound so if he dies" She pointed her claw at me "I die." Circe’face transformed back into that of a black cat and looked straight ahead. I looked over to Luke and saw him staring at a photo on the wall.
"What is it." It was a photo of a king with a woman washing his feet. "My mom." he said. I looked at him eyes wide,"That's your MOM!" Yeah can't you tell. he pointed at the picture to the tattoo on her neck.
"It's the same one on your arm." I said in awe.
"Hey you two." Solem called, "The Bishop would like to see you for a moment." Solem turned his back to us and gestured to follow him.
We went down a small hallway that led to two doors. Solem pulled out a blood red key and slid it in. The door then opened up to a great dining hall.
Circe looked and said, "Hey Solem I bet this is better than where you lived , yep I bet."
Solem puffed out his chest. "Actually it is not I am prince of Karabath so I live in the Great Halls of Sloor."
"The Great Halls Of What?" I asked. He scoffed.
"The Great Halls Of Sloor, He is one of Karabath's greatest gods!" We walked into the room and saw a small old man. Solem went and bowed to the man. "Bishop this is Mark,Luke, and the beast Circe."
"Who are you calling a beast, you're not far yourself!"
The Bishop went to Luke and smiled, I have been waiting for my grandson to arrive but I did not think he'd be dead when this is over." Luke looked at him "What are you talking about, we're not going to die, and I have no family left Mark is all I have left." The Man laughed again, "So much like your mother, never straying from what she's told."
"I told your mother to take you to the village where you would meet Mark because I knew the king would have her killed for having a human child." Solem sighed, "Yes my father was a cruel man but even though Tremor is now king, the evil did not leave our family."
The Bishop nodded,"The Imperils know of this place and once they know you are in the city you can guarantee this will be the first place they look."
"Well, we must leave then."
"NO!" He stamped his staff on the floor. "Not until I give you this." He lifted it up and a compartment rose from the floor. Light then flooded the room. "What happened." Luke asked. "Six knows you're here!" He pulled a lever on the the wall and a door leading to the back opened. "In here there are three cups, one blue, one white, and one red. Pick wisely or Six will no longer be your worry"
"Why not?" Circe asked. His face darkened,"Because you'll be dead."
"Oh Joy" Solem said.
"Joyous indeed." Circe mocked.
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