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Jennifer Walker One person. Two Lives.

October 9, 2017
By awinze, MUSKEGON, Michigan
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awinze, MUSKEGON, Michigan
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Author's note:

This piece features a very strong and intelligent woman as the main character. 

Jennifer Walker was walking into The FBI HQ when she looked to her left, surprised to see the face of Joshua, her newly-ex boyfriend. Jennifer was on her way to meeting with the FBI Director to get her new mission, and she assumed Josh was doing the same. She quickly looked away before any eye contact was made. She realized his dark wash jeans and his freshly pressed dress shirt and his dress shoes that were almost nicer than hers. “Typical”, thought Jennifer. Josh was always dressed to impress, and so was Jennifer; thats why they made such a stunning couple. Dating within the business is already hard enough, and it was too much for both of them. Jennifer quickly tried to get her thoughts off him and back on her mission. After spending most of her summer on music, she was ready to get back to work. Her real work that no one knew about. 
After rising about 10 floors, Jennifer finally was on the top floor. She walked through the extremely modern looking space, realizing how perfect everyone looked; perfectly chiseled jawlines, perfectly sculpted muscles, cat eye glasses and red lips. Jennifer walked up to the door of the Directors room, and a feeling of uncertainty ran through her body. She still opened the door and walked in confidently, pushing her blonde locks behind her.

Jennifer was surprised to not see Josh in the room. If he wasn’t here for this meeting, what was he doing? She sat down patiently in front of Alex Springs desk. Alex had given Jennifer her previous three missions, and she completed all of them precisely. Jennifer is among the best; the most stellar, lethal in the biz, and she knows that. Once Alex finally walked in, Jennifer standed up to greet him. 
“Jenn! It’s been too long.” Alex said this while gesturing for Jennifer to sit back down. “Agreed” Replied Jennifer.
“So….what makes you finally want to return?” 
“I need to get back out there. When I heard about G, I could not resist.”
“I understand. Well, your  first mission is back out in the most fashionable city, so you should fit right in.” 
Jennifer got a surprised look on her face. Paris was the last place she thought she would be going.
“When do I leave?”
“Tomorrow. 9 AM sharp. Mario will be waiting for you at LAX.”
Alex handed Jennifer her itinerary, and turned his chair around. Jennifer took that as the sign to leave.

While walking back through the building, Jennifer felt all eyes on her. She felt uncomfortable, which is unusual for her. Usually, she would love that feeling. She walked quickly through the top floor and finally got on the elevator. She felt relieved. That is until she heard a familiar voice say her name.
“Jenn! Where you headed?
“Paris. What about you?”
“Venice. Should be thrilling.”
Jennifer wondered about what Josh was up to since he wasn't at the directors meeting.
“Should be. See ya around Josh.” Jennifer stepped off the elevator and was about to turn the corner, until Josh grabbed her arm.
“I’m sorry about G.”
Jennifer just nodded with a slight smile, and left the building.   

  Jennifer was walking back to her BMW i8 when her phone suddenly buzzed. She grabbed it out of her purse and checked it. It was her producer, Cannon Michaelson. Cannon was one of the best music producers in the entertainment industry, and he had high expectations for Jennifer. Jennifer was one of the hottest artists coming off summer. He wanted to meet with her ASAP, so Jennifer replied that she would be on the way. She drove away thinking about G, wondering what really happened.  Jennifer could never think about G without wanting to scream. Her best friend was gone, and everyone was saying sorry to her. She did not want sympathy, she wanted Mark Ranelo to be dead. She sped off toward downtown LA with rage in her heart. 

Jennifer saw Cannon’s Porsche Panamera in the studio parking lot, so she pulled in right next to him. She walked into the studio not sure what to expect. Cannon spinned around in his car when she strolled in.
“Hey girl!”
Cannon was very funny, sarcastic, and one of Jenn’s best friends.
“Hey C”
“So... the reason I called you down here is to show you this”
Cannon held up an invitation to an event.
“Ok...another event. What’s so special about it?”
Cannon raised his eyebrows.
“This is an invitation to the event of the year. Anyone who's anyone will be there.”
Jennifer realized what event he was referring to. A streak of excitement ran through her body. There was nothing more that Jennifer loved than getting dressed up and having every camera on her, so this type of thing was right up her alley.
Cannon looked at her, waiting for a reaction.
“I can’t wait.”
Jennifer got a mischievous smile.
“I know. You will be the belle of the ball.”
Cannon and Jennifer both laughed.
“It’s in two months. You have that much time to call your stylist and publicist. You want to look your best and you want people to know you are going to be there, but what I am saying, you already know this.”
“I’m already thinking….maybe Versace…..or maybe La Perla? OR maybe Balmain!”
“I say Versace, but it’s your call.”
Cannon smiled and winked.
Jennifer stood up.
“Well, if that is all, I think I am going to get doing. Got places to be and people to see, C!”
Cannon stood up and gave Jennifer a hug. Jennifer thought of G and quickly released from the embrace.
“See ya, Jen.”
“See ya, C”

Later that night, when Jennifer was finally at home, catching up on emails, she heard her phone buzz. She checked it and saw it was Cannon.
“Hey Jenn….so I must have misread this invitation. The event is in Paris. Tomorrow night. You must have a dress you just have not worn before, right?  Love ya Jenn. C.”

Jennifer stared at her phone for about two minutes. She did not know what to think. How would she do this? She quickly ran to her closet and raided through every dress she ever owned. She finally found a white Chanel dress she had never worn and pair of Christian Louboutin heels. She texted Cannon to tell him she had an outfit. That was the one thing she had worked out. Her outfit. Jennifer laid on her bed, thinking about what to do.

Then she realized it:  She had to be a spy and a star at the same time.   

Jennifer heard the buzz of her alarm and sat straight up. She must have fallen asleep last night while still packing. She was laying in a mess of clothes, shoes and anything else she threw out of her closet last night. Jennifer got up and walked into the kitchen and texted Cannon that she was up. He instantly replied with just a winky face emoji. Jenn suddenly then stopped and realized she hadn’t told Alex about how tonight would work...the whole being two people at once sortof situation. She grabbed her phone and dialed his number.
Ring, Ring, Ri-
“Hey Jennifer. You ready for tonight?”
“Yeah! But….there is something I need to tell you.”
Jenn took a deep breath”
“So….you know about the job that everyone knows about….like….how….I’m a singer…”
“Yes. I know. Sorry Not Sorry is currently on all my playlists”
Jennifer laughed a little. She was relieved Alex wasn’t blowing up at her.
“Well, I got invited to the Met Gala, and I kind of have to go because it is sort of the biggest event of the year so like I am gonna have to be there and killing bad guys at the same time.”
“Ha. Sounds like a perfect night for Jennifer Walker.”
“Yeah, haha. Is that ok?”                                                  
“I know you will find a way, Jenn. I have faith in ya. Have a safe flight.”
Alex hung up.
“Well, off to Paris I go.”
Jennifer threw everything into her suitcase and was off to the airport.

Mario was waiting at the plane for Jenn. Mario had been her pilot since she started six years ago.
“Jenny! I’ve missed you!”
“Hey Mario! I’ve missed you too.”
They had a sweet embrace, and then Jenn climbed into the private jet.
She had to text her team to make sure they were all on the way. Her makeup artists, stylist, manager and publicist were all going to be waiting for her at the Hotel Plaza Athenee. She thought about how she would hide a gun while walking down the red carpet…..or how she would even get to the red carpet while having the baddest dudes out for her, knowing she was in town. Jenn just closed her eyes and waited to land.
When the jet finally touched down, she awoke suddenly and looked out the window. She could see the Eiffel Tower and that made her smile. Her and Josh had their first date on top of the tower about a year ago. Just then, Jenn got a text from Josh.
“You landed yet?”
“Just now. WYA?”
“At the office. Stop by.”
“Wait, You're here, in Paris?!”
“I’ll explain later.”
Jenn became very suspicious as to why Josh was here. Did Alex actually not trust her, and felt she needed backup? Jennifer quickly got off the plane and headed for the office.
When she arrived, she saw Josh immediately. He was sitting in the corner on his laptop.
“Oh, Hey Jenn.”
“Want to explain what exactly you're doing here?” 
“Wow, what a pleasant greeting. You know, we have had some amazing memories together here, Jenn. You should be happy we are both back.”
“Ok, Ok. Alex sent me here to be with you. I will complete the mission while you have your glamorous night.”
“What? I can do this by myself. I do not need or want help!”
“I had no choice. I know you don't need backup...but Alex changed my itinerary and everything.”
Jenn sighed and sat down.
“There is no way I am going to let you do this all by yourself. This is my mission.”
Jenn looked at Josh with a pleading look on her face.
“Why do you think Alex doesnt trust me?
“I don't know if he doesn't….maybe he is just worried that if you did do it by yourself, the word would get out somehow. You know….that you’re pretty much the female 007.”
Josh smiled and Jenn smiled back, slightly.
“It’s like i’m Hannah Montana. One person, two lives.”
“We didn’t chose this life, Jenn. It chose us.”
Josh stood up and stared to pack his things up.
“Are you leaving?”
“Taking the Helo out. Gotta travel in style!”
Josh flashed a goofy smile.
“You wanna join?”
The two walked toward the elevator, soon escalating to the very top of the building.
They both ran toward the helicopter while trying to not get blown off the roof. They finally were sitting down, waiting to take off.
“Wow...this city really is beautiful.”
“Yeah…It’s not too bad.”
They both looked at each other and smiled. Jenn then tilted her head the other way, gazing down at the city. She wondered how tonight would play out and how lucky she is to have Josh. He really does help her alot, and she should be thankful that someone is around since G isn't anymore. Josh took her place.
Jenn saw the alleys and the little cafes on all the corners. She saw the people rushing around the city, all the yellow cab cars and the little boats that go up and down the Seine. She saw her hotel in the distance and poked Josh to show him.
“Wanna jump off?”
Jenn hesitated for a second. It did sound fun…
“I will if you will”
Jenn smiled huge and nodded.
“See this is why you will always be my number one girl. You’re always up for anything!”
“Lets go!”
They got all their stuff suited up and looked out the window, trying to spot the hotel.
“There it is!”
Jenn pointed to the left.
“You ready?”
Jenn grabbed Josh’s hand and nodded yes.
They jumped together and headed toward the roof of the hotel.
Jenn lived for adrenaline rushing adventures. She looked at the Eiffel Tower in the distance, then looked at Josh.
“Woooo! This is awesome!”
“This is crazy cool!”
In no time, they were already preparing to land, getting into position so they don’t die. They both landed smoothly onto the building and started laughing uncontrollably.
“That was so much fun!”
Jenn looked at Josh waiting for a response.
“I think I swallowed a bug.”
Jenn then laughed even harder and forgot about the night she had in front of her. She had not laughed like that in a while. She felt genuinely happy, for that one moment in time.  

Later on, Jennifer was in her spacious and luxury hotel room getting glammed for the night ahead. She was constantly checking her phone waiting for an update from someone, anyone. She thought about how fun earlier was with Josh and felt her heart warm up when thinking about him.
“Who you thinking about, girl?”
Jenns makeup artist, Ariel, was looking at her with a funny yet interested look.
Jenn couldn't help but giggle.
“No one, i'm  just thinking about how happy i am to be back in Paris.”
“Shut up, Ariel!”
They both laughed out loud.
Jenn had decided to put her hain into a beautiful braided bun, with a pretty pin on the side of her head.
Suddenly, she got a text from Josh.
“Ranelo is in town”
Jenn thought for a minute. The man who she wanted dead the most, the man who killed her best friend, was in the same city as her. She had to take action.
“Find his location and send it to me ASAP. I will meet you there.”
Jenn then threw on her Chanel gown and Louboutin heels and strudded to the top of the building. Her helicopter was waiting there for her. Josh then sent her the address, and she was on her way there. 
When her phone started buzzing, notifying her that she was at the location, She let the pilot know and he slowed down. She saw Josh too, on top of a nearby building, She told the pilot to drop her off there.
Josh was wearing a suit that looked like it was tailored just for him, and that's because it probably was. Jenn walked up to him confidently.
“Wow Jenn. Always such a stunner.”
Josh admired her look.
“Eyes on the prize, Josh.”
Jenn pointed down to Ranelo.
“Lets keep this short and sweet. I’ll take down Ranelo and you take down his little minions.”
“After you.”
Josh and Jenn both made there way down the street, where Ranelo was standing in the open with his team.
Jenn looked at Josh.
“This is for G.”
Josh nodded in agreement, and then they both walked toward the door. Josh handed Jenn her most skilled weapon, two mini swords, and also two small handguns just in case. They made there way to the doorway and took a good glace at Ranelo. He had scars all over his face and tattoos covering his olive skin.
Josh looked at Jenn.
“I’ll go first.”
Before he could walk out the door, Jenn pulled him in for a hug.
“Be safe.”
“Don’t trust me?”
Josh looked down at her and smiled.
“Of course I do, I just don’t want to lose my other best friend to this guy too.”
“Were in this together, Jenn. This won’t take long.”
Josh walked out of the building and threw knives at all Ranelos men, injuring all of them. He then went up to each and shot them square in the head. Ranelo just stood there, watching in shock. Jenn then walked out, heading for him.
“Hey, Ranelo. How does it feel to be alone? To be helpless? To be hated? To be stranded?”
Jenn walked up to him, pressing her sword up to his chest. She was very close to his face, staring into his dark eyes.
“Who the hell are you?”
“Don’t act like you don't know me.”
“ I am not scared of you.”
“You should be.”
Jenn then dug her sword into his chest, almost pressing into skin.
“You know, if you just would have stuck to your old pathetic life, selling drugs, mistreating different women every night, being a total loser, you wouldn't be five seconds away from dying right now.”
“You can't kill me. You don't have the guts.”
“Watch me.”
Jenn then dug her sword threw his chest, making him fall backwards. She then stepped over him, pointing her gun at his skull.
“This is what happens when you take one of ours. We take you.”
The ring of the shot rang through the street, bouncing of the building walls. She watched Ranelo bleed out, processing what she just did. Josh walked up to her and put a hand on her shoulder.
“How about we get you to that ball.”
Jenn looked at him and smiled.
“Let's get out of here.”
“I have one question though.”
“May I escort you tonight, my lady?”
Josh knelt forward and held his hand out. Jenn laughed and covered her mouth.
“Of course.”
Jenn then took Josh's hand and started to walk away. She looked back at Ranelo one more time, trying to get one more look at his dead body. She was so happy he was dead. She had felt pure hatred for him.

When Jenn and Josh arrived at the ball, they both climbed out of the Maybach and strutted toward the red carpet, hand in hand. Paparazzi and reporters rushed up to them, capturing every angel. Jenn felt happy and proud. She had accomplished her most notorious mission to date, and was with the guy she admired the most, at the most lavish event of the year. She walked through the red carpet, flashing smiles at every way, wrapping her hands around Josh’s muscular arms.
“What a perfect night.” She thought.

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