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By , wrightwood, CA
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Chapter Three

May was pacing in her bedroom. Why had Tom shown her his dragon? And why had she not reacted correctly, slaying the beast like she should have? Why had she hesitated, shown the dragon her fear? That was the worst possible thing to do. Show and animal, your fear, and they were no longer afraid of you. They could do all manner of things to you they never would have thought of twice otherwise.
May shook her head, disgusted with herself, and kept pacing.
There was another thing she had done wrong, too. She had kept Tom’s secret. She had not told her parents about the dragon, about the traitor in their midst. Why? Why had she done this? Now, she was like a traitor herself, a betrayer to the Dragon Slayers.
But she wasn’t. She would never be. She would learn, and she would slay. She would slay many, many beasts.
Then why didn’t she when she had the chance?
There was a reverberant sound.
May ceased to walk and whipped out her sword instinctively. She couldn’t see anything out of the ordinary. She couldn’t hear anything peculiar.
Then it came again. This time, May knew where the sound was coming from. She cautiously crept over to the window and looked through it.
It was a cloudy night; the humidity made a fog on the glass. Because of this, May could hardly see through, but she did make out a figure standing below her window. It lifted its arm back behind its head, and then flung it forward. The fist unclosed, and then there was another plink! sound. 
It was throwing something at her window!
May slid the glass panes away, and saw who it was throwing pebbles at her window. It was Tom, and his hand was poised to throw again.
“Stop!” May exclaimed. “Tom, what are you doing?”
His face relaxed at the sight of her. “I was hoping you would come with me,” he said. “I wanted to show you something.”
May scowled. “You mean like your dragon.”
She began to close the window. This wasn’t worth it. She was not going out on such a cold night to go see an illegal creature that she was supposed to kill.
“Please!” Tom cried. “Don’t go! Just give me a chance! Dragons are not evil! They’re good!”
May snorted. “No. You’re just blinded by your affection.”
She continued sliding the glass back in place, and Tom called out on more thing. “Let me prove it to you! I want to go flying! He lets me, and he’ll let you.”
“Well, I won’t allow it,” May snapped. “Just go away, Tom. I’m not riding on a dragon.”
She shut her window completely, and his voice was drowned out. She sighed, and sat down on her bed to continue her wonderments.
Plink! Plink!
Would he never give up? May was not feeling like doing this right now.
Maybe if I just ignore him, he’ll go away, she thought.
And sure enough, he did. It took minutes, maybe hours, but he left, and with him left the annoying sound.
But May couldn’t stop thinking about him.
Why did he want me to go flying with him? Why did he insist on coming here in the night to ask me to? Why does he even have a dragon when he goes to Dragon Slaying class?
None of this made much sense. If Tom loved his dragon so much, then why did he go to school? Why didn’t he just fly away and go to a perfect utopia with waterfalls and sunshine all the year round? Why didn’t he just forget about ordinary life?
She remembered what Tom had said: “The queen killed my father! She murdered him!”
What on Earth did that even mean? The queen had never killed anyone, otherwise she wouldn’t be queen. She was a good ruler, too, with an excellent system for Dragon Slaying. Her leadership wasn’t corrupted, nor was it selfish. May couldn’t understand why Tom insisted that she had killed his father.
But...maybe she could find out. Tom did want her to go flying with him, after all. Perhaps she could get answers there. Maybe she could learn why Tom thought that the queen had killed his father.
She opened the window and stared out at the ground. Tom was gone. She closed the window and picked up her sword. “I’m going outside, Mother!” she called. “I need some fresh air.”
“At this time of night?” her mother’s voice came floating to her.
“It’s kind of stuffy in my room,” May lied.
“Well, at least take your sword.”
“I was planning to.” May opened the front door and stepped outside. Contrary to what she had first thought, it was a fine night, if a little nippy, but the air was clearer out here than inside. All right, she thought. I’m going out to ride a dragon. Am I really doing this?
The answer was yes. Of course it was. May wanted answers. And she was planning to get them.
She set out at a brisk pace before she could question the wisdom of this decision. Within minutes she was at the cave that Tom had shown her two days ago. She cautiously entered it. “Hello? Tom? It’s me, May. I–” here she broke off, not really believing what she was going to say “–I’m here to take you up on your offer. I...want…to fly with Flame.” she took another step in. “Hello? Is anyone here?”
A woman stepped forward out of the gloom. May had never seen her before, but it was clear that this was Tom’s mother. The resemblance was uncanny. Then May remembered that she was a witch. All of a sudden she was a whole lot more unsure about the whole plan. But she refused to show her fright. “Um...is Tom here?”
The woman pursed her lips. “He left to go look for you. He hasn’t returned.”
May frowned. “Oh. Well, he’ll be along sometime, won’t he?”
“Yes,” his mother promised. “He would never go for longer than necessary without Flame.”
May wondered where he was now, then. But she did not say this. Instead she put on a polite smile and started to back away. “Maybe I’ll just come back later.”
“Make sure it’s on a cloudy night,” the woman said. “I don’t approve of them flying, but make sure you’re not spotted when you do.”
May nodded, then backed out even more quickly. She started running as soon as she was out of sight. On her way home she passed a lone shadow walking the way she had come.
“May?” she heard it call after her. “What are you doing?”
She stopped. “Tom?”
He walked up to her. “What are you doing here?” he asked gingerly.
May wasn’t going to snap at him again. But he didn’t know that. “I went to your cave to take you up on your offer. But you weren’t there.”
Tom’s eyes lit up. “Really? You want to go flying?”
May nodded wordlessly.
“Well, what are we waiting for, then?” Tom asked. “Come on! Flame’s at my cave.”
He ran off, and May followed, uncertain about what she had just gotten herself into.

Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 9 Next »

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