June 19, 2017
By Anonymous

"Dear mom,
This is the last note you will ever get.
I sign the note and put it on the kitchen counter. That will me the last note to Samantha I will ever write. I open up the jug of bleach, lift it to my lips and drink the whole jug.
* * * *
Andrea POV ( Ava's best friend)
Andrea walk through the driveway. Seeing the car she, knows Ava is home.Andrea walks up to the door to Ava's house and knocks. Andrea waits for five minutes before walking in.

"Ava" Andrea yells. She walk through the the house yelling for Ava. In the kitchen Andrea see Ava's body on the floor. Andrea calls 911 and tells the horror before her eyes.
* * * *
Ava's POV
My name is Ava Spins and I am 17 years old. I wrote many notes to my mother. The first note was when I was six years old. I had wanted to go to the park but, my mom was sleeping. My six year old self said to just leave her a note and I did. This note said:
"Dear mom,
         I'm going to the park, so don't freak out when you wake up and I'm not there.
I stuck the sticky note on the counter, and walked right out the door. The park wasn't too far away. I walked to the park and met a friend. When I got to the park entrance, I ran right to the swings. When I reached the swings a boy was already there. He had brown eyes and a dark brown hair. I sat on the swing next to him and started swinging.

"Hello, what's your name?" I ask.
"Wayde, what's your name?" he says.
"What are you doing here at the park alone?" Wayde asks.
"I just am, mind your own business, besides I don't see you with any parents" I say. I didn't want him asking anymore questions.
"My dads over there" Wayne says pointing to the benches. I look over my shoulders and see a guy with the same fading dark brown hair. The guy waves and smiles at Wayde. He waves back at his dad and continues talking.

"His name is Andrew" Wayde says. I look over at Andrew and he wasn't sitting anymore. Andrew was walking this way.
"Wayde it's time to go home" Andrew says.
"OK, maybe we will see each other tomorrow?" Wayde says.
"Yeah, I'll be here" I say. Wayde and Andrew walk away without another word. All alone I sat swinging on the swing. For seven minutes until I went home. When I got home my mom was sitting on the couch with her head in her hands.
"What is this?" She asks holding up my note to her.
"A note I wrote to you, letting you now where I was at." I say.
"You don't go wondering out by yourself, you could get kidnapped or something. Don't do it again" Samantha says.
"I promise I won't mom" even though I promised my mom I wouldn't do it again I did. I told Wayde I'd see him again.
"Now go to bed, it's getting late" She says. I looked at the time and it said it was only 7:30. I changed into my pink nightgown and climbed into bed.

                 *       *     *     *
Andrea's POV
"Will she be ok?" Andrea asks the doctors. She was surprised when she saw Ava on the kitchen floor. She was really shocked, seeing her friend lifeless on the floor holding bleach in her hand.
"Yes, we are doing what we can do to get her back, you need to go back to the waiting room" the doctor says. Andrea walks back to the waiting room and sits down on the chair she sat in earlier.
"Where is she?" Andrea jumps at the booming voice in the quiet room. A person had just walked in the hospital yelling. Andrea wasn't expecting to see her there.
              *         *         *         *

I wrote my mom the next day at 6:00, a note saying I was going to the park and, stuck it on the kitchen counter. I was wearing my black shirt with blue jeans and, my white shoes.
"Hey" Wayde says when I arrive. I sit on the swing I was on before.
"Hey" I say.
"I see you're alone again" Wayde says.
" Yeah, my moms sleeping and my dad is in a better place" I say. We swung on the swings for an hour. Just before I left Andrew talked to me.
"Hey, my name is Andrew" Andrew says.
"My name is Ava" I say.
"Are you always by yourself?" Andrew asks.
"Yeah, sometimes" I say.
"Do you live by yourself?" He asks.
"No, I live with my mother" I say. Andrew lets relief settle on his face and smiles. It felt like he was being a fatherly figure and I was happy.
"Dad can she come over for dinner tomorrow?" Wayde asks. Andrew turns to me.
"You want to come over to my place tomorrow? Andrew asks.
"Sure, we can meet up here" I say.
"If, you need anything this is my number". Andrew walks to his backpack and pulls out paper and a pencil. Wayde and Andrew walk away once again. When I get home Samantha, once again had her head in her hand, and a drink that in the other. There was a bad smell in the house.

"What did I say Ava?" She says. Samantha gets up and walks towards me.
"Don't do it again" she was raising her voice. When she bent down, I could smell something foul in her breath. She raises a hand and back hands me across the face.
"Go to your room" she says sternly. I run upstairs and took the hallway phone. I dialed the number Andrew had given me.
"Hello?" It was Andrews voice.
"Can I come over now?" I say in a whimpery voice.
"Sure, I live on whites street 10436" Andrew says. I grab my night gown and climb out the window and down the pipe. I ring the door bell two times when I reach the door. Wayde opens the door and let's me in. Andrew walks up behind Wayde and listens.

"What's the matter Ava? Why are you crying?" He asks.
"My moms breath smells, she got angry, and she smacked me across the face" I say.
"Wayde, show Ava where the guest room is please" Andrew says.
"This way Ava" Wayde says. He leads me up the stairs and down a hallway. At the end on the left was a bedroom. A queen sized bed was in the corner next to the window across the room from the door. A dresser was in the opposite corner from the bed. There were many pillows and the blanket was green as grass.

"I'll leave so, you can change" Wayde says. He leaves the room and shuts the door behind him. I take my shirt off and put my nightgown on over my head. I take my shoes and pants off. I open the door and go down stairs.
"Thank you Andrew for letting me stay tonight" I say.
"No problem, are you hungry?" Andrew says.
"Yeah" I say. Wayde walks in and sits at the kitchen table. Andrew gets three bowls, ice cream scooper, spoons and chocolate syrup out.
"What flavor ice cream do you like, there's chocolate, strawberry, sherbet, Vanilla, and raspberry" Andrew says.
"Chocolate and Strawberry" I say.

He gets the ice cream out and scoops them into the bowls. He squeezes the chocolate syrup on the ice cream and gives each bowl a spoon.
"Do you have strawberries?" I ask.
"Yeah, you want some?" Andrew asks. I nod my head. After cutting up strawberries we eat our ice cream. Andrew gets a new toothbrush out so, I can brush my teeth. I give Andrew a hug.
"Thank you, so much" I say and close my eyes.

              *        *         *      *
Andrea's POV
Ava's mom storms into the hospital shouting. Andrea gets up and rushes over.
"Mrs. Spins, calm down, she's being treated" Andrea says. She walks Ava's mother to a chair. Samantha starts to cry.
"I just haven't been on good terms with Ava and now she might not be back home" Samantha says. Andrea rubs Samantha's back to calm her down.
"I know, she is my friend and I don't want to lose her, when visiting time comes we'll go and see her" Andrea says.
              *          *        *        *
I wake up in the guest room. Andrew must have carried me here after, I fell asleep in his arms. I get out of bed and open the door. The smell of bagels and bacon hits my face.
"Mmmm bacon" I say.
"You like bacon" Wayde says from behind me. I whirl around to face him.
"I didn't know you were there" I say. Wayde and I head down the stairs.
"Yeah, I love bacon" I say. When we get into the kitchen, I saw eggs, bacon, and cheese stacked between two halves of bagels.

"Wayde, will you please pour orange juice?" Andrew says turning around. Andrew sets the plates on the table and sits down. I sit next to him and say thanks to Wayde, when he pours my cup with orange juice. Wayde puts the orange juice back in the fridge, sits down. I pick up the breakfast sandwich and take a huge bite. The bacon eggs and cheese filled my mouth with joy.
"Did you have a good nights sleep?" Andrew asks.
"Yeah, the bed was really comfy" I say and take a drink of orange juice. I take the last bite of my sandwich and down the rest of my orange juice.
"Ava, I think it's time for you to go home, if you need to come back over" Andrew says. He puts all the dishes in the sink.

"Ok thanks for all that you did, maybe I'll come just to hang out" I say. I change into my clothes. I smile and wave as I leave the house.
"Where were you last night?" Were my mothers first words when I got home.
"I was at Waydes house" I say.
"Who is that" She asks.
"My friend, I met him at the park" I say. She was drinking all night. She could barely keep her eyes open and couldn't stand.

She looked really angry. I turned to go to my room before she could do anything. Samantha grabbed my arm and threw me to the couch. I didn't understand, she never drank until I wrote the first note. Samantha slapped me across the face.

           *          *       *        *
From six to ten years old I went to Waydes house. I always went home to a drunk and abusive mother. For my eleventh birthday Wayde and Andrew promised me a tree house. I had fun helping them build me a tree house. I wrote a note to my mother who was passed out on the couch from too much to drink.
        "Dear mom,
I'm going to Waydes house. I'll be back soon.
I stick the sticky note to the kitchen counter. I walk to Waydes house and knock. He opens the door and let's me in.
"Hello, Wayde" I say and hug him.
"Hey" he says and returns the hug.
"Building my treehouse.  today?" I ask.
"You know we are" Andrew says walking up to us.

          *         *         *        *
Andrea's POV
Andrea and Samantha sat on the chairs next to Ava's bed. Andrea talked to the lifeless Ava while, Samantha slept on the chair.
"Ava, please stay with us" Andrea said.
"You're my best friend, I don't want you to go, I remember when we first met, you were building a tree house" Andrea starts to cry and hugs Ava's body.

*       *      *     *
Andrew brought us peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on our break. Wayde and I sat on the edge of the platform we were working on.
"Does anybody come through these parts of woods" I ask.
"Not that I know of but, there's someone now" Wayde says pointing the way we came from. A girl with light brown hair, was coming this way. The girl stops looking up at is in front of the tree house.
"Hey, what are you guys doing?" The girl asks.
"We're building a tree house" I respond. I get up and climb down the tree house. I hold out my hand.
"My names Ava" I say. The girl takes my hand and shakes.
"My names Andrea" she said.
"My names Wayde" Wayde says from above coming down. Wayde and Andrea shook hands.
"Do you want to help?" I ask.
"Sure" Andrea says.
When I was thirteen we finished, building my tree house. It was literally a tree house. It was a house built up in the trees.

*         *        *         *

After Andrea went home, Wayde and I split ways at his house. Andrea, Wayde and I spent the whole day in my tree house.

*        *        *       *
"Dear mom,
        Wayde, Andrea, and I are going to my tree house. See you in a bit.
I stick it on the kitchen counter and leave. When I step onto my front porch, I was surprised. Andrea and Wayde were here.
"Oh my god, you opened the door and I can smell something really foul" Wayde says waving his hand in his face. I shrug and walk to their sides.
"Let's go shall we" I say.


Andrea, Wayde, and I walk to my tree house. The final look of my house was amazing. After walking in there was the big living room. The couch was in the middle of the room. Behind it was space for whatever you might need the space for. In front of the couch was a big TV, and a coffee table. Next to the couch was a stand with a phone on it, just in case I needed to get a hold of someone. To the left in the corner of the room was a hallway leading to the kitchen. Going straight from entering the kitchen was a hallway at the end was the bathroom. In the middle of the hallway on the side, were stairs leading to the second floor. There were five rooms. One was my bedroom, the other three were guest bedrooms. The last was a second bathroom. The three guest bedrooms were on the right side of the hallway. The bathroom was at the end. My bedroom was on the left side and was bigger than the other rooms.

When we built the tree house, Andrew asked me what I thought should be in it. I thought of the three guest bedrooms thinking of my friends, Andrea, Andrew, and Wayde. I thought of me wanting to get away from my house but, not wanting to bother Wayde and Andrew all of the time and asked for my bedroom. The bathrooms I thought of for if, we were here and needed to take a shower or to use the toilet after eating and drinking. The big living room was to hangout at. I had most of my clothes and things I need here. I have to take care of myself, Buying clothes and feeding myself is part of it.

I work by mowing lawns and sometimes I babysit. Although I told Wayde and Andrew they didn't have to, they give me money also.

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