Trail to Insanity

June 5, 2017
By EnzoP, Claremont, California
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EnzoP, Claremont, California
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Trail of insanity
    Have you faced the question how living things turn inhuman. The journey, terrors, and experiences you must face to comprehend the matter of this dilemma. The tale of an ordinary orphan with a dream shall reveal the path of the mystery to the trail of insanity.

    As the TV flickered in the main hall we all stood there watching one of the best movies we had at the orphanage. Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark, it was an old movie by 3 to 4 years bought never ceased to amaze us. I, Lance Hooligan, was about 6 years old when I first saw that movie and that changed my life. Wanting to explore the ruins, fight through the puzzles and challenges, and the big great rewarding treasure gleaming in the spotlight just waiting for the taking. That was one of the two things i had on my mind when i stayed at the orphanage. Wanting to experience a great journey and to find this great treasure that was unlike any other, and to get out of this place. The classic orphan story where we hated where we stayed and wanting to leave was not my story. The place I stayed at was always a cheerful happy place, it was ran by a old caring couple and some volunteers who come by regularly. That place was my home but i always wanted to see the and explore the outside world at that time, but the closest i got was out to school and the town. Living that life was as normal as ever, I finished school with Bs, i had a few good friends that i will go out with sometimes, i had a few relationships that never really worked, and i met one of my closest friends Brandon.

    As soon as i graduated high school i was free to do whatever i wanted and go places i dreamed of going. I left the orphanage and set out to get my on place,  job, and to seek my dream. I applied to a few colleges for archaeology and got accepted to one of them. I didn’t want to stay in the dorms I had called my friend Brandon to share this apartment i found and after that we lived together for a while. Surprisingly i had found out that Brandon was attending the same school as i did at that time. During the school year we could go shadow an archaeology sight and shadow the people working there. As a class we visited the sight, it was and old mayan town down into central america. It was like a dream come true at that point everything i wanted to see as a child was right there in front of me at that trip. The fact of these ancient ruins was fascinating, but sadly this wasn't a treasure hunting mission. This was just a check up on how the stones and architecture was formulated at that time. I helped out with some of the work such as help move supplies and give my opinion on the things we were studying. I guess i looked experienced then cause one of the head people leading that mission had asked me if this wasn’t my first experience at any ancient sight. I had told him that this was the first of many i wanted to see and i guess he saw something in me at that time as we exchanged contact information. His name was Dr. parker and i still keep in contact with him to this day. After the expedition he told me to keep in touch because he wanted my company on future sights. I was so thrilled at that moment and i had thought of what he said through the whole trip back to Indiana.
    A couple months past Brandon dropped out of college and applied for a few jobs saying that he didn’t learn much. At the same time i received a message from Dr. Parker saying that they were exploring some uncharted ruins down near the Philippines and Indonesia saying that he would like to join me and to bring a friend to help out.  I was thrilled to get an actual experience. Before i consulted brandon i asked my professor at college to take a leave of absence to go on this journey. The professor was delighted to find out the news that had happened to me and told me that he would hold off and tell the college and assign this as credit towards my grade. Later i consulted Brandon on this invitation and accepted. The journey that i have been waiting for is waiting right in front of me. Right there in sight waiting for me to grab hold and experience the dream. This was the start of my story.

As i finished the last sentences of my autobiography I heard a cry “ You coming lance!” “Just a moment!” i replied screaming cross the room. As i put the freshly typed documents in a satchel i looked across the room. “I wont be seeing this room in 3 months huh” i whispered under my breath, as i walked out I could see a good friend, Brandon, putting last of the luggage into a rental van we had rented. “Do you know where the doctors plane is stationed?” asked Brandon. “ No” i replied, then looking over what i had received from him.  South Bend-The St. Joseph County Airport. I showed Brandon the location i had found. “Alright that's not a far drive. Lets get to it then.”  Brandon said cheerfully. We loaded up into the van packing all all essentials we need for this trip. The drive to the airport was a long thoughtful ride, i was constantly telling myself that after all these years i get to pursue my dream since i had as a kid. There wasn’t much talk in the car between Brandon and I, we just fell silent and listened to songs playing on the radio. We had small talk about how was school going, how work was, the excitement from both us for this trip, and how we should carry ourselves during the expedition. When we arrived to the port we dropped off the car and walked through the gates. The airport was one of the private takeoff zones and not meant for transportation. We quickly spotted the Doctor and walked off. The doctor finally noticed our presence and greeted us, “Hello guys thanks for coming. Please load your things in that compartment below.” Pointing at the rear of the plane. The vehicle was a small private jet, the crew was  only 7 strong, 9 including us. The pilot was the Doctor himself while the rest of the crew was still packing the gear.  “Hey Lance come over here.” stated the doctor. “Look we are going to the Sulu islands near malaysia and the philippines and will be renting boats to bring the supplies and get to our destination. You and your friend will be in the second boat with the supplies and we will all meet up at the island.” said Dr. Parker explaining the plan. I nodded. As we finished putting all the luggage in place it was time for take off. I was so excited, this was the first time i was leaving the state, no the country, i was so happy taking off that i didn’t take in account how i might be uncomfortable during the flight.
The take off was a bit rough for me. As we elevated up my ears started popping and hurting. One of the crew members handed me a piece of gum and told me to chew so the pain will go away.  Once we reached cruising altitude we started talking. “Alright folks these are our new members joining us for the expedition please welcome them to the crew.” Dr. Parker stated pulling back the curtain. “Aren’t you the one that was controlling this plane?” Brandon questioned with a puzzled look. “Oh why yes but in cruising heights we could turn on the autopilot to fly us in a straight line.” Dr. Parker took a seat. “Anyways Lance and Brandon these are the people you would be working with.” As i looked around they all greeted me with big smiles. “Hi I’m alayna.” stated one of the girls with blonde hair. “Hello my name is Bob.” said a man with a jean jacket and brown hair. Looked like he just got out of jail. “That’s Ava, Isabella, Noah, Liam, and Mason.” Alayna stated pointing to the rest of the people in the Cabin “Hello!” stated all of them all in unison. “Hello my name is Brandon and that lance as stated before the doctor nice meeting with you all.” stated brandon who has quiet for a while. “Hello brandon. Well ok let’s go over what we are going to do once we get to the island.” explained Bob “ As we dock our boats along the shore there should be an open patch of sand.” said Bob as he pulled out this map. As he layed it out it had a good diagram of the island. “Here is the ruin we are going to.” pointed Bob with his finger near the middle of the island. “We should set up our camp on the sand that is in the proximity of the ruin, from there we should get spilt into our groups. Alayna and I will be exploring the ruin and you 5 will stay behind and explore the outside structure.” Suddenly bob stopped talking and looked at both of us. “You and brandon trail along withs us, just make sure you don’t get lost.” “Sure thing!” I replied sounding like a happy child. As Bob continued to talk it all was muffled by my thoughts. I can't believe that i will be doing the same as Indiana, my hero, going into the actual ruin. As time passed and we continued our discussion it was going to be a long day ahead of us as soon as we touched down, so we're told to get some rest. I stayed up for an hour before going to sleep thinking of what lies ahead the next day.
As we loaded off the plane the welcoming  of the humid hot air was thrown at us out of nowhere. We have gotten help from the natives on loading our gear to the boats. As explained to us Brandon and i were stationed on the supply boat as the rest went on the other . The crystal water of the Pacific ocean in this area was memory to be treasured. I took out a notebook from the satchel i brought before we left indiana and started recording everything going on right now as this was my first time traveling.”Hey lance what are you doing over there with that notebook?”Asked brandon. “Im recording everything on this trip so when i look back on it later on i can remember all the amazing details.” I answered. Brandon nodded his head in understanding and carried on admiring this place. Two natives walked towards our boat and asked something in their language. I was shocked to to notice Alayna respond in the same tongue. “Hey what did you  say alayna?” I asked. “ Oh i told them where to take us, the name of the island in english is lost mind.” She answered. “ It's called that because was insanely crazy on trying to protect what we are looking for.” “And what may that be?” brandon hollered. “A golden scepter that is kept in the ruin is so i'm told.” said Dr. Parker “And once we find that we shall sell it to the museum in Indiana and we all shall share the profit.” “So we’re treasure hunting is what you’re saying right?” I questioned. “In a way, yes.” replied the doctor. Once that was said the boats started up and before i knew it we were skipping across the water. The smell of the vast ocean was a pleasant scent, how good the humid air feels on your face, and being able to see right through the waters as if were glass. This was all new and beautiful to my eyes and the thought of following the footsteps of indiana jones and my heart flutter.
As we got off the boats we started to set up the camp on the spot bob pointed at on the map. As we were  unloading supplies the whole time i kept on looking at the ruin on how vast and tall it was. How the moss hang on the cobble of the vast pillars of the ruin. “That my friends is bayon temple.” stated Dr. Brown. As we finished unloading the supplies i got out my notebook and started sketching the ruin. As i sketched the many pillars around the main tower Alayna bob walked towards brandon and me. “Hey lets start heading out, here's your supplies.”  said bob handing a small satchel to Brandon. “In there is a flashlight, walkie talkie, lighter, and a med kit.” “Thanks.” replied Brandon “shall we go?” As we walked to the temple we saw the other crew members checking out the small pillars and structures. When we showed up at the front of the main tower all you could see was stairs slanting down leading to darkness. The  chilled air rushed out of the cave and hit dead on sending a chill up my spine. Imagining this as a child was a dream come true, experiencing it now was scary. As we followed the two down the stairs you could hear the howling of the wind at the entrance.  As we finished the flight of the stairs we heard the Alayna and Bob conversating then looked back at us “Alright stay close, try to touch as little as possible, and don't get separated, spot anything let us know.” warned Alayna. Brandon and I nodded in understanding and carried on following Bob. As we held our flashlights i could tell brandon was trembling because of how the light was shaking.
We stayed walking around and checking for anything interesting for what seemed like 10 minutes. During that time no one talked or made any effort to make contact with the others. Finally i broke the silence. “So do we have any clue on where we are going or where we need to go?” “I know we are heading east and i have been keeping track of the turns we have done.” replied bob “Other than that i have no clue” “How about reporting to the others on how we’re doing so far?”asked Brandon. “I’ll contact them through the walkie talkie.” As Brandon motioned towards his bag he had a shocked look on his face.  “I have seemed to have misplaced it i probably dropped it nearby.” “Ok well go back and try to find it and make sure you can see the light, Lance go with him to find it.” said bob. As brandon and i started to head back i could see alayna and bob sit down and pull out a few pieces and paper and what seemed to be pointing at. As we walked a bit more i felt like i stepped in a ditch because the place i stepped was lower than the floor, then tripping on the floor i flopped over throwing the flashlight and hearing a shattering noise. I heard brandon come running to me “Are you Okay, What happen?” he asked. “Im fine” I replied “but i think i broke the flashlight. In pitch darkness i could hear brandon rustling through his bag. Seconds late he had the lighter in his hands looking around. “What is that? Do you hear that?” questioned brandon. I stopped and stayed still for a while noticed a faint grinding noise. Then i looked behind me trying to find the light of Bob and Alayna so we could head back. “Brandon, I don't see their light we should probably head back.” “You’re right let’s just go where we came from.” replied Brandon. As we walked backed i noticed a wall in front of us. “Brandon do you remember this?” i asked. “No i swear that wasn’t there.” replied brandon moving the lighter side to side to see what's going on. “Look there” Brandon pointed “On the right theres some stairs going down.” “I really think we should meet up with them again, we shouldn’t leave them this long.” I tried to tell Brandon. “Look we should check this out and come back.” brandon replied. As brandon started walking down i trailed along not wanting to leave my friend. When we finished walking the flight of stairs i could see i faint light in the distance. “Hey look!” I shouted “there they are!” We ran as fast as we could towards the light we could see the light grow stronger. When we got closer  i realized that the light came from above. As we neared the light I could see a wall behind it. We stopped running as soon as we got to the light. I noticed this pattern underneath the light. Looking up i saw the sky, the light was from the sun., but why is it shining here.
All of a sudden im startled by the loudest cry ever that echoed through the hall. “NO WAY!” screamed Brandon. As i looked in his direction my eyes grew. I could not  believe what i am seeing, right in front of us was the golden scepter. I couldn’t believe it, as i child i dreamed of following indiana jones and here i am finding real treasure,my heart is beating so fast i feel it could fly out, right now i’m living the dream i longed for when i was a kid.  This is what kept me positive all those years. Finally the shock ended with brandon stating “So you suppose it's booby trapped?” “i mean this isn't the movies.” i replied and as soon as i lifted the scepter off from the wall i felt the ground shaking. Scared for my life waiting for something to happen i see a door open to my left, and through that door we could see stairs leading up. The way out. With both of us speechless we walked towards the stairs. “I don't believe what we just did.” said Brandon. “There’s no way this is happening.” “I feel the same, but this is real and we are the luckiest men alive today.” I replied. As we climbed up the steps some more i could see the light at the top. The howling of the wind sounds fierce and dangerous. The light outside didn’t seem as bright. As we neared the entrenched i found out what was happening. A storm. As i looked over the island it was being blown away by the harsh wind. Trees being blown sideways, the harsh rain coming down as bullets,and the chill of the air rushing through our lungs. “We should go out and find the others, they’re probably worried about us.” stated brandon. I nodded my head in agreement and we both ran through the rain getting blown around by the wind and getting pelted by the rain. When we arrived to where we had set up camp everything was gone. Suddenly hearing a scream “OVER HERE!” It was Dr. Parker. Everyone including Bob and alayna was loading everything on the boats. “We’re packing it up the storm is too harsh!” yelled Dr. Parker. I lifted the specter and everyone stared blanked face. Dr. Parker  in shock “You retived the spectur!” Everyone was in awe then seconds later was clapping. I never felt so accomplished, so respected, so useful until that moment. But the moment had to stop. As brandon and I hopped on the boat Dr. Parker tried to get it going. “Where’s the boat men?” Brandon asked. “They left when the store started and only left this one.” answered Dr. Parker. As the boat was starting to move the waves were choppy and huge. As we tired to leave the island we were being thrown around by the wind and waves. Everyone struggling to keep the possessions on board were to busy seeing what was coming. “WATCH OUT!” Yelled Alayna pointing to the left. As i looked there was a huge wave about two stories tall come at us. As the boat tried to get out of the way i heard a pop. Seconds later I got hit by the wave feeling like getting hit by a truck. The last thing i remember was the gleam of the gold spectur.
    I woke up on a shore of an island. It wasn’t big but had tall trees. As i got up my body was aching, i need to find the others or any supplies. I limped across the shore hoping to find something. First i found pieces of the boat and our supplies scattered around. Then halfway around the island was something gold in the sand. As i walked near it my heart started to beat faster and faster with each step i take. As i get to the mounded i already know what it is. The gold specter. I picked it up and turned around to start walking again. Suddenly i see a huge chunk of the boat as i walk near it i could make out something. A body. As i started to run constantly tripping over myself,i tried to make out who it was, it  was Brandon. When i approached him he had debri all over him. He had supply boxes around his arm, the other  was bent in a weird way and he was laying on top of it, and finally he had a fallen tree on him sandwiching his hips. “Brandon!” i callled out. No response. I started picking up all the stuff that was in the way or on top of him. I had found my satchel near him and picked it up. My notes and book was in there and there's 1 pencil. I found a med kit case but it was empty. As i finished clear the area all was left was the tree. I tried to wake brandon up that didn’t work. He was still breathing but is very heavy and harsh breaths. I tried to lift the tree and got it off the ground but i need something to wedge it with. Suddenly i think of the med kit case. As i picked it up again and wedge the case in place i went over to pull him out, as i walked near him i could see that his hips were as flat as a pancake, he was bruised all over like me but he had it worse. He was paralyzed. As i dragged to a tree to rest him i realised that if i continue walking i'll be where i started. After a couple more minutes of searching i found no one besides Brandon and a few supplies such as s few small reserves of freshwater and a broken machete blade, not to mention spectre  i found earlier. I looked at the tree to find small coco nuts. I was in no condition to climb so i just picked thr off the ground. As i returned brandon was still sleeping, i finally got to sit down and comprehend what was going on. This never happened in the movies, i was suppose to go home free with the treasure seen as a hero. As my mind was racing i realised i should drink the reserves of the water and give some to brandon. This dream just turned to a nightmare.
    I decided to start writing journal entries to get my mind off the tragedy that just occurred. The gold specter wasn’t a treasure anymore. It was just a reminder of how my hopes and dreams falling right in place and how at the very end achieved nothing. Brandon hasn’t woken up yet but i did give him some of the water. I don’t know how to signal to get for help. I started collecting a few palms to sleep on. I feel like i'll be here a while.
    It's been two days since i last wrote. Im sad to say brandon died today. Brandon woke up yesterday and was crying in pain. I tried my best to help but he said the pain wouldn’t stop. He said he had cut up his legs but can not feel them. I tried my best to bandage them and give fresh water but the bleeding didn’t stop. Today he bleed out and he spelled on the sand “im sorry.” I lance hooligan is now alone on this island.
    I have started to think on how i could survive here.there's no greater power here on this island but me. I have been playing with scepter and admiring it's beauty. I’ve been feeling sick because of all the unfiltered water i’ve been drinking. All the coconuts i ate off the ground are sometimes spoiled. It's been 3 days stranded and i feel alone.
Brandon started talking again. Earlier today while i was getting supplies he started talking. He didn’t move but that's fine he needs his rest. Also ive seen figures walking around the night. I’ve broke whatever's left of the machete and have been using a piece of metal instead. It's been 5 days now.
Ive saw all my friends today at the island. I ran to greet them but i could never reach them. Brandon says it's because i'm changing to something they don't want to see. I don’t need him i got all the power here and i have the scepter. 6 days and i feel great.
I killed brandon today. As i was trying to get to find something to eat he kept saying how much of a creature i've become. He kept saying how savage and horrid i am. So late last night i grabbed the scepter and started beating him. The blood was a dark red and smelled horrid. I am no creature.
At the dusk of dawn i emerge  from the shroud of my island. Trying to find to seek the treasure ive been searching for as a kid. Im being watched. Being stared down by unfamiliar eyes. The burning feeling of being watched hurts my skin. It’s the people ive seen before i got here. Just standing there staring.  How ive been getting by is be eating the hard fruit off the ground. If you smash it open water will come out. I see colors up in the tree. I tried to reach them but my body is constantly aching.As the wind blows and the trees sway i could see the great yellow ball rise. The shades of blue reflect off the light from the ball. The ball keeps me safe and worn but yet so far away. I see creatures in my head with two legs and and arms. They walk upright like i do but are completely different.  They destroy the treasure i discovered. Missing it with their burning eyes as they look over what is in front of them.  As a boy i looked yearned for treasure. As a man i searched for treasure. And as for lance i have found my treasure. The yellow ball is my treasure and is my son. I will forever stay in the reach of it's warmth as it gives me comfort. I look over the water and see a trail of light going towards the treasure. I call this Trail of insanity.

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