I Will Discover

May 30, 2017
By CrossBow PLATINUM, Harlem, Georgia
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CrossBow PLATINUM, Harlem, Georgia
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Jace's parents called him into their room one afternoon and sat him down. He was four years old.
 "Am I in trouble?" like every other four year old, that's the first thing that comes to mind, when they get called in their parents room.
"No-" his mother began, getting interupted by her husband.
 "Unless you did something." his father stated.
 "It's time you start going to camp." his father said.
 "What's a camp?" Jace asked, climbing onto his parents bed.
 "Camp is a place you stay at for awhile, away from home, and you learn and do fun activities." the mother said.
 "But, son, remember whatever you learn or do at camp you can't speak of it with anyone." continued the father.
 "Why?" Jace asked.
 "Because, this is a camp for special kids, and if you tell someone ... people will take you from us ... forever."
 Then the doorbell rang. Mr. Parker answered the door. When the door opened all the way, stood a little girl; about Jace's age and her parents.
 "Hello, I'm Jonathan Break and my wife, Megan."
 "Nice to meet you. I'm Cole Parker and my wife, Lilly." they shook hands.
 "This is our daughter, Quinn." Megan said, with her hands on Quinn's shoulder.
 Jace walked in the door way.
 "Hi." Jace said, as he waved to Quinn.  "This is our son, Jace." Cole said.
 "Hi." Quinn replied, shyly.
 "Quinn's four. How old are you?" Magen asked.
 Instead of speaking, Jace held up four fingers - along with a big grin on his face.  "Well we just wanted to introduce ourselves. We're your new neighbors." Megan stated.
 "That's nice." Lilly said.
 "Well, we'll be out of your hair now." Megan said.
 "Mommy, can I stay and play with Jace?" Quinn asked, holding her moms pant leg.  Megan looked at the Parkers.
 "She can stay for awhile, while y'all unpack." Lilly said.
 "Ok, then." Megan said.
 "Yes! Come on, Come on! Look at my room." Jace said, as he pulled Quinn up the stairs to his room.

 Over the past twelve years of play dates, sleep overs, defending eachother from bullies, and mistakes now and then; Jace and Quinn's friendship grew.
 Quinn wondered why Jace's camp was one weekend, skip a weekend, and so forth, but he never her told her. He claimed he didn't know. She gave up after a few years. Jace didn;t like to lie to Quinn, but he had to.

 Quinn was in her room one night. She layed papers out on her bed and began to organize them. The sound of of pebbles tapping on the window interupted her. She got up from her, rarely used, bed and walked over to the window. When she looked out the window, she smiled and opened it.
 "Well, hello, Mr. Quarterback." She sat on the window-sill bed - that she usually slept on.
 "Hey, c'mon down." Jace said.
 "Because, my dear friend, you've been working on those songs of yours for the past week. It's time you have some fun."  Silence.
 "Ok." she smiles.
 Jace smiled. Quinn started to climb out the window.
 "Hey, get ready to catch." Quinn said.  The side of the house wasn't the easiest place to climb down or up.
 Quinn looked at Jace, and saw he was ready. She pushed away from the building, let herself fall eighteen feet, and landing directly into Jace's arms. Jace started to walk toward his car with Quinn in his arms.
 "Boy, put me down. I can walk." she demanded.
 "You'll live." Jace said, as he placed her in the passenger seat.
 Quinn went limp, pretending to be dead.  When Jace sat in the drivers seat, Quinn gasped - "I'm alive!"
 Jace smirked at her known sillyness.
 "So, where are we going?" Quinn asked.  "To a park." "Cool - wait which park?"  "The Dearing park."
 "Is my skate board still in here from last time?" Quinn looked toward the back seat.
 "Yeah." Jace said turning a curve.  "Where?" "Floorboard. Backseat."
 Jace drove a red Ford F-150 Throttle Jock truck. Four doors. a bed, leather seat, and football sticker on the rear window. He got it his seventeenth birthday and it means a lot to him.

The author's comments:
I had to type this chapter about 3x...

Quinn and Jace were laying down on a blanket in the middle of the park. They were looking up at the stars like they always would at night - looking for shapes in the stars and constellations.
They've never dated, but people have always asked if they were in a relationship. Quinn wasn't good at reading the signs if someone liked her or not. She just couldn't take the hints - but if you hated her, she knew.
"We should do this next weekend." Quinn suggested.
"I'm gonna be at camp next weekend, remember?"
"I'd rather stay"
"Then why don't you?" Quinn turned onto her stomach and looked at Jace.
"I have to go it's a family tradition - I can't be the one to break it." he looked back at her.
"Boo." Quinn said, turning onto her back and looking back at the stars.
Quinn fell asleep shortly after that conversation. Jace looked at her and smiled. He leaned in; close to her face and kissed her forehead softly, he noticed a small curve in the corner of her lips, and he looked back at the stars.
Jace looked at his watch and quickly jumped up, yelling Quinn's name. He started to shake Quinn 'til she spoke.
"What?" Quinn groaned.
"It's three, Quinn. We've got to get home."
"Ugh!" Quinn loved sleep, a lot.
They grabbed the blanket and the skate board, got in Jace's car, and left the park.
Quinn was wearing her black jacket, red tank-top, and blue jeans. Jace was wearing a black shirt; all his clothes was tight, black skinny jeans, and his football cleats.
Jace took Quinn home and waited 'til she got in her room safely. She had to use a ladder to get back in there. Jace went home as well and fell dead asleep in his bed. Jace had slept in late.

Quinn was in his face about to scare him awake when he woke up.
"Well, good morning, Sleeping Beauty!" Quinn yelled, when Jace opened his eyes.
"Ah! W-what are doing here?" Jace asked, lifting his head up slightly and laying it back down.
"I came to get you up." Quinn stated as she looked through Jace's clothes.
"How did you get in here?" Jace sat up.
"I sling-shot myself into your room. What do ya think? Your mom let me in."
"What will that woman not do for you?" Jace smirk.
"She'll never stop asking if we're 'together yet'." Quinn stated,as she was brought over a pair of jeans and a shirt to Jace.
Jace smiled at the thought of it.
"You know, I can pick out my own clothes, right?"
"Yes, but you look better in the stuff I choose."
"No, I look like a girl picked out my outfit."
Quinn turned and faced his closet while he changed. She started to go through the clothes in his closet again and took out a jacket.
"You done, yet?" Quinn asked, while putting on his jacket.
"I guess." Jace teased, taking off the shirt from the day before.
"Put a shirt on, Jace." Quinn said turning around.
He smirked and put on the shirt Quinn picked out. He wore a red shirt and dark jeans. Quinn wore a black shirt, blue jeans, and Jace's red jacket.
"You know you like it when I'm shirtless." Jace teased, even though he wished it was true.
"Only a lil bit." Quinn teased back, zipping up the jacket.
"Are you being for real?"
Quinn laugh a little, "Well, what girl doesn't want to see the famous 'Jason Parker' shirtless. Especially Heather."
"Ugh! Don't remind me. I wish she'd leave me alone."
"Well, we're both stuck with her."
"I hate how she's always mean to you."
"I'll live. She only does it because I'm a threat to her dating you."
"A threat? How are you a threat? I wouldn't date her if she was the only girl alive. S***, I'd go gay!"
"Because she thinks we like each other" Quinn said, with laughter in her voice.
"Why does so people think that?"
"I don't know, then again, I don't care either." Quinn said, as she pulled his pants up.
"Too - high" Jace said in a high-pitch-pain voice.
Jace pulled his pants back to how he had it. He didn't have his jeans low enough for his butt to be out, but low enough to where he wasn't in pain. Quinn covered her mouth and tried to not laugh, but failed.
"I'm so sorry, Jace."
"It's ok, bot for now on leave my pants alone." A look of relief was on his face.
"I'll mess with your pants all I want." Quinn smirked and plucked his belt holders.
"Oh, really?" Jace wrapped his arms around her.
"Yeah, now go eat. Your mom made pancakes." Quinn turned Jace around and pushed him out the room.
When Jace came back up stairs to his room, Quinn was laying on his bed throwing a ball in the air repetitively. He sat next to her. He went to grab the ball before Quinn, but she reached out and snatched it out of the air.
"Get your keys." Quinn demanded.
"Why?" Jace looked at her.
"Because I can't drive, duh."
"Well, learn."
"Yeah, yeah."
"Where do you want to go?"
"Band practice."
"Ok, get up."

Jace drove Quinn to Elena Carson's house. The garage door was already open and everyone was with their instruments: Elena was sitting with her drum set, Shane Tail was standing next to her with his electric guitar, and Johnny McNeil at his board.
Elena had a half shaved head. The shaved half was dyed black and the non-shaved was dyed purple. She was wearing a Sleeping With Sirens T-shirt and light-blue skinny jeans with holes in them. Over her T-shirt was an Attack on Titans jacket. She had so many band bracelets on and was wearing Converses. She had style similar to Quinn.
Shane was wearing a plain white shirt and jeans; nothing special or out of the ordinary. Johnny was wearing a Mine craft T-shirt and jeans. He had a home-made friendship bracelet and big glasses. His glasses looked similar to Elena's.
"You're late." Elena stated, pointing a drum stick at Quinn and Jace as they walked up the driveway.
"I know." Quinn said, while grabbing her bass and putting the strap over her shoulder.
"What? Your boyfriend didn't want you to come? Shane asked, looking at Quinn.
Elena played a beat on her drums and everyone laughed, but Quinn - she rolled her eyes.
"You know I don't have a boyfriend." Quinn said, irritably.
Quinn moved into her place. Everyone else did as well: Shane moved to the Quinn's right, Elena was in the back; like most drummers, and Johnny was already where he should've - as was Elena.
They practiced a few song, went over some newer ones, talked about their next gig. Jace watched them and goofed around; like an idiot.

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