Finding Merlin

October 10, 2016
By mpreinhardt, Owingsville, Kentucky
mpreinhardt, Owingsville, Kentucky
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The story is about people who are descended from the people in Camelot. The character’s is kidnapped when he goes to Alcatraz, and when he is captured/kidnapped the people who kidnapped him tell him that he is descended from King Arthur of Camelot, and all of his friends and some people he has to find who are descended from other Camelot people. They then explain to him that some forces of evil are going to destroy Camelot and if that happens he will die, along with all of his friends and family. The group must find Merlin who is trapped in a cave in Cornwall, Germany the reason they have to find him is because he is the only one who knows where Camelot is, and if they don’t get him first they’re screwed.


Finding Merlin

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