To Those Who Still Listen

August 29, 2016
By Anonymous


Winter Reese has escaped the forever dreaded Dome and has been thrown into a world where nothing makes sense. She runs into the mysterious Blank (Kayse) Hadley and the hot and sexy Jason Hadley, his brother, who Winter falls in love with instantly. Winter finds out that there are other people with mutations like hers. She has only a few months before a war could break out among the mutants and if that happens all things that can go wrong will go wrong. Within all this Winter is haunted by the boy's sister, Iris, and a mission to save her mother. But when she is told that she can only save one person she loves and is doomed to die she is conflicted. Will she survive? Will she save her mother or Jason? Is Winter’s world collapsing around her?


To Those Who Still Listen

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