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Rain Falling, Water killing

May 2, 2016
By Anonymous


The plane had been moving slowly for a while now and suddenly stopped. Lisa wasn’t stupid. She had been fearful on planes before. This meant they were about to take off after taxiing to their runway. Her window shade was closed and she wasn’t planning on opening it. She could hear the engines get louder and louder and suddenly the plane was shaking. They were moving fast. Olivia opened the window shade but Lisa didn’t even notice her eyes were closed. The spaces between the lines on the runway were passing faster and faster. Lisa’s hands were getting whiter and whiter with her tight grip. Finally, the plane left the pavement and was in the air. The slight buzz of the turning jet engine in the air was not nearly as scary as the sound it made on the ground. Lisa relaxed her grip and stretched her cramped legs out.


Rain Falling, Water killing

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