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The Luminary

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Chapter 6

It had been a sleepless night for Mat.

When he finally woke up, his head was throbbing from where Fox had hit him, and he'd had no idea where he was. There was nobody around, it was as dark as anything, and to add to it, he was tied up. He didn't know who had taken him or why, but he knew something was up.
He stared into the trees surrounding him as the sun began it's way across the sky. After several hours of waiting, he was ready to face his captors. He'd been tied against an old Oak tree, so there was no way he could fight them when they arrived, but that didn't cross his mind. He just wanted to know who took him.

Lucky for Mat, Fox had been told to check on him first light. He peered around the corner at the boy he'd taken the day before. He guessed the boy was only a few years younger than he was.{ He had probably been an infant when the fighting started. Fox had lost his father and mother at the age of six. They died in the first wave of bombs. He had moved in with his uncle, and later found himself merging with a group of people that had made camp in the woods. } edit later
It was strange at first. Catching your own food, living in the wilderness like animals... But over time, they adjusted. Traditions were made, and a new way of life was formed. This life was all most of their children knew.

"Who are you?" Mat called out, seeing a person's face appear from behind the tree directly in front of him.
"Fox. My name's Fox." the sixteen year old boy said, stepping out to reveal himself completely.
Mat tilted his head slightly, staring at the boy curiously. He was short, and rather scrawny looking. His hair was bushy and clearly unkept.
"Are you the one that captured me?" was the first question Mat asked the stranger.
"Yes, I am."
Fox didn't reply. He wasn't sure how much he was allowed to tell the boy. They hadn't told him what they planned on doing with him yet. If they freed him, and he knew Fox and his people were watching his group, he'd definately be planning on telling them.
"I'm not going to tell you that." he finally said.
"Why not?" Mat demanded,"If you're gonna tie me up and leave me for hours on end, I desserve to know why I'm here!"
Fox shook his head. He wanted to tell him. In fact, he felt bad for the boy, but he didn't want to risk putting his people in danger.
"I'm sorry. I just.. Can't."
"Fine, if you won't tell me that, tell me this. When are you planning on letting me go?"
"As soon as my people decide if you're a threat or not."
"There are more of you?"
Fox hesitated. He cursed himself for slipping up so easily,"I never said that."
"Yeah, you just did."
"It's alright, Fox." A deep, rumbling voice sounded from within the trees. Suddenly, another man appeared. He was much older looking than Fox was, and like Fox, he was wearing the skin of an animal on his shoulders.
"Wolf." Fox dipped his head in greeting,"I was sent to check on the boy."
"And I was sent to collect the boy." Wolf pulled a sharpened stone out from his pocket.
Mat, seeing the knife like object, immediately began scooting away. He kicked vigurously at the strange man, fear gripping at his chest as he brought stone closer and closer to him.
"Hold still boy, or I will hurt you." Wolf grumbled, grabbing the rope that had kept his attatched to the tree.
Using the stone, Wolf cut the rope in two and pulled Mat to his feet,"Don't bother trying to run." he said, before blindfolding Mat with a strip of cloth he had pulled off of his shirt.
Firmly, he gripped Mat by the shoulder and began pushing him forward and Mat had no choice but to oblige. With Fox trailing after them, the three made their way deeper and deeper into the forest.
Mat felt himself being pulled further away from his people. He had no idea where he was, or where he was going. All he could do was hope his friends knew where he was, and that they were going to rescue him.

"This is so stupid. We could be halfway to the village by now!"
"Bear, you're being over dramatic and you know it."
"My point is," Bear snapped impatiently,"We're wasting time. He's just a kid anyway- he can't contribute anything to the group!"
"That doesn't matter." Arian insisted,"He's one of us."
Bear rolled her eyes at her brothers words, but managed to calm down after muttering a few things under her breathe.
Arian had decided they should start looking at the train wreck, since that was the last place anybody had seen him. Unfortunately for them, nobody in their group knew hardly anything about tracking.
"It looks like something might've happened here. Oh.. I hope he isn't hurt." A girl named Ace was crouched on the ground, staring at what looked like dragmarks. She was known for being an over worrier-someone that didn't like conflict at all. Despite their current living conditions, her blonde hair looked neatly kept and well cared for. She wore light colored jeans, which surprisingly didn't have many stains just yet. Most of her clothing were in the exact same condition as a matter of fact. Her floral dress-like top was smooth and unwrinkled, and her brown boots were clean. The white, fur-covered throw over she'd brought however, had been stained gray from the smoke of the train wreck. Normally she'd have thrown it out straight away, but it was one of the only things she had to keep her warm. She'd resolved to wear it for the time being, however, once they reached the village, she'd find something else.
"Guys, she's right." Lu called over, crouching beside Ace.
"Okay, so we follow them then." Arian concluded,"Nice work, Ace."
Ace turned her face upwards to return his words with a sweet smile, before she rose to her feet and began dusting off her jeans. Although she could be prissy at times, she had a sweet side to her.
"You don't expect all of us to go, do you?" DH was leaning against the train cart with his arms folded across his chest. Like Bear, he thought it was a waste of time to be searching for someone that wasn't worth anything to them.
"No, don't be stupid. I want Lu and Cuser with me, and I want the rest of you here searching the train."
At the sound of his name, the boy with red trousers joined Lu and Arian near the drag marks.
"Can I come with you guys?" Alis asked, looking up at Arian with hopeful eyes.
"No, you stay here with everyone else. It's too dangerous out there for you." he replied, hardly even looking at the girl standing several inches below him.
"Meet us back at the cave." After seeing a few nods, Arian led his group of three into the woods, with Alis staring helplessly after them.

"Bad news! Bad news!" a girl no older than Alis came flying into camp, her beathe coming in short spurts.
"What is it Squirrel?" Fox poked his head out of shack he called home as his friend came running into camp.
The camp itself was hard to find unless you knew what you were looking for and where to find it. Behind one of the many waterfalls in the area, there's a cave. On the other side of this cave, lies their camp. Made by people having years of experience, using the strongest wood in the area, their houses were small but safe and reliable.
The walls of each house were made up of several tree trunks running vertically and were all bound together using vines. Their roofs were made in a very similar manner, except of course the logs ran horizantally. The only way in is through a small gap in the logs, which in every house, leads into the clearing where they all gather for meetings or to simply socialize.
"The train people, they're looking for the boy!" she managed to gasp, her tiny legs shaking beneath her.
"Wait how do you know?" by now, several people, all wearing the pelts of different animals over their shoulders, had joined them in the clearing. Fox placed his hand on Squirrels shoulder, hoping to calm the frightened girl as he did so. She was always a bit on the jumpy side, but he'd never seen her this bad."It's okay squirrel, they're not gonna get you in here." he continued, lowering his head so he could look her in the eyes,"We need to know everything you saw."
Squirrel, eyes still wide with terror, nodded her head at Fox's words. "Okay," she said, taking a gulp of air before she began,"I was out tree climbing like I always do. I wanted to get a closer look at the train, so I climbed over that way and that's when I saw them." her eyes broke away from Fox's as Wolverine approached the two of them, his arms crossed as he stared at them.
"Don't mind him," Fox cooed gently,"Please, continue."
"Okay..." Squirrel had to drag her gaze away from the cruel looking man,"They found dragmarks, the ones you left Fox. And three of the people started following them. I think one of them was the leader. They were coming straight for me, so I came back here as fast as I could."
"They didn't follow you, did they?" Wolverine's deep voice grumbled from only a few feet away.
Squirrel shook her head franctically,"No, no, no. Of course not. I made sure I wasn't."
Wolverine muttered something under his breathe, before turning away from the pair of them and heading into what was known as the palace. It was the biggest house in the entire camp, which of course only meant one thing.
"Is he going to tell the King? Are they gonna punish me? Fox, you can't let them sentence me!" the girl went from panicked to scared for her life. She began trembling uncontrollably as tears slithered down her baby-soft cheeks.

"Squirrel of the Trees, please join me in the palace."
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ilovereading123 said...
Apr. 5, 2016 at 8:27 am
please update soon! i want to read more! its really good
laurenlovebug replied...
Apr. 5, 2016 at 7:52 pm
I'll add more as soon as I can lol XD
Writergirl009 said...
Apr. 2, 2016 at 3:57 pm
Sounds interesting! You obviously are quite a talented writer!
laurenlovebug replied...
Apr. 4, 2016 at 8:46 pm
Thank you! That means a lot! :)

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