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By , Yardley, PA
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Trip to the Honshir Woods

Brian and his sister had finally made it out of the last day of school. All Brian could think of was what he would do next. He had the full summer of opportunities ahead of him. However, he didn’t realize that an unsuspected trip was in store for him. He was walking back from his school with his ten year old sister, Felicity, ready for his parents to tell them what the trip would be this summer. They entered the house to his father and his mother sitting at the dining room table, waiting for them. Felicity and Brian sat down. The first one to speak was Felicity and she said, “What will the trip be this year, Mommy?” To Brian’s and Felicity's surprise, they heard the most abnormal response. The most scary response.
Brian’s Mother replied, “This year, we will be going to Honshir Woods!” Brian and Felicity gaped at their parents.
Brian spluttered, “We... are going to the Honshir Woods??!” They were dumfounded because the Honshir Woods was the most unliked, the most haunted, the most weird, and the most scary forest you could come by.  Once the state troopers and the park rangers abandoned the Honshir Woods State Park due to budget issues, it became the most unsafe place on Earth, people said. Brian was confused why his parents would even want to go to this place. There were tons of rumors about that place. One was it was haunted by ghost people. Another was that wolves ate up every normal animal that lived there. Parents chastised their children reassuring that there were no ghosts or wolves. Brian didn't believe this though.  Brian had these rumors flying all around his head.
His father said, “Mother and I thought we’d try to hook up the old rv if we could. If not we’d just rent a new one! Doesn’t that sound fun?” Felicity and Brian exchanged looks. Brian could tell that what he was thinking was just what Felicity was thinking. Brian had always heard people being dared to go to the Honshir Woods. He thought it was a reckless thing to do but, maybe it was worth a try. His mother quickly said, “We would only go to the edge of it though, don’t worry, we won't go into it.” A sigh of relief came over Brian. He thought they would go into it. But a bad feeling about going still lingered in his mind. But eventually he agreed and so did Felicity.


The trip was long and boring. Brian and his family had a long 4 hour drive to the dreaded Honshir Woods. The passed lots of things on the way. Amusement parks, water parks, and other fun areas. Brian thought, “Man, all of the other normal kids would be going there, not the the dreaded Honshir woods” The trip went long then ended as they pulled into the big sign that was hanging off its hinges saying, “Welcome to the Honshir Woods State Park!” They drove the long road to get into the state park. The rumors Brian heard at his school were true. The road was a straight road and on both sides were dark murky trees that looked dead. No living life was to be seen. They drove along on a on the foggy road when the trees around them seemed to spread outward more. They reached a wide cul-de-sac where there was an overlook. Next to the overlook was nothing but trees. Brian’s mother said, “Alrighty, were here! We’ll explore a bit then go get some dinner. We’ll try to find a place to eat” Brian’s family exited the car, and walked around the opening. Felicity only being 10 years old, remained with Brian the whole time. They went over to the overlook while their parents went somewhere else. They looked at what should have been a beautiful clearing with waterfalls and wildlife, but all they saw was big, tall, overgrown trees. Dead, rotten, lifeless looking things they were. Looking at them it made Brian shiver. They made their way toward the trees. They were walking when they heard a crunching sound. Brian spun around. The sound came from a nearby bush. Brian started walking towards the bush, wondering what was there. Then he saw it. A red streak of fur running into the forest. Brian kept a long list of species of animals he had seen and this streak of red fur was a rare animal, that he wanted to see. Brian wasn’t thinking about the consequences and charged after it into the forest, with Felicity at his heels. Felicity was crying, “Stop! STOP mom and dad don’t want us going in!” Brian wanted to find this creature. He ran after it until he stopped dead. Felicity was yelling at him for running into the woods. Brian came back to his senses. He had just realized what he had done. He had just gotten him and his sister stuck in the Honshir Woods alone. Lost. They’re lost in the Honshir Woods!

Chapters:   1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 10 Next »

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