February 19, 2016
By Anonymous

Brian and his sister had finally made it out of the last day of school. All Brian could think of was what he would do next. He had the full summer of opportunities ahead of him. However, he didn’t realize that an unsuspected trip was in store for him. He was walking back from his school with his ten year old sister, Felicity, ready for his parents to tell them what the trip would be this summer. They entered the house to his father and his mother sitting at the dining room table, waiting for them. Felicity and Brian sat down. The first one to speak was Felicity and she said, “What will the trip be this year, Mommy?” To Brian’s and Felicity's surprise, they heard the most abnormal response. The most scary response.
Brian’s Mother replied, “This year, we will be going to Honshir Woods!” Brian and Felicity gaped at their parents.
Brian spluttered, “We... are going to the Honshir Woods??!” They were dumfounded because the Honshir Woods was the most unliked, the most haunted, the most weird, and the most scary forest you could come by.  Once the state troopers and the park rangers abandoned the Honshir Woods State Park due to budget issues, it became the most unsafe place on Earth, people said. Brian was confused why his parents would even want to go to this place. There were tons of rumors about that place. One was it was haunted by ghost people. Another was that wolves ate up every normal animal that lived there. Parents chastised their children reassuring that there were no ghosts or wolves. Brian didn't believe this though.  Brian had these rumors flying all around his head.
His father said, “Mother and I thought we’d try to hook up the old rv if we could. If not we’d just rent a new one! Doesn’t that sound fun?” Felicity and Brian exchanged looks. Brian could tell that what he was thinking was just what Felicity was thinking. Brian had always heard people being dared to go to the Honshir Woods. He thought it was a reckless thing to do but, maybe it was worth a try. His mother quickly said, “We would only go to the edge of it though, don’t worry, we won't go into it.” A sigh of relief came over Brian. He thought they would go into it. But a bad feeling about going still lingered in his mind. But eventually he agreed and so did Felicity.


The trip was long and boring. Brian and his family had a long 4 hour drive to the dreaded Honshir Woods. The passed lots of things on the way. Amusement parks, water parks, and other fun areas. Brian thought, “Man, all of the other normal kids would be going there, not the the dreaded Honshir woods” The trip went long then ended as they pulled into the big sign that was hanging off its hinges saying, “Welcome to the Honshir Woods State Park!” They drove the long road to get into the state park. The rumors Brian heard at his school were true. The road was a straight road and on both sides were dark murky trees that looked dead. No living life was to be seen. They drove along on a on the foggy road when the trees around them seemed to spread outward more. They reached a wide cul-de-sac where there was an overlook. Next to the overlook was nothing but trees. Brian’s mother said, “Alrighty, were here! We’ll explore a bit then go get some dinner. We’ll try to find a place to eat” Brian’s family exited the car, and walked around the opening. Felicity only being 10 years old, remained with Brian the whole time. They went over to the overlook while their parents went somewhere else. They looked at what should have been a beautiful clearing with waterfalls and wildlife, but all they saw was big, tall, overgrown trees. Dead, rotten, lifeless looking things they were. Looking at them it made Brian shiver. They made their way toward the trees. They were walking when they heard a crunching sound. Brian spun around. The sound came from a nearby bush. Brian started walking towards the bush, wondering what was there. Then he saw it. A red streak of fur running into the forest. Brian kept a long list of species of animals he had seen and this streak of red fur was a rare animal, that he wanted to see. Brian wasn’t thinking about the consequences and charged after it into the forest, with Felicity at his heels. Felicity was crying, “Stop! STOP mom and dad don’t want us going in!” Brian wanted to find this creature. He ran after it until he stopped dead. Felicity was yelling at him for running into the woods. Brian came back to his senses. He had just realized what he had done. He had just gotten him and his sister stuck in the Honshir Woods alone. Lost. They’re lost in the Honshir Woods!

They yelled, they cried, they screamed, nothing worked. Their parents were far from them probably just finding out their kids weren’t with them. They were lost in the Honshir Woods. They attempted to go back the way the came, which only lead them farther into the woods. They made their way into a clearing. It was a semi-big clearing with one actually looking living tree in the middle. No trees were in the way so the sun shone down in the clearing. Darkness was falling upon them quickly and they needed shelter quick if they were to live through the first night. Hunger etched at Brian’s stomach and he knew somethings in the woods aren’t very nice and might not like them. The three words in his mind was, “Keep Felicity safe”.
Last summer, Brian had gone to a camp that taught him camping skills such as survival food tips, what is good to eat and what is not, and animal safety. He knew what to do. He decided to set up camp in the clearing.


Brian spent the next half-hour thinking about setting up a so-called campsite. He looked around the clearing to see what area would be the best place to set up. He walked and thought as Felicity went over to the tree to think. Felicity said, “Hey, Brian come and look at this”. Brian treked up the hill to the big tree in the middle of the clearing. She was standing near a hole in the tree. The hole looked small at first, but as he approached it, he saw it was a huge hole inside the tree. It looked as if someone had taken all of the wood from inside it and left the inside hollow. It definitely would hold two people. Brian declared this their temporary camp ground.
He started finding sticks, barricading the opening of the hole. He hoped this barricade would act as a door. Then he looked inside the hole. He expected see rotten, blackened, noxious looking wood but to his surprise he saw fresh, natural looking wood. He guessed this tree is an oak. He squeezed into the hole and once he was in it, he crouched inside the hollow tree. He invited Felicity to join him so he could estimate how much room they had. They had enough room for the both of them. He began making sure everything in the hole was sanitary by scooping bugs out and cleaning the floor. Once he was done with that, he begins to think about a fire. He had not learned to make a fire at the camp, but he kind of had an idea of how to start one. He began to collect firewood. He knew one thing about fires. The wood needed to be dry and frail so that it would catch on fire easily. He found the perfect sticks because it hadn’t rained. One of the rumors of the Honshir Woods that both his sister and himself had heard was that the Honshir woods never rained and won’t rain in a thousand years. By looking at the wood Brian thought this rumor must actually be true. He then piled up everything and got ready to start it, looking for a starter. Brian and Felicity all calm and still. Until the first threat came upon them.

Felicity and Brian had been feeling safer by the second as they built up their campsite. Darkness was falling fast, and the sun was already falling. The first scary thing happened to them as they were standing in front of their camp. Out beyond the clearing, a wolf had picked up the scent of Felicity and Brian and had come to their campsite. It came out the darkness hoping for an easy meal. Brian, Felicity, and the wolf stood there looking at each other. Brian seeing the hairy, shaggy wolf and the wolf seeing a prey it's never seen before. The wolf makes its final decision, to go for the kill. Felicity is behind Brian hiding and whimpering. Brian murmures, “Felicity, the wolf is attracted to your fear”. Brian stepped to the left of him where a big stick is lying. He prepared to hit the wolf, if it attempted to attack them. The wolf began to circle them, looking for the best place to strike. The wolf lunges for Brian, snarling. Brian swings the heavy club like stick at the wolf and misses by inches! Instead of attaching its jaws to Brian, it's claws scrape Felicity’s leg instead. Brian takes another swing at the wolf, hitting it hard over the head. The wolf falls to the ground with the blow, and then charges off, out of the clearing, whimpering. Brian spins around to see Felicity on the ground, her left pant leg torn, blood spattering on the ground from the cut wound in her leg. Brians head at first was fuzzy from shock, thought like “Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, what do I do?!!”. Then he realised his sister needed medical care, fast. He thought of his resources. He saw a pile of dry leaves on the ground beside her. He picked up the leaves and pressed them against her wound, hoping it would stop the bleeding. Felicity whimpered at the sudden pressure in her leg, but eventually after a while, the bleeding slowed, little droplets falling, then stopped. She held the leaves for a while more, making sure the bleeding had truly stopped. Once it was certain that the bleeding had stopped Brian removed the leaves carefully to reveal three bloody, long, deep wounds in her leg. He needed something to clean the wound. He took out the last of their water supply, a small travel water bottle from the car trip, and gingerly poured it over her cuts, cleaning them. The wounds seemed to be healing faster than Brian intended. She had stopped whimpering and from all of the exhaustion of the day, fallen asleep right in front of Brian. He picked her up carefully and put her in the hole of the tree. Darkness had caught up with them now and it was a starry night. The stars and the world had acted as if nothing had happened to them, nothing had hurt them. Brian all of a sudden felt homesick. He didn’t know how it felt before but it made his tummy hurt and his head swim. He wanted his mom, he wanted his dad, he wanted his house, he wanted his friends, he wanted everything back. He felt mad and sad. He was mad at himself for getting himself and Felicity in this mess, and mad that they didn’t have food and just right down mad. Then a voice in his head, one just like his own spoke to him. “Self-pity won’t get you anywhere”. He remembered he needed to keep Felicity and himself safe. He needed them to survive this hard time. He knew Felicity was scared. He knew he was scared too. He needed to buck up. With these thoughts, he and Felicity slept.

Brian wakes to bright, sunlight shining in through the cracks of their door. He sits up looking around the enclosure. Felicity was still asleep. He sits there for a while, wondering what the day would be today. The Honshir woods had given them one of its tricks, the wolf. It was probably not one of its best tricks, this meaning that it had worse ones in store for Brian. He now knew that safety precautions needed to be taken, especially during the night time. While Brian mulled over what he should do to keep Felicity and himself safe. An unusual feeling came over him. It started in his legs, up through his body to his head. He felt weaker in his legs and arms. Then the worst twisting feeling came to his belly. He was hungry. Brian realized Felicity had the same feeling, as she was violently tossing and turning in her sleep. Felicity turned he head and bonked it into the tree. She woke with a start, groaning and rubbing her head. She sat up stretching, and as she did, she quickly grabbed her stomach. Felicity yelped as the pains stabbed at her belly. Brian was feeling the same stabbing pains, as if someone was poking his stomach hard, in short painful intervals. Brian was a well fed kid, his stomach hanging just over his belt. He was used to having a refrigerator at his command. He realized this time, there was no refrigerator. He began to think what might be edible in the Honshir Woods. What took him from his thoughts was Felicity’s groan of pain as her stomach churned uncomfortably. He realized Felicity’s condition was worsening. She was paler, and dark circles ringed around her eyes. He knew she wouldn’t last as long as he could. She would die before him. Thoughts like this made his stomach hurt even more.  Brian thought, “Stop thinking like this. It will only make things worse.” He now knew, he needed to feed Felicity and himself. To Felicity Brian says, “Stay here, don’t leave, and yell as loud as you can if you're in trouble. I'm going to go look for food that will make both of our tummies feel better.” Felicity didn’t respond, but nodded her head. He looked at her one more time, realizing he needed to be quick. He unhinged the door to the tree, and climbed out. He needed to keep the clearing in sight. He has nothing to keep a trace so he can get back to the clearing, so he only estimates, that he’ll go about a quarter mile. He walks out of the clearing. As soon as he does this, it feels like the darkness engulfs him, taking him in. He walks a while more, always looking back towards the clearing, and he walks into another clearing. This clearing is smaller than the one Felicity is in, but still semi-big. But this clearing was different. This clearing was filled with rows and rows and rows of clean, rosy red, plump berries. The berries were the size of his fingers, he estimated. He stood there, astounded, that food was right in front of him. As he stood there, his stomach was urging and urging him to go and eat. He did. He went up to the berries and grabbed handfuls and stuffed them into his mouth. The tart, chewy berries tasted great in his mouth and in his stomach. He stuffed his pockets full of them and ran back to the clearing. He went back to the tree, ready to tell Felicity his earnings. Just as fast as he had run, he stopped as fast. The door to the tree was open, and Felicity was gone. Brian was taken aback. He blinked. Felicity was still not there. Felicity was gone. He panicked. He screamed her name. He ran around the clearing, looking for her. She came bursting out of the trees outside the clearing, crying. Her shirt was muddy, and torn. She had gone out of the clearing to throw up. She was becoming sick now. Her immune system failing. He fed her quickly. She became better, only slightly. He brought her back to the tree sitting her down.
She told him what had happened. One thing Brian realized was that she had quickly lost color in her face but that she was talking, which meant she felt slightly better. She had gotten out of the tree for some fresh air. The second she was out, she was hit with knife stabbing pains in her head, legs, arms, and stomach. She had left the clearing to throw up in the forest. Once she was done, Brian told her what he had found. Once she had been told that the abundant food supply of berries was found, despite the pain, she smiled. They happily ate the berries, until the next worse thing happened to them.

Berries, berries, berries is all the ate for the next 20 minutes. They ate till they were full. They ate more when they were full. But then, after that solid, yummy, delectable 20 minutes, thirst rose in both of them like fire. They needed water. It was not mandatory now, but it was still important, and would get worse the longer they waited. Again Brian set out in another direction, out of the clearing. As he walked out of the clearing, he decided to eat the berries, they must have water with them, to take away the thirst. Thirst Berries. “Yes” thought Brian. “That's what i’ll call them, thirst berries”. As he thought the name he came up with was brilliant, he heard the most, beautiful, crisp sound. Water. Water. The word swam through his mind like jelly. For a few seconds that's all he could hear in his mind. He felt woozy and trance like. Then a voice in his head just like his own said, “Should I go, or shouldn’t I?”
Another voice, raspy, bitter, and evil sounding said, “Water is ahead. Don’t you want it?” Brian's feet started moving automatically. He couldn’t stop them. He willed them to stop, tried to move his hands to make them stop. Nothing worked. His vision blurred. Then his feet stopped again, the first voice speaking to him in a stronger voice, “No, no I won’t.” The first voice won the battle of the argument, and as quickly as the trance had come, it was gone. He found himself, dangerously close to a cliff, a cliff with no visible bottom. The bottom to him was nothing but mist. He stood there dumbstruck, then wheeled around, and started sprinting back to the clearing. Once he reached it he sat down thinking. He thought this might be one of the forests tricks. He remembered the voices taking over his body. He remembered the pure, crisp sound of the water. He knew that the forest was trying to hurt him. The wolf, and now this. He realised now, he was even thirstier now than he was before. He found Felicity. He told her everything. Once he was finished they sat there, wondering what would’ve happened if the trance hadn’t risen.
Sunset was falling on them fast as if it was rain. They were still parched, and Brian had not found water. He knew to survive, they needed water, soon. They climbed into their tree hut, and got ready for bed. Felicity fell almost instantly to sleep, and Brian sat there thinking. They were still thirsty, and they had food. But the only problem with the food supply they had was that it made them unbearably thirsty and not having water was a problem. In order to have this food, Brian thought, they needed water. If there was no water, there was no food. Brian knew next time tomorrow, he had to find water. He had to. He just had to. He knew that to find water, he needed to block out the voices, which surely, would come back. He also sadly knew, that if Felicity wasn’t given water or food, she would die sooner that he would because she was a little smaller and more vulnerable. He fell into a deep sleep thinking of these thoughts. They survived another day.

Brian awakend to the nicest day yet. It was warm, not hot but warm. The sun shown through the cracks in the door. Brian stretched happily looking towards Felicity, who was also waking up slowly. His belly rumbled, reminding him that he needed food. Then he remembered. Water. Once the word crossed his mind, his throat clenched, almost constricted and he felt pain in his head and body like nothing before. He doubled over ready to throw up with the pain, but nothing came. This must be dying with thirst he thought. He had been taught at his camp what dying of thirst was, but he never experienced it before. Felicity groaned. She was feeling the same thing as he was. They needed water, or they were he guessed they wouldn’t live for another 2 days. He prepared to set out again. He got out of the tree, and told Felicity where he was going. He began to think of ways to block out the voices. He knew if he let the voices take over again, he would end up in another life threatening situation. He walked out of the clearing in the opposite direction as he did the previous day. The sound of the water came the second his stepped out of the clearing. And so did the voices. “No, No, No, I won’t I won’t” he thought hard. The voices came and as he thought of these thoughts, they went away as quickly as them came. But one of the things didn’t. The water. The gushing, fluent, stirring water. The sound came from his left. The feelings he had before when the trance was upon him were gone. He didn’t stop thinking registrant thoughts though. He walked in the direction of the sound, the sound growing louder and louder as he went. The ground began changing. It was grass and rocks all over in the beginning of the forest, but as he got closer to the water sound he was hearing, it became sandy and light colored. He saw what he was looking for. The big tall fountain of clear stuff falling rapidly from its mouth. Water. Waterfall. Liquidized clear, moving, appezing, water. He stood there looking, taking in what treasures, what riches, what wealth he had just found. He went up to it, perplexed at what he just discovered. The water was as clear as the air. As clear as the sky. The water had a rich, blue, clear looking appeal. He took a handful of the water in his hands. As it ran down his hands back into the pool of water it sat in, it was completely weightless. Nothing could compare to this unexplainably extravagant water.
He drank. He drank and drank and drank. Gulp after gulp, mouthful after mouthful, he drank. He remembered halfway through a mouthful he needed Felicity to have some too. He knew his and her life was saved from hunger, when the found their “thirst berries” and now saved from thirst. He knew his way back to the clearing because he left footprints, but he knew this place where the fountain lay was much farther that the berry bushes. He needed markers, he needed something to mark this path to the fountain of wonderful water. That’s what i’ll name it, Brian thought, The Fountain of Wonderful water. He needed something to set his path. Almost as if the forest knew his thoughts, it actually gave him something. Brian found tons, almost hundreds of mossy, dry tree branches and knew if he set these up on his way back to camp, he would easily be able to find his way back to the water. He took a while setting up the sticks in the ground, so he could recognize and find his way again to the Fountain of Wonderful water.
Once he reached the clearing, Felicity waited for him on the grass, and expectant look on her face.
“Anything?” She asked.
“I found a water spring! But there is one thing you need to know Felicity” replied Brian.

“What? Can we go now please!?”
“Wait, this is important, there will be voices, voices that take control of your mind, they will make you do things you don’t want to do, I have learned how to deflect these voices, but you however are new to it and it will be harder”
“How do I make these voices go away?” Felicity asked.      
“You need to think as hard as you can. I won’t, I won’t and it’ll go away. I will be there to help you if you go in the wrong direction. Just be prepared.”
“Ok.” Felicity said, a little nervously.
They set out on their way, out of the clearing. Brian was prepared what was going to happen to Felicity, and he prayed to god that she would get out of the trance as quickly as he did. Two steps into the forest, and it began. She became hazy, her stepping was off. She walked like a drunken man, swaying side to side. Her eyes were glassy and foggy. Then she stopped, and started walking in the wrong direction. Brian tensed and started trying to tug her back on track towards the spring. He had totally forgotten to say I won’t I won’t to the voices but the voices didn’t come this time. He tried to tug her back on track but as if she had been working out, she was stronger than him. The trance didn’t come off and they were getting off track more and more. Brian yelled in her ear, “I won’t Felicity, THINK please think!”  The cliff Brian almost went off of was in view. He panicked. “Felicity please, please think” Feet in front was the cliff. Brian dug his feet into the ground, holding her waist trying to stop her. It slowed her down, but didn’t stop her. She stopped. Felicity stopped so abruptly, Brian holding her waist, fell down and face planted in the dirty grass. She gasped and sped backwards, accidently kicking Brian in the head. “Ouch” Brian exclaimed.
“What happened? Where am I? How, what?” Felicity yelled.
“Did you think I won’t, I won’t”
“I did, but It wouldn’t go away”
“Felicity, you tranced all the way to where I nearly fell of, how did you stop yourself?”
“I heard you screaming, Stop stop Felicity please, and I thought stop, and it all stopped”
“Good job or you would have been gone down the cliff by now”
Brian’s heart was pounding as hard an jackhammer. “This was way too close, way to close” Brian thought. “She nearly fell over, if she had she would have..” Brian didn’t want think what would’ve happened, if she had continued to walk. He shook the dirt off of his shirt, and they walked away from the cliff, the one thing that might have killed them. They reached the spot where they turned to go to the stream of water, and they walked to the sound. Brian knowing this sound was real kept on walking, but Felicity stopped.
“What's the matter?” Brian asked.
“The water… It's water… it sounds real…” Felicity replied.
Without another word, she ran. She ran as if thirst was about to be gone, as if she were going to leave thirst behind. Brian continued to walk, letting her get the first taste of the wonderful water. As he walked into the area where the stream was, he found Felicity drinking. She was gulping and gulping. She was splashing her face with the water. Once Felicity noticed Brian standing watching her, through a mouthful of water she said, “This is, this is amazing! This is so unbelieveable! Oh my gosh! This tastes so real and so good!”
Brian and Felicity both got their fills of water and then returned to camp. They ate berries until they were full, and when the feeling of thirst hit them, they went and got their thirst taken care of. Night was falling on them, and they were very tired. Brian was content. Brian now knew Felicity and himself could now live and not worry about hunger, and now thirst. Felicity’s conditions were already improving. She was pale and hurting with thirst the previous night and this morning. Now she was happy and healthy, drinking beautiful and amazing water, and eating berries, the forest had provided them. Brian had now gotten a sense of security that he had never before. He was happy, light hearted and unburdened. “This was the happiest day they’ve had,” Brian thought.

A day, a week, a month, Brian didn’t know. Days went by, the better they lived. Brian and Felicity began building more and more to their camp site. They lived on, on nothing but thirst berries, and water from the Fountain of Wonderful water. The made their temporary camp, into their permanent camp.They added a little storage area for their berries. They also made a bucket like container out of leaves and bark to hold water, so they didn’t have to make tons of trips back and forth to get water. Brian also became a proud owner of a fire. He started a fire the night after they got water. He found slim, and thick tree branches for firewood. He looked for a special type of rock. The rock was flint. He knew from camp if he made sparks with this rock, it would make the fire twigs catch, which would start a fire. He knew the dangers of fire. He had to keep it going at night, waking up every hour to poke the ashes and add new wood to keep it going. The wood in the Honshir woods was great. It was dry and flaky, and dehydrated. One of the rumors, “It has never rained the Honshir Woods” Brian started to believe, after seeing the wood the forest provided them with. Brian lost count of the days, even the hours. All Brian needed to know was that it was either morning, lunch time, or dinner. Brian went to pick berries once a week, grabbing gallons of them at a time. He went on trips to the spring to get water, and one time, he found a large stock of golden, good looking fish in the pool of water. Since they had a fire, they picked up a fish or two and fried it over the fire. This was difficult and took skill, because Brian had never fried anything before. Having this new type of food was a big hit on them. Brian over the weeks they lived in the Honshir Woods, had began to develop a self sense of security, making him vulnerable. That self sense of security came back to hit him hardly.
Today, Brian and Felicity had been full of fish. Their berry supply was abundant and they could drink water whenever they wanted. Night was falling on them. Brian thought, “Another day gone, and we are as fed as fat pigs!” Felicity was preparing to go to sleep, and Brian was sitting watching the sunset. It was pink today, a pink sky with an orange sticking in the middle of the sky. Brian felt at peace. Everything was going their way. Felicity and himself had gotten themselves into this mess, with nothing. Now, they had everything. From a fire to fish to berries. Brian leaned against the tree, drowsily. Felicity was asleep, snoring softly from inside the tree. Brian was dozing when he heard a sharp, distant whistling sound. The sound was sharp and distinct. Brian knew something was coming. The sound alone made the hair on the back of his neck stand up. The sound only grew louder. Another sound came into earshot. The grinding of something Brian didn’t know. It was a crashing, crushing sound as if a giant were stepping on trees. The sound became awkward. Brian covered his ears with the sound.
The next couple of things happened fast. A big gray mass of air came whooshing towards Brian. Things from the ground were pulled clean away. Bushes were ripped from the ground. Trees were pushed over. Animals killed with one swift movement of the mass of air. Brian saw the thing that was coming towards him. He tried to move but it held him firmly to the ground. Then he felt as if something had pushed on his behind throwing him into the air. He was in mid air, and then he plummeted back to the ground, head first, and he saw no more.

Brian awoke. Brian opened his eyes. He was lying on the forest floor, and something warm was trickling down his forehead. He lifted his head as as he lifted his head an inch off the ground a sharp, terrible pain shot through his head and through his whole body. He looked around the area he was lying and saw Felicity coming towards him with something in her hand. She sat down beside and started mopping up the blood that was falling from his forehead. Brian asked in a shaky voice that didn’t sound like his own, “Whaat.. whaat happennedd?”
She began explaining what had happened previously the night before. A tornado. A big, rushing wind mass had entered the forest and sadly, their own camp site. The tornado had come from the west, as the sun was setting, Felicity had surmised.  It had not been mercyful. It destroyed tree after tree, and while doing so, taken the lives of animals. It had come with massive force, tearing and ripping its way towards their campsite. While Brian had stood ground, watching over the campsite, it had come and hit them. It had come and it broke all the trees around them. The only tree that had survived this massive attack, was the tree in the middle of the clearing. It stood there, a little shaken, but almost completely unharmed. As the tornado hit them, Brian had been held on the ground, as if chained there. Then as it maneuvered on, it had picked him up, and thrown him down on the ground. Repeatedly, over and over again it had thrown him down, until he had gotten knocked out. Brian was one of the luckiest people to survive a tornado this size. Once he was knocked out, the tornado had only thrown him down 2 more times before moving on out of the clearing. Once out of sight, Brian lay there, bleeding profusely, as he had been hit in many spots. Amazingly, no broken bones, but he had been hit hard in the head and legs.Felicity had cared tirelessly for the rest of the night, keeping him alive. She had bandaged his legs with some leaves, because his pants had been torn apart at the legs and were bleeding. She had also ran to get some water from the stream to mop up his head injuries. She had woken when she had heard the tornado. She hesitated on the next part.
“What's wrong?” Brian asked.
She pointed. The camp was demolished. Tree branches longer than the both of them combined were strewn around the clearing. Their little storage area for their berries was gone. The fish swimming in their fish holder were dead. The camp fire was gone, not even there. The water storage area was gone. Everything they had made, everything they had collected, everything they had owned, was gone. Everything.

Dedication. Dedication is what they needed. That was what they needed to continue. She had it. Felicity immediately after the tornado, began to nurse Brian back to his health. She began to rebuild. Felicity was only 10 years of age and she was acting more. As Brian got healthier, he found himself surrounded by what he had seen before. She had recreated the water storage that Brian made, but bigger. She had made the berry holder. She even not have gone to a summer camp like Brian had. She even started a campfire. Brian asked her, “Felicity, how did you do this… why?”
“To keep you and I safe, and healthy” She replied.
“You kept me safe, you kept me from dying when I could’ve easily done so, so I am prepared to do whatever it takes to do that for you”

Brian got well, they were well. They were happy. Brian and Felicity lived on. They recreated what they lost, and became peaceful again. Brian and Felicity have changed. Brian was a city boy. He was used to going to school, coming home and eating. Food was his favorite. He got it from the pantry or fridge when ever he wanted it. Felicity was a city girl. She liked her friends and liked the world. Now they both were isolated and didn’t have food to call upon them easily. They had learned compassion, friendship, and caringness. Camping skills are now an instinct to them. Brian, from the beginning of getting lost in the woods has lost 15 pounds. He previously owned a chubby body, and now he owns a muscular body build. They had been in the Honshir Woods now for 5 months. Brian had lost track of time. All he knew of was morning, mid afternoon, afternoon, sunfall, nighttime. Day after day they did it. Day after day. Until one day, something changed their days forever. A buzzing. A hum. A sound of moving air. Brian tensed. “A tornado?” Brian thought. He and Felicity were preparing to take shelter in the tree when a red, moving object roared over them in the sky. It hovered over their area, swishing the dead branches on the ground. Brian didn’t know what is was. Then, he realised. A helicopter. A emergency helicopter. It began to descend. Lower, lower, lower it came. It was small enough to land next to the tree. It touchdowned and the blades of the helicopter began to slow down. Brian and Felicity standing next to each other watched in amazement, as two men got out of it. The man spoke loud to them, shouting over the sound of the blades, “Hey, are you lost?”
“Yes” they replied in unison.
“I am from the United States National Guard, we are here to bring you home”
Brian’s heart stopped. His mind was a blur. “I must be dreaming, I must be. This is impossible”
Then the realisation of it all hit him. “I’m going home, I’m going home!” He walked to the helicopter which was beginning to increase the copter's blades. He climbed into it and sat down. Felicity followed and seconds after they had entered it, they were off. Headphones were stuffed on their heads and mics attached to their shirts. Questions began hitting them from the National Guard people. “Are you sure you're Felicity and Brian?” “How old are you?” “What are you parents names?” “You have been lost for a long time.” “How did this all happen?”
Brian tried to answer as many questions as he could but the only thing in his mind was that it was all over.
He was going home.

Brian's life was changed. The next few events happened pretty quickly. They had been extremely far into the Honshir Woods. They had been near the back of it. One of the National Guard members had been on his nightly patrol, and he had gotten a signal of a fire. It was coming from the Honshir Woods and he didn’t dare approach it without proper permission from his commander. The commander thought it might be a semi-important fire, and if it continued, they would take action. That night, a tornado hit the Honshir Woods. It was a high level tornado, and the nearby area was put into lockdown. Once it passed, the commander thought the fire was definitely put out. He was wrong. The next week the fire appeared and he had heard of the missing kids. He took action immediately. He send out one of his emergency helicopters to the location of the fire and found Felicity and Brian. They had taken them to their station and gotten them well. Minutes after they had been sent home, the word that Felicity and Brian had been found spread like wildfire. News crews, people locally, and friends arrived at the house almost immediately. News crews wanted the whole story, friends wanted to hang out and Brian was exhausted. The days went on, and soon the news crews had gotten tired of interviewing the boy that returned. Brian was finally left alone.

The Honshir Woods had a special type of feeling. It had a supernatural feel to it. It had tortured Felicity and Brian by the tornado and the hunger and thirst, but it had also helped them with water, and healing Felicity quickly. Brian used leaves to cover up her wounds. Brian thought the trees leaves had some healing powers because it was a willow tree he grabbed it from.  Brian pondered this for many weeks, trying to find out the reason for it, but he never mentioned it to anyone.

Brian changed. His life was different. He was anew. He was refreshed. He spend more time at parks and went to national parks. Felicity too. They were happy.

He was happy.

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