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Unfixed Business

February 11, 2016
By dancingallie2016, Mukwonago, Wisconsin
dancingallie2016, Mukwonago, Wisconsin
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While most twenty five year old girls are worried their relationship status, Nicole’s biggest concern is how she kill her next target. Nicole makes her living as a master assassin for an elite company known as The Academy. She never had any reason to question her line of work until she wakes up in a dark hotel room next to a dead man who had been brutally murdered. Nicole knows she is capable of killing someone but this time the blood isn’t on her hands. Now, she must work closely with her partner, Daniel, to try and prove her innocence before she runs out of time. However, as Nicole begins to discover a complex conspiracy theory that has plagued her entire life, she learns that being found guilty of first degree murder maybe the least of her problems.

Allie T.

Unfixed Business

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