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The Legend of Merynn

September 9, 2014
By Anonymous


Merynn’s life has been far from extraordinary.  As he approaches his eighteenth birthday, he knows things will be different, but he is unaware of what fate has in store for him.  Merynn’s world is completely upended when his truth is revealed to be an elaborate facade.  The touch of Xojok, an enchanted sword, transforms him to be Elven, and he learns that those closest to him have been harboring secrets for most of his lifetime.  To complete his Elven training, Merynn travels with Drake, his Guardian and mentor; and Sindil, a mage; to Ellzemessa, the kingdom of the Elves.  As Merynn attempts to discover who he is, he meets the beautiful and elusive Vanya.   Learning the Elven ways is as natural to Merynn as breathing.  When Ellzemessa is attacked by an ancient evil, Merynn, Vanya, and Drake accept the challenge of a quest to avenge their loss, and to drive out the evil forever.  Fans of Eragon and The Gold Compass will love this fantastical ride from the start to its stunning conclusion.



The Legend of Merynn

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