Snow in Semasty

December 31, 2013
By anniewelton BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
anniewelton BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
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A young woman named Samantha and her young sister are left orphans after hearing of their parents death in the war. This story takes place in the far future during America's second depression.
After suddenly hearing of a possibility of Samantha's parents survival sends Samantha, her sister, and a close friends searching for them across the country. This story is full of plot twists, emotion, with a touch of romance, and an action filled plot.
This journey brings both emotion and physical challenges for Samantha to face, and emotions that can be related to by all readers.
Her whole life, Sam Carmix has been told that she is just an ordinary 17 year old living in the year 3321. She was told her parents were killed in the war, leaving her to protect her 5 year old sister. A life-changing discovery comes on an ordinary day when Sam finds a note addressed to herself by none other than her own parents. She sets off to find them on a journey that will put her and her loved ones' in danger, but will reveal to her what she means to the world.

Anne W.

Snow in Semasty

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